His Appearing IN His people.

Dear Saints, in my time with the Lord today, He said these words to me: Tell My people that I am coming to My church.

Word from the Lord:

Oh, My people, listen to Me this day.  Am I not the head of My church?  Am I not the great I AM?  So then, I say to you this day to open your hearts and spirits to receive of Me.  For these are the days in which I am coming to My church and establishing Myself as the head.

Oh, but many of you say that I am already the head of My church. But I say to you that this is not so.  For if the church was truly My body in the earth, she would shine with holy array and walk in My authority.  But I tell you now that thieves have made themselves head of My church.  But no more…..

For I shall smite the false shepherds with a curse and the sheep shall be scattered.  Then, I shall gather those who are truly Mine and they shall be of one fold with Me as the one and only true shepherd of the flock.

Oh, My little ones, you live in extraordinary times.  Howbeit, it shall also be great troublesome times as never before.  For I have come to shake all that can be shaken so that what cannot be shaken shall remain.  And I tell you the truth, ONLY My kingdom and all who abide in it shall not be shaken in these last days.  But for those who have built their house upon the sinking sand of lies; they shall see their house fall and great shall be the fall of it.

Listen to Me intently, I am doing a new thing in the earth in these last days.  Many shall be astounded and glorify My name.  Yet, many more shall be offended.  For just as it was in the days when I walked among men in the flesh, so shall it be in these last days. For those of the religious order who knew the scriptures well were waiting on a messiah, yet according to their own understanding.  And so it is today, many are waiting for what their carnal minds have conjured up about Me and My coming.

I tell you a mystery.  I shall come to many as a thief in the night.  Yet, for those truly seeking Me with a whole heart and abiding in Me, I shall manifest Myself and they shall be just like Me when they see Me in My manifested glory.  This, I tell you, is My true coming. Yes, I am indeed coming FOR My people, as the scripture has said, but My greater coming is My appearing IN My people. For I am the true vine and My Father is the vine dresser.  And it is almost time for the reaping of the first fruits from the earth.

Oh, but what is this reaping of the first fruits you ask.  And I shall tell you.  Does My word not declare that I shall be the firstborn among many brethren?  So then, the reaping shall be of those in whom I have manifested Myself fully in and have become just as I am and are one with Me in Spirit, truth and holiness.  And they shall carry My authority in the earth.

Oh little ones, do not let these words confound you.  For these are the truths hidden from those who are perishing.  For when I walked among men, even though they were from Me, they knew Me not.  But you know Me, that is, those of you with a heart wholly given unto Me.

So then, I say lift up your heads, for your redemption draws nigh. And for whosoever will, you shall be like Me.  And when this happens, I shall truly be the head of My church and she shall do great exploits all across the land.  And this kingdom shall be preached with My power and authority to the ends of the earth for all to witness.  And then, I shall receive from the four corners of the earth a harvest of all who have called out to Me for salvation.  And then a fiery destruction for all those left who have rejected Me and such a great salvation.

So then, don’t look up into the clouds for My coming, yet look within where the kingdom of God dwells.  And if you would seek Me with all your heart, you shall surely find Me.

I love you all with an everlasting love and it is My desire that you all fulfill your destiny in Me.  Yet, I cannot do this for you.  You MUST lay down your lives, take up your cross, and follow Me.  It’s your choice, little ones, it always has been.

So then, stop listening to the lies of the enemy and seek Me with all your heart.  Surely it is My desire to be found of you and I shall greatly reward all who seek Me and find Me.

I love you all deeply.  So heed these words of Mine and seek Me now while I may be found.  For when that door is shut, it shall be too late.  Oh, not too late for salvation, but too late for all those who would be one with Me in the fullness of My glory.


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Your brother in Christ,  

Kevin B.


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