If you are in darkness you will not comprehend the light of my coming.

Word of the Lord,

Wake up!  Wake up from your slumberness of spirit.  Shake off all the sin and weights that weigh you down.  This is a new day my people.  Arise and shine for your light has come.  Many of you, I say, are in slumberness of spirit and unaware of this new day.  Yes there are disasters coming upon this land.  And there is also MY Glory falling upon the people.  But darkness cannot comprehend the light.  If then, you are in darkness, you will shrink back at this bright shining new day of My Glory.  So I say, shake off all sin and weights of this world and step into the light.

My people, I have wonderful gifts to bring you.  But if you are in darkness you will not comprehend the light in my gifts and you will be taken over by the soon gross darkness that shall cover the earth.  You must be free of all sin and weights to comprehend this new light.  Do not be like the Pharisees of old.  They knew the scriptures well and were waiting on their Messiah.  But when the light appeared to them in human form they all rejected me because of the darkness in them.

So I say to you all, shake off ALL sin and weights and step into my light.  Worry not of your besetting sins that you cannot get victory over.  For surely I AM your victory.  Am I not greater than your sin and more powerful than your weak flesh?  Then I say call unto me and come up higher where I sit and surely I shall remove all that hinders your walk with me.  For I shall have a people who walk with their God and do great exploits across this land.

My children, you do not see what is ahead of you?  I see all things just as all things are in my hand.  And I say to you, you can no longer stand as you have always stood.  Gross darkness is coming and shall fill all pockets of darkness to overflowing.  So I tell you, my people, you MUST walk in my light with no remaining darkness in you or you will be taken over by this coming darkness.

Shake yourselves, my people, and become sober, for the night has been far spent and the Day is now here.  You MUST walk as children of the Day and children of MY light separated from the darkness.  I tell you the truth, what fellowship has darkness with light?  NONE, I tell you.  And so it shall be in these last days.  You shall either be taken over by MY light or taken over by the darkness coming upon this land.

Do not take these words lightly my children.  Again I say, you do not see what I see that is ahead of you.  My children are not prepared.  But I must do a quick work in those who choose my light.  This will not be easy for many as they have become so accustomed to the darkened ways of this world.  But fret not, for surely I shall arise upon you and cast off all sins and weights as you yield to my light.

Yes there is a burning coming that many will shrink back from as they find it too uncomfortable.  But I say to you all, I take no pleasure in those that shrink back.  So abandon yourselves to your God this day and step into my light.  Forsake all sin and fellowship with darkness for surely it will be your undoing if you do not.

I love you my people with an everlasting love and do not desire that any should perish.  So again I say, shake yourselves from your slumber and be sober for the Day has come.  Shake off ALL sin and weights and watch the glory of the Lord shine upon you this day.

Give all to me.

Words of the Father.

I love you, my people.  I have much to show you and much for you to do in fulfilling my words and establishing my kingdom in the earth realm.  I need my people to lay down their idols and seek me.  Allow me to cleanse you of all uncleanness.  For flesh and blood shall have no part in my kingdom.  In my kingdom I reign as King.  And I am not King of the dead but of the living and the Spirit of life.

Seek me, my people.  Stop your doings that I have not given you to do.  For surely my yoke is easy and my burden is light.  I have much for you to do, my people, in the days ahead.  But I must have you unburdened from the cares of this world.  Lay all down at my feet and let ME carry your burdens.  For surely when you give all to me then I am allowed to do the work in you that I desire to do.  My kingdom must and will be established in the earth.  I do not desire that any of my children miss out on this wonderful experience.

But hear me, my children.  I will not go against your will.  You MUST give up all to me that I may do my working in you.  I love you my people and desire to give you treasures hidden in dark places.  I have much that will delight your hearts.  But will you forsake all to follow me?  Worry not about your jobs or families.  Give all to me for I truly care for you.  I tell you the truth, everything you hold from me shall be ripped from your hands in the days ahead.  But if you will give all to me, then I will protect what needs protecting and discard what needs discarding that you may bring forth much fruit.  For I am the vine dresser and I prune my beloveds that they may bring forth much fruit in my kingdom.  But if you hold yourself back from my pruning and do not bear fruit, then you are only fit for the fire for burning.

