Rise Up In This Christmas Season.

Dear Saints,

Our Heavenly Father has given my dear friend and pastor a very important word for the body of Christ regarding this Christmas season. Please heed what the Lord would say to us as I believe it to be a crucial word that will have heavy implications for us all. I have also posted my pastor’s comments at the end of the prophetic word.


“My people, listen to your Heavenly Father this day, for this day in which you live is the time you have been waiting for. Many of you have heard words from several of My servants concerning this coming season next year, that I am going to bring forth the harvest & the fruit to the many who have patiently awaited for My promises to be fulfilled. These things will come, My people, so be encouraged & know that you have not labored in vain in your Lord. For as I have promised, even so will I fulfill what I have said, as you do your part in My plans – there ARE things you must do!

Understand that many times there are conditions to My promises. Many times I say “if”…many times I say “whosoever will”. You get the idea…yes, the fulfillment of My promises many times require action on the part of My people. Even when I delivered My people from Pharaoh, My people had to put blood above & on the doorposts & then eat the Passover lamb. Had My people not heeded My words, they too would have befallen the fate of the 1st born of Egypt. Even so, in this hour, it is necessary for My people to do as I say, so they will receive their harvest.

For in this coming Christmas season, there is a GREAT need for you to reach out to others…there is a GREAT need for you to make Christmas known to those around you. You must keep Christ in Christmas in a far greater way this year. For this season is pivotal to what is coming next year & if you do not shine your light before men during this month, it may have a devastating effect on the outcome of what I plan to do for you in 2019. I do not say this to scare you, but only to let you know the importance of what I am about to say. This is a serious time & must be treated as such!

Many of you know that at this time of year, the world is MORE open to the Gospel than any other time of the year…”tis the season to be jolly”! My Spirit of love is released greater than the rest of the year altogether. People are more open to what I did 2000 years ago in bringing My Son into the world…the joy that had come, peace & good will towards men. This is why people are more open to My word during the Christmas season. But this season is unlike any other before it, because of the lateness of the hour. You must treat it as such, to see greatest results in 2019.

Come to Me & seek Me as to what I will ask you to do, in order to touch other’s lives…for you must make a difference this month! Yield unto Me, as I will lead you in what to speak…a word fitly spoken in season, will change a life! You must impact others this month with My love, for this season will directly affect what is going to happen next year. Many of you are aware of the evil that has risen its ugly head, through the recent political sphere. This is part of what will change for the worse, if My people do not rise up in this hour to show My love to this lost & dying world.

For if My people will not show the world the love of God this month, a great evil will be released next year that will cause great fear within many. This is not the time for My people to fear, but to trust Me to bring forth revival in the land. As you will listen to Me & do as I say, you will set into motion things unseen by man, as My angels are sent on assignment to do exploits against the powers that will attempt to derail My plans for what is ahead…the fulfillment of My promises that many of you have long-awaited. This is the time to rejoice in Me & let you light shine abroad!

For as you will do this, you will come into a REST that many of you have never known & you will know that you know, that you know that I love you with an everlasting love! Rise up, My people & let Me love others thru you…for this will be a time you will never regret, as you take to heart the words that I impart unto you this day. For great are the blessings that lie ahead & great success will be to My people, as they see the rewards of obedience. Speak My truth in love & do what I will show you to do…shine your light before men & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear RFC Family, I cannot adequately put into words the sensing the Lord gave me regarding the importance of this word. I could tell that even in what He shared above, that He held back in giving the details of what would happen, if we do not do as He has told us to do. The only way I can put it is…I sensed that if we do not rise up & share His love & His word with others during this season, there would be a terrible dread coming ahead, in the new year. We all need to seek Him for what we need to do in this time.

Don’t feel overwhelmed over this, just ask Him what you are to do & then do it. He may have you buy someone food…He may have you give a word of encouragement to someone in their time of need. What ever it is, please do it…don’t hold back! Don’t let the enemy lie to you & say it is not important that you do these things. Remember, he is a LIAR & only wants to steal, kill & destroy in our lives! God has spoken to us JESUS…His Word was made flesh! We must take His Word into us, that He may be made flesh within us.

