A Solemn Call To Prayer

Dear Saints,

I don’t think that I have ever made this request before, but this is such an urgency that I ask you all to forward this prophetic word from the Lord to every believer you know and ask them to forward it to every believer they know.  It doesn’t matter what denomination, the entire body of believers in Christ urgently needs to pray over this matter.

Before the last elections in the U.S., God’s people prayed in repentance and petitioned God for His mercy on this nation.  In response to our prayers, God put Trump in the White House instead of allowing Hillary Clinton to be elected president.  And, if she would have gotten in, this nation and world would already be a much darker place than it is right now because of the plans of the enemy and his cohorts.

This is NOT about politics.  This is about God cleansing the corruption within the United States government that is out to destroy our liberties, freedom of speech, and religious freedoms, and then bring in Islam and Sharia law.  It doesn’t matter what we may think about President Trump, we are commanded in scripture to pray for our leaders.  But we especially need to pray for Trump and those who support him because he is doing God’s work in this nation in which the enemy is out to stop.

If God’s people don’t continue praying for president Trump and those who support him to be protected and continue in doing God’s work, then it’s possible that the midterm elections can open the door for more evil to come in through the Democratic party that could possibly stop the work that Trump is doing and possibly even get him impeached.  If this happens, I strongly feel that this nation, and the world, will begin a quick spiral into darkness with us losing our religious freedoms, the world economic collapse will be ushered in, violence and riots will be everywhere, and so much more….

Even though much of this is coming eventually, God’s people are not prepared.  Also, it would be more beneficial for us to work under freedoms as opposed to bondage.  We need to rise up and take our God-given authority and pray for Trump’s protection and for God to continue doing His work through Trump.  I know that the media refuses to report on all the good that Trump has done for this country because they are bent on getting him out of office.  However, if you’re unaware of what good Trump has done, here’s a link to what he accomplished in just his first year as president: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1dakLgi3UA

We desperately need to pray along with getting out to vote Republican at the midterm elections.  Again, this is NOT about politics.  Satan and his cohorts are using the Democratic party to destroy Christian liberties and this country, and if they get their way at midterm elections, then horrible things could happen very soon afterward.  Here’s a video sharing a warning from President Donald Trump to Christians regarding the midterm elections: https://www.facebook.com/LanceWallnau/videos/263231117636013/

Please take this warning to heart and pray.  The following prophetic word is a warning given by the Lord through my dear friend and pastor, with his personal words at the end…

Blessings to you all,


Word from the Lord:

“Hear Me, My people as I come to you, for you are the people of My heart. My words to you today must take root & be applied to your heart of hearts, for I love you with an everlasting love. I have looked down from Heaven & have seen the turmoil that exists in the USA…the tide of evil has risen higher & higher. There is a war taking place which many of you are not very aware of…for so many of you have become complacent in many things. When it comes to things in the political world, many of My people shun to know what is going on, for a religious spirit has convinced them they are not to involve yourselves with such worldly things. How is it, My people that you do not see that this is not of Me?

For, I have told you to pray for all in authority, as My word tells you: “I exhort you, therefore that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men…For kings & for all that are in authority…that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, Who will have all men to be saved and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. ” But, many of you do not see the need for you to do this, as I have said because you have become too spiritually minded to be of any earthly use. Can’t you see, that your complacency has a direct effect on what is happening around you & also in the world that you live in?

Some have forgotten that I have declared that you ARE the light of the world…some have forgotten that it is My glory shining in you & through you, which brings change to the way things are. A city on a hill cannot be hidden…your candle is not to be put under a bushel. But, that is exactly what many have done, by their complacency regarding the way things are. You cannot just look at what is happening in your nation, in your world & think, “oh well…there is nothing I can do to change it”…when that is exactly what the enemy wants you to think. He knows the power I have given unto you power to tread on serpents & scorpions & over all the power of the enemy & nothing shall by any means hurt you.

I have spoken this to you so you could effect change in the world you live in, by your shining My light & by your godly prayers. Never forget that the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much…I have called you to be a people of prayer. You have the ability to alter & change the way things have been…things do not have to continue this way. Abortion was legalized 45 years ago because My people didn’t pray. All of those hundreds of millions of babies have died because of the complacency of that time. You must not allow complacency to rule over your prayers for this nation…for the end result would not be good & you would later shudder to think, as you saw the things you released upon this world.

Yes, I say you released, because by not standing in intercession for this nation to rise up in righteousness, you will have unwittingly allowed the enemy to take My victory from you, further releasing the evils in this nation instead…this must not be allowed to be! As My people have prayed in this last election, crying unto Me to allow more time to reach the lost, I have answered your prayers & have placed My modern day Cyrus in position. The enemy is hard at work, against him, because of all the good I am doing through My servant, this president. This man is working things according to My will, but is being greatly hindered because of the opposition to restoring this nation to “one nation, under God”…again.

