“Embrace My Grace In This Hour”

Dear Saints,

I have a deep word from the Father to share with you all.  This word was given through my dear pastor and friend and it convicted me deeply, then gave me hope.

I want to share with you all what this word did for me in hopes that others will also be open to receive it in such an impactful way.

As many of you already know much about my personal journey, I have been waiting a long time for the Lord to bless the business that He called me to.  I’ve been faithful to the business work He called me to, yet I don’t have any clients and haven’t for quite some time.  Also, while I’m waiting for Him to give me clients for this business, He has me completely relying on donations through this blog for my financial support.  And that has been hard because I’m so used to supporting myself, and I enjoy working.  But He want’s to teach me to trust Him alone for provision, and not my ability to make money, which has been very hard for me at times.

To be honest, it has been a sacrifice for me to continue relying on donations instead of getting out into the workforce and providing for myself.   Back when I was working with another business I once had that was successful, I was making very good money.  But now, I live a very modest life and barely get by financially each month.  This has been so hard for me because I still desire to provide for myself and make good money like I once did.  It’s not that I’m greedy for gain, I just enjoy working as a businessman and it’s humbling to have to rely on others for financial support.

Therefore, I have to confess that at times I get off the altar of sacrifice and get anxious for God to bless my business with a client as He has promised me.  I admit that instead of just resting and waiting on His timing and for His will to come to pass regarding what I’m supposed to be doing, I sometimes have my own expectations of what I feel God should be doing for me, i.e. give me a client so I can start making money again.

And it just so happens that recently I went through one of my episodes where I got off the altar of sacrificing my will and started dwelling on my expectations of what I think God should be doing.  Hence, I got anxious for Him to move on my behalf and give me a client.  And this caused frustration and doubt.

However, the very next day my dear friend and pastor sent me this word from the Father regarding this exact scenario, and it convicted me deeply.  So, I repented and once again gave my will completely over to Him.  I choose to rest in Him and allow Him to do the work in Me that He needs to do so that He CAN fulfill His promises to me.  And I will wait for His perfect timing to move on my behalf regarding the business He called me to.

I hope my confession helps others see areas where their will might not be surrendered so they can also benefit from this loving word from our Father…….


Word from the Father:

Hear Me My people, as I come to you in a Father’s love. My heart has been touched by many of you who feel helpless in this last hour…I know your thoughts…I know the things that you wrestle with. I will not leave you comfortless, I now come to help you. For I help you in many ways, but at times, you even overlook the ways that I try to help you. You all know that My word declares that My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness. I said this for your benefit so that you could be set free from the things that hold you down…I said this so that you could stand strong in Me. I need you to hear Me, you must let My grace do what it was designed to do….not what you want it to do.

For many are struggling because they fail to allow My grace to do the work I desire in them…but many want my grace to do as they please. My people, My grace is made perfect in weakness, but many cannot see the reality of what I am speaking of…for many will say they think they are weak, but in reality have a very strong will. They may not even realize this, but if My people would truly examine themselves, they will know the truth regarding this & the truth will set them free. For many look to me as their “sugar daddy”, for what they want me to give them or what they want Me to do for them, but the truth is, that when I look at them, I am waiting on them…for what I desire for them to give  Me or do for me.

For I am wanting to prepare My people for this last day, so I can use them for My glory…I see a multitude of those who have great potential & My wisdom has mapped out what these are to do…but My people must respond to My heart & My will for them, if they are ever to do this. For many just look to the sky, expecting Me to drop things down from Heaven for them, not realizing that they have got to change. I cannot pour out My plans, desires & will upon a people who will steadfastly deny My will…for their heart is still far from Me. This may come as a shock to many, but it is the truth, nontheless. For as long as My people will continue to walk in their strong will, they will miss out on what is for them.

Oh, My beloved ones…how long will you hold on to your own will & own ways? For many see themselves as being obedient & pleasing to Me, but in reality they are only obedient or pleasing to Me in the things that they have decided to in their own hearts. I need My people to embrace My grace in this hour…truly embrace it, in the way that I have said…for you cannot make one hair white or black…only I can change things for you & as long as you continue walking in your own ways, thinking that I am going to give you or do something for you when it is not the time, you will not see those things come. I need you to let go of your will & surrender it fully unto Me, for only then can My grace work a work in you.

