A mighty move of God’s Spirit is coming.

Word from the Lord:

My chosen ones, I come to you this day with exciting news.  A mighty move of My Spirit is coming.  Therefore, you’re all on the verge of the greatest breakthroughs you have ever encountered.  Doors of all sorts will now begin to open.  Doors to ministries, doors to finances, doors to long-awaited fulfilled promises, doors to renewed health, doors to restored relationships, and most importantly, doors to a greater and most intense fellowship with Me.

Does this not excite you, My beloved ones? For this truly excites Me.  I am working within and among a people whom I have chosen to carry My glory to a lost and dying world.  Think not of your past failures or frailty of the flesh.  For this work of My glory in you will not be done by any working of your own power or might, but by My Spirit alone as you walk in agreement with Me and spend time with Me in your prayer closets.

I love each and every one of you so deeply.  More than you can possibly imagine.  And so, even though darkness and chaos may ensue upon the land, you shall not be overcome by it, yet you shall be overcome by My Spirit instead.  And the joy of gladness shall be mightily upon each of you.  Therefore, I encourage you to seek Me in this season and drink of Me.  Drink in all of My Spirit, light, and revelation which I will give you.  Receive all of Me as I pour out My Spirit upon each of you.

Now listen intently to what I would say to you about this great move of My Spirit.  Many will not fully understand and think that they have “arrived” so-to-speak.  Yet, I give you this warning.  This outpouring of My Spirit is for you to seek Me with even greater intensity and to be purged and purified by the baptism of My fire.  All of this is for the purification of My people and to prepare you for greater days of darkness that shall soon cover the earth.  For MANY, I tell you, shall fall away in these last days.  Yes, there is a revival coming like never before.  Yet, even so, afterward there shall also be a great falling away.

My people, study the scriptures that speak of the days in which I walked the earth.  Many sought to follow Me.  However, I made it too difficult for the vast majority of believers in those days.  And what started out as huge crowds, in the end, was but a few.  Take this to heart.  For I tell you, up until this time, the truth of the narrow path has not been taught in the fullness of its reality.  And many wrongfully think that following Me is an easy thing to grasp.  But I tell you now that it is not.  If you do not lay everything down, even your own lives, you will not endure to the end.  For the enemy is coming with great deception to deceive even the elect.  And many, I say MANY will fall to his schemes.

Therefore, take this warning of Mine this day and prepare your hearts to receive of Me and allow Me to purge, purify and strengthen your inner man as I hide you in My Spirit.  For it will only be as you are hidden in Me shall you be protected from all that is coming upon the world.  And only those looking through the eyes of My Spirit will not be deceived by the great deceptions that are coming.  For those who think they have the wisdom to know the difference between light and darkness, or truth and error, yet still discern through their natural understanding, shall be deceived.

I do not desire this for you, My chosen ones.  Therefore, I give you this warning this day.  Redeem the time that you now have and seek Me in your prayer closets often and receive of My Spirit daily.  Learn to walk by My Spirit and not by your own natural understanding.  And as you do this, I shall teach you to be guided by My Spirit in ALL things, even down to the smallest of details.  And as you continuously walk in this, never again shall you be deceived by the enemy of your soul.  And your light shall shine brightly to a lost and dying world.  And as they marvel at the fact that you are not shaken by the things coming upon the world, you shall be a living witness and testimony of Me and My kingdom reigning in the earth realm.

Oh, how this excites Me.  Does this not excite each of you?  I tell you now, you do not yet fully comprehend the magnitude of My glory that shall be revealed in each of you if you so choose to take this path with Me.  So then, prepare your hearts to receive of My Spirit this day.  Surely, you shall not be disappointed…



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