Whether you like him or not is not the issue…the issue is, will you do as I have said & PRAY? Some do not like his harshness or rough edges, but I have made him this way because this is what is needed for this time…to undo much the damage that the enemy has released upon this nation over the last administration. So many are truly blinded to the full truth of all the horrible things that have been done to this nation during that time & I am now exposing the truth of all the hypocrisy, corruption & fraud that has been going on. It is time that My people begin to rise up & take a stand for what is right. I have set things in motion for things to be done in a set time…I need you to pray for My will to be done here.

Many will ask Me, why I would say this & My answer reveals just how complacent My people have become…for I have l already told you…IF My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves & pray, & seek My face & turn from their wicked ways…THEN I will hear from heaven & will forgive their sin & will heal their land. If you are not praying for your leaders, you are not humbling yourselves. Pray therefore, that your president may have freedom to implement the things that I have put into his heart to do. Pray for him & his family’s safety. Pray for all of the evil done through these evil leaders, be exposed & righteously prosecuted, that they receive the just recompense of their deeds.

I have called for righteousness to take this nation back, that My people may do the exploits that I have ordained for them to do. What has your complacency done for you? It has taken rights away from you…it has minimized your ability to speak My words to this world. Complacency takes more from you than you are aware…for complacency is just like that frog in the pot on top of the hot stove…lulling you unto your death. Shake yourselves again…shake I say! For only as you will truly heed My words will your heart & spirit truly be free, as I desire. It is imperative for this hour that you shake yourselves free from those things that are keeping you from your God-ordained responsibility to pray for these things.

You have an important election coming up in Nov…you need to pray for this election…you need to involve yourself with more than just prayer…you need to declare with your vote…” as for me & my house, we shall serve the Lord”. Those who believe that their vote doesn’t matter…guess who you are listening to? For it isn’t Me. How is it that My people think that they are to have no part in what is going on around them. Somehow many seem to think that since they are “just passing through & are citizens of another country” that they are to have no interaction with things around them. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is sheer foolishness…I have called you to shine your light while here.

How can you shine My light & not impact the world with that which of Me? You can’t. Therefore, if you are not impacting the world with that which is of Me, then you are not shining My light…instead, you are living a life of complacency that has convinced you that everything is alright…just the way you keep doing things. Not seeing that this is exactly what is causing all the immorality & unrighteousness to arise instead, in My place. Do you not know that I have numerous godly servants surrounding this President every day at the White House?…who are laying hands on him & praying to Me for My guidance…praying for My protection…praying for My will…they are PRAYING…I need you to join them!

There is POWER in your prayers, My people…do not let the enemy deceive you. Just as the nearly 400 million who prayed starting that ONE hour during the last election CHANGED the course of that election & the candidate that was winning, took a nosedive, so My servant would win, even so, as YOU will begin to PRAY for these things NOW & continue to war over these things, My people will see a turn around in the way things appear. For by calling those things that be not, as though they were, you will release the faith that I have empowered you with & this nation will see the evil destroyed, as I expose every hidden thing & bring to light that which the enemy has kept secret…& My light will shine!

You are now in the valley of decision…it is time for you to take sides & do your part. If you allow things to continue the way they are & you lose your rights to speak My words publicly, how do you think you will be able to do the exploits that you have longed to do? For the enemy will succeed in destroying many of your abilities to stand in faith, causing My people to draw back, in fear. This is not to be…for I have called you to be a people of faith & you are to do the exploits that I desire. The time to do them is NOW, while you have the freedom to do so…which is more effectual for you. Hear Me…take this nation back by the power of your prayers & watch what I will do to honor your words, says the Lord”.


Dear Saints, words cannot fully express how important this word is. We hate “politics”, but the Lord told us 2 years ago, that His people MUST take action against the evils that are being perpetrated in this county, or we would be very sorry. Had Trump not been elected, we would be living in a VERY different “America” right now. We are in a huge spiritual battle…a battle we can not afford to lose…we must pray!

I know that some people do not like President Trump because he can be coarse\harsh, but the truth is, we NEED this in him if we are to work with him to push back to evils plaguing this nation. Believe it or not, Trump’s coarseness\harshness is exactly how Jesus responded to the hypocrisy He dealt with while He walked the Earth as a man. Many already know this…but if you don’t, just read your bibles & your eyes will be opened to this startling truth…just as ours were!

He needs His people from all over the world to join in praying regarding all of these things, as these are not just issues that affect the USA…they affect the entire world. Please take the Lord’s important words to heart & begin to pray & intercede for these things…we want revival to come to this nation again…we want to see Him do the promised exploits ahead through us, in liberty…not in bondage.

As I prayed over this message, before sending it out, I sensed that the Lord may add “more” to this, for there were stirrings in me, as He touched on some of these things, that were not included here…so stay tuned for a possible “Part 2”.

-Pastor Mark


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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It’s The Season For Your Turnaround.

Dear Saints,

Last month I posted a prophetic word from the Lord, given through my dear friend and pastor, titled “Be Sober In These Last Days”.  In that prophetic word, the Lord has declared that it’s time for victories and breakthroughs for many of His people.  I can sense this in my spirit and it excites me so much because we have entered into unprecedented days where many will experience full salvation and come into the full stature of Christ.

