Don’t Give In To The Flood!

Dear Saints,

By the many responses I received after my last posting, I know that many of you are anticipating part two.  Please know that the Lord is still speaking to my heart on what all to share, so hopefully, I’ll have it out soon.

However, the Lord has given my dear friend and pastor a word for the Body that many need to hear at this time.  It’s a very encouraging and enlightening word and I believe that many will be blessed by it.  I will also post my pastor’s personal message at the end of the word as it shares wisdom for us all.

Be blessed,



Hear Me, My people…I want you to walk with Me. I see your hearts…I know ALL that you are going through…I need you to know that I am right there with you. Know that I love you with an everlasting love. Many are struggling with things within their thoughts…things that they have no control over. I need for you to walk circumspectly during this time, being wise in your thoughts, wise in the things that you do…redeeming the time because the days are evil. I come to you now to help you so you will be wise & understand what the will of your Lord is. I do not want you to be drunken by the flood of negative thoughts from the enemy, which like wine, can lead to an excess…I want you to be filled with My Spirit.

There is much turmoil going on in the world…I told you in My word that in the world you WILL have tribulation. Whatever you are going through, you MUST be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world. As long as you allow your mindset to dwell on the things that are going on around you & in your lives, the enemy will have entrance to your thoughts. You are not to be ignorant of his devices…this is important for you to recognize that “ignorant” means more than not knowing…here it means to know, but choose to ignore. For, when the enemy comes to attack your minds, you must choose…either you will fight his attack unto My victory or you will ignore it, being like an ostrich with its head in the sand.

Many of you have matured & risen to new levels in the past seasons, but with this flood of attacks, the enemy is wanting to steal ground from you & drag you back to where you were. It is important that you not let this happen, My people, for I have promised that with any temptation or trial, I would make a way for you to escape…I HAVE made a way for you! So, where is My escape, you ask? My escape is for you to come unto Me…all you that are burdened & heavy laden & I will give you REST! Take My yoke upon you & learn of Me, for I am meek & lowly of heart. Do not let the enemy deceive you or confuse your thoughts. Remember who he is…for he is a thief & a liar…he only comes to steal, kill & destroy.

My people, I am come that you might have LIFE & have it more abundantly. So, what has happened? By allowing your thoughts to dwell on what the enemy has said to you, those things have become the “abundance of your heart”. But, as you will begin to dwell on the things that I desire, you will see the enemy lose his hold over you. I want you to dwell on things that are true…I want you to dwell on things that are honest…I want you to dwell on things that are just…things that are pure…things that are lovely & are of good report. Think on things that have virtue & give praise unto Me. For as you will do this, you will see a great difference in your lives, for My glorious peace shall be within you.

What you are going through right now is just temporary…it will pass. This is just another trial of your faith. You have all been there before…this is no different. This trial may have come in a different way…it may have come from a different angle, but it is still just a trial of your faith, so be encouraged. Just as you have made it to the other side before, you will do it again, as you will trust Me & do what I say. The enemy knows this & that is why he is working so hard against you…for he knows that if he can keep your thoughts centered on that which is temporary, he can keep you from dwelling on the things that are eternal. He knows what is about to happen in this world…he wants My people to be unaware.

For it is time that My people will be all that I have called them to be…but if He can keep them derailed or shipwrecked, they will not know what to do. This is why he has worked on so many of My people to never grow…sadly, they will go to “church” & at times may even experience a “feeling” of My warmth & love there. The leaders will tell them that “the presence of God is here”. Well, this may be true, but unfortunately, rarely does anyone EVER go deeper than that warm feeling, because when My people feel that warmth, they think that THAT is My presence. But the reality of this is, this is only the very edge of what I am really wanting for them, for My presence is SO much more than this, My people!

For the reality of My presence can be likened to people sitting around a campfire & feeling the warmth of the fire. Yes, it is a “nice feeling”…it gives warmth & makes you feel all is well. Then My people will go home & that warmth they have experienced will soon fade away. The thing is, I don’t want My people to only experience that slight “warmth” & to think that this is all there is, because it is NOT! Don’t settle for just My warmth…I want My people to jump into the middle of that “fire” so they will be CONSUMED. That is where the “difference” is…this is the place I want My people to dwell…for once you will truly enter into My fire, you will never be the same again…nothing will affect you the same again.

This is why the enemy is working SO hard to keep you away from Me. Many think that they are close unto Me, but few will truly experience the fullness of My presence as I have shared here with you. Refuse to be satisfied with the little warmth you have known & begin to aggressively press into the fire that is Me. For as you will do this, everything around you will change & you will see things completely different. Nothing will be able to affect you the same again, for you will be consumed by all that is Me. Turn away from the thoughts that the enemy has you dwelling on & instead run hard after Me…choose to jump into My fire & let Me consume you with My love…you will not be disappointed says the Lord”.



We are truly living in exciting times…there is so much ahead that the Lord has for us to do. We cannot lose time by allowing the attack of the enemy to keep us from what God desires for us to do. We must push forward…we must submit unto God, resist the devil & he will flee! In order for us to do this, we need to speak to ourselves in psalms, hymns & spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our hearts to the Lord…giving thanks always for all things unto our God & Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to “fight the good fight of faith”!!!

I know that this can seem difficult for us & at times it may even seem impossible…but He says that we do have His strength within us…we just need to tap into it & walk out His steps that are before us. He will never leave us nor forsake us…He will never fail us. We know in our own lives, there have been times that we felt like the Lord had left us, forsaken us & even failed us. Why? Because of the circumstances we were going through. But, over time we learned that He was always faithful…it was with us, and it was us that had left Him…it was us that had forsaken Him…it was us that had failed Him. You see, He taught us that we base His faithfulness to help us…we base His love…we base His response to our needs, according to the natural world, not realizing that He told us just the opposite.

2 Cor. 4:18 tells us: “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal”. So, He taught us to not base things on our present situation. For in those times that we felt He had left, forsaken & failed us, it was so because our eyes were looking at the natural realm, instead of that which is eternal. Once we can get that ingrained into our mind & spirit, that alone will make life so much easier. Yes, there will still be times that the enemy will “try” to inject a negative thought into our minds, but knowing the truth, will set us free.

So, just shake the negative thoughts off & continue in trusting the Lord. It is so important that we not fixate on what we are going through…because as those two words literally say…we are “going through” whatever trial it is. Remember Psm. 23:4: “Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for You are with me; Your rod & Your staff comfort me”. Whatever trial may come into our lives, we will not stay IN the trial…we will always walk THROUGH it…to the other side. And as we do, we can look back & see that the Lord WAS with us all the time…He didn’t leave us…He didn’t forsake us…He didn’t fail us. For it is always Him that helped us through…& usually, He is the one that has literally “carried” us to the other side!!!

But, once we will recognize what is going on in us & around us…seeing the things that the enemy is using to keep us from walking forward in the Lord, this knowledge of truth will help us…yes, it will set us free. Once we recognize what is really going on (we call this discernment), then we can say…”wait a minute…I see what is happening…I’m not going to give in to this”! Then we will start to move forward, even if it is just a little at a time…step by step, we will make a change in the way things have been & very soon, it will become easier & easier…we will get stronger & stronger. Never forget that the enemy is always seeking who he may devour. The Lord taught me that this word “may” is very important. For the word “may” means the potential for failure exists, because we are unguarded in some area.