I tell you, my people, give all to me before it is too late.  Surely I will protect what is mine.  But if you hold onto anything and do not give it to me, then beware that it may be your undoing.  So give all to me and come to me my children.  Do not hold onto things of this world for I have much more priceless gifts to give you in exchange.  But you must give ALL to me first.  I shall be King over ALL in my kingdom.  You cannot own anything in my kingdom.  Yes, many of you shall be stewards over much.  But I am the ONLY owner in my kingdom.  Hear my heart cry unto you, my people.  Free yourselves from all things and cares of this world and give all to me.  For surely I care for you and will not let you down, but instead will excite your hearts with what I have for you.

Turn, my people.  I say turn from your wicked ways and lay all at my feet.  Surely you will not be disappointed in your God.  Now do this quickly.  For the storm is on the horizon and it will destroy all that is not hidden in me.  I love you, my people, and do not desire any evil to befall you.  So heed my words this day and give all to me.  I love you, my people, with an everlasting love and will not disappoint you.  Go now and do as I say.

Come out now and be not deceived.

Repent!  Repent of your complacent ways and your playing church.  My true church will be on fire for their God.  For I am sending a fire that will burn.  Yes, it will burn all hay, wood and stubble out of my church.  I will have a body that is wholly for their God.  I will not have a harlot church but I will have a bride that has come out of that harlot church.  And she will be on fire for her God and abhor all that is not holy.

Hear me my people, come out from her, that harlot church.  I am wooing my true bride to come forth.  I do not desire for you to be taken unaware of the judgments quickly coming upon this earth and that harlot system.  I love you my people.  Hear my heart cry unto you all to come out of her.  Yes come out of that harlot church and that beast system of the world.  For surely soon and very soon gross darkness will cover all that is not given wholly unto me.  And many, many I say shall be deceived into believing they are right with me when truly they are deceived as they are chained to darkness.

I am doing a new thing in the earth my people.  The old ways of doing things will work no longer.  Seek me.  Lay down your lives and your religions and forsake yourselves into the arms of your God.  For surely I will protect you.  I will love you and caress you and you will be called blessed among the nations as they are crumbling.  I need my people to be a light in the darkness ahead.  But if the light in you is dark, how can you be a light unto others?  I tell you my people.  Come out!  Come out of the world and its ways and abandon yourself unto me.  Weary not at what will happen, for surely I care for you my people and will not let your foot slip when you give your all to me.  I am raising up a people who will know their God and do great exploits across the land.  Hear me my people.  Come out!  Come out of all that is not of my Spirit.  I will carry you into the heavens and we will ride together across this land to conquer all that is not of me.  But I need my people to come out of her.  Come out of that harlot church and the beast system of the world.  Worry not what this will mean for you.  Just abandon yourself to me and I will guide you into all things.  And surely your hearts will be delighted in the wonders of your God.  Come out!  Come out now!  For surely I do this new thing quickly and I do not want my people caught in the snares of the devil.

I love you, my people.  Hear my heart crying unto you all to come out and come out NOW!  And join not yourselves unto the systems and ways of this world.  I love you my people and I have great and awesome things to show you and we will ride together to conquer the land.  Come out now my people and join me in establishing MY kingdom.

Awaken yourself and arise.

I love you, My people.  Hear My heart crying out to you.  Awaken yourself and arise, for your light has come.  For there is a light coming to My people this day.  Though unfortunately, many will miss out on this light.  Woe unto those who are at ease in Zion.  Awaken yourself, My people, for I am bringing the light of a new day.  Howbeit, many are asleep to my Spirit as they are too busy with their lives and do not hear My call to arise.

Hear Me, I desire that none would miss out on this great light that I am bringing to My people this day and hour.  For you will see wonders in the heavens like you have never seen.  Revelations will flow to My people and My army will awaken from their slumber and arise to their God.  Hear Me, My people.  Stir yourself awake and shake off every weight and sin that so easily entangles you.  For surely I am doing a new thing in the earth and I need My army to arise.  Yes, the call is going out for my army to arise NOW.  Will you heed the call?  Or will you be one that denies the Master’s invitation as you go about doing your own thing?  Listen, as I call you to arise.  For there will be many who will hear this call.  Yet, there will be much more who will not hear because their ears have become dull of hearing my Spirit as they flounder in the cares of this world.

So listen and heed as I blow the trumpet in Zion and cry out to My army; “ARISE, for your light has come.”

Heed the words of my prophet.

Word from the Father.

I love you, my people, with an everlasting love.  I do not wish that any would perish in the days ahead.  That is why my words through my prophet seem so harsh.  They are meant to shake my people awake.  Yes my people are asleep and unaware of the calamities on the horizon.  I would wish all to rise and blow the trumpet of warning, each one to sound the alarm for all to hear.  I am doing a new thing in the earth and the old wine-skins cannot contain this new move of my Spirit.