Never forget that I know your hearts better then you know them yourselves…I see things as they really are. I see past the self made deceptions & false faith, where you see yourselves walking in My will, when in reality you are only walking in small measures. Yes, you submit many areas of your lives unto Me & many times these are areas that I am not even concerned about…but you neglect to surrender the ones that really matter to Me…the ones that keep you from entering into the things that I have prepared for you. Look at those of old, who I promised many great things…take Joseph as he was in prison…he wasn’t worried about or fretting over when I would fulfill what I showed him in his dreams.

No, he humbly continued doing what he could do there in the prison & when it was time, I took him out of his prison & set him down at the right hand of Pharaoh. Look at Moses, who knew I would use him to deliver Israel…he was a shepherd for 40 years…he didn’t spend those years grumbling about when I would do this. No, he humbled his will unto Me & just continued with what he had to do & when it was time, I took him to that Pharaoh & used him mightily to deliver My people through the 10 plagues & through the Red Sea. I need My people to see that things happen in My timing…not yours. I know many will say that they believe this, but they would show the truth in their lives if this is really true.

Re-read Heb. 11 & see what real faith will do! Are you willing to trust Me to do what I have promised, even if you end up dying, having not received the promise? Remember the great cloud of witnesses that are looking at your faith & compare your faith to theirs, then lay aside every weight & the sin which does so easily beset you & instead run with patience the race that is set before you. If you truly trust Me, you will do this, trusting Me with your lives. Am I truly your Potter & you are My clay? Then you will release your expectations unto Me & instead seek Me for Me. Please don’t continually seek Me for what I can do for you…instead just seek Me for Me…just come & rest in Me & let Me love on you.

For if you would truly set your life on doing this, you wouldn’t be fretting & struggling the way that you do…for in My presence is fullness of joy…at My right hand are pleasures forevermore. If you are honest about you heart, this would show you the way things truly are…for if you were as close to Me as you say, you wouldn’t be struggling…you would be resting in Me, only caring about being with Me & nothing else would matter. My people, I need you to truthfully look within your hearts…I need you to know that I love you with an everlasting love. I desire to do great things in your lives, but you must come to yourselves, see as I see & humbly do as I say…then you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

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Much love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.


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Lay down the conspiracies of men.

Word from the Father:

My people, give ear and listen to your heavenly Father this day.  I have much to say to you in this last hour, so take to heart what I would say to you this day.

My people, why do so many of you still involve yourself in the affairs of this earthly world?  Have I not said in my word to come out of the world and do not touch what is unclean and I will receive you?  Have I not declared that a good soldier does not entangle himself with the affairs of this world?  Have I not warned you that friendship with the world is to be at enmity with Me?  Then why do so many of you fret yourself over the affairs of the governments of this world?

I declare unto you, it is I who sets up governments and kingdoms and allows whomsoever I will to rule over the lands and people.  Do not think that I cannot see what goes on behind closed doors within your governments and their secret societies.  For surely nothing escapes Me.

But I would have you to know this. You are in the last of the last days and much of My written word shall come to pass.  But know this also; for the most part, what your prophets and teachers have declared shall come to pass in the last days is all wrong. Have I not said in My word that the natural mind of man cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit?  So then, it would suffice to say that most of your prophets and teachers have interpreted the scriptures with their natural understanding, which makes them wrong…

My little ones, do not think that I have allowed man to dictate what I shall do in these last days.  Also, do not think that I am not in control over your governments, even when they are evil.  For all governments and powers of man are tools in My hand to bring about My purpose in the earth.