We must walk forward, recognizing that as God said, we are not ignorant of the devil’s devices. We must steer clear of them & instead run straight unto the Lord, where His revival fires await us…He is waiting for us to jump in & be consumed…it truly will forever change our lives!


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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The Ascended Life (Part 1)

Dear Saints,

The Lord has laid it on my heart to share with you all an understanding of living the life of the Kingdom of God within while still on the earth, also known as the ascended life.  This is actually a continuation of my last posting; “Don’t Shut Yourself Off from The Kingdom of God”.  Yet, instead of giving a prophetic word from the Lord about this, I feel that He wants me to share with you my own personal experience of the Kingdom of God within and other experiences of mine regarding this topic.

Remember when God commanded Moses to send out a man from each of the twelve tribes to spy out the land of Canaan (their promised land) to see what it was like if it was good or bad and to see if the people who dwell in it are good or bad, strong or weak, many or few?  And when the spies came back from spying the land, they said that the land flowed with milk and honey and abundant fruit.  However, ten out of the twelve spies said that the land devours its inhabitants and all the men they saw were of great stature and the Israelites were too weak to defeat them because they were like grasshoppers compared to the inhabitants.

Well, this story is not just a story about biblical history, it is a teaching for us today. “For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope” (Romans 15:4).  Our promised land, the Kingdom of God within us, is flowing with an abundance of spiritual fruit along with milk and honey, the living word of God (1 Peter 2:2, Psalm 19:10, 119:103).  However, there are also inhabitants dwelling in our land of promise (idols and areas of sin and flesh) that must be overcome and driven out.

Likewise, just like the twelve men who were sent to spy out the land; God has sent people today to spy out our promised land, so-to-speak.  What I mean by this is that I am one of those persons who has experienced and witnessed the Kingdom of God within, our promised land.  And so I want to give a good report to all who will have an ear to hear, so to give a hope and an expectation of how good and wonderful this land truly is.

I admit that when I first yielded to God and gave myself completely over to Him, He gave me revelations that most Christians don’t have, even after years of being a Christian.  This is not at all because I’m special, for God is no respecter of persons.  Yet, this is because of my deep hunger for Him and His righteousness. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirsts for righteousness, for they shall be filled” (Matt. 5:6)  Consequently, because of this deep hunger of mine, when I was still a newly born babe in Christ, maybe only a few months old, God allowed me to enter into and experience the Kingdom of God within, or spy out the promised land so-to-speak.  I will try my best to explain what I experienced, but please understand that with my best description, it still will not do it justice because it is so far more wonderful than what our natural minds can perceive.

I will start by saying that it happened at my church one Sunday morning back in 1993.  The church that I attended at that time was unlike any other church that I’ve been to since.  It was Spirit-filled and the pastor operated in the gift of prophecy.  But what made it so different from other Spirit-filled churches was that the Lord was speaking through our pastor about the Kingdom of God within and about the hard days of tribulation that are soon coming upon the earth.  Thus, many times our pastor would show up to church not even knowing what he was going to speak about that day.  However, after our praising and seeking God, He would download into our pastor revelations of what to teach us.  So in essence, the teachings were coming straight from the throne room of God.

Well, one Sunday morning we had a special guest come to speak to us and this man had wonderful insights and revelations about the Kingdom of God.  Today this man has already gone on to be with the Lord, but one can still purchase books written by him.  His name is Dr. Kelly Varner if you desire to buy any of his books.  So anyway, it was after Kelly Varner’s Sunday teaching when we were all standing, praying and praising God when I suddenly entered into the Kingdom of God within.  And what I experienced was so far beyond what any of us could possibly think or imagine.

Suddenly, I found my spirit and consciousness as one and in another realm, a spiritual realm, yet at the same time, my body was still in the natural realm.  This is really hard to explain, but I know what I experienced.  I also was made pure, holy, and righteous, so much so that words cannot express how wonderful it felt.  I was so clean, pure, incorruptible and without any spot or wrinkle of the sinful flesh.  It was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced.  I also suddenly had revelations of anything that I could think of.  The first revelation that came to me was that my sins were literally separated from me as far as the east is from the west.  And I was sinless, perfect, and wholly pure through and through with such holiness and righteousness even deep within my most inward parts.  Even now it thrills my heart to remember how glorious it felt, but still, my words cannot do justice in explaining it because it was so exhilarating beyond what we could imagine.  It wasn’t just a knowing that my sins were separated from me, it was a complete experience of it as though I had never been part of the fallen descendants of Adam and was still in my perfect spiritual state as when God first created man in His righteous and holy image.  The joy from this state of holiness was unspeakable.  There is NOTHING this world has to offer that can even come close to how it feels to be so pure.

Another thing I remember experiencing is that I no longer operated by my natural mind.  I fully operated by the mind of Christ and everything I wanted to know was by revelation, not by the logic of the natural mind.  This was so wonderful and I remember that with having the mind of Christ, everything was through faith and I didn’t have any kind of fear or doubt.  Fear and doubt were non-existent within me and everything I knew was by faith and love.  Even though I had knowledge of fear and doubt, it did not exist within me at all.  The best I can explain it is like it’s a horrible disease; I had knowledge that it existed and that it was very bad, but it did not exist within me.

Another one of the revelations that came to me was a revelation of faith.  When the scriptures describe faith as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, it means exactly that.  I had a revelation that faith is literally a substance.  However, even though it was made of an actual substance, this substance could not be seen or touched, yet it was more real than anything in this realm that can be seen or touched.  Also, I had the revelation that faith is so powerful that nothing in existence on the earth, beneath the earth, or in all the heavens and galaxies, has the power to overcome faith.  Faith has the power to overcome ALL things and nothing whatsoever can stand against it.  The comparison that was given to me in the revelation was like a huge elephant and a mouse.  A mouse can’t even come close to standing up against an elephant if the elephant were to step on it.  There is no comparison between the strength of a mouse and the strength of an elephant.  A mouse cannot overpower an elephant, however, a mouse can win out against an elephant if the elephant was fearful of the mouse.  Faith is much like this analogy.  NOTHING can overpower faith, however, fear can render faith powerless.  Howbeit, fear and doubt was not a concern of mine because I had the full mind of Christ and fear and doubt couldn’t even enter in….

Another revelation I had was of the Body of Christ.  This is hard to describe, but I remember that we were many members (people), yet at the same time, we were all one.  We each still had our individuality, but at the same time, we were completely one in both mind and spirit as though it was only one mind and spirit that we all shared.  Again, describing this in words doesn’t do it justice because it was such a wonderful revelation of the oneness that the Body of Christ will become.

I had other revelations, but I think they were mostly just for me.  However, I wish to share one of those other revelations because I think it may help others.

