Breakthrough….It’s Time To Win Your War!

Dear Saints,

Our heavenly Father is really encouraging us to overcome and take our victory this year.  Please prayerfully read the following word from the Father given through my dear friend and pastor…

Beginning of word:

“My People, the time has come…it is time for you to enter into all that I have destined for you to do. I have long awaited this time…for this year is going to be a time of breakthrough…this year is going to be a time of warfare, for it is time for you to win your war! I have told you that I have given unto you exceeding great & precious promises, that by them you might be partakers of My divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. Rejoice, My People, for it is time for you to take your place, in Me, for I have given you a more sure word of prophecy.

You will do well that you take heed to these promises, for they are to you, as unto a light that shines in a dark place until your day dawns & the day-star arises in your hearts! For in these promises, I have given you words of victory…I have given to you words of favor…I have given you all that you need to cross over & possess the land. For it is by these words of promise & illumination that you might war a good warfare. Be careful, My people…be careful, not to neglect the words that I have given unto you, for in them I have given you a gift…the gift of My power…the gift of My victory.

And now, I put you to the remembrance of this, so that you will stir up this gift that is within you…which I have released by My mouth & delivered by My servants. The time of timidity & fear is over…it is time for you to rise up & send the enemy on the run! For I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, of love & a sound mind. Shake yourselves free from the shame that the enemy has placed upon you, to deter you from walking in My promises to you…for I declare to you this year is the year of breakthrough…it is the year of recovery…it is the year you stand strong in Me!

Stir yourselves up, My Beloved…so that My promises to you will become active…stir up within you, pure minds, by way of remembrance, so you can arise to this time & accomplish all that I desire for you. It is time for battle, My People…the time of slumber…the time of complacency…the time of compromise is over! It is time to take your place…it is time to put My promises in action in your lives…begin to take up your weapons of spiritual war! For is not My word as a fire & like a hammer that breaks the rock to pieces? Take hold of My FIRE & HAMMER NOW & arise!

For now, is the time & as you will arise & do your part, you will see Me set My engines of war against those things that hold you back…I will break down the walls that your enemy has placed around you & My battle-ax shall break down his towers that have risen over you! These walls & these towers do indeed exist outwardly, but before I can destroy them outwardly, they must be destroyed inwardly…those walls & high towers exist in your mind & have kept you bound for so long. It is time to take your place & see My Hand revealed on your behalf…it is time for your victory!

And here is a MAJOR key to many of you…something that once it has entered into your heart, mind & spirit, will free you & catapult you into battle, for you will have broken down those high things that have worked against you in your heart, mind & spirit! Remember Joash & how I spoke through My servant Elisha. What did I tell him? Put thine hand upon the bow. And Joash put his hand upon it. Then I had Elisha put his hands upon Joash’s hands. And Elisha said, Open the window eastward. And he opened it. Then Elisha said, Shoot. And Joash obeyed Me & shot out the arrow.

Then Elisha said, The arrow of the LORD’S deliverance & the arrow of deliverance from Syria…for you shalt smite the Syrians in Aphek until you have consumed them. Then Elisha said, take the arrows. And Joash took them. And Elisha said unto Joash, Smite upon the ground. And Joash smote the ground three times, but then STOPPED! My Spirit was grieved & Elisha was angry with Joah & said, you should have smitten the ground 5 or 6 times; then you would have smitten Syria until you had consumed it…whereas now you shall only smite Syria but three times. Receive this for you!

Many of you have risen up to battle in the past & have done as I have told you to do…you saw some victories, but for whatever reason, things ultimately did not work out as you had thought & you gave up. In essence, your response was similar to how Joash responded. You may have struck the enemy three times, but then you stopped & you gave up. I am calling you to rise up again, only this time, do not be like Joash, who walked in a limiting mindset…stand fast in Me & strike until the walls come down & the towers are destroyed, for as you will take My mindset, you will see victory!