The Lord just dropped a revelation about this into my spirit. His word was made flesh & dwelt among us. Jesus coming in the flesh was part of HIS obedience to His Father. As we, His people will take His words within us (our obedience to Him), His word will be made flesh within US, so that ALL flesh will see the salvation of the Lord! This Christmas season is unlike any other, because of the lateness of the hour on God’s time clock. We must embrace what He has said & prayerfully apply it to our lives in the days & weeks ahead this month between now & the end of the year.

Many will see God do extraordinary things during this month as we will “launch into the deep” & cast our nets. The lives we touch will have a detrimental effect on next year & will be planting seeds to the soon coming revival we have all been waiting for. Remember…He said “a little leaven, leavens the whole lump”. That was in a bad context…but the inverse of this works just the same, except is a VERY good thing. As we will sow into others, we will see God’s grace & power released into their lives. Only He knows the ripple effect that this will have on this coming new year!

We will be sending out His Christmas message in the weeks ahead as we approach Christmas day. Until then, may we all stay in obedience to Him during this month & allow Him to work powerfully through us.

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Great Victory Is Now Yours For The Taking.

A word from our Lord, Savior, and King:


My people, listen well to Me this day. Truly, these are exciting times in which you live.

I am aware that the enemy of your soul is sorely coming against many of you in your bodies and/or circumstances. However, this is because he fears what is ahead. For I declare to you this day that you have stepped over the threshold into a new era and a new day, the day of My power. Therefore, stand in faith against the enemy and I will lead you through your trials to victory.

I would have you all to know this one thing, there is absolutely NOTHING that can stop you from becoming overcomers in these last days except for your own selves. For I am pouring out an unprecedented grace for your triumphant victory. But you MUST access this grace by your faith. Oh, it will not take much faith on your part, for just the faith of a mustard seed will be sufficient for the power of My Spirit to work in and through you in these last days.

So get ready for great breakthroughs and fulfillment of long-awaited promises. These are the days in which you can make great strides in your own personal life. You can now gain victory in areas which seemed impossible in days past. For I am with you to bring you into your destinies. All you need to do is call upon My name and ask for My help. I am here to bear you up, My little ones.

Now listen, the enemy fears My great army that shall arise in these last days. Therefore, he is waging war against all of mankind, especially those who are Mine. His screams are loud as he uses the media, government powers, and voices of many. He is screaming fear, defeat, and distractions. But you are all Mine and you have My power to overcome the wiles of the devil. Therefore, do not listen to him, but listen to and focus on Me instead. Ask of Me, and I will give you wisdom and discernment so that you shall know the truth and will not be deceived by the lies of the enemy. For I am working behind the scenes to make a way for My people and My end-time army to assemble and arise. But the enemy would have you focus on what he is doing.  Don’t give in to this.

My people, I am so excited over you all. Yet, I must give you this warning. Even though these are the days for great triumph, there are also great dangers ahead for many of you. For the enemy of your soul will try everything he’s got to derail you from your destiny. With this; keep in mind that you cannot afford to play with sin and the world any longer. For if you do, you could fall into a deep pit that could cost you great loss in both this life and the next. Therefore, stand firm in the liberty which I have set you free and do not be entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Do not even flirt with temptation, for you could get caught in a snare that will lead to your undoing. You do NOT want this to happen in these last days.

Now then, rejoice in the freedom and grace that I now give you. And fight the good fight of faith. For even though great victory is now yours for the taking, you must still take it. I will not do this alone for you, but instead, I will do it WITH you according to your faith. And as you take My hand and decree My promises over your life and your flesh, and do as I say, you will gain victory in many areas and make great strides in your spiritual journey.

My people, you MUST overcome in this season.  For I am preparing My end-time army and My army MUST and WILL be free from all entanglements, and overcome the devil, the flesh, and the world, just as I did when I walked in the flesh.

So hear Me well when I tell you to stretch out your faith and take hold of your freedom from all sin and weights that so easily beset you. This is your time to overcome by My blood, the voice of your testimony, and loving not your lives even unto death. I love you all with an everlasting love. And if you would do this, you shall not be disappointed…….