First, I must share that I have suffered greatly over many years of my life.  As a child, I was abused in so many horrible ways.   I’m sure that you all can imagine some of the abuses without me having to describe anything.  And as an adult, I’ve suffered much injustice, rejection, criticism, and other abuses.  However, during my time of experiencing the Kingdom of God within, I had the revelation that all the bad things that have happened to me over my life are for a purpose, and that purpose is to help others.  I know this to be true because, after all that I’ve been through, I have such a compassionate heart for others who also suffer.  And, I abhor abuse, injustice, and oppression in any of its forms.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but not only had I experienced the Kingdom of God within, but I had also experienced what the scriptures call the Highway of Holiness.  “There is a path which no fowl (anything unclean) knoweth, and which the vulture’s eye (lust of the flesh) had not seen: The lion’s whelps (demons) have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion (satan) passed by it” (Job 28:7-8)  “And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness.  The unclean will not journey on it; it will be for those who walk in that Way; wicked fools will not go about on it.  No lion will be there, nor with any ferocious beast get up on it; they will not be found there.  But only the redeemed will walk there. And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with singing, with everlasting joy on their heads.  They shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away” (Isaiah 35:8-9).

I had experienced the complete redemption that Christ paid for.  Words cannot express the joy and holiness that I felt. But then I knew that I was experiencing the fulfillment of the scriptures in Psalm 126: 1-3, “When the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dream.  Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing.  Then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”  The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad.  Bring back our captivity, Oh Lord, as the streams in the South”.  I had experienced God’s promise to fully redeem us from our captivity to sin, death, and the flesh.  And one thing that I remember so well about that experience was that as I was experiencing the reality of it, my full redemption had already happened.  I wasn’t receiving a revelation of what could happen, I was experiencing the reality of what did happen.  Christ had set me free from my captivity and I was fully redeemed.  The fact that I was literally experiencing full redemption and not just receiving a revelation of it tells me that it’s already done just as when Jesus said it is finished.  But I am responsible for implementing it into a reality through faith, patience, and obedience.  Therefore, I hold onto this in faith like Abraham as my personal promise from God.  And, like Abraham, I won’t be able to accomplish this in my own strength, it will be by the Spirit of God alone and not any might or power of mine.  But also like Abraham, for centuries the church has been trying to fulfill God’s promise of redemption and birth righteous and holy sons of God in its own strength, but it has only birthed Ishmaels instead.

So then, I’m not sure how long my experience was, but it was soon over and I was back in the natural realm as my usual corruptible self, still standing there in church.  I was so disappointed when everything went back to usual.  I felt like those who tell stories of going to heaven and experiencing its beauty and glory, then having to come back.  And I tell this story of what I experienced so people will know that the Kingdom of God within does exist and we can enter in while still on earth.  It is the same as when the twelve spies spied out the land and came back with a word of how wonderful the land of Canaan was.

However, out of the twelve spies, ten came back with a bad report of fear and doubt.  They saw themselves as grasshoppers compared to the inhabitants of the land and said that there was no way they could defeat them.  And unfortunately, the Israelites believed the bad report from the ten doubting spies instead of having faith like the other two spies, Joshua and Caleb.  And this brings me to my next experience that I feel the Lord wants me to share.

Because of the revelations I have received,  and because of my hunger for righteousness and the truth, God has protected me from much of the false teachers and doctrines that are out there.  My hunger for truth and righteousness has kept me from being deceived by many big and popular ministries of today.  I can remember when it had only been about a week after I gave my heart to the Lord when I saw a preacher come on television.  This preacher has one of the biggest ministries in the United States.  However, at the time I had never heard of this man before, nor did I know of his ministry.  I had come straight out of the world and wasn’t at all familiar with any of the modern-day ministries.

So, when I saw this preacher come on television, I stopped what I was doing so I could listen.  I was so hungry for righteousness and wanted to hear what this man had to say.   However, after listening to him for only about five or so minutes, I became disgusted and said to myself that this is not a man after God’s heart and he is only in ministry for the money.  Just so happens, this preacher was teaching the prosperity gospel, which I knew nothing about at the time, nor did I have any knowledge of any other doctrines.  I just knew that I was hungry for righteousness, but this man was teaching a gospel that caters to the lust of the flesh.  I won’t post this man’s name and I won’t say who he is if anyone messages me and asks, so please don’t.  I’ve learned that there is a reason why God allows ministries like this.  But if you’re one who has a love for the truth, your love for the truth will protect you from the false doctrines (2 The. 2:10).

Now, this story of that prosperity gospel preacher is not the other experience that I wish to share.  I’m telling this story to explain that this is why I have avoided churches for most of my Christian life.  The church that I attended when I experienced the Kingdom of God slowly disappeared after the pastor tried to lead the church by the flesh instead of allowing the Spirit of God to guide the ministry.  Unfortunately, this is the way it is with most ministries today.  They are being led by man and not by God, even many times when it’s a so-called Spirit-filled church.  And for this reason, I have avoided going to churches for most of my Christian life.  Howbeit, I know that there are still churches out there somewhere like the one I first attended, that are being led by God.  But there are very few of them.   And this is the point that brings me to the next experience that I wish to share.

After I moved from the Dallas area in 2012 and in with my brother in another Texas city, I started looking for a church that I could possibly attend since it was new territory.  I thought maybe there was a real church in my new city home that I might be able to find.  But I couldn’t find one to my liking.  Then, a couple of years afterward, certain circumstances caused me to be an acquaintance with a certain individual in my city.  She was having serious problems at the time and I would try to minister to her, however, she was adamant about finding a church to attend because she said that church structure had always been helpful for her in the past.  So, I prayed with her that God would find a good church for her to attend, and I said that I would go with her for a while for support until she got comfortable with her new church friends.

And so after looking online, I found a church where the pastor operated in the gift of prophecy and he also had a posting on his church’s website talking about how God revealed to him that troublesome days are coming to the U.S. and that his church would be a place of stability in a time of uncertainty.   Upon reading this post, I was intrigued that there was a minister in my own city that had this understanding of the hard days that are coming and I thought that if his church was going to be used by God during that time, I might want to be part of that church if I’m still here in this city when the hard times come.

So, I visited the church with my friend and the people there were very loving.  They embraced us both and soon after, my brother and I both joined the church, even though we informed others that it would only be temporary because we knew that God has other plans for us.

I really enjoyed the love and fellowship of the people there, however, I soon discovered a couple of facts about the church that surprised me.  First, I discovered that the church still holds to the doctrine of the pre-trib rapture.  I was surprised because it was a prophetic church and I assumed that if they were operating in gifts of prophecy, then they were also walking in revelation.  I was surprised to learn that they had not yet received a revelation of God’s purpose for the Church in these last days, which is NOT a pre-trib rapture.  But, I didn’t let this stop me from fellowshipping with the people because they were so loving.