Never forget that My promises ARE sure, My People! Be sure to recognize that My words work together. Yes, they work together for your good…they also work together according to your obedience & also according to your disobedience. Stop being deceived, My People, for I am not mocked…whatsoever a man sows, that SHALL he also reap. If you sow to your flesh, you shall of your flesh reap corruption, but if you sow to the Spirit, you shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. Be not weary in well-doing, for always is in due season you shall reap if you do not faint.

I love you all with an everlasting love…please stop fainting, My People…stop giving up! You must rid yourselves of all fear, doubt & unbelief. Stir yourselves up! Reclaim your hold on My promises & run with them again…only this time, don’t be like Joash & limit Me…continue to fight…continue to beat against those walls…for just as with Jericho, they WILL come down. BE as My People there…they kept marching around the walls, praising Me & trusting Me for the victory. Just imagine how tired they must have been after going all the way around the walls of Jericho for 6 full days!

They were tired…their feet hurt & many of them scoffed at the foolishness of their actions. But, still, they persevered & pressed on! Then on the 7th day, they went around Jericho 7 times! I want YOU to have the same zeal & dedication as they did…they didn’t even have My Spirit within them as you do today. Never forget that “due season” is a reality for each of you. Everyone has their own due season…you cannot compare yours to someone else’s. Your due season WILL come if you don’t faint! Rise up this year, My people…follow Me & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

Praise the Lord.  I am so excited about the victories and breakthroughs we will all experience beginning this year.

Also, if these words bless or help you in any way, please consider a donation for my expenses as the Lord has me relying on donations from others for my income.  And I pray the Lord abundantly blesses in return all those who do give.

Love and blessings to you all.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin Barrett

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.

2020 – A Year Of Unveiled & Fulfilled Vision.

Dear Saints,

I am so excited about this year.  Please prayerfully read the following word from our heavenly Father given through my dear friend and pastor…

Word from the Father:

“My people, hear the words of your Father, for I come to you to give you a future & a hope! I want each of you to know that I love you with an everlasting love. I say this because there are some who deep down question this as a reality in their lives. They believe this because of things they have experienced…they believe this because of things that have befallen them…they believe this because of things that the enemy has used to trip them up from fully entering into the freedom & liberty that My love, joy & peace does bring. 2020 is going to change this for many, so enter into My joy!

Over the past many years, so many of My people have been buffeted by trials, circumstances & situations that have left them empty & bewildered. Their cry has reached My ears…”if You truly did love me, why would you let all these things happen to me?” Hear Me, My dear people & understand that many of these things were necessary & allowed for reasons that you will soon find out. For it is expedient that just as with My Son, you learn obedience by the things that you suffer. Believe it or not, I have allowed these things to help you to be strong…for I have answered your prayers to Me!

For have you not prayed & asked Me to make you like Jesus? Have you not deeply desired to walk like Him? Has not your heart hungered & thirst for righteousness? Rejoice, O My people…for many of you, I have allowed to go through so many things because of your own heart’s desire. I have purposed you to partake of His sufferings, so you could be conformed to the image of My Son. For, to many this is the only way, because of things that have not been dealt with in the heart & mind. But, as you have gone through these many experiences, many of you have responded to Me with a humble & contrite heart.

For you have seen these things, as I have allowed them to come, knowing that all things work together for YOUR good. Many of you didn’t fully understand this…many of you received this, because only pleasing Me matters most to you. But, in any case, you received it, because deep down in your heart, you trusted Me to bring you through to the other side. And to you, this day I bring you glad tiding of great joy! For just as you have just celebrated the birth of My Son, even so, will you very soon be catapulted into your destiny, as you embrace My words to you this day for the year 2020.

Many of you are going to cross over in understanding for your lives, as you never have before. Because of My working within your hearts over the past years, I have caused you to yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness, by all that you have gone through. And through this process, you have become vessels more fit for your Master’s use & will now find things opening up for you in ways you never thought possible. For in this coming new year I am going to open your understanding & VISION as never before. Before, you only saw as through a glass darkly, but very soon you will see face to face.

