Update on Graybar.

Greetings Dear Saints,

First, I want to thank those of you who gave such kind words, prayers, and financial help for my recent tragedy.  As I mentioned in my original post regarding the situation, I felt so very bad and even guilty because of the accident.  But God has been so gracious to me.  I no longer carry the guilt and I’ve been able to accept the fact that Graybar will now be a tripod cat.

And Graybar’s been such a good soldier about this whole thing.  I was able to bring him home after spending only one night at the animal clinic and he’s doing very well.  For at least two weeks, I have to keep him in our kennel because he’s not allowed to do any jumping or anything that might cause his stitches to open up.  This means that I have to also keep him separated from the dogs because Betsy loves playing with Graybar and sometimes she can get a little too rough with him.

However, Graybar’s got such a great attitude about all this.  When he was a kitten he hated being in the kennel.  But now, it’s as though he knows that he needs time to heal, so he just chills all day long in his bed inside the kennel and doesn’t complain or cry at all.  He’s very calm and not making a fuss about anything.  I’m positive that this is because of God’s mercy and grace on both him and the situation.  God loves all of His creation and has given us animals for us to care for.  A righteous man has kind regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.” Proverbs 12:10 (AMP). 

When I first brought him home from the animal clinic, he wasn’t eating.  So we gave him some tuna to see if that would arouse his appetite, and it did.  He’s now eating a little, but still doesn’t fully have his normal appetite back.  So I would appreciate your continued prayers for him.

The total cost of everything so far added up to $1,350.  But I have to take him back in two weeks for removal of his stitches and a checkup.  So I greatly thank those of you who were able to help me with this financial burden.  I was able to cover all the expenses so far, but I could still use a little help for my regular monthly expenses that I used to help pay for this.

Below is a picture of Graybar after I brought him home.  He’s still learning how to get around on three legs, so after he’s doing good and all his hair is back, I’ll give another update…

I give thanks to you all who have shown your love for me during this tragedy.  You don’t know how much it means to me.  Love and blessings to all of you…..


Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.



8 Responses

  1. pretty cat. Hope he does well. Cats will not let you know if they are in trouble. Saves them from predators. Prayers for you and Graybar.

  2. Neighborhood kids brought me a kitten that had been caught in the engine compartment when a car started. They knew to bring her to the cat lady. After waiting a week, as advised by the vet, it became obvious she would not be recovering the use of it. So off it came. And Tabitha became the fastest moving cat in the house!

    Graybar will be fine.

    Father Bless, Dorothy


  3. Kevin, So happy that Graybar was able to have surgery and God provided all the funds you needed for his surgery, He is so great! Keep us updates on his progress and thank you for the last message you sent, I will print it out and review everything that I am to do at this time. Many Blessings to you always! Carolyn

  4. Thank you for sharing the update on Graybar. There is a lesson in this as there always is. That’s just God’s way. 🙂

    Your mention of his great attitude is refreshing. It reminds me that even though we face much trauma in life, like Graybar the Tripod, how we face it makes all the difference. We can allow the trauma to define us or we can rejoice that God has given us an understanding and empathy we could not have otherwise. It is all a matter of where we look. Graybar sees the new reality and accepts it for what it is. He will not let it define him but will adjust accordingly. Oh that we would take this lesson from noble Graybar who does not need our pity but deserves our respect. I, for one, am humbled by all of His creation that can take the trauma and move on to greater things.

    Homer Les

For those leaving a comment: Please understand that the Lord has charged me to give out His warnings to awaken His people to prepare for the days ahead. In this, He has told me to not waste precious time trying to convince any that will not hear, for they have already made their choice. So with that, if your comment is a personal attack, insult, rude, or to argue; then may the Lord bless you and keep you. I will not answer back to any rude comments, nor post them. Blessings to you, Kevin Barrett

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