Therefore, listen to Me this day when I say to you to lay down your constant thoughts and worries over the rumors of conspiracies that go on behind closed doors.  For as I have commanded in My word, you are not to take part with those who seek out conspiracies, neither fear or dread what these people fear and dread. Yet fear My name instead. For I shall be your refuge and safety in times of trouble. (Isaiah 8:11-15)

My little children, I come to you with these instructions because the enemy of your soul is working in the hearts and minds of many to rebel against their government.  I tell you, this is not of My Spirit.  However, I will allow the rebellions when they come and use them to purge My church from those whose hearts are not wholly submitted unto me, and many shall lose their lives in the rebellions. For I have commanded in My word for you to take up your cross and do not render evil for evil, and the weapons of your warfare shall not be of the flesh.  Yet, many will falsely believe that I am behind them to fight in the flesh when their rights are threatened.

Have I not warned of wars and rumors of wars that shall come in the last days.  I tell you, those wars shall also include insurrections against governments. But know this, My Spirit shall not be with those who fight against their own government because it is I who has given the governments their power over man and it is only I who has the authority to overthrow any government or earthly power.

I do not want you deceived any longer. The enemy of your soul would have you caught up in the affairs of this fallen world.  Don’t fall for his schemes, yet follow My Son in all that He leads you to do.  For there is much work that needs to be done for My kingdom. For I tell you, in these last days I shall raise up My house made of righteous and pure lively stones.  And this house shall be the true church with the name of their God written upon their foreheads for all the world to witness the difference between those who are truly Mine and those who merely claim to be Mine.  For My church shall be a holy and righteous church.  And My people shall be a people who dwell in a kingdom not of this world.  And My kingdom shall be a light in a world of gross darkness for all to witness the true inheritance of the saints of God.  And many shall come to this light and be saved from My coming wrath that shall fall upon all unrighteousness.

My children, I must inform you that most of what Christendom has taught about the end of days is all a lie.  I shall not take a backsliding, lukewarm and sinful people out of the earth in a secret rapture as it is widely taught in the churches of man.  For My church shall be holy as I am holy and spotless from sin and without any blemish of the sinful flesh of man.  It is mere foolishness to think that My Son, who is holy, shall unite Himself and become one with the fleshly nature of man.  This is just pure foolishness.

My little ones, come unto Me and I will reveal My truths to you.  My Spirit shall give you revelations of My written word and reveal to you truths that have been hidden from those who so arrogantly, and yet falsely, believe that they hold the truths of My word. For I tell you, NO FLESH SHALL GLORY IN MY PRESENCE…  And therefore, I shall lay waste to the foolishness of man who thinks he can interpret my word with His fallen natural mind of the flesh.

Now here Me. I have much to show many of you and there is much work to be done.  Therefore, lay down your conspiracies of men and rid yourself of all entanglements of this world and give your hearts wholly unto Me.  For I have need of many of you so you may prepare, and help others to prepare, for the perfecting of the saints which I shall fulfill in these last days.

Oh, I know that many of you are concerned about when the governments and powers will turn on My people and where you shall hide.  But know this, I have all things under My control.  Therefore, it is not for you to worry, yet to trust Me and do as I say.  I shall provide safe havens for those whom I shall protect.  Yet, know this also, not all those who say they are Mine shall be protected by Me.  Therefore, do not invite just anyone who claims to be of Me into your fellowship.  Yet, be led by My Spirit to discern those in whom I will join unto you.  For My house shall be built by My Spirit alone.  And as you learn to be led by My Spirit in all things, I shall use you to build My house in these last days.  And My kingdom shall outshine the gross darkness that shall cover the earth…

Therefore, fret no longer over the conspiracies of man and what governments are doing behind closed doors.  Even when you witness my hand cleansing the evil in governments, do not rejoice when you see one fall, yet rejoice in the fact that righteousness has prevailed.

I love you all with an everlasting love and there is much to do in these last days regarding the establishment of My kingdom.  Therefore, I desire for you all to untangle yourselves from this world and focus on My Son and what the Spirit is saying to you. Glorious days are ahead for all who would give their whole hearts unto Me and My kingdom.  I do not desire for any of you to miss out on this.  Therefore, heed what I have said to you this day and it shall be well with you….


