Help needed for a brother in Christ.

Dear Saints,

I’m sending out this request for help for a brother in Christ (Pastor Mark) who is my dear friend and pastor.  Many of you already know him and are connected with him.  He’s the one who also gives words to the Body of Christ which I post on this blog.

Many of you have sent me comments telling me how much his words from the Lord has helped you in your walk.  He’s used greatly by the Lord to edify the Body in general, and on a personal level for many like myself.

He doesn’t have his own church body, but the Lord has him living on donations from others the same as me.  He’s been called by God as an apostle to the Body of Christ, and so he has given his life to the ministry.  Much like the disciples from the early Church, he ministers through letters along with modern ways like email and phone calls.

Therefore, since he ministers to the readers of this blog, I’m asking for help on his behalf.  Also, it’s our duty of love as followers of Christ to help our brothers and sisters in need.

Pastor Mark is in need of a used miniature pick-up truck.  He believes that he can find one in his area for around $3,000 or less.  Therefore, if anyone is able to help this dear brother in Christ and minister of the Gospel, he would greatly appreciate it.

You can donate to him by using the donate button below that has already been set up to donate directly to his email address account.

Thank you, and much love to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Don’t give up on waiting at His feet.

Dear Saints,

This word from our Lord has been stirring in my spirit for quite sometime before He gave it to Me to release.  I say this because I can sense His heart yearning for His people.  He desires to fellowship with us so much and doesn’t want us to give up on seeking Him.  I know that there are many distractions from the enemy, and from life in general.  But we MUST make the time to wait upon Him, hear His words of instruction to us  (which many times is repentance of things we cannot see in ourselves), and then obey.

Please take this word to heart when reading it.  I can feel His great love and desire for His people.  So don’t give up.


Word from the Lord:

My people, listen intently to what I would say to you this day.  Many of you are weary and having a hard time in your prayer closets waiting for Me to show up.

Have I not taught in My word that it is by faith that you receive from Me?  So then, it is also by faith that you wait upon Me.  Do not doubt in your hearts, My little ones.  Do not doubt that I will visit you.  For doubt hinders you from entering into My presence and prevents Me from doing the work in you which I so much desire to do.

My little ones, time is short and I have much work that I need to do in many of you.  But you MUST learn to enter into My presence.  This is not a hard thing to do.  It has only become hard for many of you because of your difficulty in getting still, quieting yourselves, and waiting for My Spirit.

Oh, My little ones, how I love you all so much and desire to fellowship with you. Yet, many of you doubt this to be a reality.  I tell you that it IS a reality.  Have I not said in My word that Mary has chosen the better potion rather than Martha, and it will not be taken away from her?  So then, it is not business and doing things that you think is for Me that I am seeking after.  It is your time spent with Me that I desire.  And it is your time spent with Me that shall never be taken away from you, in this life or the next.

Oh, please listen to My heart crying out to each one of you.  If you only knew how much I desire to sit with you and fellowship, then you would seek Me more often and believe that I will come unto you.  I have many great things I wish to share with you.  But most importantly, I have a work that I need to do in each of you.  For you do not know what is ahead and what all is coming upon the earth.  I tell you, if you do not learn to hear My words and do them, then you will be like the man who built his house upon the sand, and you shall surely be overtaken by the horrendous storm that is coming.  However, if you learn to sit at My feet, and hear My words and obey, then you shall be like the wise man who built his house upon the rock.  And when this storm comes, you shall not be overtaken by it.

My children, take to heart the story of the woman with an issue of blood.  First, she had faith, and then she proclaimed to herself that if she could just touch the hem of My garment she would then be healed.  Likewise, believe in your heart and proclaim with your mouth that I shall meet with you.  And as you do this, sit and wait upon Me with faith and anticipation that I will show up.  Oh, it may not be immediately, yet, it shall happen according to your faith.

Now listen, soon there shall be great shakings in all the earth.  Wars, riots, and disasters of all kinds shall be the norm.  Have I not warned you of these things in My word?  So then, listen intently to Me when I say that it is of the utmost importance that you spend time at My feet, waiting for My words of instruction, and then obey.