Another thing I learned that surprised me was that the church also didn’t have an understanding of seeking to enter the Kingdom of God while still on earth.  Not only that, I was even opposed by those whom I tried to enlighten about overcoming the flesh and becoming holy as we are commanded in God’s written word to be holy because He is holy (1 Peter 1:”16).  I was told by the church members that we will never overcome the flesh until we die and go to heaven, which is the most common belief among Christians today.  I even gave scriptures to support what I was saying, but I was then told that I’m offending members of the church because I was trying to teach meat to babes.  This surprised me because we are commanded to seek first the Kingdom of God and to be holy as he is holy.  So I was surprised by the resistance I got from the members of the church when I tried to teach this.  Consequently, the members of this church happen to be a big fan of the prosperity preacher whom I was turned off by in my first week as a newborn in Christ.  This should have been a big enough red flag for me, but I had already grown fond of the church members and loved them dearly.

I felt like Joshua and Caleb after they witnessed the glorious promised land, but were in the wilderness with all the other Israelites who believed that they could never overcome the giants of Canaan (our sinful flesh).  I knew what I had experienced was real and nobody could take that away from me.  I shared my experience with members of the church, but not once did any one of them ever even pretend to believe me or be interested.  They wouldn’t even comment on it.  Most times they would just stare at me like I had said something foreign to them in a language they couldn’t understand.

Anyways, I didn’t let that bother me and just continued to enjoy the fellowship that I did have with them.  And it wasn’t long until the pastor and other leaders saw my desire to serve and so I was asked to help out with responsibilities around the church.   In response, I helped out wherever I could and enjoyed most of it.  But mostly, I just enjoyed the fellowship.

However, after about a year of this, I then sensed in my spirit that something was horribly wrong.  I sought the Lord about it but didn’t get an answer right away.  So I asked my dear friend and pastor (who lives in a different city than mine) to inquire to the Lord on my behalf as to why I sensed that something was seriously wrong.  And in response, he gave me a prophetic word from the Lord explaining to me that I had become busy like Martha at the church I was attending and thus gotten out of my resting in the Lord, and that’s why I couldn’t get a response.  The Lord wanted me back resting in Him so He could reveal to my spirit what was wrong that I was sensing.

So, after this, I told leaders of the church that I needed to cut out some of the serving so I could get back into resting in God.  And then, I literally took a break from it all and went on a weekend camping trip with my brother.  I decided to go camping because it’s a good way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy God’s creation.  Also, it’s a good way to enjoy a small vacation without the need to spend money.  But I guess the biggest reason was that my brother really enjoys camping….

So anyway, where we were camping there was a small lake and we decided to use some swimming tubes to float on out on the lake.  I was on my tube and just enjoying the sun when I noticed that I had floated pretty far out away from the shore.  There must have been enough wind to cause a lake current and it was carrying me away from shore.  I looked for my brother and noticed that he was already on his way back to shore, so I was out there by myself.

Anyway, I began using my arms to kind of swim backward to shore while I was still inside my floating tube.  However, after so many minutes of this, I stopped to check out how close I was to shore, and to my surprise, I had been taken farther away from shore by the current.  So I turned my tube around and tried to lean forward and swim with my arms with more force.   But when I leaned forward, my tube flipped over and I was then completely in the water.  I wasn’t worried though because I know how to swim.

So then, I had my tube under one arm as I was using my other arm to swim with as well as kicking with my legs.  However, again I wasn’t getting any closer to shore.  And by this time I was getting really tired.  But I kept trying to swim to shore.  However, I wasn’t getting any closer to shore and even went under water a couple of times.  Now I was getting worried.  I called to my brother to come out and help me, but he was so tired after fighting against the current to get himself to shore that he couldn’t swim that far out into the lake to help me.  So I continued to try to swim as I was asking God for help.

Now I was getting frantic because I was too tired to keep holding onto the tube and try to swim back.  And, I wasn’t able to get back onto the tube.  Every time I tried, it would flip over on me.  So then I began yelling frantically at my brother telling him that this was serious and I really needed help.  That’s when my brother yelled back and told me to just let go of my tube and float on my back and then backstroke back to shore.  So I let go of the tube and floated on my back and was able to backstroke slowly back to shore.  And by the time I made it back, I was so exhausted in addition to the surreal reality that I had almost drowned.  This experience hit me pretty hard and I immediately knew in my spirit that there was something prophetic about the experience because God speaks to me many times through circumstances and I just knew that this experience had a lesson to it.

So that evening at camp while I was reading scripture and meditating, the Lord dropped into my spirit what the lesson was to be learned by my near drowning experience.  My membership at that church was like my floating on the lake.  I didn’t see any danger in it, but before I knew it and without me noticing, I was so far away from shore (solid ground) that I almost didn’t make it back.  The Lord was revealing to me that even though I was enjoying the fellowship at this church, I was slowly getting away from foundational truths without noticing and if I continued, I may not make it back.  This shook me to my core because I don’t want to lose out on my destiny.

This is not to say that the church members were bad people, but they are not of the same faith as me and don’t have the same desire as I do for our high calling in Christ Jesus.   And because of my fellowship with them at their church, I was on their spiritual ship so-to-speak that is not steering toward this high calling.  And if I did not get off their ship (their church) immediately, it may be too late for me later down the road.  Consequently, after this lesson, I never went back to the church.

Needless to say, leaving the church was a painful thing to do because of my love for the people.  And it was painful for them as well.  But after explaining to them that God just has another destiny for me and I’m coming out of man’s church, then as churchgoers always do, they began quoting to me that we are commanded to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Heb. 10:25).  However, also like most churchgoers who quote this scripture, they are taking it out of context and so I wish to share what God revealed to me about this scripture and about going to churches of man.

However, what I have to say may be quite lengthy so I will share it in part two of this posting.  In the meantime, I want to make it clear that I’m not at all telling people to leave their church.  I know that there are churches out there that are submitted to God’s spirit.  However, if you have felt in your spirit that God want’s you to leave your church, don’t listen to the guilt from others or the enemy who quote that scripture to you that we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.  You may be surprised after I share in part two the things God has revealed to me about joining ourselves with other Christians who He has not joined us to.


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Don’t Shut Yourself Off From The Kingdom Of God.

Dear Saints,

I have a word from the Father to the Body of Christ, though I wish to expound a little on it first.

As you all know, we are in the last of the last days which scripture references as the day of God’s power when many of God’s people will be purified and walk in holiness and righteousness unto the Lord.

Psalm 110:3 Your people offer themselves willingly in the day of your power, in holy array. Out of the womb of the morning, you have the dew of your youth. (WEB)

Daniel 12:10 Many shall purify themselves, and make themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but those who are wise shall understand. (WEB)

Malachi 3:1-3 Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple (we are His temple), even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts. But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness. (KJV)

So then, we know that in these last days the Lord is going to do a mighty work in those who are willing to live a life of the cross and allow themselves to be purged and purified by Him.  And, He is going to raise up His true church (house) that will be built by His Spirit alone, and not by man. 

Psalm 127:1  Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: (KJV)

So then, in these last days we will witness the greatest move of God that will raise up many unto the fullness of Christ, our hope of glory.  And His kingdom will shine through many for the world to witness.  However, as church history has taught us, whenever there’s a new move of God, many will reject the move and call it “not of God” because it goes against what is considered normal Christianity at the time.