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Come unto Me and drink. (Part 2)

Word of God given through my dear pastor and friend:


Hear Me, My people as I come to you with My living words of love! For it is My greatest desire that you walk with Me & become as I am. For truly, as I speak to you as a Father, you can receive what I pour out to you this day & be changed for My glory. For even as I have already shared with you, the power of My river of living water which flows from My throne, even so, I desire to help you to walk in this. And now hear as I open these truths up to you in a greater way, for I know that some may struggle with My words of love, not knowing what they need to do to walk in them. So, hear Me as I tell you greater things…for as you will receive them, they will enable you to increase in who I am within you.

The biggest hurdle that My people struggle with in walking with Me, is dealing with things in the heart. For, to most, their heart has a veil over it, which keeps them from truly receiving what I say…this veil keeps them from My glory from manifesting within their mortal bodies. For over all the ages, My servants struggled with things of the flesh, but as they yielded their lives unto Me, I used them in spite of their flesh. For there is none righteous…no not one…that is why I sent My Son to be born of a virgin & die, so He could make it possible for My servants to walk a better way. For even Moses, when he walked in a measure of My glory, had a veil on his face, so that man would not see when it faded away.

As My word says, “but you, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord”. In other words, when My people will behold My glory with nothing before their face, they will be changed into the same image, by My Spirit. The problem is, that so many of My people fail to do this as they walk with Me. There are many different things that keep them from doing this, though they truly desire to be one with Me. For there are many fears that affect them…many conflicts of self image…things of rejection due to things that happened to them in the past…all of these things have kept My people veiled from My glory.

I have touched so many with My Spirit & My presence over time, but still the issues continue & keeps them from what I desire in them. When I spoke to the woman at the well, I said “whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life”. What is a well? A well is where people go to get water. Wells are dug down to where the water is. So, where does this water come from? This water is the underground RIVERS that exist throughout all the earth. So, in the Spirit, when My people will tap into My river, My river will change them & they will become vessels for Me to use throughout all the earth.

Remember what I said…”if any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believes on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”. Herein lies the problem…for MANY do thirst, but few will truly come to Me & drink! This is why so many of My people struggle with things in their lives…because they respond to their thirst with things that are of this world, not realizing that the only way to satisfy that thirst, is to come unto Me & drink! So many of My people truly desire to be used of Me & I desire to use them too. What I need My people to understand is that it is up to them…they have to come unto Me & drink before I can make them vessels to be used greatly of Me.

It is My desire that My river flow throughout the earth, touching people with My love…I want My people to shine as lights in a dark place. For then, My river will be extended to others…for as you will come unto Me & drink, out of your bellies will flow RIVERS of Living Water. My water brings healing where ever it goes…My water brings change. Look at the world as it is…it is dead & dying…there really is not very much of My water being manifested in the earth…but only a few small wells, here & there. I desire each of My people to be powerhouses of My glory, tearing down the devil’s kingdom & manifesting My Kingdom in all the earth. Isn’t that what I commanded in my word for My people to pray?

For I said, pray “your Kingdom come, your will be done in earth, as it is in heaven”. That means Me using YOU to fulfill My will in the earth. Many truly desire to do this but feel helpless in being vessels of My glory. You are now entering into a season where you will be able to breakthrough into the realm I desire you to be if you will only seek My face. As you will persevere to go further than just “feeling the warmth of My presence” & push yourselves further, you will see. For truly what you know about feeling My presence is only the very edge of the glory that awaits inside…in My secret place…in that place where no one can keep you from walking fully with Me, for I will be with you, as never before.

Come before Me, My people & know that I love you with an everlasting love…come unto Me & drink! The reason few of My people are not drinking of Me is because they are not seeking the right things to satisfy their thirst. A man dying of thirst in the desert is not going to be looking for anything but water! Think of the human drive…the desire to live, being in that situation! For My people must develop a desperation as that man. For as you will begin to seek Me, like the woman with the issue of blood, I will show you what it means to walk in high places with Me. Hear Me, My people & know My ways…for if you will set yourselves to do as I have said today, you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

End of word..

