I’m asking help for my need.


The Lord has provided for my vehicle.  I now drive a 2000 Toyota 4Runner.

I will soon  send a post telling how the Lord orchestrated the whole ordeal.  Thank you all for your love.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

Greetings Dear Saints,

I write this post to you all this day sharing my need and request for help from my brothers and sisters in Christ.

In addition to asking for your help, I would also like to say ‘thank you’ to all of those that are praying for me and this ministry of the Lord.  And a big ‘thank you’ to those of you that give your financial support along with those that send me words of encouragement and love.

I greatly appreciate those of you that have sent me messages of encouragement and thanks for being obedient in putting forth the prophetic words of the Lord.  We are in the last days when many no longer endure sound doctrine as mentioned in 2 Timothy 4:3.  Therefore, I receive a lot of negative comments from those that do not like the truth being spoken.  And so when I receive your encouragement and support, it greatly encourages and comforts me.  Thank you all so much for your love.

Now as I mentioned, I am in need of help from my brothers and sisters in Christ.  As many of you already know, I live a modest lifestyle on a very limited budget.  And at this point in my life, our Heavenly Father has me living with my brother in an RV.  And the vehicle that we use is 22 years old and has several mechanical problems.  Lately it has been costing me quite a bit just to keep it running.  I am blessed that my brother has some mechanical knowledge and experience, so he has been fixing it as we cannot afford to take it to a mechanic shop.  But the cost for parts alone, have been a huge strain on our finances lately.  And the car keeps breaking down.

The reason this car has been breaking down so much is not only because of its age.  The Lord recently showed me that I need to get rid of this car because it ties me to religious folks from my past that have continuously persecuted me.  I acquired this car from my mother-in-the-Lord that went home to be with the Lord just last year.  I was her live-in care giver for many years and in her passing, she willed the car to me.

For those of you that know me on a more personal basis, you are well aware of how her family is very religious and has done many harmful things to me over the years that I took care of their family member.  I only showed them love and support, but all my good was returned with evil.  But I do forgive them for all that they have done to me and I do not hold anything against them.

The car was a blessing for a season as the Lord used it to move me away from this family to another city and in with my brother.  However, the car has fulfilled its purpose and now the curses from this family are manifesting.  Of course, I renounced all curses that this family has spoken over me and this car.  But the Lord said that I am to get rid of the car because it is still a tie to this family and thus an open door for their curses.

So I need to get another vehicle.  Of course, if I was able, I would simply use public transportation as it would be much cheaper for me.  However, I live outside of town and there’s not any bus that comes out this far.  So I need transportation to drive into town for groceries, banking and any other necessities.

I have looked around town and there are several used car lots that sell older modeled vehicles.  Lord willing, I could afford the low monthly payments of $250-$280 per month.  But I do not have money for the down payment that is anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500.  Or if I could just find a good used vehicle for cheap and without payments, that would be better.

I do not take any pleasure in having to ask for help from those of this ministry.  However, the Lord has been teaching me a lot on how His TRUE Church will be living in these last days.  The early Church in the book of Acts is our pattern.  Those believers had laid down their lives and sold all that they had so that everyone had all things in common.

In the days ahead when the economy gets much worse and our governments fail, the people of the world will be struggling.  However, God’s remnant will come together during this time.  There will not be the “me” or “mine” attitude that is so prevalent in the apostate church today.  There will be such a love for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that each will willingly lay down their life for one another and meet one another’s needs.

And so the Lord is teaching me that I must begin to practice this now.   I am already a cheerful giver.   However, I’m still not used to relying on others for help.  So the last few years, He has had me relying on others for support.  It is very humbling as I have always been one to support myself, even during my childhood.  But self-reliance is a form of pride and we all must lay this down and learn to both help and be helped by one another in the Body of Christ.

So having said all this, if any of you are able and willing, I ask you of your help.  I need to acquire enough money for down payment on a good used vehicle, or enough to just pay cash for one.  Of course, as I mentioned, I live a modest life style and am not at all looking for a NEW car.  I just need another vehicle.

There are 235 subscribers to this blog, and out of those, only about five members give of their financial support each month.  However, the small amount of financial support I receive each month is barely enough to cover any car payments of $250-$280.  I say this for those that may read this and think that I am like the pampered false prophets and ministers that manipulate the Lord’s people for gain.  I am not at all like those.  My desire is for our Heavenly Father’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, and so I do not take lightly the commission He has given me in ministering to His sheep.

Therefore, anything that anyone is able to give for this need of your brother in Christ, will be greatly appreciated no matter how small or great it may be.  I love each of you and thank you all for your love and support.  Blessings to you all.

There is a Paypal button on my blog that will enable those to give.

Your fellow servant in Christ,

Kevin Barrett


20 Responses

  1. My Brother in Christ. I will try and scrape together some funds for you however as I am totally and permanently disabled my income is limited. I receive my VA deposit on the 1st of each month and I will try to send you $25.00, it’s not a large amount but with it I will be sending Prayers for your success in this endeavor.