Dear Saints,

Troubles and chaos in the world around us will continue to escalate as we get closer to the end.  We have already been warned of this in the scriptures.   However, we are not to be overcome by the world but we are to overcome the world instead.  We are in a season of great personal victories if we would pursue this instead of allowing the devil to distract us or get us in fear.  He has already been defeated by Christ and now we are to partake in that victory.  Don’t let fear and/or distractions keep you from taking advantage of this time to overcome…..

In spite of all that’s going on with governments, civil unrest, and the migrant caravans, I have had an excitement in my spirit-man for some time now.  I can taste victory in this season and I know this to be true for many of God’s people.  So be encouraged by this word from the Lord…..

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Much love and blessings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.


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Be Of Good Cheer Regarding The Recent Elections.

Dear Saints,

I’ll admit that when I heard that the Democratic party had won the House, I was both disappointed and surprised.  However, after praying and contemplating the matter, I began to get both a peace and excitement in my spirit man.

Also, the Lord has given my dear friend and pastor a word for the Body of Christ regarding this election and the coming days that should give you all peace about the recent elections.  Please prayerfully receive what the Lord has to say…


“My children, do not be dismayed or fretful because of the outcome of this election…things are not at all as they do appear. For though some things look as if righteousness had lost…I tell you truly, that it has not! For I love you with an everlasting love & your fervent prayers are always effectual to Me…never forget that they always avail much! And though outwardly, it may look as if things are going to get darker in ways, I need you to understand that there are things going on underneath…things are going to turn out alright…for I WILL work all things together for your good!

Never forget this promise to you, for it needs to be an anchor to your soul to keep you in the days ahead. For I tell you that in the coming days, things are going to change & though at times it may appear that things are going the wrong way, I need you to trust Me that things are going to turn out alright. For I have instituted a plan into effect that over time will turn the way things look, to the exact opposite direction. I must tell you that there may a time of sorrow or sadness in your hearts now, but I assure you that in due time, your sorrow & sadness will be turned to joy!

For I am working through My servant to bring the things of evil to nothing…this is going to take some time to do this, but I tell you now that it is necessary for this to happen so I can restore this nation on the right path for the time ahead. For I desire there to be a time of peace & a time of revival before the end comes, so it is necessary to bring a lot of changes to this nation for this to happen. For it is by My grace that I have made known unto man that I will do this, for I desire to wake up many who have been lulled asleep into a political slumber, where blindness has blinded many.

For as you have seen in recent time, the political climate has changed SO drastically, to where it is easy for most people to discern how there is a strict contrast of good vs evil & those who have become increasingly demonized are causing more & more people to wake up to what is really happening in this nation. This is truly a spiritual battle that is being waged…it is not merely “politics”…this nation has NEVER seen things so drastic as they have become recently. So it is very necessary for Me to enforce My plans so that My banner of righteousness can rise here again.

I need you to trust Me as you have never trusted Me before because if things seem to look bleaker & darker around you in the days ahead, I need you to know that there are reasons for this, but things will turn out alright & for the better. For I have things going on underneath, out of sight that will cause things to spin around in the opposite direction…you just wait & see! For you will see My grace ignite around you & My peace shall be your portion. For this, I say that even now there are many who have discerned this & are enjoying the beginning of what is to come.

For this, I say to help you, for I will not leave you comfortless…I will come unto you! You will come to know & understand what is going on around you, as you see things unfold. As you will rest in Me & trust Me with all things, My grace will open your eyes to many things & you will see as I see & understand as I understand. Just rest in Me & let Me do what I need to do in these coming days…it will be well worth the wait & the outcome will bring a rejoicing unto your soul. So, be of good cheer for what is about to come, for you will be amazed as to how things will turn out.

For even now, many are beginning to see the first fruits of what I have begun around them & they are beginning to understand the “whys” of what has happened in the last political race. And there is more on the horizon as My light continues to shine in darkness…the darkness will not be able to resist My light. I will bring things out that have been swept under the rug for many years…I will do a great house cleaning in this nation & My people will rejoice as My Spirit is seen publicly there again. Trust & rest in Me during this time & you will not be disappointed,


Amen….  I can’t post what I believe happened that allowed the Democrats to win the House.  But I do know that God is in control and He did answer our prayers regarding the elections, just not as we expected.  Also, keep in mind that the Republicans still have a majority of the Senate, whereas, President Trump will stay in power and continue his agenda.