These last two words are very powerful.  I’m so excited for what God is doing and showing us in these last days.  I pray that you all allow this word to penetrate your hearts, and as He says, develop a desperation for His living waters.  I for one readily admit that I am so hungry for change and victory over my flesh. I thirst for His righteousness and this word gives me great hope…

I’m so blessed by this word to the Body of Christ from my dear friend, Pastor Mark and I hope that you all are blessed by it as well.

If anyone would like to show their appreciation for Pastor Mark and donate for his need of a small used truck, you can give below.

Much love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.


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Come unto Me and drink.

Dear Saints,

We have truly entered the most exciting days of the end-times.  Yes, there will be troublesome times like never before, but for the remnant who have given their hearts to God, these last days will also be our most exciting days.  In these last days, much of scripture will be fulfilled.  Therefore, we will witness Psalms 126:1-6 come to pass in our lives as we are set completely free from the captivity of our flesh and the world as we are conformed to the image of Christ…….. When the LORD reversed our captivity in Zion, we were like those who dream.  Then our mouths were filled with laughter, and our tongues with singing; then it was said among the heathen, “The LORD has done great things for them.”  The LORD has done great things for us; for which we are glad.  Reverse our captivity, O LORD, as the streams in the south.  They who sow in tears, shall reap in joy.  He who goes forth and weeps, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”

On this note, I have a VERY exciting word for the Body of Christ given through my dear friend and pastor.  Please don’t allow any doubt to keep you from receiving this powerful word.  We are in the days when God will build His house out of us, the lively stones.  Thus, His Spirit will be doing work within us which we have never experienced before.  This is so awesome….

I pray that this word blesses you all as much as it blessed me.


Word from the Lord:

"Hear Me, My people, as I come before you with living words! For I come 
to you with a Father's love, that you may know the time in which you 
live & be able to walk with Me as never before, for too many, these times 
are very difficult because of the winds of change that exist all over 
the world. Know that I love you with an everlasting love...the words I 
bring today will encourage you as you have never been encouraged before. 
For this I say to help you that you may understand from deep within your 
hearts & respond to Me in a way that will enact change within you that 
you thought you could never achieve. For this is the time to hear Me & 
to receive My words deep within, so that I can change you to be like Me.

Now listen as I share with you the words that will catapult you into 
your destinies...for as you will truly receive what I am sharing with 
you today, you will see yourselves walk in a victory unparalleled in 
your lives as you break free from old mindsets...as you break away from 
old paradigms & enter fully into what I am revealing to you this day. 
For My word tells you that there is a pure river of water of life, clear 
as crystal, that proceeds out of the throne of God and of the 
Lamb...this river is ever flowing & unceasing...this river is 
continually flowing for your benefit! For, as you will come unto Me & 
truly drink of this river, you will be changed, you will be 
revitalized... & you will never, ever be the same again.

Over the years many have eluded to this river, as many churches have 
talked about it...many churches have sung about it...but very few have 
truly understood this river & implemented its benefits to the extent & 
purpose that I ordained for you. For My river is a river of 
life...whatever My river touches, life is manifested...wherever My 
river flows, lives will truly be changed. What has been revealed in 
times past about My river, has not been realized, but was for that time, 
a token of what My river really represented. For too many, My river as it 
was shown in the midst of the churches, was represented as a Holy Ghost 
party...but now in this time I reveal the truth of My river, so that My 
people will SEE.

For from My river flows a water of life...there is truly LIFE in the 
river that comes from My Throne! And this life I speak of will not just 
make people "party"...but as My people will truly receive it, My river 
will make them changed...from who they were, into who I have called & 
ordained them to be...the same image, as Christ. For My river flows with 
water that is clear as crystal...it is a PURE river. Who ever My river 
truly touches will be made pure! This is the difference...for I did not 
release the river movement of yester-year & that "was it"...no, what 
came forth at that time, was only a prelude of what was to come...for I 
gave Me people a small glimpse of what My river would come to do within 
you all.

For as My people will truly begin to receive My river within themselves, 
they will know what it means to stay connected to Me...for My river 
continually proceeds out of My Throne...for they will be as trees 
planted by the rivers of water...their roots will grow deep within My 
river & they will bring forth their fruit in their season & their leaves 
also shall not wither & whatsoever they do shall prosper...this is the 
difference in what was before & what shall now begin to come. For as My 
people will respond unto Me, seeking My face & coming unto Me to drink, 
they will begin to see their lives change in ways they never thought 
possible...for what they once wrestled with, will be gone & will wrestle 
no more.