And so, our Heavenly Father has given me a word for the Body of Christ which also encourages us to believe Him for victories and breakthroughs because it’s the season for our turnaround.  I pray that this word blesses you all as much as it blessed me……

Word from the Father:

My people, hear the heart of your Heavenly Father this day. Many of you have been going through trials of difficulty and of dry periods where you do not feel my presence. But I declare unto you this day that I am coming upon the scene and turning things around for you. For many of you, this will happen quickly, for others, you will need to reach out to Me in faith while you watch and wait for your deliverance. But surely, I tell you that it shall come.

Now, listen to Me. I have not been hiding from many of you as though you have thought. Yet, the enemy of your soul has clouded your ability to hear Me and to know that I am near. But I tell you, his time is over. For you have entered the days of the fullness of time for both evil and good, darkness and light. Therefore, as you watch people of the world grow from bad to worse as gross darkness covers the earth, if you would but put Me first in all things, and look to Me within yourselves and receive this by faith, you shall witness My light within you begin to grow brighter and brighter. For truly I tell you, it is time for you to arise and shine for your light has come. And as darkness covers the earth and deep darkness the people, I shall arise over you and My glory shall be seen upon you. For I am doing a new thing in the earth, and the old wineskins cannot contain this new move of My Spirit. And so, I shall do a mighty work within My people who will choose to obey the leading of My Spirit.

Therefore, I need you all to lay down your preconceived ideas of Me and your notions of how I do things. For I shall conduct miracles like you have never witnessed before. For this is the day and hour of My power which shall be demonstrated among the nations. And many shall see My light in a darkened world and come into My kingdom.

My people, I am so excited for you. For even you, yourselves do not yet grasp the gravity of what all I am about to do in the earth. Yes, it is true that hard times are coming as I shake all that can be shaken. But I tell you, much of the greatest miracles that I shall do in the earth have been reserved for these last days of this dispensation. And all who shall call upon My name shall be saved.

So then, I give you all this hope and anticipation that greater days are just around the corner for many of you. For as you choose to step out in faith, I shall overshadow you with My Spirit and create miracles even within your own bodies. I shall conduct healings within My Body of believers like never before. Many shall be renewed and strengthened both in body and in spirit. Therefore, reach out to Me in faith, My dear children, and hold nothing back. Believe Me for the impossible, for all things are possible with Me.

However, you must know this one thing; I shall not conduct these miracles on behalf of those who have chosen to stay friends with the world and with sin. You MUST forsake all that is not of Me for Me to do this for you. I do not expect you to be perfect or sinless before I do these miracles for you, but you MUST draw nigh unto Me with repentance, sincerity of heart, and total abandonment, in order for Me to be able to do the miracles that I desire to do in and through you.

And as you make a solemn choice to abandon yourselves completely and wholly unto Me, I shall look upon you from high with great favor and unprecedented grace. And as you continue in your walk of faith, you shall accelerate spiritually and be transformed from glory to glory into My likeness. Therefore, do not slight such a great salvation that I have declared for you this day. For these are the days in which many of My people shall experience and enjoy full, total, and complete salvation both in body and in spirit.

Oh, many of you do not know, nor understand exactly what this means. But I tell you; you do not want to miss out on such a great salvation that My Son has purchased for you. For if you slight this invitation to the fullness of your salvation, then you shall be slighted by Me and My Son. And then woe unto you when the really hard times and woes come upon the earth. For in those days, it will be very unpleasant for those who are not hidden in Me and wearing robes of righteousness.

Now then, take courage that your victories and breakthroughs are just around the corner. Even breakthroughs for many of you who still struggle in areas of sin and the flesh. For I shall give you unprecedented grace to overcome all areas of the sinful nature of the flesh. And many of you shall walk in holiness in these last days like never before. But beware that you do not take pride in your freedom, for pride comes before a fall. And if you take pride in your freedom as though you did this in your own strength, then I shall have to chastise you so that you rightly give the glory to Me.

My little ones, I desire so many things for many of you that you yourselves have not even thought of. But these are the days in which I shall pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. And for many of you, you shall no longer count the days which you think that you have left in the earth. For your walk on the earth shall be one and the same as your walk in eternity with Me in My kingdom. And My joy shall be your strength.

So then, I commend you all to stir up your faith and believe Me for change. For I tell you, change for the better is just around the corner for many of you. And if you continue with your walk with Me and follow My Son in complete obedience, then you shall enter into the most exciting days of your lives in which even the prophets of old saw from afar and desired. But it was not appointed for their time, but for yours instead.

Therefore, take heed to these words of Mine this day and do as I have said. If you would do this, and continue in your faith, it shall be well with you from here on out for the rest of your days in both the earth and for eternity. I do not say that there will not be struggles or trials, but I shall be with you to be your strength and shield.

I love you all, My dearest ones, with an everlasting love. And it is My greatest desire to give you My kingdom. Therefore, do not take this invitation lightly, and you shall not be disappointed….


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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