In the days ahead many of you will need a place of refuge from the onslaught of the enemy.  You will find this refuge in Me, however, there will be times I may need to tell you where to flee and hide so that you shall be safe.  I do not say these things to cause fear, yet to forewarn you so that you may be prepared.  For I tell you, if you wait until disaster strikes, then it may be too late and too difficult for you to learn to wait upon Me.

My beloved ones, I desire so much for you.  But My blessings will be in accordance with your faith and your obedience.  Don’t listen to the false teachers and prophets who proclaim that My abundant blessings will simply follow anyone who believes on My name.  For I tell you, even the demons believe and tremble at My name, yet, they shall not be blessed by this.  It is your faith that works by your love of Me and the Father, and that love that is exercised by your obedience, which is the true faith that will carry you in these last days.

So then, take to heart that each time you spend in your prayer closet waiting at My feet, it is never time wasted, even if you don’t since My presence.  For as you get quiet and wait upon Me in faith, I am doing a work within your heart that you know not of.  And I am expanding your capacity to receive of Me.

Oh, My dearest ones, how I love you all with an everlasting love.  Yet, these are the last of the last days and hard times are upon you.  And during these last days, there shall be the greatest harvest of souls this earth has ever seen.  Yet, even so, I need those who have been prepared by Me in their prayer closets to go out and do great exploits.  For My righteousness and holiness shall once again reign in the earth through My chosen ones.  And through My chosen ones, I shall conduct great wonders in the earth for all to witness My glory.

So then, take heart and do not give up.  Time is short and you MUST learn to wait upon Me.  I will reveal Myself to you in due time.  Yet, in the meantime, wait for My words of instruction to you, and obey. This is to your advantage and glory…..

End of word….


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Love and blessings to you all in the name of Jesus.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Resist the Falling Away.

Dear Saints,

We are in the last of the last days and much of scripture is coming to pass.  However, much of what is written in scripture regarding the last days is greatly misinterpreted by most of the Church.  Whereas, my dear friend and pastor received a word for the Body of Christ regarding the coming falling away.  This is not what most think and many of us are in danger of falling away and don’t even know it.

When I read this word I could feel the Lord speaking to my heart.  I pray that this word will also speak to you all and awaken many to the truth, and help us all to be found worthy to escape the many woes coming upon the earth.

Word from the Lord:

Come close to Me, My people & know My love for you…for I love you with an everlasting love. Know My love as it truly is…not how life or the world has instilled in you. For too many, My love is perceived by how things are going in one’s life. For too many, My love is perceived by whether you go through good times or bad times. For too many, My love seems ever “changing”, when I have said, My love changes not! I see the confusion that is beginning to take hold of My people…I see the torment as well as the emptiness. How is it that so many cannot fathom the depth of My love for them? For it isn’t My love that changes…it is only the changes one perceives, because of whatever they are going through. These things are not suppose to cause you to doubt My love…NO…these things should thrust you CLOSER to Me so My love would catapult you into Heavenly places…in Me. Hear Me, My people & understand the hour that you now live in. For so many speak of the end-times & how things are going to change, there is much excitement…but when things do begin to change around you, many begin to doubt My love & care for them. My love hasn’t changed…all that is happening is, you are seeing that your world is being shaken. Herein lies the problem…for many are shaken by the pains of birth that I said would come…they are shaken because their eyes are on THEIR world, instead of being fixed upon Me.

I need you to hear this & begin to respond to Me from your hearts. For what you are seeing happening around you is only having such effect because of your connection to the things that are perishing…for no man can serve two masters. I need you to see this so you can re-position yourselves into the place that I have made for you to BE, so you will dwell in that place close to My heart. For as your affections are placed on the things below, you will be affected by them. You cannot be affected by something that does not have a place in your heart. I want your affections to be on the things above…for that is what I came, bled, died & resurrected for…that you would have life & have it more abundantly.

