The Ascended Life (Part 1)

Dear Saints,

The Lord has laid it on my heart to share with you all an understanding of living the life of the Kingdom of God within while still on the earth, also known as the ascended life.  This is actually a continuation of my last posting; “Don’t Shut Yourself Off from The Kingdom of God”.  Yet, instead of giving a prophetic word from the Lord about this, I feel that He wants me to share with you my own personal experience of the Kingdom of God within and other experiences of mine regarding this topic.

Remember when God commanded Moses to send out a man from each of the twelve tribes to spy out the land of Canaan (their promised land) to see what it was like if it was good or bad and to see if the people who dwell in it are good or bad, strong or weak, many or few?  And when the spies came back from spying the land, they said that the land flowed with milk and honey and abundant fruit.  However, ten out of the twelve spies said that the land devours its inhabitants and all the men they saw were of great stature and the Israelites were too weak to defeat them because they were like grasshoppers compared to the inhabitants.

Well, this story is not just a story about biblical history, it is a teaching for us today. “For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope” (Romans 15:4).  Our promised land, the Kingdom of God within us, is flowing with an abundance of spiritual fruit along with milk and honey, the living word of God (1 Peter 2:2, Psalm 19:10, 119:103).  However, there are also inhabitants dwelling in our land of promise (idols and areas of sin and flesh) that must be overcome and driven out.

Likewise, just like the twelve men who were sent to spy out the land; God has sent people today to spy out our promised land, so-to-speak.  What I mean by this is that I am one of those persons who has experienced and witnessed the Kingdom of God within, our promised land.  And so I want to give a good report to all who will have an ear to hear, so to give a hope and an expectation of how good and wonderful this land truly is.

I admit that when I first yielded to God and gave myself completely over to Him, He gave me revelations that most Christians don’t have, even after years of being a Christian.  This is not at all because I’m special, for God is no respecter of persons.  Yet, this is because of my deep hunger for Him and His righteousness. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirsts for righteousness, for they shall be filled” (Matt. 5:6)  Consequently, because of this deep hunger of mine, when I was still a newly born babe in Christ, maybe only a few months old, God allowed me to enter into and experience the Kingdom of God within, or spy out the promised land so-to-speak.  I will try my best to explain what I experienced, but please understand that with my best description, it still will not do it justice because it is so far more wonderful than what our natural minds can perceive.

I will start by saying that it happened at my church one Sunday morning back in 1993.  The church that I attended at that time was unlike any other church that I’ve been to since.  It was Spirit-filled and the pastor operated in the gift of prophecy.  But what made it so different from other Spirit-filled churches was that the Lord was speaking through our pastor about the Kingdom of God within and about the hard days of tribulation that are soon coming upon the earth.  Thus, many times our pastor would show up to church not even knowing what he was going to speak about that day.  However, after our praising and seeking God, He would download into our pastor revelations of what to teach us.  So in essence, the teachings were coming straight from the throne room of God.

Well, one Sunday morning we had a special guest come to speak to us and this man had wonderful insights and revelations about the Kingdom of God.  Today this man has already gone on to be with the Lord, but one can still purchase books written by him.  His name is Dr. Kelly Varner if you desire to buy any of his books.  So anyway, it was after Kelly Varner’s Sunday teaching when we were all standing, praying and praising God when I suddenly entered into the Kingdom of God within.  And what I experienced was so far beyond what any of us could possibly think or imagine.

