Recent & Exciting Prophetic Words.

Dear Saints,

My dear friend and Pastor was informed by the Lord to release several words that were recently given to him during his online sermons. So I am posting them all on this post. The last three are for our encouragement and exhortation, but the first two prophetic words are speaking to the corrupt politicians and leaders….giving them their last warnings and declaring their judgment.

Please prayerfully read through the words and be encouraged that things will soon begin to turn around for us in the U.S. and across the world.

Also, as I mentioned in my last post, I have extra expenses this month, so if anyone is able to give a donation of any size, it would be greatly appreciated.

Much love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin Barrett

MAY 17TH (Word of the Lord to the Corrupt Politicians & Leaders)

The Lord says: “I speak to all these corrupt Politicians & Leaders…you blind leaders of the blind. Your time is running out. Soon the window of time I have allowed for you to repent will be over. Soon, My judgement will fall upon every one of you. Do not think that you will escape, for there is only ONE escape & that is thru My precious Son’s blood, as you will repent of all your evil deeds. Do not think that you can hide behind your positions or levels in govt…your foolish & evil game is over. For I AM the Lord, there is NO real govt. apart from Me & what I ordain. You have twisted the things that I have raised up & corrupted them. For it was I who established this nation, ONE nation, under God, but you have taken what was righteous & profaned it into something that I never willed. You have taken My Constitution, which declares this govt is “of the people, by the people & for the people” & perverted it to where “we the people” are no longer in charge. Your corruption has reached Heaven & all the perversions & abominations that you fuel, stand as a witness before you & you will not escape. For My Hand is now reaching down & uncovering everything that you have hidden. Everything will soon be exposed & there will be no place to hide. All the children that you have sacrificed & tortured stand before Me. You time is almost over-you will now answer for your crimes against humanity. This is your last chance to make things right before Me. Repent will you still can & I will forgive you & wash you. You will still answer for your crimes, but you will be in a far better place than if you do not repent. Hear Me, you corrupt Politicians & Leaders…the time of the GREAT exposing is at hand. I AM raising up a banner of righteousness across the land. The wrath of God will soon come down upon you. There is no place to hide-you will not escape. Repent & run fully unto Me while you still can, says the Lord”.

MAY 24TH (Word of the Lord to the Corrupt Politicians & Leaders)

“I speak unto you corrupt Politicians & Leaders, this one last time…behold…your time has come…you will now answer for your crimes. You have robbed the poor & made yourselves rich. You have killed the innocent & offered them in sacrifice to Baal…you have taken away freedom & liberty…you are a stench in My nostrils. I do not say this out of hatred or anger…I say this out of love…for it is not My will that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance. Therefore, because you have resisted My love…as you have laughed at My rebuke…even now you will answer for ALL of your ungodly deeds. For this I say…the time for you to repent & receive My goodness, receive My restoration is over. The things that I have desired for you, are no more…because you have scoffed at My words. So, I now say unto you, you will now see My hand of judgment come quickly. For I will now destroy all that you possess. You will suffer GREATLY in the days ahead…for even your bodies will now begin to see My judgment. Behold…I the Lord God Almighty turn you over to satan, for the destruction of your flesh, that you may be saved in the day of Christ. All that you have…all that you are, will now be consumed. For I will hold back nothing in My dealings with you now. For this is your very LAST chance to do the right thing & if you do not do it quickly, what is coming will not relent…you will receive the full bluntness of My wrath…for the Destroyer is now on his way to you. As you have chosen to serve satan in all your ways, even now will you receive ALL that satan can do to you. For I now send him to eat up your flesh & consume you from within & take away all that you have from you. Your only hope now is that your flesh will be destroyed, so you will be saved in the day of My Son. Do not take this lightly, for I come as a thief in the night…I will come suddenly upon you & you will not escape. Hear My words now you corrupt Politicians & Leaders…do the right thing, while you still can…for this is your last chance, says the Lord”.


The Lord says: “It has begun…the Great Exposure will now come forth speedily…the Great Take down has begun! No longer will these evil people be able to hide their activities. No longer will these servants of abomination & perversion be able to cover up their actions, for I the Lord will expose them & in the days, weeks & months ahead, the entire World will see just how deep their crimes go. Very soon, all will be shocked at what is about to come forth. For truly, as the Sun sets in the West, even so will the Sun set on these traitors & hypocrites. Their time is coming to an end…very soon, My people will take their places & stand in My victory, as I release victory around the World…all Creation will vibrate with My Glory. Do not fear what may surface in the coming days & weeks, for I tell you that these things are nothing to be concerned about, for no matter what you may hear or see come out of any of these wicked individuals, My word will not return unto Me void…it WILL accomplish all that I please…it WILL prosper in the things that I sent it. So rejoice, My people for your time to arise & shine is come…rise up into My glory & My power in THIS hour…do NOT wait to see others doing this…take YOUR places NOW, in Me & do My bidding from your heart of hearts. No longer be fearful at all that you have seen, but know for yourselves that I work ALL things for your good, because you love Me & you are the called according to My purpose. Take your places now…begin to seek Me as never before…for very soon I will call on you to BE the light you have been ordained to BE. What is past, is past…it is time to walk forward & possess the land, says the Lord!”