For I am beginning to position My people into a place that they will see great blessing upon their lives. But, this cannot come upon you as long as you allow yourselves to be affected by the things in this world…for I require that My people be good stewards of the things of My Kingdom. Even so, I need you all to recognize this & respond appropriately, both to Me & to your circumstances so I can begin to release that which I have promised to each of you for a very long time. For many continue to wait for Me to fulfill My promises to them when in reality, it is I that is waiting on them…for I await the time that My people will no longer be tossed to & fro, whether by wind of doctrine or wavering by doubting.

I do not want you to be like those who are double-minded & like waves driven by the sea. I want My people to be strong in their Lord & in the power of HIS might. Hear Me now & understand the time that you now live in…for you are seeing the end come before your very eyes. For I have said that the catching away would not come, except there is a falling away first & that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition. When many read this, they can only see the meaning of this simplistically. There is more to this than that…for I said that My word is ALIVE & powerful & sharper than any two-edged sword, piecing & dividing asunder of soul & spirit & is a discerner of the thoughts & intents of the heart.

For when many think of the falling away, they look at it, as if it refers to everyone else…when I want My people to see it clearly, as referring to them. For the falling away does not happen in an instant…it is something that happens gradually. Just like the old parable of the frog in the pot on the hot stove…death comes slowly, as it is lulled into the sleep of death…never to return again. I need My people to examine their lives & see where they are concerning the falling away…look at your lives & see for yourselves. Do you see yourselves coming closer & closer to Me…or do you find yourselves slowing being pulled away? I do not say this to scare you or to condemn you…I say this because of My genuine love for you.

I want you to see the truth, so you can shake yourself free from this & return to coming closer to Me. For that is what I desire for you…that is what truly pleases Me! I do not want any of you to miss out on what I have planned for you…but the response of your heart is your choice…I cannot force you to change…I cannot make you to do anything. All I can do is woo you with My unchanging love & tell you the truth…that you all may grow up into Him, who is the head…even Christ! For My desire is for the word of Christ to dwell in you richly in all wisdom. Hear Me, My people & seek me…draw close to Me while you can. For if you will truly do this, I assure you that you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

End of word.

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Love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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The passing of Billy Graham was a sign.

Word from the Father:

My people, listen to your heavenly Father this day.  I come to you all with open arms of love and with exciting news.  I know that many of you grieve over the loss of the well-known Billy Graham, in whom many were so fond of.  But I would have you to know this; he has entered into his rewards.  However, there is something much greater that you should rejoice in besides this fact.

For I tell you, the passing of Billy Graham has heralded the passing of an old era and a new one has begun.  The mantle of Billy Graham will be handed down to many for the saving of many souls.  Howbeit, there is something else even more wonderful than that. Even though it is a wonderful thing for just one soul to turn to Me, it is a much greater thing for just one soul to become one with Me.

This is the greater thing regarding Billy Graham’s passing.  The passing of the old has ushered in a new era in which many will have their eyes and ears opened to the truth and many will forsake the pleasures of the world to become one with Me.  For the old era has taught the name of Jesus, but for the most part, has not taught the truths of My kingdom and the reality of a glorified, sinless, and perfect life, fully united with Me in oneness with My Spirit.

This shall be the new message of the day; to prepare a people for My habitation and for Me to be glorified in earthen vessels.  And many shall die to themselves so that they may become one with Me, and that I may be glorified in them. And in this, My power shall be greatly revealed in the earth through these ones.

Oh, My lovely ones, this is My desire for all of you.  However, this comes at a great price, and that price is your own self-life which not many are willing to give up.  But these are the last days and I have reserved a remnant who shall be willing to give up all the world has to offer in order to be one with their God.

Listen well.  Now is the time for an abundance of My grace to be poured out upon anyone who would choose this.  Howbeit, do not take this invitation lightly, nor agree to it in haste.  First, you must consider the cost.  Are you willing to give up everything dear to you, even your own flesh and blood?  Are you willing to walk away from your job or business to never look back if I were to ask you?  I tell you, this choice shall be the undoing of everything you hold dear.  But the reward shall far outweigh anything the world has to offer.