But in all this, we are to continue to pray for President Trump, his family, his administration, and their family.  This IS a spiritual battle and they need our prayers….

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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Battle Cry: The Sound of War

Dear Saints,

My pastor and dear friend has received another urgent word for the Body of Christ in this most critical hour.  Please prayerfully receive the Lord’s loving words of admonishments and instructions.  Also, at the end of this prophetic word from the Lord, my pastor has some sobering words for the Church.

Word of the Lord:

“My people, hear your Heavenly Father’s words this day & know that I love you with an everlasting love. For the time has come for My people to rise up from their short time of rest & begin to enter into a time of spiritual warfare. Many are not aware of what is going on behind the scenes, but I assure you that what is NOT seen is what you need to be concerned about. If you have looked at the spiritual climate within the nation of the USA, you know that there are many things that are going on…for this is truly a fight of good against evil & I need My people to rise up in this hour.

You know that you do not wrestle with flesh or blood…but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. You can see the effect of these “spiritual wickedness in high places”, as these demons manifest themselves within the “high places” within the government systems. What you know as “politics” is nothing as it used to be…for before, politics consisted mainly of differing views of policy. But now politics have been morphed into a violent mindset of evil, where exists a great many who cannot even see.

But, I have given My people eyes to see, that they may see as I see…I will have you to understand that what is going on in this nation is truly an invasion of evil, as the demons take hold of those who have given themselves over to reprobate minds. These cannot see with eyes of understanding…they only see what they are possessed by. And nothing will persuade them to turn away from the evil that they have joined themselves to…for they are deceived by the thief, who only comes to steal, kill & destroy. But, I am come that you might have life & have it more abundantly!

Many have noticed how “polarized” this coming election has become…this polarization has come because I have worked in My people & thru this sitting President to put a dividing line along in the sand. It is this dividing line that has made the polarization so evident, for I have ordained that light be separated from darkness. This dividing line makes it possible for anyone with common sense to see the difference between the two opposing forces that exists in politics this day. Only those who have given themselves over to a reprobate mind, cannot see that the difference exist.

And now, My people, it is time for you to rise up & war against the powers of darkness that have revealed themselves within the political realm…so that those who are able may recover themselves from the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will. I need you to begin to pray that their eyes may be opened & that they will come to repentance to the acknowledging of the truth…the truth of what My word says…for it is My word that is being warred against in this coming election. This is why this political battle has become SO violent on one side.

For the enemy thinks that he can win over the people by using political means to secure his destruction on the moral fabric of this country. But, I have sent angels on assignment to fight for you, as you will rise up & war against the enemy at this time…for they excel in strength & so do My commandments, hearkening unto the voice of My word. Speak My words, My people…against all that is trying to destroy this nation…so My angels will fight according to My will. For I have given you wisdom to see as I see…now rise up & fight with Me by your prayers…do not remain silent!

Do not allow the enemy to seduce you into thinking that your vote does not matter…remember…he is a liar & the father of it! Armed with this understanding, just HOW important is it that you vote for that which is more aligned to Me? There can be no confusion on this matter, My people, for how can you vote to support murdering millions of babies each year…how can you vote to sell their body parts as merchandise? How can you vote to support abominations & perversions contrary to My word? Just contemplate the gravity of just these few things & know that they are evil!

How can you vote to support the invasion into this nation with the multitudes of illegals coming in? The enemy would want to deceive you to think that this is a good thing…but it is NOT! Do you not see how your cities have already changed in society, as mass confusion & chaos has already taken place? Many are already waking up to this reality. For over many years now, a silent invasion has been taking place & a great multitude has crept in & is devouring your country in ways you are not even aware of…for these are destroying the very fabric of society.

There is ONLY one side you can vote for…& it is not the side that is resorting to violence! This battle is NOT about politics, My people…this is about good & evil…this is about right & wrong…this is about coming against love, respect & every good thing. This election will decide what will happen in the years ahead…not for just this nation, but for the entire world also. For this election will either usher in a time of My people being able to stand in power OPENLY, before the end comes…or it will usher in a time that My people will be persecuted like they have never seen before.

