The sinners in Zion shall be afraid, but light shall come to My remnant.

Dear Saints, the Lord has lead me to re-post this prophetic word as He is crying out for everyone to repent before judgement strikes.


In my prayer time this morning, the Lord said this to me:  Son, tell My people that time is running out.  Time is running out for those who will choose to run to Me to prepare their hearts for all that is coming (judgments, shakings, disasters, chaos, etc.).

Word from the Lord:

My people, hear Me this day.  Woe!  Woe unto those who are at ease in Zion.  For you do not know nor take to heart what is at your doorstep.  Oh, My people, how I wish that all of you were ready to go into My chambers with Me.  But many of you are still entangled with this world and its many allurements, entertainments and pleasures.  Oh, My people, hear Me.  Soon and VERY soon your comfortable lives will be no more.  Many of you will be shocked and dismayed at all which is to come.  But this should not be so.  For I have sent My prophets for many years now to warn and shake you awake to what is coming.  But many of you have shunned My prophets saying that these things shall not come.  But I tell you that they surely shall.  And those at ease in My house who have fattened themselves with the pleasures of this world shall cry out when it is all gone.  For no longer will I let My people sit idly by while the lost are crying out to Me for My help.

Hear Me, My people, I am raising up this hour to judge My house.  And those found wanting shall cry out in anguish for the things that shall suddenly come upon them.  My people, I am raising up My TRUE church that does not desire to please themselves, but seeks My desires.  And they shall go out into a lost and crumbling world and bring in the harvest of lost souls.  My people who seek after Me shall be blessed and do great exploits in the land.

But woe unto the sinners in Zion.  For they have set up for themselves teachers and false prophets that speak lies of comfort to them in their sin.  My people, Hear Me.  I am holy and I shall settle for nothing less.  My people SHALL and WILL be holy as I am holy.  Weary not at yourselves if you fall short of this.  For if you will lay all down to seek Me in these days, then I shall do a work and a wonder in you that many have desired throughout the ages.  For I shall rain down from heaven My fiery rain that shall consume all that is not of Me.  And I shall set My people ablaze and consume their fleshly ways.

But woe unto those who heed not My call to repent and seek Me.  You shall seek help and not find it.  You shall seek solutions to your calamities and not find any.  For only I shall stand in the days ahead and those not resting in Me shall be utterly consumed.  My people, hear Me.  Why do many of you still wait?  You tell yourselves that IF all this happens, then you shall prepare your hearts.  But for now, you tell yourselves; “I will enjoy myself and my pleasures.”  Oh, My children, hear Me when I tell you that you shall be caught unaware and then it will be too late for you to prepare.  For you will cry out to Me then to save and protect but I will not answer.  For My warnings have gone out to you to prepare yourselves now.  But many of you have refused to listen.  Do you think that Noah could have lived if he would have waited to start building the ark until AFTER the rain started to fall?  Then why do you think you can wait?  Oh why do you think that all this shall not be?  For I have declared for many years through My prophets that I shall judge the nations.  But many of you have stopped your ears from hearing My warnings and instead choose to listen to lies of comfort that tell you that I no longer judge.  Oh, My people, woe unto those who have believed these lies and have not prepared their hearts before Me.  For I have called and called for you to repent and turn from your wicked ways and your sinful pleasures.  But many of you say to yourselves; “Oh, I have time.”  But I tell you this day that you do not.  For those of you who have chosen to turn not at My reproof, I will laugh when your calamity strikes.  For you have scorned My prophets and labeled them doomsday sayers.  Well now I tell you that you have prophesied well in saying this.  For it SHALL be your doom.  Though it did not have to be this way.

Oh, My people, hear My heart crying out to you all to repent and repent now.  Get silent before Me and allow Me to show you what is in your heart.  For truly the heart is desperately wicked and deceives itself.  But I see all things as all things are laid bare before Me.  Oh, My children, do not take these words as too harsh.  For I have sent My prophets to warn and warn.  But many of you have not heeded My calls to repent.  So you have brought this on yourselves.

But to those who I call My own, My remnant in the earth.  Those who seek the heart of the Father.  Those who have heard the warnings and have repented; for you, My lovely ones, I say prepare to enter into the deepest desires of your heart.  For I am coming with healing in My wings and I will heal and I will restore and I will set you on high.  Your days of obscurity and reproach are over.  For I will overshadow you with My love and My glory like the world has never seen before, nor will after.  For I say to you, My beloved ones, arise and shine, for your light has come.  I shall come to you suddenly and we shall be joined together as one.  And you shall be My beautiful bride that shall shine forth like the noon day.  And nations shall come to your light.  And you shall be My reapers to reap the greatest harvest of souls this world has ever seen.  So arise, My true bride, for your light has truly come.


To all those in whom the Lord uses to give to my needs;  I thank you so much.  You don’t know how much your donations are appreciated and needed.  I pray the Lord abundantly blesses those who are considerate in helping me with my needs. 

Blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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8 Responses

  1. absolutely right on time,Will share……Would you please send me an address where I can send some thing to you……..just shoot me an email…..I have another video word from the Lord on my website too….God bless..Time is winding down………

    • Hello Bette,

      Amen. I just listened to your video. Very sobering. I’m interested to hear what the Lord has shown you. I too have been feeling a travail in my spirit and an URGENCY to get right with Him.

      I admonish everyone to listen to Bette’s recent warning from the Lord. Here’s a link to her video:


      Kevin B.

  2. Hi Kevin. I love reading your posting. I am so glad when I see one in my e-mail. You always give me something to think about. God bless, Jim.

  3. thanks.

    Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 14:57:29 +0000 To:

  4. Just so you know you are such a blessing. the way the lord talks through you. his “aroma” is the same and never changing Its validation He is real. My dad has the gift of prophecy when the spirit moves on him it’s tongues and then the interpretation comes immediately afterward is it the same for you? I’m intrueged and curious about your gift.

    • Hello Spencer,

      Amen, yes His “aroma” is the same and never changing its validation. PTL

      No, I don’t have the same gift as your dad. It’s difficult to explain because He speaks to me in different ways. However, when He gives me a word for His people, many times it’s right after I have been praying in tongues. However, the way He gives me a word is that I will feel the unction of His Spirit, then it just comes as a spontaneous flow of thoughts as I since His Spirit.

      Hope this helps you to understand.


      Kevin B.

For those leaving a comment: Please understand that the Lord has charged me to give out His warnings to awaken His people to prepare for the days ahead. In this, He has told me to not waste precious time trying to convince any that will not hear, for they have already made their choice. So with that, if your comment is a personal attack, insult, rude, or to argue; then may the Lord bless you and keep you. I will not answer back to any rude comments, nor post them. Blessings to you, Kevin Barrett

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