So then, I do not ask of you today to make this choice, yet I ask of you to consider the cost and ask yourself if you would be willing to take up your cross and give up all to follow My Son wherever He leads you.  If you would do this, and truly begin to seek Me with all your heart, mind, soul and strength; then I shall see from heaven and pour out an unprecedented measure of My grace upon you for this journey.

The days are short and the end is near.  Therefore, I need those who are willing to carry My glory to the nations.  But only those who have died to their self-life shall be My glorified ones in these last days.  Oh, I will still have those on the earth who shall carry My anointing, yet even so, it shall not be the same as My Glory.  For no man, save Jesus Christ Himself, has ever walked the earth in the fullness of My Glory.  However, I tell you that there shall be those in these last days who shall be glorified and walk in the fullness of My Spirit and Truth just as My Son Jesus did.  Yet know this, even My own Son was glorified through the betrayal of Judas and His death on the cross.  So then, how much more do you suppose that you must also die to yourselves in order to be glorified?

Oh, do not fret over the thought that this is an impossible task.  For surely, I tell you that what is impossible with man is possible with Me.  And I SHALL have a remnant in the earth who will be My habitation among men in these last days.  Do not be as the Israelites of old who saw themselves as grasshoppers compared to the giants in their promised land, and then doubted and feared.  Even though your flesh and sin may be as giants to you, the battle is Mine.

I tell you all, eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, what I have in store these last days for those who truly love Me.  But I shall reveal these things to My remnant who will carry My Glory to a lost and dying world.

Do not miss out on this great opportunity.  For I tell you; I am no respecter of persons, and this call goes out to whosoever will.  Don’t believe the lies of the enemy that this calling is only for the anointed leaders in ministry.  For I tell you, even very few of them, if any, will answer this call because many have chosen to love their ministry more than Me.  Therefore, those who are unknown, of lowly reputation, and who have chosen to follow Me and make themselves least in the eyes of the world, will be the ones who are greatest in My kingdom.

I love you all, and how I desire this for all of you.  But ultimately, the choice is yours.  For even though I may call many to this calling, few will ultimately be chosen because few will consider the cost to die fully to self and endure to the end.  Yet, even so, I do give this call for all those who would consider the cost.  Surely, it will be well worth it……



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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Time to go deeper in God.

Greetings dear Saints,

If any of you are like me, you’re still going through hard trials and dry places even though we’ve entered a new season of breakthroughs.  Sometimes, it gets very difficult to keep holding on and having faith in God.

Even now as I write this, I have a heavy heart.  I’ve been fighting and praying lately for victory in a matter that God promised me victory in over 25 years ago.  Just a couple of months ago I began (in the natural realm) fighting this fight for victory because I know that it’s that season in which God will fulfill His promises to us that we have been waiting on for so long.

However, today I received discouraging news of a setback.  It hit me pretty hard and even shocked me for a short while because I was believing so much for victory.  However, even in the face of what seems like a defeat, I still can still feel deep within me something beginning to rise up and tell me that the fight is not over and there’s still hope.

The Lord’s Spirit in me won’t let me give up and tells me to keep fighting just a little while longer.  His ways are not our ways many times He needs to do something behind the scenes that we are not aware of, so to bring a greater victory that will glorify Him.

Also, I have another sensing in my spirit that something BIG is on the horizon.  I can sense a spiritual awakening coming to the body of Christ.  This is something even better than a revival.  Til this day the earth and all creating groans for the manifestation of the sons (and daughters) of God.  I can sense that a spiritual awakening of who we truly are in Christ is coming.  And I know the enemy greatly fears this because it will be the demise of his army of darkness.

For this reason, I believe that he’s working overtime to cause many of God’s people to give up hope just before their breakthroughs.  The coming breakthroughs many of us are waiting on will be the catalyst to many more breakthroughs down the road, and the enemy knows this and is fighting hard against us so we’ll give up now.

I’m telling you all, don’t give up.  Your breakthrough is coming.  I can feel it.

On this note, my pastor and dear friend received a word from God for the body with encouragement to keep going on just a few more steps.  God desires for us to go deeper in Him more than we have ever experienced.  And for this to happen, it is essential for the hard trials which many of us have gone through and are still going through.