I need My people to see as I see & to take action accordingly…for in the next week, you will need to rise up in spiritual warfare against all that will be going on around you. Many things will be happening, but I do not want you to focus or fixate on them…instead, look unto Me & come against those things coming on the earth during this time. My love, joy & peace will sustain you…you will be able to stand through this…just trust Me to carry you through to the other side. I know many of you are struggling with things of your own…but this is why…to keep you diverted!

For the enemy is looking for ways to get My people caught up in their own situations that they will not properly stand with Me at this time. I need you to come against this & refuse to give in to his wiles. Instead, look unto Me & I will take you through this & as My people will truly arise to war at this time, many wonderful things will result from their actions. For this nation will see a time of blessing…before the end will come. My people will be able to worship Me & bring others to Me, like never before…for this time will bring a great spiritual renewal & revival to the world.

And many that I have been preparing will begin to stand in places & positions that they never thought possible, as I elevate them for My glory. This will be a time of rejoicing as My light shines in darkness, for darkness will not be able to stay. This is why it is vitally important for you to war at this time…to make My light shine! Not a light that has been compromised by complacency or confusion, for in my kingdom there is ORDER, not confusion! As My people will take their place & truly fight, they will see the reward of their labors…you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear Saints…we cannot over emphasize the importance of this hour! There is SO much more that the Lord has revealed to us! So many are not aware of how illegal immigration has already destroyed cities, turning them into places of violence, hate & a total lack of “society”! Back in the 1960s, the church was complacent & thru politics the onslaught of murdering millions of innocent babies by abortion began. Then later, over time, many abominations & perversions rose up & again the church was complacent…then this demonic beast rose up & began eroding people’s rights, more & more, by giving way to “special rights” for those against Christianity.

Then during the previous Administration, the unspeakable happened, as the church remained complacent again…ungodly marriage was “legalized”! Then more & more confusion arose, with all kinds of demonic personality disorders, (LGBTQ+)…this list goes on & on…so far there are at LEAST 63 “genders”. Saints, it took 8 YEARS before the church WOKE up & took a stand for righteousness. Complacency left & God’s people began to see God make wonderful changes through His servant, President Trump. He is fiercely HATED by those who are ungodly, because he stands to destroy what the devil has accomplished! Satan has truly gotten into the hearts of these hateful people.

This is the time for God’s people to allow Him to work through them as never before. As we will take our place at this present time & do what we know we must do, in obeying His voice…we will see wonderful things continue to happen…but God says on a much higher level, as our victory in this election is fulfilled. Do not slack off at this time or allow other things to keep you from doing what God wants us to do…we must stand up & fight! But, NOT as the others are doing, with violence! We must walk in love…remember…we are to love the sinner, but hate the sin! Walking in God’s Holy Spirit is the only way for us to do this.

But, now, the enemy is trying his next move…to usher an increased invasion into our country. This is a planned move, to ultimately bring an illegal unbalance to the USA voting system. But, we thank the Lord for giving us a President that is gifted to see things many steps ahead & has planned for even this, by the things we have seen happen over the past few weeks. Many things are about to happen…do not let the next 6 days shock you or fill you with fear! Trust the Lord to work through all of these things.

Something that He has been increasingly embedding within our spirit man lately is, we are to NEVER forget His promise: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Rom. 8:28). NO matter what happens or what we see going on around us…we MUST trust Him to keep His promise…no matter what happens, He will ALWAYS make things work together for our good!

Those in the USA…you MUST take a stand & vote for the good of this nation! Not voting will aid the enemy & we lose…voting for the wrong side, will only aid the evil & we lose! We all should know what side we must vote for. It is hard to believe that there are people who “call” themselves “Christians”, who are voting for the side promoting ungodliness, perversions & unending murder of the innocents & think they are “obeying the Lord”. These are obviously deceived…they are not serving our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, but “another Jesus”, 2 Cor. 11:4 speaks about!

Those in other countries, please war for our nation here, for what happens next week, will ultimately affect the entire world! We rejoice to hear that God’s people in Brazil have stood up & turn the tide of evil away there, through their recent election…we praise the Lord for what He is doing there!

Now, people of the USA…it is our time to do the same…solidify the continuing efforts of our sitting President, God’s modern-day Cyrus, that President Trump may be able to continue bringing good things to this country…unimpeded by the work of the enemy & only for the glory of God!