For as My people will grow their roots deep within My river, they will 
be nourished & hydrated unlike anything they have ever known. Do men 
take green wood to burn in a fire? No, because the wood is full of water 
& will not burn! Even so, My people, as you will plant yourselves at My 
river & grow your roots deep, you will be SO hydrated that the fiery 
darts of the evil one will not be able to affect you & My people will 
laugh as they see in themselves the very thing that happened to 
Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego...for the fire had no power, nor was a hair 
of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of 
fire had passed on them. This is for you, My people...can you hear Me

For My people have no idea of what awaits them as they will let go of 
the way they perceived things to be & allow Me to take them deep within 
My river. This is the time for My people to arise & shine as lights in a 
dark place...for as you will drink of My river, you will literally be 
filling your lamps with the oil you need to take My love to this lost & 
dying world. You will have the water of life & many will come to you & 
drink of Me, as you show them what being a Christian is really about. 
Let me remind you again...you ARE the light of the world...the world is 
the way it is today, because the church has not been showing them the 
truth...truth must be lived from the heart & people of the world mostly 
only see a mixture.

The river that My people have drank from in times past has mainly been 
compromised with hypocrisy, self will, & a lack of true repentance...for 
only as My people will truly surrender their lives unto Me, will I be 
able to work in them the way I desire. So, come unto My river & drink, 
My people...for time is truly short! I will use each one of you that 
will truly lay your lives before Me & drink the water that I will give 
them...but I cannot make any do this...the choice is always yours. I 
love you, My people & want you to see & to know the joy that awaits you, 
as you will let go of the past & cleave to what I am doing in these last 
days. Respond to Me, as I have thus said & you will not be disappointed, 
says the Lord".

End of Word.

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this month since I have more expenses this month than usual.  
Blessings to you all...

Your brother in Christ,
Kevin B.

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Help needed for a brother in Christ.

Dear Saints,

I’m sending out this request for help for a brother in Christ (Pastor Mark) who is my dear friend and pastor.  Many of you already know him and are connected with him.  He’s the one who also gives words to the Body of Christ which I post on this blog.

Many of you have sent me comments telling me how much his words from the Lord has helped you in your walk.  He’s used greatly by the Lord to edify the Body in general, and on a personal level for many like myself.

He doesn’t have his own church body, but the Lord has him living on donations from others the same as me.  He’s been called by God as an apostle to the Body of Christ, and so he has given his life to the ministry.  Much like the disciples from the early Church, he ministers through letters along with modern ways like email and phone calls.

Therefore, since he ministers to the readers of this blog, I’m asking for help on his behalf.  Also, it’s our duty of love as followers of Christ to help our brothers and sisters in need.

Pastor Mark is in need of a used miniature pick-up truck.  He believes that he can find one in his area for around $3,000 or less.  Therefore, if anyone is able to help this dear brother in Christ and minister of the Gospel, he would greatly appreciate it.

You can donate to him by using the donate button below that has already been set up to donate directly to his email address account.

Thank you, and much love to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Don’t give up on waiting at His feet.

Dear Saints,

This word from our Lord has been stirring in my spirit for quite sometime before He gave it to Me to release.  I say this because I can sense His heart yearning for His people.  He desires to fellowship with us so much and doesn’t want us to give up on seeking Him.  I know that there are many distractions from the enemy, and from life in general.  But we MUST make the time to wait upon Him, hear His words of instruction to us  (which many times is repentance of things we cannot see in ourselves), and then obey.

Please take this word to heart when reading it.  I can feel His great love and desire for His people.  So don’t give up.


Word from the Lord:

My people, listen intently to what I would say to you this day.  Many of you are weary and having a hard time in your prayer closets waiting for Me to show up.