So whatever you may be going through.  Don’t give up and seek Him more than you ever have before.

I hope this word encourages you all as much as it did me.


Word from God:

My people, listen to your Heavenly Father this day...know that I love 
you with an everlasting love. My love will never change. I want you all 
to BE like Me. As you will receive My words & allow them to go DEEP 
within your hearts, you will know the depths of My love for you on a 
level that you never thought possible. For even now, I am touching many 
of you as the depths of who I AM flows over your souls. For this is a 
time for My people to know Me for who I AM, so I can show them who they 
truly ARE. For as you will know My love, as it really is, you will find 
yourselves desiring Me more than anything else that there is...for the 
very depth of My heart will becomes yours, as you seek Me with all your 
DEEP calls out to DEEP. I AM calling you, My people to come closer to 
Me...for you have come to the time that I desire to use many of you in 
the Earth. For as you will hearken unto My voice & take My words DEEP 
within you, you will understand the time that you are living. This I 
speak, not referring to the time of the end...but of the time that My 
people will shine as lights in a dark place. Please understand that this 
will not just will not just drop out of the have a 
part in doing this...for your response unto Me is always the deciding 
factor. Many of you desire to be used of Me, but many times fail to 
recognize that that I must first do a work within you, before I can use 
you on the level I desire.
Hear Me & understand...I must do it TO you, before I can do it THROUGH 
you. Every one of My servants have gone through great times of 
development, each according to their need. Moses, Joseph, David, to name 
a few, ALL had to go through a time of change & development in their 
lives. These things took many years. But know that I have been at work 
in many of you & you have developed greatly over time, but there is 
still more that needs to be done. This is the time for you to see that 
work fulfilled, so I can use you. Understand that the taller & greater 
My "building" within you for Me to use you on a great & powerful 
level...the greater My working through you...the deeper the foundation 
must go.
I must work My foundation DEEP within your hearts & lives...these things 
take time. I worked on Moses for nearly 40 years. I know to hear such 
things can intimidate many of you, but be of good courage...for I will 
do a quick work in these last days & as you will yield your lives unto 
Me, you will see great things happen in the days ahead. But, you must be 
willing to seek Me as you never have sought Me before. Deep calls out to must become DEEP like Me. Do you hear must BE DEEP 
like Me. This means that you must grow beyond what you already must allow Me to work greater within you, to take you past 
where your faith now is...your faith must be deeper than you now know.
It is time for My people to seek My presence, as never before. Many will 
talk about My presence, but most really have no idea of what I mean when 
I say come into My presence.  Most of the time, My people will feel My 
presence, during a church service or at times during prayer, but soon 
afterwards, that sensation fades & there is no lasting change. Many do 
not understand what I am wanting to do within them. I want you to BE 
Carriers of My presence. Most do not know what being a carrier of My 
presence will do. When you carry My presence, it will change your will never be the same are wrecked forever. You 
will even see people be overcome by My glory as you walk past them.