Suddenly, I found my spirit and consciousness as one and in another realm, a spiritual realm, yet at the same time, my body was still in the natural realm.  This is really hard to explain, but I know what I experienced.  I also was made pure, holy, and righteous, so much so that words cannot express how wonderful it felt.  I was so clean, pure, incorruptible and without any spot or wrinkle of the sinful flesh.  It was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced.  I also suddenly had revelations of anything that I could think of.  The first revelation that came to me was that my sins were literally separated from me as far as the east is from the west.  And I was sinless, perfect, and wholly pure through and through with such holiness and righteousness even deep within my most inward parts.  Even now it thrills my heart to remember how glorious it felt, but still, my words cannot do justice in explaining it because it was so exhilarating beyond what we could imagine.  It wasn’t just a knowing that my sins were separated from me, it was a complete experience of it as though I had never been part of the fallen descendants of Adam and was still in my perfect spiritual state as when God first created man in His righteous and holy image.  The joy from this state of holiness was unspeakable.  There is NOTHING this world has to offer that can even come close to how it feels to be so pure.

Another thing I remember experiencing is that I no longer operated by my natural mind.  I fully operated by the mind of Christ and everything I wanted to know was by revelation, not by the logic of the natural mind.  This was so wonderful and I remember that with having the mind of Christ, everything was through faith and I didn’t have any kind of fear or doubt.  Fear and doubt were non-existent within me and everything I knew was by faith and love.  Even though I had knowledge of fear and doubt, it did not exist within me at all.  The best I can explain it is like it’s a horrible disease; I had knowledge that it existed and that it was very bad, but it did not exist within me.

Another one of the revelations that came to me was a revelation of faith.  When the scriptures describe faith as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, it means exactly that.  I had a revelation that faith is literally a substance.  However, even though it was made of an actual substance, this substance could not be seen or touched, yet it was more real than anything in this realm that can be seen or touched.  Also, I had the revelation that faith is so powerful that nothing in existence on the earth, beneath the earth, or in all the heavens and galaxies, has the power to overcome faith.  Faith has the power to overcome ALL things and nothing whatsoever can stand against it.  The comparison that was given to me in the revelation was like a huge elephant and a mouse.  A mouse can’t even come close to standing up against an elephant if the elephant were to step on it.  There is no comparison between the strength of a mouse and the strength of an elephant.  A mouse cannot overpower an elephant, however, a mouse can win out against an elephant if the elephant was fearful of the mouse.  Faith is much like this analogy.  NOTHING can overpower faith, however, fear can render faith powerless.  Howbeit, fear and doubt was not a concern of mine because I had the full mind of Christ and fear and doubt couldn’t even enter in….

Another revelation I had was of the Body of Christ.  This is hard to describe, but I remember that we were many members (people), yet at the same time, we were all one.  We each still had our individuality, but at the same time, we were completely one in both mind and spirit as though it was only one mind and spirit that we all shared.  Again, describing this in words doesn’t do it justice because it was such a wonderful revelation of the oneness that the Body of Christ will become.

I had other revelations, but I think they were mostly just for me.  However, I wish to share one of those other revelations because I think it may help others.

First, I must share that I have suffered greatly over many years of my life.  As a child, I was abused in so many horrible ways.   I’m sure that you all can imagine some of the abuses without me having to describe anything.  And as an adult, I’ve suffered much injustice, rejection, criticism, and other abuses.  However, during my time of experiencing the Kingdom of God within, I had the revelation that all the bad things that have happened to me over my life are for a purpose, and that purpose is to help others.  I know this to be true because, after all that I’ve been through, I have such a compassionate heart for others who also suffer.  And, I abhor abuse, injustice, and oppression in any of its forms.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but not only had I experienced the Kingdom of God within, but I had also experienced what the scriptures call the Highway of Holiness.  “There is a path which no fowl (anything unclean) knoweth, and which the vulture’s eye (lust of the flesh) had not seen: The lion’s whelps (demons) have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion (satan) passed by it” (Job 28:7-8)  “And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness.  The unclean will not journey on it; it will be for those who walk in that Way; wicked fools will not go about on it.  No lion will be there, nor with any ferocious beast get up on it; they will not be found there.  But only the redeemed will walk there. And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with singing, with everlasting joy on their heads.  They shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away” (Isaiah 35:8-9).