It is time for us to make our battle cry…it is time for those around us to hear the sound of war!

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Stand In Authority For Your Nation.

Dear Saints,

As I have been seeking the heart of the Father over what He desires to share with His people, He laid upon my heart a few things that He has already given through prophecy over the years that will be coming to pass shortly.  And so, the Father want’s me to share these things in a post and what His desire is for His people during the coming days.

First of all, just as the Lord told us in my last posting through prophecy by my pastor and dear friend, the mid-term elections are extremely important and will set the course for the U.S. and the world for many years to come.

Please don’t think that this is simply a political matter.  Make no mistake, there is presently a spiritual war going on and the U.S. is under siege by spirits and rulers of darkness.  I know that both political parties in the U.S. have corruption in them, however, evil is using the Democratic party as its vehicle to destroy the U.S. by removing its religious freedoms and other liberties, and then bring in all kinds of evil and corruption that will spread throughout the world.  These spirits and rulers of darkness are fully aware of the last move of God that will go throughout the earth and they are fighting with all their might to stop it from happening, or at least hinder it from having its full effect.  If we lose our religious freedoms here in the U.S., then we will be hindered to some degree in the last days harvest and great move of God.

Therefore, it is imperative that we take a stand in our authority in Christ and declare and decree that righteousness will prevail in our nations.  We must use our authority and speak truth and justice into the spiritual realm and over the mid-term elections.  Also, we need to be responsible as the light to the world and give voice to our desire for righteousness, truth and justice through our voting in this election.

If we take our rightful stand and vote and pray, then God will do His part in the mid-term elections.  However, we MUST be prepared for what happens next.  If we gain victory through the Democrats’ defeat, then there will be a backlash of evil.  There will be mobs protesting with violence and it will be dangerous in many places of the U.S.   More civil unrest will be spread everywhere.  It’s even possible that martial law will be implemented.  And if it is, don’t rebel against it because it is for our good to curb the violence.

Also, if truth and justice wins during this election. then soon after, corruption in the government will be exposed which will shock many.  More chaos and violence may erupt as a result.

The Lord has warned us for years regarding the coming civil unrest, chaos and violence.  So we should already be spiritually prepared.  We should also already have food and water stored up in the event that something hinders it in our cities.  Natural disasters will continue and gain frequency.  Also, stores may be closed due to mobs and looting.  In any event, we need to be prepared ahead of time.

But in all of this, the Lord has given me specific instructions to share with His people:

  • Avoid strife and don’t get caught up in arguments.  If possible, so far as it depends on you, live in peace with all people.
  • Remain steadfast in faith and trust in God for His protection.
  • Believing in faith, declare the promises of God, more specifically, promises of protection and provision.
  • Show love and mercy to others, always walking in love.
  • Above all, stay close to Christ, always praying and giving thanks, obeying the word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

If we would remain consistent in these instructions, God will keep us protected.  Remember, He loves us all and has plans to prosper us.  But if we disobey Him or get caught up in the striving of men during these dangerous times, then it opens the door to the enemy and God cannot fully protect us.  As we live in the mist of civil unrest, we MUST be wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove.  Good things are in store for Gods people and we must have this hope during the trying times.

But no matter how the elections go, and no matter what happens afterward, remember that God is still in control.

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Much love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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A Time Of Rest Before More Battles.

Dear Saints,

My dear friend and pastor has received another urgent word for the Body of Christ in this critical hour.  Please prayerfully receive His loving words to us.

Word of the Lord:

“My People, hear your Heavenly Father this day as I come to you to bring you glad tidings & to pour out My everlasting love. I come to bring you news of peace & also to prepare you for the time ahead. For many of you have stood strong amidst the battles that have surrounded you…many have stood up & fought the spiritual strongholds that have shown themselves through the recent political battles. Many of you have felt the intensity of these battles, having withstood them, standing firm in that which I have established within you.

And now there is a time of peace, as you may rest from your battles, regroup & regain more strength which you spent through adversity. Enjoy this short time, My people…rest from your battles & begin to draw upon Me to heal you & to strengthen you, as I prepare you for what is yet ahead. For very soon the time for battle will return…very soon you will need to stand strong again…so stand fast in the liberty that I have made you free! For in the next few weeks, you will see an intensity arise all around you…many troubling things will be heard.