For I will show you things to come as you submit your lives to Me in this coming year…I will open your eyes to know what you couldn’t see this last year. And for many, a huge frustration will be removed from you, as you begin to see things as they truly are…you will say, it was as if you were blind, but now you see! Many of you will find yourselves compelled to begin fasting, as the drive of My Spirit rises up within you & you will be amazed at what is soon to come, for as you respond to the inner working of My spirit which is soon going to reveal itself, you will rise into your place in Me.

For all that is behind you will be past & only what is ahead will matter. For many shall be made free from their “pasts” & will walk in unhindered liberty for the first time in many, many years. Only do not look for how this is going to happen because it will not come by observation…for the Kingdom of God is within you, so look within your own hearts! For there is where your answers will come from. For I will speak to your hearts & minds a new…you will not consider things from your old mindset that has hindered you by fear, doubt & unbelief…but you will see things as I want you to see them.

For I will open up your VISION & you will see things in a way, that was not possible for you just a short time before…this is because you have entered into the place of My change for you…change from that which was old, to that which always has been, but was unseen. For it will be your mindset that will be renewed…as old things are passed away & behold all things have become new. Many of you will be astounded as this veil comes off of you, that has kept you in this bondage for many years! You will see with unveiled eyes…you will understand with an unveiled mind & you will walk with an unveiled heart.

The truth is, the greatest breakthroughs are about to come to you…but not because of your circumstances changing…not because of your situations changing…the breakthroughs will come because of your unveiled vision of how things really are. For truly it has been your corrupt understanding…truly it has been your compromised faith in Me…truly it has been your complacent obedience that has kept you back. For when your understanding, faith & obedience are in line with Me & My will, there is nothing that can be withheld from you…for your heart will only desire to run hard after Me.

Please do not try to “figure” this out…for that will only complicate things…I need you to just trust Me for your lives. I need you to truly know that I love you with an everlasting love & no matter what happens, this love will be resident within you & unshakable. I want you to enter into the joy of your Lord! You must be found faithful in all you do. Never forget the stewardship that each of you has been given, which should show your life response & faithfulness of your love to Me. Let the scales come off your eyes, even now & see as I see & know as I know, so you can walk, as I walk. This you can do, but only through Me.

For in a very short time I am going to take the scales off many of your eyes…very soon you will feel as if you are as light as a feather, as My freedom erupts from deep within you & you come face to face with My love, as never before. There will be joy unspeakable & full of My glory! Many of you will soon possess My anointing in ways you would never have thought of as My glory surrounds you wherever you go. You will carry the kingdom of God around you, as a cloud & others will know this, as they witness My love & power through you. Your lives will never be the same again & your joy will be full!

2020 will be the year this happens. To some, it will come quickly…as those who’s hearts truly cry out for more of Me, become even more desperate! To others, it may take longer, depending on your sincerity & the response from your inner man…for there will be things that must be dealt with on an inner level for some, that still haven’t been reconciled to Me. Nonetheless, 2020 will be a year, unparalleled in each of your lives…just be sure to let go of all you are & allow Me to mold you during this time. You will not regret this, at all…you will come to the place that you have longed for, says the Lord”.

End of word.

Hallelujah! I’m so excited about what God is doing and this word further confirms the last word I posted.  Great things are coming for those who will take hold of it.

On another note, I ask that if anyone is able to donate anything for my financial needs, no matter the amount, it would be greatly appreciated. And I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Blessings to you all,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.

It’s The Season Of Reaping Miracles.

Word from the Father:

My chosen ones, listen to your heavenly Father this day…..for I come to you with great tidings of joy.  I love you all so dearly with an everlasting love, and as a loving father, it is always My joyous pleasure to pour out My love and blessings over My children.