The Lord says: “It is time for My people to wake up from their slumber…it is time to arise & shine. For surely, I say that much of what My people are “showing the world” is they have covered My light with a bushel. My light has been filtered by the intermingling of good & evil. And the world has looked at My church & reviled it, because My Salt has lost it’s savor…the effectiveness of My People has greatly diminished & now for the most part has been trodden under foot of men. For truly, as My People will come unto Me & allow Me to cut off those things that they allow. Surely, as My people will be willing to look within their own hearts, many will come & see ALL that they have allowed & great revival will come within them. For revival cannot come except there be true repentance in their hearts. I am looking for those who will be willing to go deep within & allow Me to search their hearts & see if there be any wicked thing in them. For SO many hold on to their own standard of righteousness…SO many refuse to let go of it & see the great chasm that has been created by such thinking. I hear the cries of My people telling Me they want Me to use them, but they are not willing to do what I want them to do…they only want what they have desired. For this I say, I desire them to be the light of the world & the salt of the Earth…but this can never happen as long as My people refuse to see that they ARE the problem & humble themselves before Me, so I can make things right. Hear this, My people & cast down those things that weigh you down & are keeping you from doing exploits in My name. For I tell you, this will not happen as long as you refuse to take hold of My words this day & run the race before them, with unwavering patience, looking unto Me. For this is where lies their greatest fault…they say they look to Me, but do not realize the lie within their hearts. For no one can see My face & live. For all that is not of Me, must die within you, so that I can shine before this lost & dying world. Will you receive this in your heart of hearts, so I can heal you? I love you all with an everlasting love. Hear Me, My people & respond righteously to Me & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


“Why do My people continue to be impacted by what is happening around them? How is it, that you do not understand what is truly happening? For truly I say unto you that I am aware of everything…I am in control…there is nothing for you to worry about…there is no reason for you to fearful. It is time that My people begin to see as I see & begin to do as I do, says the Lord. For I am preparing a table before you in the presence of My enemies. Do not fear, but rather rejoice! For very soon all that you see happening around you will change. Very soon, what you have been fearing & fretting, will be no more. For I am raising up a standard across the land…the standard of My righteousness. And as My people will raise up My banner across the land, they will take on My ROAR! For truly I say unto you, that the hour has come for you to stand uprightly in Me & allow Me to BE your demonstration thru you. No longer look at what the enemy is doing around you. No longer be downcast as if things will never be “ok” again…for I tell you that your hour of victory has come! It is the hour for My people to arise & shine, as never before.

You must take on what I have given…you must take on what I have provided in the atonement. It is time to trim your lamps. You MUST put everything in proper order, so I can shine thru you. Do not let this hour pass. It is up to you, whether you will stand uprightly before Me, or be told “I never knew you”. For I am coming unto My people & now My roar will begin to come forth. And those who will take hold of Me in this hour will see My hand upon them as never before…the exploits will be shown…the time for My glory to be revealed is here. Do not let this time slip…for surely as the sun sets in the West, even so will My glory manifest in those who do their part to come unto Me. Arise & let your ROAR come forth…for truly as you will open up & allow Me to roar thru you, you will be amazed at how the enemy will flee! It is time for My people to show the world that I am IN you of a truth. It is time to show the world that I am soon coming. For just as the Earth draws closer to the Sun as Summer approaches, even so, will My people draw close to Me…they will see Me COME within them & they will change everything around them. For as Winter is over & Spring does come, even so, life comes to trees & flowers & life begins to show itself all around the world. So shall it be in this hour…for as you will set your face & hearts upon Me & look fully into My face, even so will all that I AM come upon you. You will never be the same again…you will have entered into the place that I have prepared for you & all will be well.

Do not let this hour pass…do not think, you still have to time to do “your own thing”, before surrendering all unto Me. For there is a persuasion in My people that has convinced them that there is nothing in their lives that needs to change, when My heart cries for much change to come. You look at your situations…you look at your circumstances & wonder why things never seem to change for the better, but only seem to get worse. Could it be, that the reason for this is because you refuse to take My soft promptings of love, that it is time to put off these things & allow Me to do something new? Do not stay in the complacency & compromise that the evil one has entrapped you in. Shake yourselves free, by My love & My power…I will help you. It is time for you to trim your lamps. Your lamps are not shining My light & love & many of these lamps have REALLY gone out, but you are so slumbered you are not even aware of this. What would happen in this Universe, if I did as YOU are doing? The planets, moons & stars, would all be out of balance & collide…there would be great conflicts, affecting it all! But, how is it that many of you do not even realize that the same thing is happening in your lives? Will you not heed My cry unto you & respond righteously? Take hold of My words this day & put your lives in order. For the time of My Roar has come & My people MUST now take their places in Me. It is time for you to do exploits…it is time for you to BE My demonstration to this world. No longer can you shine a light that is compromised with sin & worldliness…it is time that you put ON Christ & walk in Him. It is time that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah come forth & roar out of His people, for all to see. Then those around you will come unto Me with their hearts & lives…then will sinners will be convicted & repent…then will revival fully come. But it all begins in YOU, My people…you must make the first steps…you must do your part. Hear Me this day & heed My words & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

If these words bless or help you in any way, in return, please prayerfully consider a donation of any size to help with my financial needs. May God richly bless you.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.

For those leaving a comment: Please understand that the Lord has charged me to give out His warnings to awaken His people to prepare for the days ahead. In this, He has told me to not waste precious time trying to convince any that will not hear, for they have already made their choice. So with that, if your comment is a personal attack, insult, rude, or to argue; then may the Lord bless you and keep you. I will not answer back to any rude comments, nor post them. Blessings to you, Kevin Barrett

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