I had experienced the complete redemption that Christ paid for.  Words cannot express the joy and holiness that I felt. But then I knew that I was experiencing the fulfillment of the scriptures in Psalm 126: 1-3, “When the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dream.  Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing.  Then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”  The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad.  Bring back our captivity, Oh Lord, as the streams in the South”.  I had experienced God’s promise to fully redeem us from our captivity to sin, death, and the flesh.  And one thing that I remember so well about that experience was that as I was experiencing the reality of it, my full redemption had already happened.  I wasn’t receiving a revelation of what could happen, I was experiencing the reality of what did happen.  Christ had set me free from my captivity and I was fully redeemed.  The fact that I was literally experiencing full redemption and not just receiving a revelation of it tells me that it’s already done just as when Jesus said it is finished.  But I am responsible for implementing it into a reality through faith, patience, and obedience.  Therefore, I hold onto this in faith like Abraham as my personal promise from God.  And, like Abraham, I won’t be able to accomplish this in my own strength, it will be by the Spirit of God alone and not any might or power of mine.  But also like Abraham, for centuries the church has been trying to fulfill God’s promise of redemption and birth righteous and holy sons of God in its own strength, but it has only birthed Ishmaels instead.

So then, I’m not sure how long my experience was, but it was soon over and I was back in the natural realm as my usual corruptible self, still standing there in church.  I was so disappointed when everything went back to usual.  I felt like those who tell stories of going to heaven and experiencing its beauty and glory, then having to come back.  And I tell this story of what I experienced so people will know that the Kingdom of God within does exist and we can enter in while still on earth.  It is the same as when the twelve spies spied out the land and came back with a word of how wonderful the land of Canaan was.

However, out of the twelve spies, ten came back with a bad report of fear and doubt.  They saw themselves as grasshoppers compared to the inhabitants of the land and said that there was no way they could defeat them.  And unfortunately, the Israelites believed the bad report from the ten doubting spies instead of having faith like the other two spies, Joshua and Caleb.  And this brings me to my next experience that I feel the Lord wants me to share.

Because of the revelations I have received,  and because of my hunger for righteousness and the truth, God has protected me from much of the false teachers and doctrines that are out there.  My hunger for truth and righteousness has kept me from being deceived by many big and popular ministries of today.  I can remember when it had only been about a week after I gave my heart to the Lord when I saw a preacher come on television.  This preacher has one of the biggest ministries in the United States.  However, at the time I had never heard of this man before, nor did I know of his ministry.  I had come straight out of the world and wasn’t at all familiar with any of the modern-day ministries.

So, when I saw this preacher come on television, I stopped what I was doing so I could listen.  I was so hungry for righteousness and wanted to hear what this man had to say.   However, after listening to him for only about five or so minutes, I became disgusted and said to myself that this is not a man after God’s heart and he is only in ministry for the money.  Just so happens, this preacher was teaching the prosperity gospel, which I knew nothing about at the time, nor did I have any knowledge of any other doctrines.  I just knew that I was hungry for righteousness, but this man was teaching a gospel that caters to the lust of the flesh.  I won’t post this man’s name and I won’t say who he is if anyone messages me and asks, so please don’t.  I’ve learned that there is a reason why God allows ministries like this.  But if you’re one who has a love for the truth, your love for the truth will protect you from the false doctrines (2 The. 2:10).

Now, this story of that prosperity gospel preacher is not the other experience that I wish to share.  I’m telling this story to explain that this is why I have avoided churches for most of my Christian life.  The church that I attended when I experienced the Kingdom of God slowly disappeared after the pastor tried to lead the church by the flesh instead of allowing the Spirit of God to guide the ministry.  Unfortunately, this is the way it is with most ministries today.  They are being led by man and not by God, even many times when it’s a so-called Spirit-filled church.  And for this reason, I have avoided going to churches for most of my Christian life.  Howbeit, I know that there are still churches out there somewhere like the one I first attended, that are being led by God.  But there are very few of them.   And this is the point that brings me to the next experience that I wish to share.