Therefore, I say to you this day to open your hearts and receive what I have for you in this season….for truly you have entered a season of reaping great rewards and blessings if you can receive it.  I say “IF” you can receive it because it will take faith on your part to receive all that I have for you in this season…..for I already have My hand stretched out and ready to pour out abundant blessings on My faithful ones in such ways that you cannot even imagine.  But I need you to believe Me for the impossible…..for I am about to pour out miracles and finances in abundance.

Don’t look to the natural for how this will happen because My ways are far above your ways, and I have all things in order according to My plans, not yours.  Therefore, open your hearts and by faith reach out and believe Me for miracles to happen on your behalf….for this will not only include financial miracles but many other miracles as well.

There will be miracles of healing, strengthening, restored families, relationships, businesses, properties, ministries, and more.  There will even be miracles of the birthing of spiritual gifts and breakthroughs and victories.

However, this one thing I must warn you of; do not think that you have “arrived” so-to-speak, though it may seem that way.  But oh, it is just the opposite; your journey in Me is just beginning.  And for those who do not get off course and continue to press on deeper in Me, they shall soon find themselves in a place of abundance in My presence.  Not simply an abundance of natural resources, but an abundance of My love and presence surrounding and indwelling the most inner parts of their being.

Now then, take these words of Mine to heart and seek Me in this.  The end has not come yet, even though it is the season of the end of days.

And even after all this, woe unto those who are at ease in Zion and believe yourselves to be rich with need of nothing.  I counsel you to buy of Me, gold refined and tried in the fire, so that you may truly be rich in spirit.  And seek My pure white garments so that you may be clothed and the shame of your nakedness may not appear in the hour of reckoning.  And anoint your eyes with My eye solve, that you may truly see with spiritual eyes to see.  And above all things, love Me with all your heart, mind and soul.  And love your neighbor as yourself.

I tell you these things because even though you may experience the reaping of My blessings, it is not a time to lay aside the good fight of faith.  You MUST continue to take up your cross and follow My Son wherever He leads you.  I say to you, it is not time for the Bride of Christ to be taken out of the earth as many falsely proclaim.  Yet, I do tell you this; that the season is upon you for the Bride to make herself ready.  But for this to happen, things must be in place first…..for I have My chosen ones scattered abroad across the face of the earth, and I need all My chosen ones to come together as one.  Not in one physical place, but together as one in Spirit and in truth.  But for this to happen, I need many things to be put in place first.  Things both in the natural and in the spiritual.

Therefore, I need each of you to redeem your time wisely and use your resources and giftings as My Son would lead you.  And as you do this, you will all know within your spirits what condition the church is in and what needs to be done for the Bride to make herself ready.  Even so, not all will follow because the gate is narrow and the way is difficult to eternal life in Me, and few shall find it.  However, there SHALL be a remnant who will be relentless in their pursuit of Me and My Son.  And I shall protect these ones from all that is coming upon the earth in these last days.

But as I said, woe unto those who are at ease in Zion who already believe they are secure in Me.  I tell you, these ones are wretched and blind and do not have a love for the truth, or they would already see their own nakedness and shame.  Although, not all is lost for these ones….for if they would repent and turn to Me in the time of great testing that is soon to come upon the whole earth, then I shall have mercy upon them and give them light to walk in during the time of gross darkness.  And if they would continue in My truth and endure to the end, they shall be saved from all that is corrupt.

I love you all with an everlasting love.  So again I say to you, take these words to heart and act upon them in faith and believing in Me and My Son.  And if you do this, it shall be well with you…

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Gal. 6:9 (NKJV)

You made men ride over our heads; We went through fire and through water, Yet You brought us out into a place of abundance. Psalm 66:12 (NASB)

Come, let us return to the LORD. For He has torn us to pieces, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bind up our wounds. After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His presence. Hosea 6:1-2 (BSB)

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May God bless, encourage, and strengthen you.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.







A Word For Thanksgiving 2019.

Greetings Dear Saints,

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving today and pray His abundant blessings upon you all and your families.

On this day of giving thanks for all that our heavenly father has done for us, I wish to share an exciting, and sobering, word from the Lord given through my dear friend and pastor.