As the spiritual climate goes to new heights in what the demonic realm would desire to do to repress & limit you, do not give in to a spirit of fear that will attempt to wound many…I need My people to trust Me as never before. For the battles of the past few weeks were fierce & some were not even aware of the many things that were at stake…but as My people stood strong during that time, the enemy could not function to complete his plans & his attempts were thwarted. In this rejoice, My people, for a great victory has truly been won for you!

And now look to Me as I lead you ahead in the coming spiritual wars…for before this coming election, many things will take place to try to get My people’s eyes off of what really matters, so you will not be focused to fight. This election is an important battle…do not underestimate its importance! For the outcome of it will set the stage for many years ahead. On the one side, they desire to derail what I have only begun to accomplish to return this nation back to Me. The other side must win, or My people will quickly lose all of their freedoms.

I want to re-emphasize that this is a global war…it does NOT just relate to the USA…for whatever happens to this nation, will ultimately affect the entire world. You have seen how My servant, this seated President has already brought MUCH change not only to your nation, but also to the whole world. If those who desire to turn back what I have started are to win…the world will suffer unthinkable losses, challenges & woes. I need My people to stand at attention & be PRESENT in what is soon to be happening…for your freedoms depend on it.

You cannot hide your heads in the sand & expect Me to do all the fighting for you. I WILL do My part…but I also NEED you to do yours! My people need to understand what is REALLY happening. The political stage is no longer what it used to be. In times past, politics were mostly limited to people & government…but in the past several years politics have advanced into a VERY spiritual nature…for what many do not know is that these areas are now infiltrated by elite forces, controlled by demonic strongholds…this is truly a battle you must win!

For the stakes of this election will swing the door of time in one of two directions…if the enemy wins, My people will not have the freedom to reach the lost on a level that they now have, but instead great adversity & persecution will arise & My people will experience what is happening in many nations around this world. But, as My people will stand up & fight, they will see the greatest victory that history has ever known as My people rise up & take back this nation & the world for My glory, before I return. Isn’t this what you want to happen?

For as those who have tasted the glory of what My people are to be is realized through this victory, great revival will begin & My people will take their place to arise & shine, for the glory of their Lord shall arise on them. As My people were awaken from spiritual sleep through the course of the previous presidential administration & the hundreds of millions began to pray all around the world on that great election night in 2016, even so, as My people will stand again & reach out unto Me for My will to be done…you will see great things begin to change.

Do not allow a spirit of mediocrity deceive you into thinking this isn’t important. REMEMBER…the night I was betrayed in the garden when the MOB came to arrest Me. What did I say? I said: “When I was daily with you in the temple, you stretched forth no hands against Me: but this is your hour & the power of darkness“. THAT entire attack was a POLITICAL event staged by the devil. Had this not been political, I would have never been betrayed or crucified! THIS current political staging is on the same par as Mine, but compounded exponentially!

You do not want the opposing side to win…for the effects of that would be devastating…the violence against righteousness would instantly increase & a spirit of fear would grip My people all around the world. The time for battle has come…you must realize this & be ready to take your place in battle. Be instant, in season, and out of season. Yes, enjoy the next few days, but be ready in an instant to stand in your rightful place against the powers of darkness. I need you to do you part & fight with Me…you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”


These are very critical times we live in.  It is VERY important that we both pray for God’s will to prevail in the November U.S. mid-term elections and do our part in the natural by getting out and voting.  If we don’t do our part and lose this election to the enemy, things will get very bad very fast and we will most likely quickly lose our religious liberties among many other freedoms.  I for one greatly desire to see God get the victory over the enemy, not only in the elections, but also in a great end-times revival….  Please take this word to heart and share it with your brothers and sisters in Christ….

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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Don’t miss out on your time to arise and shine.

Word from the Father:

My people, listen to your Heavenly Father this day. Have I not declared unto you that this is the season for you to arise and shine because your light has come? So then, why are so many of you cast down of soul and still subject to the lower life in many areas in which you should already be free?

Listen to Me, My little ones. When I declared for you all to arise and shine, it was not simply a joyful gesture, but also a command. I am commanding My people this day to arise and shine, for the days are evil and gross darkness is already taking over the minds of many. Can you not see this?

