Be Encouraged….Do NOT Fear….This Is NOT Over.

Dear Saints,

In the recent word of encouragement from the Father, He said these words: “look not after the traditions of your government that seeks to put another evil man in the office of your White House”. For those who may not have understood this, He was speaking of the inauguration ceremony.

However, many believers are disheartened now that the inauguration has been completed, thinking that it’s over, Biden is now our president and only sorrow will follow. But that’s not true. The inauguration didn’t mean anything in God’s eyes because the election was stolen from the will of the people, so the inaugeration was a fraud and meaningless.

Our God is still on the throne and He will keep His word to save us from the evil plots of a crooked government. With that, the Father has given my dear friend and pastor a word of encouragement after so many became discouraged after the inauguration yesterday.

Please prayerfully read it and be encouraged.

Word from the Father:

“My children, hear your Heavenly Father this day…for I bring you glad tidings of great joy! Do not be shaken by the events occurring this day in Washington DC, but instead BE encouraged! For I tell you that what happened today is not final…it is NOT the way things will turn out. Do not fear the lies of the enemy that say “you were fooled into believing something was going to happen”. I tell you this day, that there are ‘other’ things going on right now. I need you to trust Me & know that I see the end from the beginning & I work all things after the counsel of My own will.

Did you see & hear what happened today? Did things go the way that you thought? This I say to let you know, that even though the scenarios that many had hoped would come to pass, did not…this is not the end of My plan. For did I not tell you that what was going to happen, would come by My hand? For surely had things happened as many of you had hoped, man would of received the glory. But those things that you had hoped would happen, didn’t & now the enemy is trying to persuade many that it is all over…there will be no 3rd great outpouring or revival, but only doom.

I need My people to understand that had I allowed those things to happen that many had put their hope in, that it would diminish the greatness of what is about to come. It was necessary that I allow those hopeful plans & scenarios to fall to the ground & die. For except a corn of wheat fall to the ground & die, it will bring forth no fruit. But, now that it has fallen, I can now rise up & do what only I can do. Be encouraged…for in the days to come I will show My hand & you will know that all is well…even now, as you put your trust in Me alone to bring the victory to this nation again.

It is time for you to arise from the ashes & stand strong in Me, for now your faith & hope must be in Me & Me alone. For I am the Lord…I change not…therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed! You have not been consumed…you have not been ill affected in what has transpired this day…you have only come through a time of refining, so I could show you those plans were not of Me…for you now see them, laying there, as ashes. Again I say, arise from the ashes & allow Me to make you strong in your Lord & in the power of His might. For truly your hour of victory has come!

For what happened today is not the end…it is only the end of your carnal hopes of how things would unveil. I am the same yesterday, today & forever, therefore the only place you can find victory is in seeking My will. So trust the LORD with all your heart & stop leaning on your own understanding…but instead, in all your ways acknowledge Me & I will direct your paths. This is not that deep, My people…allow Me to take you forward in what is ahead. Know that I hold the very Universe in the palm of My hand…so is there really anything that is too hard for Me to do, says the Lord?

Lo, I come to you in your hour of need to help you, for many have now become disillusioned because you have allowed misinformation to draw you away from your total faith in Me. Surely, you understand that there really isn’t anyone you can trust more than Me. But, now armed with this understanding, you can begin to navigate correctly, by walking only with Me. I told you that a horse is a vain thing for safety, neither shall he deliver by his great strength. Your lives MUST be fixed in Me & all your hope MUST be in Me alone…for there is where your victory will always be.

This is not the end of this…there is much still to come & I will unfold a lot over the next days, weeks & months. So stay strong in Me & in the power of My might, for this is not over…it is just the beginning. Rest in Me & know that this is the year of the Church, My Ekklesia…it is the time that you will arise & shine. Do you not see it? For I have shown you so many times in My word…I told My people what I was going to do. But, things didn’t ever turn out the way that My people had hoped, so they lost heart & doubted My words, as the way THEY thought things would happen had failed.

For only THEN, I was able to fulfill to them My will…by My way! And this way My people knew that only I had fulfilled My words. This is the same here now with the events of this day. It is not over…it is just the beginning! I need you to let go of all that you had thought would happen & now just look to Me. I love you all with an everlasting love & you have great days ahead & I want you to be on the right side of them! Shake yourselves now & only look to Me. Allow Me to illuminate your hearts & lives, for truly the greatest days the church has ever seen are just ahead, says the Lord.