Have I not taught in My word that it is by faith that you receive from Me?  So then, it is also by faith that you wait upon Me.  Do not doubt in your hearts, My little ones.  Do not doubt that I will visit you.  For doubt hinders you from entering into My presence and prevents Me from doing the work in you which I so much desire to do.

My little ones, time is short and I have much work that I need to do in many of you.  But you MUST learn to enter into My presence.  This is not a hard thing to do.  It has only become hard for many of you because of your difficulty in getting still, quieting yourselves, and waiting for My Spirit.

Oh, My little ones, how I love you all so much and desire to fellowship with you. Yet, many of you doubt this to be a reality.  I tell you that it IS a reality.  Have I not said in My word that Mary has chosen the better potion rather than Martha, and it will not be taken away from her?  So then, it is not business and doing things that you think is for Me that I am seeking after.  It is your time spent with Me that I desire.  And it is your time spent with Me that shall never be taken away from you, in this life or the next.

Oh, please listen to My heart crying out to each one of you.  If you only knew how much I desire to sit with you and fellowship, then you would seek Me more often and believe that I will come unto you.  I have many great things I wish to share with you.  But most importantly, I have a work that I need to do in each of you.  For you do not know what is ahead and what all is coming upon the earth.  I tell you, if you do not learn to hear My words and do them, then you will be like the man who built his house upon the sand, and you shall surely be overtaken by the horrendous storm that is coming.  However, if you learn to sit at My feet, and hear My words and obey, then you shall be like the wise man who built his house upon the rock.  And when this storm comes, you shall not be overtaken by it.

My children, take to heart the story of the woman with an issue of blood.  First, she had faith, and then she proclaimed to herself that if she could just touch the hem of My garment she would then be healed.  Likewise, believe in your heart and proclaim with your mouth that I shall meet with you.  And as you do this, sit and wait upon Me with faith and anticipation that I will show up.  Oh, it may not be immediately, yet, it shall happen according to your faith.

Now listen, soon there shall be great shakings in all the earth.  Wars, riots, and disasters of all kinds shall be the norm.  Have I not warned you of these things in My word?  So then, listen intently to Me when I say that it is of the utmost importance that you spend time at My feet, waiting for My words of instruction, and then obey.

In the days ahead many of you will need a place of refuge from the onslaught of the enemy.  You will find this refuge in Me, however, there will be times I may need to tell you where to flee and hide so that you shall be safe.  I do not say these things to cause fear, yet to forewarn you so that you may be prepared.  For I tell you, if you wait until disaster strikes, then it may be too late and too difficult for you to learn to wait upon Me.

My beloved ones, I desire so much for you.  But My blessings will be in accordance with your faith and your obedience.  Don’t listen to the false teachers and prophets who proclaim that My abundant blessings will simply follow anyone who believes on My name.  For I tell you, even the demons believe and tremble at My name, yet, they shall not be blessed by this.  It is your faith that works by your love of Me and the Father, and that love that is exercised by your obedience, which is the true faith that will carry you in these last days.

So then, take to heart that each time you spend in your prayer closet waiting at My feet, it is never time wasted, even if you don’t since My presence.  For as you get quiet and wait upon Me in faith, I am doing a work within your heart that you know not of.  And I am expanding your capacity to receive of Me.

Oh, My dearest ones, how I love you all with an everlasting love.  Yet, these are the last of the last days and hard times are upon you.  And during these last days, there shall be the greatest harvest of souls this earth has ever seen.  Yet, even so, I need those who have been prepared by Me in their prayer closets to go out and do great exploits.  For My righteousness and holiness shall once again reign in the earth through My chosen ones.  And through My chosen ones, I shall conduct great wonders in the earth for all to witness My glory.

So then, take heart and do not give up.  Time is short and you MUST learn to wait upon Me.  I will reveal Myself to you in due time.  Yet, in the meantime, wait for My words of instruction to you, and obey. This is to your advantage and glory…..

End of word….


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Love and blessings to you all in the name of Jesus.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Resist the Falling Away.