After I moved from the Dallas area in 2012 and in with my brother in another Texas city, I started looking for a church that I could possibly attend since it was new territory.  I thought maybe there was a real church in my new city home that I might be able to find.  But I couldn’t find one to my liking.  Then, a couple of years afterward, certain circumstances caused me to be an acquaintance with a certain individual in my city.  She was having serious problems at the time and I would try to minister to her, however, she was adamant about finding a church to attend because she said that church structure had always been helpful for her in the past.  So, I prayed with her that God would find a good church for her to attend, and I said that I would go with her for a while for support until she got comfortable with her new church friends.

And so after looking online, I found a church where the pastor operated in the gift of prophecy and he also had a posting on his church’s website talking about how God revealed to him that troublesome days are coming to the U.S. and that his church would be a place of stability in a time of uncertainty.   Upon reading this post, I was intrigued that there was a minister in my own city that had this understanding of the hard days that are coming and I thought that if his church was going to be used by God during that time, I might want to be part of that church if I’m still here in this city when the hard times come.

So, I visited the church with my friend and the people there were very loving.  They embraced us both and soon after, my brother and I both joined the church, even though we informed others that it would only be temporary because we knew that God has other plans for us.

I really enjoyed the love and fellowship of the people there, however, I soon discovered a couple of facts about the church that surprised me.  First, I discovered that the church still holds to the doctrine of the pre-trib rapture.  I was surprised because it was a prophetic church and I assumed that if they were operating in gifts of prophecy, then they were also walking in revelation.  I was surprised to learn that they had not yet received a revelation of God’s purpose for the Church in these last days, which is NOT a pre-trib rapture.  But, I didn’t let this stop me from fellowshipping with the people because they were so loving.

Another thing I learned that surprised me was that the church also didn’t have an understanding of seeking to enter the Kingdom of God while still on earth.  Not only that, I was even opposed by those whom I tried to enlighten about overcoming the flesh and becoming holy as we are commanded in God’s written word to be holy because He is holy (1 Peter 1:”16).  I was told by the church members that we will never overcome the flesh until we die and go to heaven, which is the most common belief among Christians today.  I even gave scriptures to support what I was saying, but I was then told that I’m offending members of the church because I was trying to teach meat to babes.  This surprised me because we are commanded to seek first the Kingdom of God and to be holy as he is holy.  So I was surprised by the resistance I got from the members of the church when I tried to teach this.  Consequently, the members of this church happen to be a big fan of the prosperity preacher whom I was turned off by in my first week as a newborn in Christ.  This should have been a big enough red flag for me, but I had already grown fond of the church members and loved them dearly.

I felt like Joshua and Caleb after they witnessed the glorious promised land, but were in the wilderness with all the other Israelites who believed that they could never overcome the giants of Canaan (our sinful flesh).  I knew what I had experienced was real and nobody could take that away from me.  I shared my experience with members of the church, but not once did any one of them ever even pretend to believe me or be interested.  They wouldn’t even comment on it.  Most times they would just stare at me like I had said something foreign to them in a language they couldn’t understand.

Anyways, I didn’t let that bother me and just continued to enjoy the fellowship that I did have with them.  And it wasn’t long until the pastor and other leaders saw my desire to serve and so I was asked to help out with responsibilities around the church.   In response, I helped out wherever I could and enjoyed most of it.  But mostly, I just enjoyed the fellowship.

However, after about a year of this, I then sensed in my spirit that something was horribly wrong.  I sought the Lord about it but didn’t get an answer right away.  So I asked my dear friend and pastor (who lives in a different city than mine) to inquire to the Lord on my behalf as to why I sensed that something was seriously wrong.  And in response, he gave me a prophetic word from the Lord explaining to me that I had become busy like Martha at the church I was attending and thus gotten out of my resting in the Lord, and that’s why I couldn’t get a response.  The Lord wanted me back resting in Him so He could reveal to my spirit what was wrong that I was sensing.