Praise God, Praise God. What an encouraging word from our Father. All my hope and trust is in Him and I know that He will never fail us. The best is yet to come. Raise your spirits Saints and have faith in God…..

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In His Service,

Kevin B.

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Be At Peace Through The Unfolding Events.

Dear Saints,

I know that for many it looks gloomy for the future of the United States with Biden as the new president elect. However, things are NOT as they seem.

We know, or should know, that the corrupt deep state committed election fraud and treason against the voice of the American people. President Trump did everything he could through judicial means to expose the fraud and take his rightful place as the new president. But our government and judicial system is so corrupt that he was unsuccessful.

Howbeit, as I said, things are not as they seem. I know that president Trump and the First Lady have given their farewell speech and Trump said there will be a smooth transition of power….but he was not speaking of a transition of power over to a Biden/Harris administration.

I believe that the transition of power he was speaking of is a transition over to military power. We already see evidence of this in D.C. It is my belief that God is going to use the military to bring justice to our corrupt government because it’s so corrumpt that it failed on all levels to do the right thing and expose the election fraud. Even if Biden is inaugurated tomorrow, I don’t believe he will be our next president.

I say all this because there are many things going on behind the scenes that the public is not aware of which I cannot post about at this time.

Unfortunately, there has been a couple prophetic voices that I am aware of who publicly repented for getting it wrong when they prophesied that Trump would serve two terms. But I’m not giving up that easily. I’m still trusting God that Biden will NOT be our next president, because if he is, we will be taken over by communist China….and God still has plans for our country.

Things may get ugly before they get better. But I am trusting that God’s justice will have the victory. Exposure is coming that will shock the nation and the world.

Anyway, this morning during my prayer time, the Father told me to encourage His people. I asked Him what I should say and He gave me the following word.

Word from the Father:

My people, why do so many of you weary so?  Have I not declared unto you that I shall turn back the tides of evil if you would pray?  Have I not declared unto you that I would expose the hidden agendas of darkness within your government?

So then, look not after the traditions of your government that seeks to put another evil man in the office of your White House.  I am here this day to be your deliverer.  For I have declared from My throne that the United States shall no longer be run by evil.  But instead, My righteousness shall reign once more in your land.  Howbeit, it is NOT the workings of a man that shall do this, yet it is by My Spirit that your country shall be delivered from the grips of evil men.

Yes, I have appointed and anointed My servant Donald Trump to do My bidding from the White House.  However, even he gets his orders from Me and Me alone.  For I am guiding him by My Spirit and giving him wisdom in how to defeat the enemy within your government.

Now then, I have warned you of a shaking coming and an exposure of dark secrets of those within your government and places of influence and power.  And I have not changed My mind.  So then, now is the time that I need My people both hidden and resting in Me.

Do not shrink back in fear over the events that shall quickly unfold.  Yet stay close to Me in My presence and rest in My peace.  I love you all with an everlasting love…and it brings Me great joy to bring deliverance to your nation this day. So be encouraged.

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In His Service,

Kevin B.

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Prepare Yourselves…The Great Exposure Is About To Be Revealed

Dear Saints,

Please prayerfully read this powerful word from the Father given through my dear friend and pastor:

“My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day, for I have begun to reveal the hearts, minds & souls throughout the world. Know that I love you with an everlasting love & only wish that you would prosper & be in health, even as your soul prospers. I come to you today to let you know what is about to come forth upon mankind…for in a very small amount of days, much is going to be revealed. For I have said there is nothing secret that shall not be made manifest, neither is anything hid, that shall not be known & shine publicly. Very soon, I will show you all just what I mean.

For in the days ahead, I will reveal My hand to the nations, as I demonstrate what TRUTH will accomplish…for I have set a trap for those who would not listen to My loving cries for repentance. Soon the truth will shine abroad for all to see & very many will be devastated by the outcome of this truth. For I will have My way in the land of the USA & My righteousness will be reestablished again in the land. For even as these traitors say they desire to bring unity & peace, My heart of mercy has cried out to them to repent & be saved, but they just continue doing things worthy of death.

Think it not strange at the events that are about to come, for though this time may be frightening & cause anxiety in many, nonetheless, it will yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness in those who are exercised by it. For I will bring great repentance across the land as the demonstration of My holiness exposes all of the crimes & evil these traitors have done. For I tell you now, that many of these will not even try to repent, but will continue in their own deception & bring upon themselves swift destruction…but some will respond to Me & repent & I will save them from this death.