Yes my children, I desire to give you new wine.  But the old wine-skins cannot contain this new wine and must be destroyed for the new to come.  Not the destruction of my people, but the destruction of religion, man’s systems and mindsets and all other ways of man that pollutes my true church.  I MUST tear these things down my children for the new to arise.  And so shall it arise out of the ashes.

Do not think it strange when you see these things come to pass.  For surely the old must be removed to make way for the new.  Does not my word say that I will shake everything that can be shaken so that what cannot be shaken shall remain?  Then why do so many of you become perplexed at my words that I give to my son and prophet?  I must have my people prepared for what is coming.  Many of my people are weak in their faith because they do not see nor understand my true ways.  My ways are much higher than your ways, my people.  Seek me.  Seek me now that you may be hidden in me in the days ahead.

Yes, you will be hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; you will be perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken.  Did I not say in my word that through MUCH tribulation you shall enter into my Kingdom?  Then why do you despise the words of my prophet?  I tell you why.  Because your prophets and teachers speak lies and not the whole truth.  Therefore many cannot endure the truth that I command my prophet Kevin to speak forth.  I love you my people and would desire for you all to seek me and hear my heart crying to you to PREPARE.  Prepare for what lies ahead.  But you shall not be utterly forsaken.  For it is my desire and will for my true bride to arise out of the fires of affliction.  And so shall she arise in splendor.  So do not be downcast at my words to you, My people.  For truly your redemption draweth nigh.  Now heed the words of my prophet this day and enter into the presence of your God.

Judge yourself quickly before you are judged.

Word from the Father.

Repent my people!  Repent of your lukewarmness and complacent ways.  Much of my people, I tell you, have been lulled to sleep by the prophets and teachers that speak lies in my name.  Many say that I no longer judge and that the calamities and disasters are not of my hand.  But I tell you the truth, these are lies.  How can a righteous judge not judge the wickedness of the land?  If I do not judge the wickedness of the land, does that not make me an unrighteous judge?  Repent of your ways and rend your hearts to Me.  Maybe I will find mercy and relent of many disasters I have purposed to bring upon this land.

But know this, my children.  I love you all with an everlasting love.  My judgments are not to punish as many would say.  My Son took the punishment for all sin when he hung on the cross.   But I tell you the truth, for mercy and forgiveness to be given there MUST be repentance and a turning away from sin.  My prophets and teachers do not speak the whole truth of the gospel.  Yes there is mercy and forgiveness.  But there must be repentance and a forsaking of sin.  Do not say to yourselves “God will not judge me for this”.  For surely I see all.  And all that is not under the blood of my Son through repentance shall be judged.  Does my word not say to judge yourselves so you will not be judged?  I say to you all my children, judge yourselves this day before I MUST judge you for I am a righteous judge.

Do not take this as harsh words my children.  For surely I am a God of mercy and tenderness.  But because the prophets speak lies and do not tell the whole truth, many cannot endure.  I cry to you all my children.  REPENT!  Repent of your ways.  Seek me for what I see in you, not what you see in yourselves.  For surely the heart is desperately wicked and who can know it but I.  All things are laid bare before me.  I tell you my children, REPENT and repent fast for surely destruction and judgment is at your doorstep.  And I would desire all to be safe and hidden in me.  So repent and repent quickly before my judgments fall on this land and every household.  Yes, brothers will betray brothers and fathers their own child as everyone begins to save themselves from the persecutions to come.   A man’s enemies will be in his own household.

But I will protect those that are truly hidden in me.  Just calling yourself by my name does not qualify one for my protection.  ALL sin must be exposed and judged.  So again I say, judge yourself lest ye be judged this day.  I love you my children and desire mercy over sacrifice.  So heed my words through my prophet and judge yourselves now before calamity strikes.

Many will be dismayed.

Word of the Lord:

Hear my love calling out to all the world.  Come to me, run to me.  I wish to take you all into my arms of love and protection from the things quickly coming upon this world.  But many do not hear and are doing their own thing even thinking they are in my will and under my protection.  I tell you the truth, every tree my Father has not planted will be uprooted and many will be dismayed and shaken wondering where I am and why I did not protect their fleshly kingdoms.  But I tell you the truth, my Father’s Kingdom shall be established throughout the earth and I am calling to all, stop, stop what you are doing and come unto me.  Seek my Kingdom, for it is all goodness and protection from the enemy and his workers of iniquity.  In my Kingdom there is joy, peace and righteousness in the midst of a crumbling world.  But many I tell you do not hear and are busy doing their own thing.  I tell you the truth, they will in no wise enter my Kingdom except there be a repentance and a turning away from the world and their own ways.