Please prayerfully read what the Lord would say to us this Thanksgiving season.


Beginning of Word:

“Rejoice, My people for the time you are entering into is a time of rejoicing! Do not look back on what has been in the past, unless it is only to rejoice in all that I have brought you through. For I am taking you into a new season…a season that you will recognize just how much I have done for you. And in this season, many will aspire to higher heights & greater depths in Me. Many, will come forward & embrace Me as they never have before. And a time of breakthrough will grip those who will embrace Me in this hour…for I am unleashing My glory to those who have truly desired to only please Me.

Enter into this time, My people & know that I love you with an everlasting love…know that I truly do work all things together for your good. If you must look back on what is past, only do so, that you may recognize the grace & the mercy that I have bestowed upon you. Do not look back & be moved by what did or did not go the way that you had planned…but instead, look knowing that I have you in the palm of My hand & know what is best for you. Take what you have learned through this past year & glean from it all that it will make you more like Me…choose to only see that I have done good for you!

As you celebrate this holiday season, begin with true THANKSGIVING in your hearts. Not a partial thanksgiving, for only the good you have known, but for all the “not so good” that you have gone through, as well. For in those things, I have planted wisdom & knowledge to help you for the time that is ahead. Never think that whatever you go through is for nothing…for there are reasons that I allow things to happen…there are reasons that I allow things to come to pass. For in everything, it is My desire that you come close to Me & so when things go bad, you will find yourselves coming closer to Me than before.

Enjoy this time of festivities, but be sure to not grow slack in your maturity & disciplines…remember that between now & the end of this year, there will be times that tumult will try to raise its ugly head…be ready in an instant to stand in your place of warfare…be sure to have your weapons close to you. Stay clothed with the armor that I have developed in your lives & be not drunken by the pleasures of this world, but stay alert, so the enemy does not come on you as a thief, unaware. For truly this holiday season there will be times the enemy will seek to steal, kill & destroy…do not be a partaker of him!

For as the remainder of this year unfolds, things will begin to escalate in various ways. If you are not careful, you may not be aware of them & when these things reveal themselves outwardly, it may be too late & you will be found lacking. Just as My servants were vigilant when they were rebuilding the wall in Nehemiah…they worked on the wall with one hand & kept their weapon in the other. I want My people to be alert as these were…for you know not when the enemy will attack. Do not allow the festivities of this time to pull you into being lax in your stance of warfare – enjoy, the time, but also stay vigilant!

For the coming new year will be a year unlike any other…for some it will be one of wonder…for some, it will be one of woe…it depends how you enter this coming year. Will you enter it on fire for Me, or will you enter it, having become complacent during the holidays? This is your choice…choose you this day, whom you will serve! For many idols will be revealed to those whose eyes can see & many will come through this holiday season & will be closer to Me than before. But, still, others will be pulled further from Me, because of their covetousness. I do not wish this for any of you…I desire you all to stay close to Me!

It is needful for Me to say these things, My people because the enemy’s influence is greater this year than it was last year…for My people have not stood up for righteousness as they should have & so the enemy has taken more ground. This is evident by how the rights of the holy are being taken away by the profane! Take back the ground he has taken from you. For those who will truly hear My voice & obey, in this next year I will reveal many things. Many of you will take your place in ranks, in My kingdom, for you will have come through & be found faithful. And My reward will be to many, as you are well-pleasing in My sight, says the Lord”.

End of word.

Dear Saints,

Please take this word seriously.  I feel an urgency in my spirit-man regarding how important it is that we stay on fire for the Lord and guard our hearts with all diligence.  I feel that the enemy has blind-sighted many into becoming complacent, but they don’t realize it.  If this is you, simply repent and then make the heart decision to set your face like flint to seek and love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul.  This is very important because I feel that many of the complacent will be derailed if they don’t get their hearts right.  These are dangerous times we are in, and even though it is a season of rejoicing in the Lord, it’s also a time to be vigilant just like this word warns us to be.

