Pray, Vote, And Be At Peace.

Dear Saints,

As I mentioned in my last posting, I wish to share some things the Lord is showing me about this season that we are in.

As many of you already know, God has given the U.S. a time of mercy and grace before judgment hits. When Donald Trump was first running as president, it was the enemy’s plan to put Jezebel in the Whitehouse who would bring total destruction to America and end our religious freedoms. But as God’s people repented and prayed, He heard our prayers and gave us Donald Trump and a time of grace.

And now it is election time again. If the leftist win this election and have their way, America will quickly start its decent into judgment and destruction. And we as Christians will lose our religious liberties.

But it is God’s desire to extend His time of grace and finish His work through President Trump in cleaning up this corrupt government and bringing righteousness back to the U.S. We see hope for this with the latest appointee to the Supreme Court. It’s now possible that the Roe vs. Wade ruling gets reversed which would lift a curse off the U.S.

I do feel good about Trump being reelected, but it’s not set in stone. We still need to pray AND vote. But also, we need to keep our peace no matter what happens.

The leftist already have their plans to steal the elections through whatever means necessary. Also, we already see what’s in their playbook with all the violence and riots. So pray against this, but also stay in peace and do not get into fear.

I can tell you that your prayers are having an effect on the enemy’s plans. Much of what could have happened lately has already been averted by God’s people praying. So keep praying against the darkness.

In my last posting the Lord told us through my pastor and friend that all the exposure of corruption within the government is a sign of exposure coming to God’s people. And this is also what the Lord is showing me.

But just like we now see government leaders getting exposed, I see exposure coming to church leaders first. And this is a good thing because God is cleaning His house.

If we are granted at least another four years of God’s mercy and grace under President Trump, we will witness a tremendous amount of exposure and cleansing coming to leaders and those of influence in the U.S. This will include government, Hollywood, sports, and the Church.

And if this comes, it will be a great sign that righteousness is coming back to the U.S. But even so, that means that we also need to judge ourselves so that we will not be judged.

If Trump does not get in another term, it only means that judgment is coming much quicker. Either way, we need to cleanse our own temples. So take advantage of this time to reach out to God in wholehearted repentance and allow Him to cleanse your heart from all that defiles.

If Trump gets in another term, I believe that God’s people will experience a time of great grace and favor, especially in the area of finance. We are still waiting for the great transfer of wealth.

A time of gross darkness is eventually coming, but it is not God’s desire that it comes yet. He desires to give us more time to prepare spiritually before gross darkness takes over. So keep praying against the darkness and pray that God’s chosen man (Donald Trump) gets in for another term. But also get out and vote.

Through this man-made and world-wide pandemic, God has given us a glimpse into what is coming. The global elites are out to destroy the economy of the world and bring in a tyrannical one-world government of complete control over all people everywhere. Also, as we have witnessed churches ordered to close their doors. This tells us that there will be worldwide persecution of Christians from governments and churches will be closed down. God is giving us a glimpse into what is coming and we need to be prepared.

Also, be prepared for whatever happens after the presidential election. It’s possible that we may not immediately know who wins and the leftist are prepared for whatever it takes to get their chosen ones in the Whitehouse. So pray against their dark plans.

There are three things the enemy fears that we need to pray for: Exposure, Judgment, and Recompense. Pray these things over the corrupt leaders in our government. But in all this, keep your peace and always walk in love toward others, including our enemies.

I’m excited about what I believe is coming if Trump gets in another term. God has told us that righteousness will be restored to the U.S., but it can come through an extended time of mercy and grace, or through judgment. So we need to pray AND get out and vote so God will extend our time of mercy and grace and righteousness may be restored through a time of freedom instead of through a time of judgment with a draconian government.

And in all this, avoid conflict and strivings. Walk in peace and love at all times, forgiving and turning the other cheek when necessary.

If we do these things, I believe God will extend us with more time of His mercy and grace and great things will happen as righteousness is restored to the U.S.

On another note, it’s that time again that I need to pay rent and other monthly bills. So please ask God if He desires for you to give anything for helping me with my financial needs.

Much love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.

For those leaving a comment: Please understand that the Lord has charged me to give out His warnings to awaken His people to prepare for the days ahead. In this, He has told me to not waste precious time trying to convince any that will not hear, for they have already made their choice. So with that, if your comment is a personal attack, insult, rude, or to argue; then may the Lord bless you and keep you. I will not answer back to any rude comments, nor post them. Blessings to you, Kevin Barrett

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