Therefore, our loving Father has given us this word of exhortation in hopes that we won’t reject this next great move, and thus, miss out on the greatest opportunity of mankind – to become one with God in the fullness of Christ and His kingdom.

Please take this word to heart…


Word from the Father:

My people, listen to your heavenly Father this day.  I want you all to know that you have entered the most exciting times the earth has ever experienced.  This is the day of My power and the season for My kingdom to be manifested in the earth.

However, I have this to say.  Many of you are shutting yourselves off from entering into My kingdom.  My children, I do not want you to miss out on your greatest opportunity and your eternal glory and inheritance.

I must warn you that for too long the Church has shut off the things of My kingdom and prevented many from entering in, all the while believing that they are teaching My people to enter in.  I tell you, the redemption purchased by My Son is not merely your entrance into heaven when you die.  It is so much more than that.

Does My written word not tell you that the kingdom of God is within you?  Did My Son not give you many parables about the kingdom within that is not seen outwardly by observation?  So then, the kingdom is not a place that you must wait to see when you die and get to heaven.  No, My children, the kingdom is within you all.  And it is My desire for you to enter in and experience My kingdom while still on earth, and to manifest it to the world and all those around you and in your sphere of influence.

So then, you MUST lay down your preconceived and religious ideas about My kingdom. I say this because many of My people have mindsets that hinder and block revelations of My light and My truths regarding the kingdom.  These are the dangers of man’s religion.  Did My Son not rebuke the religious teachers of old for shutting up the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces and for not allowing those who were about to go in, to do so?  I tell you, it is the same today.  Many of your religious leaders teach falsehoods and mindsets that block many from entering into My kingdom within.

Therefore, I come to you today with open arms of love and ask you to lay down all your preconceived notions and ideas of what you believe My kingdom to be.  And allow My Spirit to indwell your spirit and bring you fresh revelation.

My Spirit is all truth and light.  And if you will allow it, He will illuminate your minds and spirits with hidden mysteries regarding My kingdom.(Matt. 13:11).  But this is up to you. I have given you each a will and I will not override that will.  Therefore, you must be willing to accept the light and truth that I would have you to receive.  However, it is your mindsets that block this light from entering in.  For too long My people have rejected revelational truths when it does not align with their own understandings and beliefs.

These are the end-times in which you live.  And much of My word and mysteries of My kingdom which has been sealed up for this time shall be unsealed and revealed (Dan. 12:4).  However, it will do you no good if you cannot accept it.  You MUST learn to lay down your way of thinking that is contrary to My truth.

Study the days when My Son walked the earth.  Many were waiting for their Messiah to come and set up His kingdom.  Yet, when He came, they did not receive Him and His teachings.  This is in part because He brought a new understanding of the Messiah and His kingdom in which many could not receive because it was contrary to what they believed.  Do you really think that it is different this time around?  I tell you, those stories of old are there for your admonishment so that you do not make the same mistakes.

Oh, how I love you all with an everlasting love.  And it is My greatest desire to give you My kingdom. But I warn you, many will not enter in simply because of their unbelief. Many cannot receive My truth when it goes against their religious beliefs.  This is a horrible fact.  Therefore, I come to you this day in hopes of enlightening your minds to accept My truth and light.  For I tell you, much of what has been sealed up for generations shall be revealed in these last days. (Dan. 12:4).  But you must be able to receive it.  These are not new truths as many would falsely proclaim so to reject it as heresy, but instead, it is fresh revelations from what has been sealed up for such a time as this.  Even the prophets of old looked into these end-times and desired what they saw.  Yet, it was not appointed for their time, but for yours instead.

Therefore, I exhort you, don’t forfeit your inheritance.  These are the days in which Christ’s redemption will have its complete work.  And many shall come to the full image, stature, and life of Christ within themselves. And in this, My kingdom shall be manifested in the earth and many shall come to this light and be saved from the wrath to come.

So then, I don’t want you to miss out on your inheritance.  That is why I come to you with this exhortation.  It is because of My great love for you that I must correct your way of thinking.  For My ways are so much higher than yours.

Have you not read in My written word that man’s eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor mind imagined, the things that God has prepared for those who love Him; but God has revealed them to us by His Spirit? (Isaiah 64:4, 1 Cor. 2:9)   So you see, I must reveal these things to you by My Spirit. But many of your religious teachers have taught you about My kingdom through their natural understanding which cannot receive the things of My Spirit.

My kingdom within you is so much more than what many of you believe.  For many of you believe that when you accepted My Son into your heart as your savior, that is when you entered into the kingdom. This is not true, My children.  In fact, it is the opposite. The kingdom entered into you in seed form, but it must grow within you for you to fully enter in.  And this takes time and sacrificial obedience on your part in cooperation with My Spirit.

Study your scriptures regarding the Israelites entering into their promised land, which represents the kingdom.  They did not immediately go into their promised land after leaving Egypt. They had to endure and be taught in the wilderness first and accept My laws and learn to trust and obey Me, and to drink from the rock, which represents Christ.  Yet, even so, an entire generation could not enter into the promised land because of their unbelief.  Do not make the same mistake.

Oh, My dearest ones.  I love you all with an eternal love that you cannot fully grasp with your limited minds.  My love for you so far outweighs all your thoughts or understandings of what My love is.  Yet, I am able to pour measures of My love into you, and I so much desire to do this.

However, even My love is hindered in some ways by many of you because of your own false beliefs about yourselves and My relationship with you.  Many of you cannot accept Me as a loving father because of your own mindsets about fathers.  Others of you cannot accept the truth that I could love you so deeply with all your faults and failures. I tell you, I do not want it to be like this.

Although, ultimately, it is always up to you in how far and deep you each enter into My love and My kingdom.  But know this also, these are the days of unprecedented grace. If you can receive this; I am pouring out unprecedented measures of My grace in these last days that will allow many to overcome difficult areas of the flesh including mindsets blocking their entrance into My kingdom.  Howbeit, it is still up to you if you will hold onto your mindsets and reject My truths, or if you will lay them down and receive My light and My love for you.

I tell you; you have the greatest opportunities in these last days that many throughout time could only desire.  Yet, it will always be up to you to receive all that I have for you. It is up to you if you would choose to hold onto your old wine-skins or to lay them down and receive new ones. I tell you, choose wisely and it will go well with you…..


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Love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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“Embrace My Grace In This Hour”

Dear Saints,

I have a deep word from the Father to share with you all.  This word was given through my dear pastor and friend and it convicted me deeply, then gave me hope.

I want to share with you all what this word did for me in hopes that others will also be open to receive it in such an impactful way.

As many of you already know much about my personal journey, I have been waiting a long time for the Lord to bless the business that He called me to.  I’ve been faithful to the business work He called me to, yet I don’t have any clients and haven’t for quite some time.  Also, while I’m waiting for Him to give me clients for this business, He has me completely relying on donations through this blog for my financial support.  And that has been hard because I’m so used to supporting myself, and I enjoy working.  But He want’s to teach me to trust Him alone for provision, and not my ability to make money, which has been very hard for me at times.