On another note, I’m in need of finances for my rent that’s coming due on the 1st of next month.  If anyone is able to help with a donation, I would greatly appreciate it.  And as always, I pray the Lord abundantly blesses those who give toward my needs.

Love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.

It is time to take your stand and fight by the Spirit.

Words of the Father:

My people, listen to your heavenly Father this day. I have much to share with My people in these last days. However, many of My people are still too busy and caught up with things of the present world to get still and silent before Me.

My people, you do not understand the gravity of what is at stake. Much of what I desire to do in and through My people in these last days is dependent upon your willingness to walk hand in hand with Me and do My will and My will only. Howbeit, you cannot do My will if you are too busy doing your own. You MUST remove yourself from all that is detracting you from Me. I am not saying to remove yourselves from your family or responsibilities. Yet, even in these things, you MUST take charge and MAKE time to sit in My presence. Do not wait to find the time, for it will not be found. You must MAKE the time.

Now listen to what I would say to many of you. I know that many are praying for your leaders and that is well and good. Howbeit, these are dangerous times and the enemy is working hard to overthrow My last day’s plan of a great revival and outpouring of My Spirit. I tell you, he CANNOT stop this from happening. Albeit, he can greatly hinder the measure and impact of it.

Therefore, I give you command this day to not only pray for your leaders but to take your rightful authority in Christ and declare My will to be done over your nations and through your leaders. And declare by the power of My Spirit that President Trump shall complete the work that I have for him and will not be overtaken or removed by the wiles of the enemy. For even though this man is the leader of only one nation, there is far-reaching consequences of the work that I am doing through him that shall affect many nations throughout the earth.

Now then, take these things to heart, My little ones, and rise up and take your rightful place in the Spirit. I am in need of your prayers and your authoritative declarations. I have given man authority over the earth and much of that authority has been given over to your enemy. Therefore, I need you to use your authority in Christ to thwart the plans of the enemy and turn his plots of evil back upon his own head. I tell you, if you would do this, you shall begin to witness a huge shift in the atmosphere where My light and truth will gain victory over the lies and deceit regarding this President.

Oh, My people, you are in the days where I am calling many to rise up and become My last day’s army. No longer will it be business as usual. Many are in the valley of decision in these last days and My Spirit is crying out for all those would come to come into My house. For the end is near and My judgments shall soon be poured out for a short time before My wrath is. And I tell you; you do NOT want to be left to endure My wrath.

Oh, I know that many of the religious order like to claim My written word which reads that My people are not appointed unto My wrath. But read that word carefully. It clearly states that My people are not APPOINTED unto My wrath. It does NOT promise that none shall have to endure My wrath. In other words, it is not I who will appoint My people unto wrath, but by their own choices, they may be left to endure it.

Take these words to heart, My little ones. Remember how you have been warned by My Son; “Leave alone and disregard the blind guides and teachers, for if a blind man leads a blind man, they will both fall into a ditch.” Therefore, don’t listen to those who promise you no consequences of your disobedience simply because you believe in My Son, Jesus. For I tell you, if you TRULY believe on My Son, you shall obey Him.

Oh, do not take these words of Mine this day as too harsh. For I love you all very deeply with an everlasting love. And it is not My desire that any should perish. But because of the lies that have been taught by the blind guides of Christendom, much of My truth seems too hard to bear. But I promise you, it is better for you to bear it now than to reject My truth and receive the consequences of it later.

Therefore, again I tell you, rise up and take your rightful place in the Spirit, and declare for My will to be done in your nations and through your leaders. It is time to rise up and fight by the Spirit. No longer can My people idly sit by on the sidelines. Either you are with Me, or you are against Me in these last days. Make your choice.

End of word.

If these words bless or help you in any way, please consider a love gift today to help with my financial needs.

May God bless, encourage, and strengthen you.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.

There Is A Storm Coming…..Soon.

