The key that will unlock many doors…

Dear Saints,

I must share with you all a VERY important lesson the Lord has recently revealed to my heart through a circumstance and a prophetic word from my dear friend and pastor.

There have been several times in my life when God has used circumstances to get a point across to me.  I have learned to discern when it is God, so I don’t advise anyone to try to interpret all circumstances as a message from God.  Even though He does this, so will the enemy.  So, we have to be careful and not attribute something from the enemy as a message from God.

Having said that, about a week or so ago there were at least three days when I was leaving the house to go somewhere and forgot my keys to the vehicle.  Each time I had locked the door behind me and had to ring the doorbell for my brother to let me back in so I can get my keys.  One time my brother was with me when I walked out without my keys and I locked us both out of the house.  Of course God was behind this (even though I didn’t know it at the time), so by His mercy, my vehicle was unlocked so I could get to my spare key to the back door which I keep in my ashtray for emergencies.  And, I NEVER leave my vehicle unlocked, so it had to be God’s mercy that my vehicle was unlocked this day.

Anyway, by the third time that this happened, I felt in my spirit that God was trying to get a message across to me.  So, I asked Him what He was trying to tell me.  I heard in my spirit that I am forgetting a key that is keeping me from going forward.  So, I then asked God what this key was that I was forgetting.  I didn’t hear Him say anything, but then by the next day or two I received a prophetic word posted from my friend and pastor and it spoke about an important key to many doors for our future.

Much of this prophetic word spoke to my heart because as it teaches, I have been looking in my past which is keeping me from going forward.  This is mostly due to all the hardships and failures I have endured the last many years. Years ago I had a business working with insurance medical claims and the business was very lucrative.  However, the business dried up and afterwards, God told me to use my knowledge in that field to help healthcare providers in recovering their due payments when insurance companies deny their payments or underpay them.

So, I obeyed and went into business trying to help healthcare providers with their payments, though it was tough.  I have been barely successful in getting money back for anyone.  But the worse part of it is when I got two lawsuits filed against me from two giant insurance companies in retaliation for me going after them for what they defrauded from my client.  And since I didn’t have money for an attorney, I had to defend myself. But God was so faithful in that trial and gave me victory in both cases and the lawsuits against me were dismissed.

However, it seems that the only thing I received from obeying God was failure of any real accomplishments and lawsuits filed against me.  And I haven’t had any new clients in quite some time except for one and they had to drop me because their clinic is in Florida and they got hit by the recent hurricanes.

So, even though I am used to being a successful businessman, I haven’t been successful at any business for many years now.  I have even tried to get a job, but God always shuts the doors and doesn’t allow me to get a job.  He want’s me to completely rely on Him to support me and that’s why I live off of donations from this blog.  It has been a very humbling and trying experience.  And, after so many years of seemingly failure without any success, it seems that nothing will change and many times I tell myself “why try anymore”.

But this brings me to the lesson that God has taught me through my keys incident and the following prophetic word.  We are in a new season of unknown grace and unmerited favor and things WILL change for the better, IF we use the key He has given us to our future.

I pray that the following word blesses you all as much as it did me.  I am reminded to let go of the past no matter how much it seems as though it has just been a big failure and no matter how much it seems as though things won’t change for the better.  God is the God of new beginnings and He wants to give us a future and a hope….



“Hear Me, My people & know My heart…for the hour that you live is a special time…a time of unknown grace…a time of unmerited favor, as you will listen to Me & seek My face. For I have brought you all to Me for such a time as this, that I may reveal to you this secret that you all will need in the time ahead. For I love you with an everlasting love & it is My will for you to prosper & be in health, even as your soul prospers. This is part of the key that is ahead for you as you take My words this day & run with them. Today is the day for you to come closer to Me than you ever have thought possible…rejoice in Me this day, as you walk forward & truly know that My plans for you are to give you a future & a hope.