Hear Me, My people & know that what I say now is for you as well…for I have promised that judgment begins at the house of God. Do not think that because I am exposing the great evils being committed by those in govt that I have winked at what you do. This is a time that each one of you must seek Me to know what you must do, to deliver yourselves from the coming exposure. Truly My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness. As you will come to Me, within your weakness & repent to Me within your heart, I will perfect you in Me.

For I am causing My bride to make herself ready, so that I can return for her & SO many of My people are far from being ready! So many have listened to man’s doctrines & teachings that tickle the ears & do not provoke a changed heart…all they do is make My people feel good about themselves, the way they are & nothing really ever changes. Same old, same old…continues as usual & the darkness around My people continues to grow, when My people are suppose to be overcoming the darkness by their light. I need My people to shake themselves from this & follow Me!

Come to Me, My people…I need you to truly give your hearts to Me! I need you to be focused on Me during the next 3 weeks, for in these 3 weeks much of what I am now saying will manifest. There will be great sights that will present themselves & great horror will even grip many, who have not fastened themselves securely in Me. But, as you will seek My face in these weeks to come, I will prepare you to go through this time, as vessels of My honor & you will be equipped to stand & do exploits, when the enemy tries to overcome you with fear, doubt & unbelief, trust in Me!

For I tell you that there is about to be a “birthing” of sorts within My people…many will breakthrough unto Me, as they never have before. My people will truly begin to arise & shine, for their light will truly come, as the glory of their Lord will truly be risen upon them. For very soon, I will release My anointing & presence of the 3rd great outpouring across the land & the harvest will begin to come in. This will be a time of anointing & power that the early church only saw a small token of, but as My people will rise up in Me in THIS time, they will dispel darkness as never seen before.

2020 was the year that caused My people to begin to look within their hearts & see clearer than they ever had seen before & now in 2021 My people will walk forward in that clear vision & execute My judgment against the powers of darkness. For as I tear down the evils that are perched in governments, along with all of the corruption & fraud, even so, My people will walk in the power of My Spirit & they will not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ ever again! My people will now take their places in the marketplace…they will now take their places in local, state & federal government, as well.

The time for Me to setup My kingdom has come & My people will now make preparation for My soon coming. For as they take their rightful places, I will use them as they have never been used before. Revival will be commonplace, everywhere you go. My power & presence will go wherever My people will take Me, for they will stand as My ambassadors on the Earth. This is the time…the time that so many have longed to see. As you will stand strong through these coming weeks & pray as I ask you…as you will fast as I will declare, you will see My results in you come.

Stand with Me, My people…do not sloth off & think, some one else will do it…YOU must take YOUR places! Do not be like the servant who hid his Lord’s money & buried it in the ground. If Christ BE in you, you will stand in this time & allow Me to use you. You will take your place in My Heavenly army & be strong in your Lord & in the power of His might! The time for My people to hear My voice has come…follow Me! Be ready, willing & obedient in this time & watch what I will do. You will see My demonstration come forth across the land, as I raise up My people on Jan. 6th.

For the call has gone out & many are heeding My cry! My people will stand as multitudes across this nation & their prayers will surely avail much! People are responding to My call, that have never responded before…the tide is rising & I will show Myself thru My people in the weeks ahead. This time is expedient for My people to take their places, as never before…for it is literally the tipping point on My calendar of destiny. My people must take their place & truly seek to please Me, obeying Me from within their hearts. As you do this, you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.

Dear Saints,

We haven’t just entered a new year, we have entered a new era. Things all around us are about to drastically change. God’s glory will soon be poured out over the U.S. as His righteousness is reestablished, but not before we go through some turbulence. It’s important to stay hidden in the secret place with Him during the upcoming days and do not get into fear or doubt. And also obey this word in seeking Him to reveal to each of us what we need to repent of. God has warned us over and over that judgment will begin in His house, so we cannot take lightly what we will see going on in our government and think that we will not be exposed of any hidden sins.

But on the bright side of things, we are about to enter into His glory like never before and we will have the greatest opportunity to overcome all things and become holy as He is holy. Time is short and it is time for the Bride to make herself ready. And we need His glory and anointing to do this. Praise God that moment is now upon us. These are truly exciting days.

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May the new year bring an abundance of blessings upon you all.

In His Service,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.