Seek to be found worthy to escape the things to come.

Word from the Father:

My little children, listen to your Heavenly Father this day.  Soon, and yet very soon, all things will begin to change, for I am shaking all that can be shaken so what cannot be shaken shall remain.

However, I have this to say.  Soon, your adversary, that devil, shall seek to destroy all who would call upon Me for their salvation.  I do not speak of the salvation from death to life, but salvation unto purification.  Does not My word say that all who would live Godly in Christ Jesus shall be persecuted?  So then, get ready My little ones.  For the devil knows his time is short and he is hell-bent on preventing the bride and the man-child from coming forth, for he knows that once this happens, his end is near.

Therefore, I say to you all this day to get alone with Me in your secret chambers for I have much to show you and much work to do in you and through you.  Yes, the harvest is ripe, however, I need My holy remnant in the earth who will exemplify and magnify My power, presence and holiness.  Howbeit, I cannot do this through the church as she is now in her present condition.  For I have new wine that I desire to pour into earthen vessels.  Yet, My people are still drinking from dry cisterns and filling old wine-skins.  My people, hear what the Spirit would say to you this day.  Your time in the earth realm is short, yet, I still have much work to do.

So then, if you do not choose to be prepared for My last days ministry, then I shall pass you over and choose another.  Do not let this be so, My little ones.  For soon, your comfortable and complacent lives will be no more.

Will your ride with Me?  Will you lament over the condition of your country and the church at large.  For I desire to do a wonder in the midst of My people.  Yet, I need an army like Gideon’s army, and those who will not bow to Baal.  Will you be willing to be one of these in my last days great army?

Hear My heart’s cry.  I love each and every one of you.  And it is not My desire that any of you should perish.  However, if you do not choose to allow Me to purify you, then you shall not be able to stand in the soon coming gross darkness.  Oh, but many of you say that the gross darkness is already here.  Yet, I say to those who think this that you do not understand, neither can you comprehend, the vast darkness that shall fall upon the earth and the gross darkness upon the people.

Many others of you think that you will not be on the earth when that time comes.  For many of you still have your hope in a rapture.  But I ask you this, what if your rapture theory is not true?  What then?  What shall you do when the darkness falls and you are still in the earth?  Will you cry out then to be found worthy to escape the things to come?  I tell you the truth, it shall be extremely difficult for you in those days if you do not prepare now.  And for those not walking in My glory in those days; the darkness shall overpower you.  For you shall not be able to defeat nor overcome this darkness without My power and presence abiding in you.  For the darkness cannot overcome the light, and that light is Me.  However, if you think that because you have received My Son as your savior that you shall be spared in the days to come, think again.  For if I did not spare My own Son who laid down His life for My will, why do you think that I shall spare those who have not laid everything down for Me and My glory.

Do not be disheartened at this word.  For I speak the truth so that you each may be warned and seek to be found worthy to escape the things to come.  And just how are you to be found worthy?  By bearing the image of My Son in His fullness.  For the days are coming in which your hope of glory shall be fulfilled in the earth, that is, Christ in you, in His fullness of glory and power.

I am not seeking after a harvest of half-hearted believers.  No, I am seeking a harvest of fruit.  And what is that fruit, you ask.  And I shall tell you, does not My word say that Jesus, your Lord and Savior, is the first fruit among many brethren?  So then, I am looking for a harvest of Son’s, Christ in His fullness, dwelling in My people in the earth realm.  This is the kingdom which shall fill the earth.  And your adversary, that devil, trembles at the thought of this.

So then, I tell you all to seek Me now while I may be found.  For not all who say “Lord” “Lord” shall enter into the kingdom of God, but only those who do My will. Little ones, hear Me well.  Many have not seen, nor has it entered into their minds, the hope of My calling, and the riches of the glory that is the inheritance in My saints which shall be revealed in these last days.  Yet for those who forfeit such a glory, they shall greatly mourn when they see what they have given up.

So then, stop seeking to leave the earth realm and seek the kingdom of God within.  For surely you shall not be disappointed if you seek this pearl of great price with all your heart.  For I shall be found of you, and then, we shall be one just as My Son and I are one.

I love you all, My little ones.  So seek Me and My kingdom while you can.  For soon it shall be night when no man can work.


***Personal Note:

Dear Saints,

I wish to share what I sense in the Spirit and make a request.

First of all, for a while I have been sensing breakthrough and change for many, including myself.  I encourage you all to expect the unexpected regarding the Lord’s blessings.  And for those who have had their promises setting on the shelf for years, take them down and start believing.  I believe that we have entered a miraculous season where God is about to do mighty works on behalf of His people who have been faithful in waiting for His promises and have not fainted.  “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galatians 6:9

On this note, I wish to share something the Lord is doing in my life and ask for help from those who are able.  As many of you may already know, I live a humble life in an RV camper with my brother.  I have been waiting for the Lord to bless my finances before I attempted to move anywhere else because I would need the Lord’s provisions.

However, the Lord is now having me to step out in faith and believe Him to provide. More specifically, our water well here on the land where our RV camper is parked, has stopped providing water.  For the past couple of weeks we have had to borrow water from our neighbor.  We’ve replaced every part of the well both above ground and beneath which has drained all our finances.  Yet, we are still unable to get any water. We don’t believe that the water reservoir is dry.  We just can’t get the water well to work.

Having said that, through different circumstances orchestrated by God, a door opened up for us to move into a small three bedroom rent house.  It’s perfect for my brother and I and the third bedroom is just a small room that’s the right size for my office.  The monthly rent is also low enough for us to be able to pay it, but it will not leave much finances for much else.  Also, we don’t have enough for the deposit plus the first month’s rent.

Therefore, after much prayer and also receiving counsel from my pastor and friend, I believe that our time here in this small RV camper is up and the Lord want’s to move us into this house.  That is why we cannot get the well to work.  The Lord’s provisions for us in this place has ended.  However, knowing the cost of the new rent house, I have to know that it’s the Lord’s will or we cannot move because we need His provisions.

So, I told the Lord that if the house is not His will, then close that door.  After that prayer and after meeting with the new landlords, they practically begged my brother and I to move into their rent house.  So, I believe this to be the Lord’s will and I believe that he will provide the needed increase in finances.  I know this because the Lord has done this with me before.  He gives the provision when I step out in faith and I know that I’m following His will.  Therefore, instead of waiting for an increase in our monthly finances before we move, I am stepping out in faith that this is the Lord’s will for us and that He will provide.

For this reason, if anybody is able to help with our first month’s rent and deposit, it would be a huge blessing.  I am sending out this request in full confidence that the Lord will lay it upon the right hearts to give.  He is so loving and faithful and He will never let us down.

So, if anyone is able and willing to donate for this need, I would greatly appreciate it. And, as always, I pray the Lord’s abundant blessings to you in return.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.


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