To be honest, it has been a sacrifice for me to continue relying on donations instead of getting out into the workforce and providing for myself.   Back when I was working with another business I once had that was successful, I was making very good money.  But now, I live a very modest life and barely get by financially each month.  This has been so hard for me because I still desire to provide for myself and make good money like I once did.  It’s not that I’m greedy for gain, I just enjoy working as a businessman and it’s humbling to have to rely on others for financial support.

Therefore, I have to confess that at times I get off the altar of sacrifice and get anxious for God to bless my business with a client as He has promised me.  I admit that instead of just resting and waiting on His timing and for His will to come to pass regarding what I’m supposed to be doing, I sometimes have my own expectations of what I feel God should be doing for me, i.e. give me a client so I can start making money again.

And it just so happens that recently I went through one of my episodes where I got off the altar of sacrificing my will and started dwelling on my expectations of what I think God should be doing.  Hence, I got anxious for Him to move on my behalf and give me a client.  And this caused frustration and doubt.

However, the very next day my dear friend and pastor sent me this word from the Father regarding this exact scenario, and it convicted me deeply.  So, I repented and once again gave my will completely over to Him.  I choose to rest in Him and allow Him to do the work in Me that He needs to do so that He CAN fulfill His promises to me.  And I will wait for His perfect timing to move on my behalf regarding the business He called me to.

I hope my confession helps others see areas where their will might not be surrendered so they can also benefit from this loving word from our Father…….


Word from the Father:

Hear Me My people, as I come to you in a Father’s love. My heart has been touched by many of you who feel helpless in this last hour…I know your thoughts…I know the things that you wrestle with. I will not leave you comfortless, I now come to help you. For I help you in many ways, but at times, you even overlook the ways that I try to help you. You all know that My word declares that My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness. I said this for your benefit so that you could be set free from the things that hold you down…I said this so that you could stand strong in Me. I need you to hear Me, you must let My grace do what it was designed to do….not what you want it to do.

For many are struggling because they fail to allow My grace to do the work I desire in them…but many want my grace to do as they please. My people, My grace is made perfect in weakness, but many cannot see the reality of what I am speaking of…for many will say they think they are weak, but in reality have a very strong will. They may not even realize this, but if My people would truly examine themselves, they will know the truth regarding this & the truth will set them free. For many look to me as their “sugar daddy”, for what they want me to give them or what they want Me to do for them, but the truth is, that when I look at them, I am waiting on them…for what I desire for them to give  Me or do for me.

For I am wanting to prepare My people for this last day, so I can use them for My glory…I see a multitude of those who have great potential & My wisdom has mapped out what these are to do…but My people must respond to My heart & My will for them, if they are ever to do this. For many just look to the sky, expecting Me to drop things down from Heaven for them, not realizing that they have got to change. I cannot pour out My plans, desires & will upon a people who will steadfastly deny My will…for their heart is still far from Me. This may come as a shock to many, but it is the truth, nontheless. For as long as My people will continue to walk in their strong will, they will miss out on what is for them.

Oh, My beloved ones…how long will you hold on to your own will & own ways? For many see themselves as being obedient & pleasing to Me, but in reality they are only obedient or pleasing to Me in the things that they have decided to in their own hearts. I need My people to embrace My grace in this hour…truly embrace it, in the way that I have said…for you cannot make one hair white or black…only I can change things for you & as long as you continue walking in your own ways, thinking that I am going to give you or do something for you when it is not the time, you will not see those things come. I need you to let go of your will & surrender it fully unto Me, for only then can My grace work a work in you.

Never forget that I know your hearts better then you know them yourselves…I see things as they really are. I see past the self made deceptions & false faith, where you see yourselves walking in My will, when in reality you are only walking in small measures. Yes, you submit many areas of your lives unto Me & many times these are areas that I am not even concerned about…but you neglect to surrender the ones that really matter to Me…the ones that keep you from entering into the things that I have prepared for you. Look at those of old, who I promised many great things…take Joseph as he was in prison…he wasn’t worried about or fretting over when I would fulfill what I showed him in his dreams.

No, he humbly continued doing what he could do there in the prison & when it was time, I took him out of his prison & set him down at the right hand of Pharaoh. Look at Moses, who knew I would use him to deliver Israel…he was a shepherd for 40 years…he didn’t spend those years grumbling about when I would do this. No, he humbled his will unto Me & just continued with what he had to do & when it was time, I took him to that Pharaoh & used him mightily to deliver My people through the 10 plagues & through the Red Sea. I need My people to see that things happen in My timing…not yours. I know many will say that they believe this, but they would show the truth in their lives if this is really true.

Re-read Heb. 11 & see what real faith will do! Are you willing to trust Me to do what I have promised, even if you end up dying, having not received the promise? Remember the great cloud of witnesses that are looking at your faith & compare your faith to theirs, then lay aside every weight & the sin which does so easily beset you & instead run with patience the race that is set before you. If you truly trust Me, you will do this, trusting Me with your lives. Am I truly your Potter & you are My clay? Then you will release your expectations unto Me & instead seek Me for Me. Please don’t continually seek Me for what I can do for you…instead just seek Me for Me…just come & rest in Me & let Me love on you.

For if you would truly set your life on doing this, you wouldn’t be fretting & struggling the way that you do…for in My presence is fullness of joy…at My right hand are pleasures forevermore. If you are honest about you heart, this would show you the way things truly are…for if you were as close to Me as you say, you wouldn’t be struggling…you would be resting in Me, only caring about being with Me & nothing else would matter. My people, I need you to truthfully look within your hearts…I need you to know that I love you with an everlasting love. I desire to do great things in your lives, but you must come to yourselves, see as I see & humbly do as I say…then you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

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Much love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.


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Lay down the conspiracies of men.

Word from the Father:

My people, give ear and listen to your heavenly Father this day.  I have much to say to you in this last hour, so take to heart what I would say to you this day.

My people, why do so many of you still involve yourself in the affairs of this earthly world?  Have I not said in my word to come out of the world and do not touch what is unclean and I will receive you?  Have I not declared that a good soldier does not entangle himself with the affairs of this world?  Have I not warned you that friendship with the world is to be at enmity with Me?  Then why do so many of you fret yourself over the affairs of the governments of this world?

I declare unto you, it is I who sets up governments and kingdoms and allows whomsoever I will to rule over the lands and people.  Do not think that I cannot see what goes on behind closed doors within your governments and their secret societies.  For surely nothing escapes Me.

But I would have you to know this. You are in the last of the last days and much of My written word shall come to pass.  But know this also; for the most part, what your prophets and teachers have declared shall come to pass in the last days is all wrong. Have I not said in My word that the natural mind of man cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit?  So then, it would suffice to say that most of your prophets and teachers have interpreted the scriptures with their natural understanding, which makes them wrong…

My little ones, do not think that I have allowed man to dictate what I shall do in these last days.  Also, do not think that I am not in control over your governments, even when they are evil.  For all governments and powers of man are tools in My hand to bring about My purpose in the earth.