For many of you are stuck, basically standing still…looking back at your past failures & disappointments. Many cannot look ahead because they are convinced that the same thing will happen again…but some will attempt to walk forward, but continue to look behind them as they go.  Can you imagine what will happen to those who will walk forward in this way? For it is impossible to see ahead, while looking at what is behind!  I told you to forget those things that are behind & to reach forth unto those things that are before you…you cannot look behind & see anything ahead! It is time for you to let go of the offenses, failures, disappointment & regrets of the past & begin to again have faith in Me & My word.

I know many of you truly desire to do this, but do not know what to do to break free from these old past patterns. But be of good cheer, for it is My desire for you to walk in newness of life! Many of you have just celebrated a time of “Thanksgiving” & on some level have touched the very area that will help you. In order to break free, you must begin to be thankful for such things as you have. You cannot stay focused on what is behind, while you are thankful for such things as you have today.  Stop majoring on what you do NOT have & instead choose to be thankful for what you DO have. I want you all to really be free & as you will sincerely begin to do this, it will start the process of making you truly free in Me.

For does not My word say that you are to enter My gates with thanksgiving in your hearts & into My courts with praise? You are to be thankful unto Me & bless My name. Many times in My word you will read that you are to offer up the sacrifice of thanksgiving, but many have missed this key, by being fixated on their failures, disappointments & regrets of the past. I want you to walk in the freedom that was purchased for you by the sacrifice of My Son. Let go of those things that hold you back & reach forward for what I have prepared for you. It is imperative that you do this, for as you do, you will set the stage for what is ahead in your lives. So begin to look at what you have to be thankful for & concentrate on them.

For as you will do this, you will release My power to bring change to the way things have been & move you forward in your walk with Me. For as you sow thankfulness to Me you will release yourselves from those things that have held you back. I know that you may not feel like being thankful & I do understand this…that is why I said to offer up sacrifices of thanksgiving…for making a true sacrifice is never an easy thing to do! But, as you will be obedient to do this, you will in due season reap good things…for you will see your heart change & soon your thanksgiving will no longer be a sacrifice, but it will bring forth an intense blessing within your heart as you begin to see things from My true perspective.

For true thankfulness is a key that will unlock many doors in your lives…the lack of this has kept many of My people from experiencing My best for their lives. It has never been My desire for My people to live this way, but they have chosen this way to go…they alone have made the decision to do so. But the reason for much of this is because so many of My people have listened to other voices. These voices can be from others, but they mostly come from the many “arguments” within their own minds, convincing them that ” nothing will ever change, so why bother to try anymore”. My people…all these voices must be resisted at all costs…for I have told you that you are MORE than conquerors in Christ!

I instructed My servant Paul, the apostle to write: “Now thanks be unto God, who always causes us to triumph in Christ & makes manifest the savour of His knowledge by us in every place”. Do you not see it? It starts with NOW THANKS! I need you to see this, My people…thankfulness is a NOW thing…it is not just mere words…it must begin in the heart.  For when the heart is truly thankful, there is nothing that the enemy can do to affect or change you. Now look at this: “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful”. When you are truly thankful, your life will be ruled by My peace…this will change the way you see all things happening in your life.

This is because your focus is not on anything but what comes from Me…this is the power of a thankful heart. So let go of the things of the past that hold you back & begin to be thankful for what things that you have. Every one of you can do this…instead of fixating on what you do not have…begin to be thankful for what you do have. This will change everything around you & in you…for your focus will not be one of failure or regret…but one that sees My blessings everywhere in their lives. This will change you inside & out & you will never be the same again! Hear Me, My people…I truly desire for you to be free in Me! Please take to heart what I have said & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.”


I pray that this word encourages you all to let go of everything from the past and expect a blessed future and hope in Christ.  I know this is tough for those who have gone through a lot.  But as the Lord teaches us in this word, if we can start with a sacrifice of thanksgiving, it will soon become true thanksgiving and hope for a blessed future that will open doors…

If these words from the Lord encourage or help you in any way, please consider returning the favor with a financial gift (of any size) to help with my monthly needs.

Love and blessings to you all…

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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  1. Blessings kevin and good word . I also sent you a donation not to long ago. May the good Lord continue to guide you .
    God bless !

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