    I will need an address to sent a check to so please forward that to me. I look forward to your postings and have everyone I have received from you to date, I enjoy your Spirit Kevin, you are Blessed by The Father of all peoples.

    Soon we shall have the Tribulation upon us especially here in this nation, The Lord has Blessed me with visions of what is to come, not all of it just the beginning, many shall perish. Like you I know Christ will protect His Own but my heart grieves for those who shall suffer much. I think perhaps He will assist me in helping those who desire to be saved from the second death.

    So please forward your address to me and on the 1st of July I will mail you a check for $25.00, I regret it can’t be more. Keep your Faith in front of you Kevin and our Lord will at the last minute assist you.

    May the Peace of Christ be upon you and overshadow you,

    +Cory Butler

    • Greetings Cory,

      Much love and blessings to you. You have a wonderful heart. You many think that your $25.00 is not much, but in the Lord’s eyes, it means a lot because you give out of your need. Many others will not even give out of their abundance.

      The Lord told me that posting this need will test the hearts to see who is truly His. I can gladly say that you are one of His…..

      My physical address is as follows:

      Kevin Barrett
      3824 Cedar Springs Rd
      Dallas, TX 75219

      This address is also posted under the tab “Contact Kevin” on my blog.

      I would love to hear what the Lord has showed you on what’s coming if you would ever like to share. You can email me at kevinrb67@gmail.com.

      Thank you for your kindness, prayers, love and support.

      Many blessings,


      • Oh how the joy is still resonating within me to be of help. How much is it to go to your chiropractor? I relate to your pain and am blessed with insurance. It would be awesome to see people here even give a small amount and see God multiply it. Is it easy to use paypal? Is is free? I sent you an email…A worker is worthy of His wages and oh, How the Lord smiles upon your faithfulness and obediance. Thank you for your kind words.

      • Thank you again, Shelly.

        After initial examinations, I think the average cost for chiropractic treatment is around $70.00 to $90.00.

        And I thank you too for your kind words.

        Much love and blessings to you,

        Kevin B.

    • I would also like to hear what the Lord has shown you. Maybe help give me some confirmation of what he has shown me… i would appreciate it. my email is christianseakers@yahoo.com thankyou

      • Greetings,

        I just emailed to you and I did receive your last email about your testimony and family. I’m praying for them.



      • Dear Kevin, the Lord has really put your need on my heart. Not just for transportation that so many of us already have but also for your other needs you don’t mention. the Lord put it on my heart to return some things i had just bought at the store within hours of receiving in my heart this message of yours. He showed me we have so much, so many things just sit on our shelves at home unused after the intitial thrill and need of buying it wears off. Out of obediance i returned all the items and am sending you on Monday – 2/3 of my return, already in the mail box. He says to be heavenly minded and also to store up our treasures in heaven. It is a joy for me to send you this small gift. Thats the joy i was trying to obtain when i went out shopping the other day. Funny huh… God is good and He will supply all your needs and it is a blessing to see such a man of god humble himself and ask for help. Unlike the many who take and have no concern for the hearts and souls who have eternal value. Keep up His good work! We saints need your voice and trust that God is bringing in His fruit. You have been an immense encouragement to me. I know it is a great sacrifice to walk so closely with our Lord and to give up all this world has to offer which is all vanity (empty and unsatisfying). Please share with us your needs, do not be dismayed for your are setting an example we true saints need to see. So that when our time comes we will remember your heart and service to Him, God Most High. So many feel His nudge to give and explain it away (not all) when if only they knew the joy of giving and the treasures we store up in heaven and how it blesses His heart. I am also going to send you $35.00 at the beginning of the month till the Lord shows me differently. I also plan to sell things i have sitting in my closets that have value so as to send His children more. Be blessed in knowing He is pleased and He will provide. You are not alone, we are here listening…and praising God for your faithful obediance! I also do not have much but what i do have i want to share with others likeminded in Christ….Shelly

  2. Greetings Kevin, in the name of our Wonderful Lord & Savior Jesus!  

    Kevin, I can certainly relate to all that you are going through right now.  I’m not certain if you can recall, but you have helped me in many ways, by encouraging me, and helping me to make the right decisions.  God knows if I can help in any way financial, I would.  Unfortunately, all I can do at this time, is pray that the Lord will sustain you, and keep you, and cause your cup to run over.  I pray that HE will come through for you Kevin, for your labor is not in vain.  You have such a pure heart for the Lord and His people Kevin.  I am almost in tears as I write to you, because of the pureness of your heart.  I know it is not easy what the Lord has called you to, but I know that you Trust in Him with ALL your Heart, and you lean not unto your own understanding.  I know that HE called you to it, and HE will bring you through it!  

    What you are going through right now Kevin, many would not have been able to make it, for they would have given up a long time ago.  I admire your Faith that is being tried.  “Ask, and you shall Receive” says the Lord!  “Seek, and you shall Find, Knock, and the Doors shall be Opened.”  And yes God is deeply humbling us, and preparing us for the Transfer of Wealth.  I know by the Spirit, that you are going through what you’re going through, simply because of the High-Call that the God has upon your life.  I know that you have been persecuted for righteousness sake, such as Jesus was persecuted.  I just want to encourage you, by letting you know that I know, that the Lord will come through for you!  