Therefore, listen to Me this day when I say to you to lay down your constant thoughts and worries over the rumors of conspiracies that go on behind closed doors.  For as I have commanded in My word, you are not to take part with those who seek out conspiracies, neither fear or dread what these people fear and dread. Yet fear My name instead. For I shall be your refuge and safety in times of trouble. (Isaiah 8:11-15)

My little children, I come to you with these instructions because the enemy of your soul is working in the hearts and minds of many to rebel against their government.  I tell you, this is not of My Spirit.  However, I will allow the rebellions when they come and use them to purge My church from those whose hearts are not wholly submitted unto me, and many shall lose their lives in the rebellions. For I have commanded in My word for you to take up your cross and do not render evil for evil, and the weapons of your warfare shall not be of the flesh.  Yet, many will falsely believe that I am behind them to fight in the flesh when their rights are threatened.

Have I not warned of wars and rumors of wars that shall come in the last days.  I tell you, those wars shall also include insurrections against governments. But know this, My Spirit shall not be with those who fight against their own government because it is I who has given the governments their power over man and it is only I who has the authority to overthrow any government or earthly power.

I do not want you deceived any longer. The enemy of your soul would have you caught up in the affairs of this fallen world.  Don’t fall for his schemes, yet follow My Son in all that He leads you to do.  For there is much work that needs to be done for My kingdom. For I tell you, in these last days I shall raise up My house made of righteous and pure lively stones.  And this house shall be the true church with the name of their God written upon their foreheads for all the world to witness the difference between those who are truly Mine and those who merely claim to be Mine.  For My church shall be a holy and righteous church.  And My people shall be a people who dwell in a kingdom not of this world.  And My kingdom shall be a light in a world of gross darkness for all to witness the true inheritance of the saints of God.  And many shall come to this light and be saved from My coming wrath that shall fall upon all unrighteousness.

My children, I must inform you that most of what Christendom has taught about the end of days is all a lie.  I shall not take a backsliding, lukewarm and sinful people out of the earth in a secret rapture as it is widely taught in the churches of man.  For My church shall be holy as I am holy and spotless from sin and without any blemish of the sinful flesh of man.  It is mere foolishness to think that My Son, who is holy, shall unite Himself and become one with the fleshly nature of man.  This is just pure foolishness.

My little ones, come unto Me and I will reveal My truths to you.  My Spirit shall give you revelations of My written word and reveal to you truths that have been hidden from those who so arrogantly, and yet falsely, believe that they hold the truths of My word. For I tell you, NO FLESH SHALL GLORY IN MY PRESENCE…  And therefore, I shall lay waste to the foolishness of man who thinks he can interpret my word with His fallen natural mind of the flesh.

Now here Me. I have much to show many of you and there is much work to be done.  Therefore, lay down your conspiracies of men and rid yourself of all entanglements of this world and give your hearts wholly unto Me.  For I have need of many of you so you may prepare, and help others to prepare, for the perfecting of the saints which I shall fulfill in these last days.

Oh, I know that many of you are concerned about when the governments and powers will turn on My people and where you shall hide.  But know this, I have all things under My control.  Therefore, it is not for you to worry, yet to trust Me and do as I say.  I shall provide safe havens for those whom I shall protect.  Yet, know this also, not all those who say they are Mine shall be protected by Me.  Therefore, do not invite just anyone who claims to be of Me into your fellowship.  Yet, be led by My Spirit to discern those in whom I will join unto you.  For My house shall be built by My Spirit alone.  And as you learn to be led by My Spirit in all things, I shall use you to build My house in these last days.  And My kingdom shall outshine the gross darkness that shall cover the earth…

Therefore, fret no longer over the conspiracies of man and what governments are doing behind closed doors.  Even when you witness my hand cleansing the evil in governments, do not rejoice when you see one fall, yet rejoice in the fact that righteousness has prevailed.

I love you all with an everlasting love and there is much to do in these last days regarding the establishment of My kingdom.  Therefore, I desire for you all to untangle yourselves from this world and focus on My Son and what the Spirit is saying to you. Glorious days are ahead for all who would give their whole hearts unto Me and My kingdom.  I do not desire for any of you to miss out on this.  Therefore, heed what I have said to you this day and it shall be well with you….


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Come unto Me and drink. (Part 2)

Word of God given through my dear pastor and friend:


Hear Me, My people as I come to you with My living words of love! For it is My greatest desire that you walk with Me & become as I am. For truly, as I speak to you as a Father, you can receive what I pour out to you this day & be changed for My glory. For even as I have already shared with you, the power of My river of living water which flows from My throne, even so, I desire to help you to walk in this. And now hear as I open these truths up to you in a greater way, for I know that some may struggle with My words of love, not knowing what they need to do to walk in them. So, hear Me as I tell you greater things…for as you will receive them, they will enable you to increase in who I am within you.

The biggest hurdle that My people struggle with in walking with Me, is dealing with things in the heart. For, to most, their heart has a veil over it, which keeps them from truly receiving what I say…this veil keeps them from My glory from manifesting within their mortal bodies. For over all the ages, My servants struggled with things of the flesh, but as they yielded their lives unto Me, I used them in spite of their flesh. For there is none righteous…no not one…that is why I sent My Son to be born of a virgin & die, so He could make it possible for My servants to walk a better way. For even Moses, when he walked in a measure of My glory, had a veil on his face, so that man would not see when it faded away.

As My word says, “but you, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord”. In other words, when My people will behold My glory with nothing before their face, they will be changed into the same image, by My Spirit. The problem is, that so many of My people fail to do this as they walk with Me. There are many different things that keep them from doing this, though they truly desire to be one with Me. For there are many fears that affect them…many conflicts of self image…things of rejection due to things that happened to them in the past…all of these things have kept My people veiled from My glory.

I have touched so many with My Spirit & My presence over time, but still the issues continue & keeps them from what I desire in them. When I spoke to the woman at the well, I said “whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life”. What is a well? A well is where people go to get water. Wells are dug down to where the water is. So, where does this water come from? This water is the underground RIVERS that exist throughout all the earth. So, in the Spirit, when My people will tap into My river, My river will change them & they will become vessels for Me to use throughout all the earth.

Remember what I said…”if any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believes on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”. Herein lies the problem…for MANY do thirst, but few will truly come to Me & drink! This is why so many of My people struggle with things in their lives…because they respond to their thirst with things that are of this world, not realizing that the only way to satisfy that thirst, is to come unto Me & drink! So many of My people truly desire to be used of Me & I desire to use them too. What I need My people to understand is that it is up to them…they have to come unto Me & drink before I can make them vessels to be used greatly of Me.

It is My desire that My river flow throughout the earth, touching people with My love…I want My people to shine as lights in a dark place. For then, My river will be extended to others…for as you will come unto Me & drink, out of your bellies will flow RIVERS of Living Water. My water brings healing where ever it goes…My water brings change. Look at the world as it is…it is dead & dying…there really is not very much of My water being manifested in the earth…but only a few small wells, here & there. I desire each of My people to be powerhouses of My glory, tearing down the devil’s kingdom & manifesting My Kingdom in all the earth. Isn’t that what I commanded in my word for My people to pray?