I do not want you living the lower life any longer. This is your time to arise and shine, and overcome the world. I have already provided you with the grace for this. But you MUST take hold of this for yourselves, I will not do it for you.

Oh, I know that many of you ask just what it means to arise and shine. And so I will tell you. It is the time and season for My kingdom within you to arise and take its rightful place. And in this, you shall be great conquerors in all that you say and do. For My power will reside within you to bring into completion My will for your lives and those in your sphere of influence.

Listen well to Me this day. I have waited patiently for this hour that I may show My great and awesome power through and among mankind. And I shall. However, it is up to each of you individually if you shall be included in this. I will not force you to be part of it.

So then, if you desire to take part in My kingdom and end-time army in these last days, then take heed to what I am saying. First, you must believe within yourselves for this to be true. For I have made this possible for you by faith, and by faith alone shall it be. And through faith, I want you to believe Me for divine strength and power to overcome all areas of sin and the flesh. And by the power of My Spirit, take up your cross and mortify the deeds of the flesh. But most importantly, get away from your busy activities and spend time in My written word and with Me and My Son in your prayer closets. And keep us at the forefront of your thoughts throughout your day. And as much as it is possible, stay at peace with all men and allow My Spirit to guide your thoughts, words, and deeds.

And as you would each do this, you shall see My light within you begin to burn brighter and brighter. And as you spend more time in My presence, you will sense My presence and anointing go with you throughout your day.

Oh, My people, how I am thrilled for you all in these last days. And I have so much to share with you. For too long, religion and false doctrines of men have kept My people from truly walking with Me in power. But no longer. For I declare unto you that this is the season for My people to walk with their God and do great exploits. I tell you, this thrills My heart more than you can know.

So then, forget what is behind and shake off all that hinders your walk with Me. And begin to seek Me like never before. And as you do this, you shall sense the rising of My Spirit within you to guide you into all that I have for you. For I have many blessings for many of you that you know not of.

And in the short days ahead, you shall witness more shakings in the natural realm as I shake all that can be shaken. But know this, what you see in the natural is a reflection of the spiritual. So, as you witness those in leadership and authority removed from their positions, know that also in the spirit, strongholds and powers of the air are being removed. And as you witness the earth being shaken with disasters, know that your inheritance, and hidden riches of secret places, are also being shaken loose. And many of you shall inherit the wealth of the land.

And in all this, you shall know that I am not man that I shall lie, but I am a faithful, righteous, and holy God, and ALL of My promises are yea and amen.

So then, I tell you all, shout for joy for your light has truly come. And soon, the Lord whom you seek shall come to His temple, and He shall be unto My remnant as a refiner’s fire and a fuller’s soap. And He shall purify these ones so that they may be an offering of righteousness unto Me. For have I not declared in My written word that I shall make man more precious than gold? This promise does not merely speak of the rarity of man in the last days, but also of his purity and righteousness as man becomes My holy temple.

My lovely ones, there is so much that I wish to share with you. But many of you are not at a place yet where you can receive all I have planned for you. My plans for you are FAR MORE than what you can possibly ask or think. Yet, I desire to reveal these things to you. Therefore, I tell you, as much as possible, get away from the things that keep you busy with the world and spend time in My presence. I need to remove mindsets and strongholds within you that are keeping you from receiving all that I have for you. For religion has kept man bound to the earthly realm for too long and it is now time for you to be set free that you may walk with Me in fellowship as Enoch did. For do you not know that he was a prophetic sign for these last days? I tell you, just as he was the seventh from Adam, so are you the seven thousandth generation from Adam. Whereas, Enoch was just one man who walked with Me in his day. But in these last days, there shall be thousands to walk with me in the same way, just as Enoch prophesied (Jude 1:14).

My precious ones, oh how I desire for each of you to be part of the last days company who will carry My Spirit and anointing to a dying world. Yet, it is up to all of you if you would choose this walk and overcome your sin, flesh and the world. I cannot make you do this. For have I not declared in My written word that many are called, but few are chosen? So then, if you feel this calling within you, do not slight it, yet obey and heed My Spirit. I promise you that you will not be disappointed….



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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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