So, after this, I told leaders of the church that I needed to cut out some of the serving so I could get back into resting in God.  And then, I literally took a break from it all and went on a weekend camping trip with my brother.  I decided to go camping because it’s a good way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy God’s creation.  Also, it’s a good way to enjoy a small vacation without the need to spend money.  But I guess the biggest reason was that my brother really enjoys camping….

So anyway, where we were camping there was a small lake and we decided to use some swimming tubes to float on out on the lake.  I was on my tube and just enjoying the sun when I noticed that I had floated pretty far out away from the shore.  There must have been enough wind to cause a lake current and it was carrying me away from shore.  I looked for my brother and noticed that he was already on his way back to shore, so I was out there by myself.

Anyway, I began using my arms to kind of swim backward to shore while I was still inside my floating tube.  However, after so many minutes of this, I stopped to check out how close I was to shore, and to my surprise, I had been taken farther away from shore by the current.  So I turned my tube around and tried to lean forward and swim with my arms with more force.   But when I leaned forward, my tube flipped over and I was then completely in the water.  I wasn’t worried though because I know how to swim.

So then, I had my tube under one arm as I was using my other arm to swim with as well as kicking with my legs.  However, again I wasn’t getting any closer to shore.  And by this time I was getting really tired.  But I kept trying to swim to shore.  However, I wasn’t getting any closer to shore and even went under water a couple of times.  Now I was getting worried.  I called to my brother to come out and help me, but he was so tired after fighting against the current to get himself to shore that he couldn’t swim that far out into the lake to help me.  So I continued to try to swim as I was asking God for help.

Now I was getting frantic because I was too tired to keep holding onto the tube and try to swim back.  And, I wasn’t able to get back onto the tube.  Every time I tried, it would flip over on me.  So then I began yelling frantically at my brother telling him that this was serious and I really needed help.  That’s when my brother yelled back and told me to just let go of my tube and float on my back and then backstroke back to shore.  So I let go of the tube and floated on my back and was able to backstroke slowly back to shore.  And by the time I made it back, I was so exhausted in addition to the surreal reality that I had almost drowned.  This experience hit me pretty hard and I immediately knew in my spirit that there was something prophetic about the experience because God speaks to me many times through circumstances and I just knew that this experience had a lesson to it.

So that evening at camp while I was reading scripture and meditating, the Lord dropped into my spirit what the lesson was to be learned by my near drowning experience.  My membership at that church was like my floating on the lake.  I didn’t see any danger in it, but before I knew it and without me noticing, I was so far away from shore (solid ground) that I almost didn’t make it back.  The Lord was revealing to me that even though I was enjoying the fellowship at this church, I was slowly getting away from foundational truths without noticing and if I continued, I may not make it back.  This shook me to my core because I don’t want to lose out on my destiny.

This is not to say that the church members were bad people, but they are not of the same faith as me and don’t have the same desire as I do for our high calling in Christ Jesus.   And because of my fellowship with them at their church, I was on their spiritual ship so-to-speak that is not steering toward this high calling.  And if I did not get off their ship (their church) immediately, it may be too late for me later down the road.  Consequently, after this lesson, I never went back to the church.

Needless to say, leaving the church was a painful thing to do because of my love for the people.  And it was painful for them as well.  But after explaining to them that God just has another destiny for me and I’m coming out of man’s church, then as churchgoers always do, they began quoting to me that we are commanded to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Heb. 10:25).  However, also like most churchgoers who quote this scripture, they are taking it out of context and so I wish to share what God revealed to me about this scripture and about going to churches of man.

However, what I have to say may be quite lengthy so I will share it in part two of this posting.  In the meantime, I want to make it clear that I’m not at all telling people to leave their church.  I know that there are churches out there that are submitted to God’s spirit.  However, if you have felt in your spirit that God want’s you to leave your church, don’t listen to the guilt from others or the enemy who quote that scripture to you that we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.  You may be surprised after I share in part two the things God has revealed to me about joining ourselves with other Christians who He has not joined us to.


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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