For I said, pray “your Kingdom come, your will be done in earth, as it is in heaven”. That means Me using YOU to fulfill My will in the earth. Many truly desire to do this but feel helpless in being vessels of My glory. You are now entering into a season where you will be able to breakthrough into the realm I desire you to be if you will only seek My face. As you will persevere to go further than just “feeling the warmth of My presence” & push yourselves further, you will see. For truly what you know about feeling My presence is only the very edge of the glory that awaits inside…in My secret place…in that place where no one can keep you from walking fully with Me, for I will be with you, as never before.

Come before Me, My people & know that I love you with an everlasting love…come unto Me & drink! The reason few of My people are not drinking of Me is because they are not seeking the right things to satisfy their thirst. A man dying of thirst in the desert is not going to be looking for anything but water! Think of the human drive…the desire to live, being in that situation! For My people must develop a desperation as that man. For as you will begin to seek Me, like the woman with the issue of blood, I will show you what it means to walk in high places with Me. Hear Me, My people & know My ways…for if you will set yourselves to do as I have said today, you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

End of word..

These last two words are very powerful.  I’m so excited for what God is doing and showing us in these last days.  I pray that you all allow this word to penetrate your hearts, and as He says, develop a desperation for His living waters.  I for one readily admit that I am so hungry for change and victory over my flesh. I thirst for His righteousness and this word gives me great hope…

I’m so blessed by this word to the Body of Christ from my dear friend, Pastor Mark and I hope that you all are blessed by it as well.

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Much love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.


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Come unto Me and drink.

Dear Saints,

We have truly entered the most exciting days of the end-times.  Yes, there will be troublesome times like never before, but for the remnant who have given their hearts to God, these last days will also be our most exciting days.  In these last days, much of scripture will be fulfilled.  Therefore, we will witness Psalms 126:1-6 come to pass in our lives as we are set completely free from the captivity of our flesh and the world as we are conformed to the image of Christ…….. When the LORD reversed our captivity in Zion, we were like those who dream.  Then our mouths were filled with laughter, and our tongues with singing; then it was said among the heathen, “The LORD has done great things for them.”  The LORD has done great things for us; for which we are glad.  Reverse our captivity, O LORD, as the streams in the south.  They who sow in tears, shall reap in joy.  He who goes forth and weeps, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”

On this note, I have a VERY exciting word for the Body of Christ given through my dear friend and pastor.  Please don’t allow any doubt to keep you from receiving this powerful word.  We are in the days when God will build His house out of us, the lively stones.  Thus, His Spirit will be doing work within us which we have never experienced before.  This is so awesome….

I pray that this word blesses you all as much as it blessed me.


Word from the Lord:

"Hear Me, My people, as I come before you with living words! For I come 
to you with a Father's love, that you may know the time in which you 
live & be able to walk with Me as never before, for too many, these times 
are very difficult because of the winds of change that exist all over 
the world. Know that I love you with an everlasting love...the words I 
bring today will encourage you as you have never been encouraged before. 
For this I say to help you that you may understand from deep within your 
hearts & respond to Me in a way that will enact change within you that 
you thought you could never achieve. For this is the time to hear Me & 
to receive My words deep within, so that I can change you to be like Me.

Now listen as I share with you the words that will catapult you into 
your destinies...for as you will truly receive what I am sharing with 
you today, you will see yourselves walk in a victory unparalleled in 
your lives as you break free from old you break away from 
old paradigms & enter fully into what I am revealing to you this day. 
For My word tells you that there is a pure river of water of life, clear 
as crystal, that proceeds out of the throne of God and of the 
Lamb...this river is ever flowing & unceasing...this river is 
continually flowing for your benefit! For, as you will come unto Me & 
truly drink of this river, you will be changed, you will be 
revitalized... & you will never, ever be the same again.

Over the years many have eluded to this river, as many churches have 
talked about it...many churches have sung about it...but very few have 
truly understood this river & implemented its benefits to the extent & 
purpose that I ordained for you. For My river is a river of 
life...whatever My river touches, life is manifested...wherever My 
river flows, lives will truly be changed. What has been revealed in 
times past about My river, has not been realized, but was for that time, 
a token of what My river really represented. For too many, My river as it 
was shown in the midst of the churches, was represented as a Holy Ghost 
party...but now in this time I reveal the truth of My river, so that My 
people will SEE.

For from My river flows a water of life...there is truly LIFE in the 
river that comes from My Throne! And this life I speak of will not just 
make people "party"...but as My people will truly receive it, My river 
will make them changed...from who they were, into who I have called & 
ordained them to be...the same image, as Christ. For My river flows with 
water that is clear as is a PURE river. Who ever My river 
truly touches will be made pure! This is the difference...for I did not 
release the river movement of yester-year & that "was it", what 
came forth at that time, was only a prelude of what was to come...for I 
gave Me people a small glimpse of what My river would come to do within 
you all.

For as My people will truly begin to receive My river within themselves, 
they will know what it means to stay connected to Me...for My river 
continually proceeds out of My Throne...for they will be as trees 
planted by the rivers of water...their roots will grow deep within My 
river & they will bring forth their fruit in their season & their leaves 
also shall not wither & whatsoever they do shall prosper...this is the 
difference in what was before & what shall now begin to come. For as My 
people will respond unto Me, seeking My face & coming unto Me to drink, 
they will begin to see their lives change in ways they never thought 
possible...for what they once wrestled with, will be gone & will wrestle 
no more.

For as My people will grow their roots deep within My river, they will 
be nourished & hydrated unlike anything they have ever known. Do men 
take green wood to burn in a fire? No, because the wood is full of water 
& will not burn! Even so, My people, as you will plant yourselves at My 
river & grow your roots deep, you will be SO hydrated that the fiery 
darts of the evil one will not be able to affect you & My people will 
laugh as they see in themselves the very thing that happened to 
Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego...for the fire had no power, nor was a hair 
of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of 
fire had passed on them. This is for you, My people...can you hear Me

For My people have no idea of what awaits them as they will let go of 
the way they perceived things to be & allow Me to take them deep within 
My river. This is the time for My people to arise & shine as lights in a 
dark place...for as you will drink of My river, you will literally be 
filling your lamps with the oil you need to take My love to this lost & 
dying world. You will have the water of life & many will come to you & 
drink of Me, as you show them what being a Christian is really about. 
Let me remind you ARE the light of the world...the world is 
the way it is today, because the church has not been showing them the 
truth...truth must be lived from the heart & people of the world mostly 
only see a mixture.

The river that My people have drank from in times past has mainly been 
compromised with hypocrisy, self will, & a lack of true repentance...for 
only as My people will truly surrender their lives unto Me, will I be 
able to work in them the way I desire. So, come unto My river & drink, 
My people...for time is truly short! I will use each one of you that 
will truly lay your lives before Me & drink the water that I will give 
them...but I cannot make any do this...the choice is always yours. I 
love you, My people & want you to see & to know the joy that awaits you, 
as you will let go of the past & cleave to what I am doing in these last 
days. Respond to Me, as I have thus said & you will not be disappointed, 
says the Lord".

End of Word.

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Blessings to you all...

Your brother in Christ,
Kevin B.

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