Dear Saints,

Below is a very important and sobering word from our Heavenly Father given to the Body of Christ through my dear friend and pastor.  Please read it and take it to heart.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.


Word from the Father:

“My Children, hear the words of Your Heavenly Father, as I come to you, for I come to you with words of truth. Know that I love you with an everlasting love & no matter what the future may bring, you are safe in Me. For in the days ahead there will be many things happening & I do not want you to become fearful or doubting that I have left you or forsaken you. For there is nothing that can happen to you, My Family… there isn’t anything that I do not allow for My purposes. But know this, very SOON you will witness a storm form QUICKLY on the horizon which will test many.

For as soon as you see this storm begin, it will be upon those to whom it will be targeting. Truly, this is a time for My people to seek Me in prayer…for I do not want this storm to overtake any of you. Stand your watch, My children & witness the upheaval that is about to come…for though it may seem wearisome to you, I want you to know that, as you stand fast in the liberty that I have made you free, you will not succumb to this storm nor allow it to bring you into a yoke of bondage. For the basis of this storm is designed to destroy many of My people’s ability to stand strong in Me.

And part of this storm is to tear down this nation’s integrity & send a deluge of immorality & perversion across the land. Do not allow this storm to move you or to cause any compromise in your hearts, for this coming storm will try to diminish My will for this country, even to remove the leader that I have placed in position. For a multitude of curses are about to be sent out to bind the President of the United States, to stop him from accomplishing My will for this nation. This is why it is time for My people to arise & shine as never before… to stand against this storm in warfare.

For even as the enemy attempted to kill My apostle Peter in prison over 2000 years ago, My people rose up into deep intercession on his behalf & I sent My angel to deliver him from his prison & from the death that the enemy had planned for him. Even so, must My people NOW stand in intercession for the leader that I have placed over the US. Do not grow slack during this time…do not allow the naysayers to distract you from My will by saying that this man is not of Me, for I tell you that these naysayers have been deluded by the enemy & are now become his vessels, not Mine.

For I have said that light shines in darkness, but the darkness cannot overtake the light…therefore, My people MUST rise up & shine in this hour, or there will be no light to shine against the evil that is about to come. As you will understand My will, you will know that My people are to demonstrate to this world, My Kingdom, come in Earth, as it is in Heaven. You ARE the Earth that I speak of…My will MUST be demonstrated in this hour…My Kingdom MUST come! It is time to take your places in this hour & begin to take action against what the enemy is wanting to bring.

For as My Kingdom is established in My people, My people will then cause My will to be done & bring My Kingdom to the Earth that is around them…which is the people of the US & the other nations. This storm must not be allowed to run its course…My people must take their place in prayer & begin to tear down the enemy’s plans. Just as My people lifted up Peter in that day, even so, must My people lift up this leader in this time. For I still have much to do through him & need My people to intervene on his behalf…the time at hand is pivotal to stopping what the enemy will do.

As My people will take their places as My weapons of war, they will see Me work GREATLY within them, so that things that have held them before, will be broken off of them in an instant & they will know a freedom in Me that will catapult them into the realm that I have longed to bring them to. My people, as you will take hold of My words to you this day & begin to war against what the enemy is wanting to do, you will see a quick turn around in what your prayers will accomplish, for you will see Me come strong on your behalf…and you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.


At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.

It’s Time To Mature Or Suffer Loss…

Word from the Father:

My people, listen well to your heavenly Father this day. Of late I have been stirring the hearts of many who are lost and still entangled with the world. And these ones are beginning to wake up with a stirring and a hunger in their heart, yet they don’t understand that it is I which they hunger for.

So then, it is My desire that each of you be prepared and ready for these ones whom I will send across your path. It may be in the workplace, or in the grocery store, or even at an auto repair shop. It matters not where it will be, but I will send people across your path who will be looking for truth, even though they may not know it. But they WILL know it when they hear it from you. For I will give you the right words to say at the right moment if you will heed and obey the promptings of My Spirit.

