Store up for yourselves now.

Today in communing with the Lord, He spoke these words to me:  Tell my people who time is short, yes very short.  My people need to seek Me in preparations for the days ahead.  There is great destruction glooming on the horizon.  Life as you know it will never be the same again.  My people are not prepared.  Not spiritually or in the natural.  Many have heard the warnings and do not take it to heart.

Word from Jesus:

My people; awake from your slumber and listen to what the Spirit sayeth.  I love you, my people, with an everlasting love.  But my people shun the prophets I have sent and seek to hear only smooth words of good tidings.  I love you, my people, and do not desire that any should perish.  Prepare yourselves NOW.  Destruction is at your doorstep.  Seek Me in what you should do.  I have sent my prophets to warn you.  But you do not take it to heart.  I love you, my people.  Hear my heart crying out to you to prepare and prepare NOW.  Yes, you need to rend your hearts to me.  But also, I say to you, prepare now in the natural.  Store up for yourselves food and water for the days ahead.  For many of you will be without when this destruction hits.  Did I not have my son Joseph to store up during the season of plenty for the times of lack?  Why then do you tell yourselves that IF this happens then God will provide?  My children, I am providing for you now by telling you to prepare.  Yes, I will do miracles of multiplication of food.  But that is only for those who believe.  You are showing your unbelief when you do not heed my prophets.  Hear me this day, my children.  I love you and care for you.  My heart weeps because you will not listen and therefore many of you shall suffer and go without.  I tell you, my people, heed my word to you this day.  Prepare now.  Store up for yourselves.  Seek Me in this, my people, for surely I will make a way where there is no way.  But you must heed my word and act upon it now, my children.  Do not say to yourselves, this will not happen.  For surely I do nothing unless first I have sent out the warnings by my prophets.  So surely I will bring this to pass as I have warned.  Wake up, my children.   Life is no longer business as usual.  Seek Me now in what to do to prepare.  I love you, my children.  Seek me now on how to prepare so that you will not be without.  For surely I care for my children and I will provide.  But I will NOT honor the unbelieving or slack heart that says “Surely this will not happen” when I have sent my prophets to warn you.  I love you, my people.  Hear me now when I say prepare and you shall be at peace in the days ahead, sayeth your God.

**NOTE:  In this word, the Lord is telling us to store up and prepare for the disaster that’s coming.  We all should be prepared and not caught off guard.  When disaster strikes, their will be a lot of looting and fighting and chaos going on.  We can stay safe inside our homes if we have prepared beforehand.  But this storing up for preparedness is not speaking of the many long hard days coming.  We are only to store up masses of food and supplies if the Lord has told us to, for He will be our provider in the hard times ahead.


Kevin B.