    I pray right now, in the mighty name of Jesus, that the Lord will lay it on someone’s heart right now, someone who is able, to bless you right now with more than enough!  I pray for Increase, Over-flow, Grace, & The Favor of the Lord, to fall upon you right now!  I command in the mighty name of Jesus, that every curse spoken over your life be broken right now!  I Decree & Declare, that Great Financial Wealth come to you now, in Jesus mighty name!  Do it for your Glory Lord.  Bless your son Right Now Father, meet his every need right now O God!  Bless him indeed!  Send money now!  I shout GRACE! GRACE! GRACE!…to every mountain that stands before Kevin!… And I command that you become a Plain, in Jesus Name!  I Declare O God, that you are Kevin’s Shepherd, and He shall not want.  Lord I thank you for the blessings that you have bestowed him, in the area of His finances.  I thank you Lord, and I give you all the Glory, Honor, and Praise!  In Jesus name, Amen and Amen.

    Abundant blessings to you Kevin.  I will pray without ceasing!

    Your sister in Christ, Flossie M. Whiting


    • Hello Flossie,

      Yes, of course I remember you. And might I say, I can sense a real maturing and growth in your spirit. Glory to God.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I can sense your love coming through them.

      I understand your situation and thank you abundantly for your prayers. Yes, He will definitely provide.

      Keep up the good work, Flossie

      Much love and blessings to you,


    • Good word Flossie! Please pray for me and my children and grandkids. I have just come out from a hard way and am recovering in the Lord and could sure use some prayer also. Praise God for your heart..Shelly

  3. Hi Kevin,
    I have seen your site a few times. It is so great. Maybe from Steve Qyayle or Pakalertpress? Anyway, I also live in Dallas and would like to send a gift. I work downtown. I am warning so many of the coming judgement too.. I spend most my free time in research, bible, prayer and warning others.. You heard right. Time is up! Wow! To live in such a time as this! God Bless you brother!


    • Greetings Cynthia,

      You probably came across my blog from the Steve Quale website. He has posted several of my posts on his site.

      Keep up the good work in warning others of His coming judgement. His people need to hear.

      Sorry that we could not have met in the Dallas area when I lived there. I no longer live in the area, but my mailbox address is stationed there and my mail gets forwarded to me.

      Yes, these are exciting days to live in.

      Many blessings to you,


  4. Hello brother Kevin,
    My name is Jo Nell Mauck. I live in California. I found out recently my calling is to be a Prophetic Artist. This little ministry is just starting. I also have my LVN, and have been off work for almost a year. We started, Everyday Porterville Church out of Everyday Oceano Church with Pastor Mark Perry. It is connected to Iris ministries and Roland and Heide Baker. Everyday Porterville is a house church.
    Father God gave us 2 free cars in the past. And he can do it for you.!
    I had been reading Brother Haggin’s books and faith just rose up in me, I prayed believed kept thanking and 6 weeks later my husbands aunt gave us her barely used old car.I kept my promise to take all the kids to church and youth group. 2 of the 3 bigger kids are leading house churches these days and the other one is a prophetic singer.
    I would love to send you a huge love gift, but, the paintings have to sell or something. So, please pray for this new ministry and I will pray and give to yours. Bless you abundently, Jo

    • Hello Jo,

      Your calling as a prophetic artist sounds exciting. Do you have a website or anything to show your work?

      The house churches you mention also sound promising. The new move of the Lord’s remnant of true followers of Christ will be in the homes, not in the big churches of man.

      Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Your prayers will be good enough for now and I will be praying for you as well.

      Many blessings to you,


  5. I am praying that Father provides your needs…I wish I was in the position to help you. I believe we should give to our family in need. I am 71 years old and my youngest daught has four year old twins, they only planned to have 2 children and now have three I help out where I can.. Blessings Lyn

  6. Kevin I apologize for my delay in sending you my tithe (to the Lord of course) late.It’s on its way – paypal No excuse….. I am excited as I am indeed moving into the calling the Lord has placed before me. Please hold me up in prayer….I thank you for your obedience for the sake of the gospel. I pray many more will give their tithes to the Lord into your faithful ministry and that all your needs will be supplied according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Let us indeed arise! And be counted faithful with the joy set before us ‘all for His glory! May His grace be in you, May His peace warm your heart and May His love always be our first motive and our last! In His precious, most Holy name..Jesus
    love you brother shelly

    • Greetings Shelly,

      No worries, and and thank you for your love and faithfulness.

      You are definitely in my prayers.

      May the Lord be with you.


      Kevin B.

For those leaving a comment: Please understand that the Lord has charged me to give out His warnings to awaken His people to prepare for the days ahead. In this, He has told me to not waste precious time trying to convince any that will not hear, for they have already made their choice. So with that, if your comment is a personal attack, insult, rude, or to argue; then may the Lord bless you and keep you. I will not answer back to any rude comments, nor post them. Blessings to you, Kevin Barrett

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