Dear Saints,

We are in the last of the last days and much of scripture is coming to pass.  However, much of what is written in scripture regarding the last days is greatly misinterpreted by most of the Church.  Whereas, my dear friend and pastor received a word for the Body of Christ regarding the coming falling away.  This is not what most think and many of us are in danger of falling away and don’t even know it.

When I read this word I could feel the Lord speaking to my heart.  I pray that this word will also speak to you all and awaken many to the truth, and help us all to be found worthy to escape the many woes coming upon the earth.

Word from the Lord:

Come close to Me, My people & know My love for you…for I love you with an everlasting love. Know My love as it truly is…not how life or the world has instilled in you. For too many, My love is perceived by how things are going in one’s life. For too many, My love is perceived by whether you go through good times or bad times. For too many, My love seems ever “changing”, when I have said, My love changes not! I see the confusion that is beginning to take hold of My people…I see the torment as well as the emptiness. How is it that so many cannot fathom the depth of My love for them? For it isn’t My love that changes…it is only the changes one perceives, because of whatever they are going through. These things are not suppose to cause you to doubt My love…NO…these things should thrust you CLOSER to Me so My love would catapult you into Heavenly places…in Me. Hear Me, My people & understand the hour that you now live in. For so many speak of the end-times & how things are going to change, there is much excitement…but when things do begin to change around you, many begin to doubt My love & care for them. My love hasn’t changed…all that is happening is, you are seeing that your world is being shaken. Herein lies the problem…for many are shaken by the pains of birth that I said would come…they are shaken because their eyes are on THEIR world, instead of being fixed upon Me.

I need you to hear this & begin to respond to Me from your hearts. For what you are seeing happening around you is only having such effect because of your connection to the things that are perishing…for no man can serve two masters. I need you to see this so you can re-position yourselves into the place that I have made for you to BE, so you will dwell in that place close to My heart. For as your affections are placed on the things below, you will be affected by them. You cannot be affected by something that does not have a place in your heart. I want your affections to be on the things above…for that is what I came, bled, died & resurrected for…that you would have life & have it more abundantly.

For I am beginning to position My people into a place that they will see great blessing upon their lives. But, this cannot come upon you as long as you allow yourselves to be affected by the things in this world…for I require that My people be good stewards of the things of My Kingdom. Even so, I need you all to recognize this & respond appropriately, both to Me & to your circumstances so I can begin to release that which I have promised to each of you for a very long time. For many continue to wait for Me to fulfill My promises to them when in reality, it is I that is waiting on them…for I await the time that My people will no longer be tossed to & fro, whether by wind of doctrine or wavering by doubting.

I do not want you to be like those who are double-minded & like waves driven by the sea. I want My people to be strong in their Lord & in the power of HIS might. Hear Me now & understand the time that you now live in…for you are seeing the end come before your very eyes. For I have said that the catching away would not come, except there is a falling away first & that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition. When many read this, they can only see the meaning of this simplistically. There is more to this than that…for I said that My word is ALIVE & powerful & sharper than any two-edged sword, piecing & dividing asunder of soul & spirit & is a discerner of the thoughts & intents of the heart.

For when many think of the falling away, they look at it, as if it refers to everyone else…when I want My people to see it clearly, as referring to them. For the falling away does not happen in an instant…it is something that happens gradually. Just like the old parable of the frog in the pot on the hot stove…death comes slowly, as it is lulled into the sleep of death…never to return again. I need My people to examine their lives & see where they are concerning the falling away…look at your lives & see for yourselves. Do you see yourselves coming closer & closer to Me…or do you find yourselves slowing being pulled away? I do not say this to scare you or to condemn you…I say this because of My genuine love for you.

I want you to see the truth, so you can shake yourself free from this & return to coming closer to Me. For that is what I desire for you…that is what truly pleases Me! I do not want any of you to miss out on what I have planned for you…but the response of your heart is your choice…I cannot force you to change…I cannot make you to do anything. All I can do is woo you with My unchanging love & tell you the truth…that you all may grow up into Him, who is the head…even Christ! For My desire is for the word of Christ to dwell in you richly in all wisdom. Hear Me, My people & seek me…draw close to Me while you can. For if you will truly do this, I assure you that you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

End of word.

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Love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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