In order for this to happen, I need to go DEEPER into your hearts. Many 
of you will say, that you have opened up your entire hearts unto Me, but 
believe Me...there are depths DEEP within you that you have not given 
over to Me, but as you will purpose yourselves to come DEEPER unto Me, 
you will quickly realize just how true these words really are. This will 
shock many of you, as I show you areas of your lives that you thought 
that you have given over to Me. Do not be afraid for Me to do 
this...there is nothing to fear...for I only desire to free you from all 
that would keep you from being who YOU truly desire to be. For deep down 
within each of you, there is a great desire for you all to be just like Me.
Now let Me share something important with you. Some of you are very 
close to seeing My victory & breakthrough in your lives...just a few 
more "steps" forward, as you are led by My will, to enter into what I 
have planned for you. You have gone forward in many ways & have taken 
profound stepping to seek listen to My voice & to allow Me to 
direct your paths. For many, this has been a trying & difficult time, as 
you have witnessed Me take you through things that you never would think 
I would do. And by this I have gone through have gone through disappointments & have 
gone through hard times, only to see Me move you forward by just a very 
few steps.
Hear Me now & know My heart for you...for I care deeply for you & only 
want good things in your lives...but because of your callings...because 
what I have planned for you to do, it is needful for you to take the 
steps in this "stepping" see My victory & breakthrough come in your 
lives. For truly, Moses needed to go all of those years, tending sheep, 
so I could use him to be a leader of My people & deliver them out of 
bondage. For truly, Joseph needed to go through that time of unjust 
punishment & imprisonment, so I could lift him us to be 2nd to Pharaoh & 
save Egypt & all of his family from the famine that had struck the land. 
Truly David needed to fight the lion & the bear, so he could kill Goliath.
Even so, those of you who I have called for such great purposes, must 
also go through such times of hardship & even times of I can 
work a work in you for your good. For My grace is sufficient for you, 
for My strength is made perfect in your weakness. Lift up your heads & 
rejoice for what I have prepared for you. Know that I have begun a good 
work in you & will perform it until the day of Christ. Those who feel 
like you are not getting anywhere, please understand that things ARE 
happening - work IS being done. You just need to recognize that what I 
do isn't always something you are even aware of. Just trust Me to take 
you ahead in your walk & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord".

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financial needs, in any amount. The Lord still has me relying on the financial
support from others and donations have been down a lot lately. Of course, I
pray that He abundantly blesses all those who are faithful in helping me.

Love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,
Kevin B.

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Preparation for God’s dwelling place and the counterfeit move of God.

Word from the Lord:

My people, I come to you today with words of love, encouragement, and instruction.  You have entered the most exciting days in all of mankind if you can receive this.  For I have many surprises in store for those who earnestly seek Me for My presence and not just my blessings.

Listen intently to what I would say to you this day.  I am about to pour out My Spirit upon the earth in such a way that has never before been witnessed by man.  These are the last days in which I will show forth My power in the earth realm.  And many shall come into My kingdom in these last days.

However, I must warn you that the enemy of your soul is also preparing for his counterfeit of this great move of mine.  Do not allow yourselves to be deceived by his trickery and cunning deceit.  Do not allow yourselves to be led astray by those who may show signs and wonders yet will subtly and cunningly introduce destructive and distorted teachings, even denying Me as Lord, who bought them with a price, thus bringing swift destruction upon themselves.  I tell you, many have already followed their destructive ways, and because of these false ones, the way of truth has been maligned, and in their covetousness, they have made merchandise of many with their deceptive words.

My little children, it is not my desire that any of you fall prey to the enemy.  However, it is sad to say that many of My children have already been deceived by the many false prophets and teachers of these last days.  Yet, even so, it is still possible for you to loosen yourselves from their deceptions. If you would sincerely seek Me with all your heart and truly desire and seek after My truth, even to your own hurt, then I shall reveal to you the deceptions of your own heart and set you free.  For the enemy comes only to steal, kill, and destroy, but I have come that you may have life and life more abundant.

Now listen to what I would say to you this day.  I need to prepare your hearts to receive all that I have for you in these last days.  And for Me to do this, I need you to spend more time in My presence.  I need you to sit in silence before Me and allow me to do a deep work within your hearts.  For I have many surprises in store for you.  But if you do not spend time alone with Me in the secret place, then I am greatly hindered from doing the work in you that I so much desire to do.

For I am preparing a people in these last days who will carry My Spirit and My authority to the nations.  And many shall come to their light and worship Me.  Yet, I need your obedience and willingness in this.  I cannot and will not do this work in the hearts of those who will not take up their cross and yield to the working of My Spirit.

There are many prophetic voices today declaring the coming great move of My Spirit in these last days.  Yet, few will prepare My people for what is needed for this great move.  Oh, I will do wonders and conduct miracles through the many who will be willing to be used.  Yet, only those who have fully surrendered to Me and allowed Me to purge, cleanse and refine them, will be the ones who carry My authority in these last days.

For I am preparing a spiritual house for Myself and My Father to dwell in.  And for one to take part in this house, they must allow the inner working of My cross to crucify all flesh and self-desire.  Therefore, I need you to spend time in My presence and allow Me to do this work.  And as you yield to the working of My Spirit in your prayer closets, you will be taking up your cross and denying yourselves as I have commanded in My word.