I know many of you have heard of the great spiritual awakening and revival that is to come. But I tell you, it is here now already, but few can discern this. Therefore, it is imperative that you each get before Me often and receive refreshing of My Spirit that you may be ready to speak My truth and love to those who are hurting.

Do not look for whom you may think needs to hear My word, for only I know the hearts of man and to whom I choose to reveal them. So, I need you to be sensitive to My Spirit and witness to those whom I lead you to. And worry not on what you would say…..for as you exercise your faith in Me and simply open your mouth, I will give you the right words to say at the right moment.

My people, these are exciting times and many shall be called to enter into My rest and the feasting joy of My kingdom in these last days. However, it will mostly be those called from outside the churches and from the highways and byways who will enter in because many in the churches of man are enjoying their lives in Babylon and are too busy with pleasures of the world to answer My call. (Luke 14:16-24)

So then, it is vitally imperative for each of you to stay close to Me and spend quality time with Me in your prayer closets. I have much to say and to do within My remnant and I need you to spend time with Me for Me to be able to do the work I need to do both within you and through you.

Oh, how I love each and every one of you with an everlasting love. And it is My greatest desire to give you My Kingdom. Yet, I tell you this; a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son/daughter does. So then, if you remain a slave to your old man in these last days and do not mature into a holy son/daughter of the Most High God, you will be cast out of My kingdom. (John 8:35, Matt. 13:41, Rev. 3:16).

Oh, I know that many of you may feel that this is too harsh and unfair. But I tell you, in these last days I shall dwell within a holy people and My kingdom shall, at last, reign throughout the earth. Howbeit, My kingdom shall in no wise contain any sin, contamination of the flesh, or evil spirit of any kind. Instead, My peace, joy, and righteousness shall fill the highway of holiness that you shall walk in, and you shall no longer endure any sorrow. (Isaiah 35:1-10)

Does this not excite you, My little ones. I tell you now, you have never experienced such joy that you shall experience in these last days while feasting in My kingdom, even while you are still on earth.

But know this, there are many little ones in whom I desire to mature quickly. And many of you are of these little ones. Therefore, it is time to set your priorities straight and fast from all things of the world that are taking your time and heart away from Me. And spend time in My presence, fellowshipping with Me and My Son, Jesus. I love you, My dearest ones, and it is My desire that you each mature into manifested sons and daughters of God in these last days. And if you would begin this journey of maturity with Me with your whole heart, you shall mature very quickly.

However, those who do not mature quickly, and remain relaxed in their lukewarm state, shall soon find themselves facing very difficult times….some even falling away from the faith because of their failure to prepare for the last days. I do not desire this for you, My little ones, so please take heed to My warnings and set your face like flint to follow My Son with your whole heart and to fast from the world while seeking My kingdom above all other things. If you would do this, you will not be disappointed… (Matt. 6:33. Phil. 2:12)


Dear Saints,

This is a very sobering, yet exciting word from our heavenly Father.  Our time to prepare for all that is coming, including great persecution and tribulation, is very short.  We MUST take advantage of this short time we now have or suffer the consequences of being unprepared.  I know that some of this word is not taught in the churches and may sound foreign to some.  For that reason, I’ve provided scripture to support what the Father is saying for those who may have a hard time receiving it as truth.

Also, it’s imperative that Trump gets into office this next term so all of us across the world will have another four years of preparation.  I believe that once Trump is out of the way, the evil powers that be will begin implementing their one-world anti-Christ agenda throughout the world.  So our time to prepare is short.  Please prayerfully consider this word given to us by the Father.

On another note, this month I have two large expenses that I receive every six months.  So, if anyone is able to help towards these financial needs, it would be greatly appreciated. And I don’t take lightly the help that some of you give.  You are fulfilling the law of Christ when you help carry your brothers’ burdens (Gal. 6:2), and I know the Lord will reward you greatly as I always give Him thanks for all the help I receive from some of you.

Much love and blessings to you all…

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.