The day is fast approaching when darkness like never seen before will cover the earth.  But my Kingdom will shine bright as the morning star like in the days of Goshen in the midst of darkness that fell upon Egypt.  Time is short and the banquet table is being set.  Prepare and seek my Kingdom above all else.

Fear not what you will see.

Word of the Lord:

Fear not.  Fear not what you will see when it strikes.  I will hide each of my own in my pavilion.  There is no fear for those hidden in me.  You will see the wicked cast down as calamity strikes.  But do not fear, for I will make a clear distinction between those who are mine and those who are not.  I love my own and I will protect my precious children.  Out of the ashes you will see my bride begin to form and come forth adorned with splendor and the glory of her God upon her.  The earth will reel back and forth and men’s hearts will fail with fear.  But my children I will protect and they will know the strength of their God.  Fear not my precious children for I am truly with thee.

Prepare for sudden destruction.

Word of the Lord:

PREPARE.  Prepare even in the natural for what is at your doorstep America.  Destruction shall suddenly come upon this land and many will be running to and fro seeking shelter from this calamity.  Prepare now for a time of sudden darkness and terror.  Supplies and food will stop suddenly as everyone is seeking to save their own lives.  Seek me now that you may be hidden in me on this day of calamity.  Yes, it is wise to store up food and supplies now.  For suddenly this will happen.  It will not be total disaster nor total destruction of America.  But it will be sudden change in life as you know it.

Seek me now and hear what I would have each of you to do.  Some will be told to move suddenly, others I will say to you to stay.  Seek me and know that your only safety is in me.  Seek me now.  I urge you, PREPARE!  PREPARE NOW!  For soon it will be too late to prepare when this thing happens suddenly.  But do not fear.  You will see many running in fear.  But my people, I will protect.  Read my word.  Did I not protect the Israelites in Goshen while I brought destruction upon Egypt?  Seek me and enquire of me what commands I have for each of you for your safety and supplies.  And do not be afraid, but trust in your God.  My hand is not too short that it cannot protect even the hairs on your head.  But you must repent and seek me now.

Stop what you are doing.  Stop your entertainments and listen to the stillness of the wind.  For surely it is the quietest right before sudden destruction.  Do not listen to the prophets that speak peace and safety.  They speak lies for the itching ears and to fatten their pockets.  Seek me for what I would truly say to My people this day.  And I would say repent, repent of your complacent ways and rend your hearts to the one and only true God.  For there is sudden destruction coming upon this land and it will cover all very quickly.  Only those with a prepared heart will not be taken by surprise and they shall praise their God in the midst of this sudden destruction.  So I say PREPARE!  Rend your hearts to me now and be saved from the sudden calamity that is sure to come.

Come out of her my people.

Word of the Lord:

Hear me this day what I would say to the Church. Repent, repent of your ways. You say you worship me but truly your heart is far from me. You are lukewarm and I will spit you out of my mouth on that day of your judgment.  But I say come to me my Bride.  Come to me, those of you that seek ME and not your own ways. I call to my Bride to come out.  Come out from among them and be ye separate says your God.  Yes, I declare for you to come out of that harlot church before you partake of her sins.  My love and my desire is for a pure Bride adorned in pure white raiment. So I say come out and come near that I may purge and purify my true Bride. You will do wonders in these days as you carry my Glory across the land and proclaim my goodness AND my severity. So I say to you again, come out before it is too late. For I am about to purge my true Bride and condemn that harlot bride that is not mine though she claims to be. My heart is for my pure true Bride and I desire to see her adorned in splendor. Again I say, come out and partake not of her sins lest you partake of her judgments. Come unto me my true Bride and come away into my chambers. I have much to share with you and desire your intimacy.

Come my Bride, will you heed the call to come away with me? My desire is for you and that special day that we shall be united as one. So come now and linger not. Choose ye this day whom you will serve. Will you serve your own desires and longings for fellowship with those whom you have come to know so well? Or will you serve Me, your Bridegroom. I desire to take you away to be with me so choose ye this day. Choose whom you will serve. For soon and very soon I will not weary with that harlot church any longer and my Spirit will be with her no more. So choose and choose wisely my Bride. Will it be Me your Bridegroom, or your soulish friends in that harlot church? Choose right and come away with me and see wonders that will excite the deepest recesses of your heart. And we shall ride together on the heights of the earth to bring forth the Kingdom of your God.