Therefore, allow Me to do this work deep within each of you.  For even if it may be painful to your flesh at times, the ending glory shall far outweigh any pain that you may endure.  And My deep love will heal all your wounds.  I love you, My lovely ones.  And it is My Father’s desire to give you His kingdom.

Therefore, do not take these words lightly and yield to the working of My Spirit.  For great shall be your reward, both in this life and the next.  And you shall be a dwelling place for your God and abide in our presence forevermore.  I love you all with an everlasting love and blessed shall be those who heed these words of Mine this day.



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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Encouragement to pursue your victory.

Dear Saints,

I know that many of us are excited about this new season we have entered with its many opportunities.  However, before every victory, there’s a battle.  Some may not see the changes yet in their lives and are discouraged.  I know that some are seeking God like never before, yet seem that things are still the same as always.  However, I want you to know that is not true.  We may not yet see the changes or the victory yet, but don’t give up.  That is exactly what the enemy of your soul wants you to do and is trying desperately to get many of you to lay down the fight and give up.

Therefore, I wish to share this prophetic word to the Body of Christ from my dear pastor and friend.  I pray that it gives you strength and encouragement for your journey into your next season of many victories.

Word from the Lord:

“My children…come unto Me & receive My words of love for you. As I look down I see much going on within the hearts of My people. Many have begun this new year & at first, things seemed exciting to you, but then before you knew it…things began to change. Little by little, that excitement seemed to melt away…little by little, the hope that you had at the beginning of the year seem to disappear. Many are now walking about, functioning for the most part, but deep within, you feel there is an emptiness that just doesn’t seem to go away. Know that I love you with an everlasting love & come to help you so you will know what you need to do…for I have come that you might have life, more abundantly.

I see the changes that have come…I know what is going on in your heart. I need you to see as I see, so you can reverse this & get back to where you are supposed to be. For many now feel defeated in some areas of life…many cannot even explain what they are feeling…all they know is, they are hurting deep within & are crying out for Me to help them. I want to encourage you right now, as I come to you…do not look at your current circumstances, for doing so will only reinforce what you already feel. It is time for you to do as David did…you must encourage yourself in Me. If you will be honest with yourselves, your situations are not a bad as his…he had lost everything & the people wanted to stone him.

David could have wallowed away in despair, letting the “defeat” that he had experienced finish him off, but instead, he chose to encourage himself in Me. So many of My people are beginning to feel paralyzed right now…not knowing what they should do. Hear Me now…come unto Me, My people & let Me lift you up from where you are! Let My love wash over you & wash away all that would keep you from being who I have called you to be. Come unto Me so I can encourage you…BE as David was & inquire of Me as to what you need to do. Come to me with your situations & let Me direct your steps. For I told David to “pursue, for you shalt surely overtake them & without fail, recover all”. Hear now what I have said.  

The enemy wants to keep you where you are…he doesn’t want you to succeed…he doesn’t want you to be who I have called you to be. So, he speaks to your hearts, playing on your emotions…trying to instill within you failure & defeat. He whispers to you, that you are a failure & will never succeed, so why bother to try…he tells you that you have tried before & failed, so just give up. Do not listen to him…remember…he is a liar. This is what is SO unbelievable about his tactics…he plays upon emotions because so many can be blinded by them, so they do not see through the reality…he is a liar & the father of it. He wants to keep you fixated on what you feel so you will not have the abundant life I have promised.  

Enter into My rest, My people…do not let what I have slip away from you. For there is much that I have for you in this new year to come. Hear My words unto David…I said to PURSUE. That didn’t mean to try once & give up…that meant to be in a state of pursuing…continually not letting anything keep you from your purpose. This is why so many will fail…they will try, then they will give up…they do not pursue! Pursuing is a state of VICTORY…for a victor cannot be stopped! Hear Me, My people & be who I have called you to be…for you are MORE than conquerors through Me! Come to Me & let Me help you shake off complacency, discouragement…run hard after Me. You will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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