Don’t miss your opportunity this season.

Dear Saints,

Out of a deep concern for all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I must share what is weighing heavily on my heart.  I need to share this and pray that you all take this warning and exhortation very serious.

I understand that there are many prophetic voices out there speaking of a great move of God coming.  However, very few know or will voice the importance of our response to this season we have entered.  Unfortunately, the church at large is not following the true Spirit of God, and as a result, are not following the cloud by day and fire by night into our promised land.  Many are following the false teachers and prophets of the last days which we have been warned about over and over in scriptures.  And as a result, few are listening to and following the true Shepherd.  Hence, most of the church hasn’t even heard the call to come out and meet the Bridegroom.

And so, this is what I wish to share.  Don’t miss out on this call to come out (come out of heart fellowship with the world and all that is unclean) and don’t neglect your responsibility.  When Jesus gave the parable of the ten virgins with five wise and five foolish, He didn’t use those numbers in order to say that half of believers will enter in.  No, He used the number ten because the biblical number ten represents our responsibility. (see here:  And the number five represents God’s grace.  So, the numbers “ten” and “five” in this parable shows us that we are prepared (purified and filled with the oil of His presence/anointing) by His grace through us doing our part that we are responsible for.

Beware of the false teachings of God’s grace which claim that He does everything alone.  There’s a famous quote among Christian circles that goes like this: “Grace plus anything else is not grace”.  These teachings are false teachings that cause God’s people to live in only a form of Godliness, but without the power of God to be set free from sin and become truly righteous and holy. (2 Tim. 3:5)

The true grace of God can also be called “His divine empowerment”.  Thus, He divinely empowers us to overcome sin and the flesh, walk uprightly, and accomplish His will for our lives.  Hence, God’s grace is synergistic and interactive, not unilateral.  It is true that it is only by His power and might, yet we must be in agreement, obedient, and responsive to His grace.

And so, I wish to reiterate the last two prophetic words I posted from my dear friend and pastor.  The call to the ten virgins has gone out.  It’s time to wake up and prepare ourselves to meet the Bridegroom.  And the way we do this is by getting into the presence of God and allowing Him to purge and purify us with His cleansing fires.  The season for this is NOW.

A couple of years ago I posted a word from the Lord telling us to seek His presence and ask for His refining fires.  Since we have now entered that season of burning (coming out), I wish to share this word with you all again.  And I share this prophetic word along with this warning to not miss out on your opportunity to come out and prepare yourself to meet the Bridegroom.  Unfortunately, most will miss out because of the false teachings and misconceptions of scripture.  Therefore, please, please take this warning and exhortation serious and do your part in preparing to meet the Bridegroom.  You truly don’t want to be one of the foolish virgins who try to prepare while the wise go in with the Bridegroom, and then the door is shut.  Now is the time to prepare yourself by the cleansing fires of His presence….

Here’s the prophetic word He gave me a couple of years ago about seeking His cleansing fires:

Word from the Lord:

To My chosen ones, I call you all today to come out from among ALL that is unclean.  All, that is not of Me and My Spirit.  Listen to Me well, My faithful ones.  Soon there will be great changes in the atmospheres of both the physical and the spiritual.  And, I do not want you caught up in the gross darkness that shall soon cover the earth.

Therefore, I say to you; call out to Me and get into My presence on a daily basis.  Allow Me to cleanse you from all filth and corruption of flesh and the world.  Oh, do you not know that these are the last days in which all must choose between either the world and its darkness, or My kingdom and its light?  So I say to you, choose well this day.  Choose My kingdom, and I shall do great wonders in the midst of you and through you.

I love you all, dearest ones.  Therefore, come unto Me this day and cry out for my judgments.  Yes, it is true that My judgments are not always pleasant.  However, My judgments to you are redemptive in nature and for your own righteousness sake.

Soon, I will pour out My Spirit of cleansing, and those who do not choose to yield to my cleansing judgments shall endure great anguish.  But for you, My chosen ones, this shall not be so.  For your righteousness shall shine forth as the sun after you have allowed my refining fires to cleanse you and make you whole.

I love you, My faithful ones.  So heed this word of Mine this day and cry out for my refining fires.  Surely I will hear your heart’s cry and will gladly pour out My Spirit of burning upon you.  And I shall burn all the dross and corruption from you and you shall reflect My holiness.  Not the pretend holiness as taught by the false teachers and prophets. No, for in this true holiness, you shall reflect Me and My righteousness.  For does not my word proclaim that you must be holy as I am holy?  So then, ask of this refining fire and surely I shall not withhold it from you.  For it is My desire that you be holy just as I am holy.

Now then, for those who read this word and shrink back at this; know that I will not take any pleasure in your shrinking back.  And know this; those who do not choose My highway of holiness in these last days shall NOT be able to endure what is coming upon the earth.  For this gross darkness is not like anything ever known to man even unto to this day.  Yes, the last days will be just like the days of Noah.  However, this is the last days where both evil and good have reached their climax.  Therefore, both evil and good in these last days shall far surpass anything else up until this time.

So then, I cry out to you all who would shrink back at the thought of my refining fires, and I say to you; consider your ways.  Is this present evil age worth forfeiting your eternal life with Me?  I think not?   Therefore, carefully weigh your choices in these last days.  Do they lead you to repentance and righteousness unto Me, or do they pull you further into the world and its ways?

I love you all, My little ones.  So choose carefully this day in whom you shall serve; Me, or your selfish ways and this world. Do not forget these words of Mine and know that your choices in the short days ahead will forge your destiny to either everlasting life with Me, or everlasting shame and contempt.  Therefore, choose wisely My little ones.

End of prophetic word…

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Much love to you all…

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.


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Revelations of the Kingdom of God are coming.

Word from the Lord:

My people, listen to My heart this day.  I tell you all, you do not realize just how much things will change very soon, and suddenly.  However, I have in the palm of My hand all those who put their trust in Me.

Now listen, I have a surprise on the horizon for My people.  I have a surprise that will thrill the hearts of those who truly love and seek after Me.  For I am about to enlighten the hearts of My people which will open many doors of revelation.  And in this, you shall truly see your purpose in the earth along with its endless possibilities.  But most of all, you shall be enlightened in how I desire for you to be in union and oneness with Me and the Father, as you become earthen tabernacles carrying the fullness of our Spirit.  Does this not thrill your hearts, My dear ones?  For I tell you, it is My Father’s greatest desire to be one with His children in His kingdom, and My greatest desire is to see My father’s desires fulfilled.

Oh, hear Me when I tell you that for generations the churches of man have fallen way short of My calling for My people.  For man teaches the precepts of man and not the revelations of My Spirit.  For if man would teach My revelations, My church would not be in such a fallen state as it is now.

But fret not, for I have a remnant in the earth who shall seek all that I have for them.  And I am excited to reveal the kingdom and My calling to this remnant.  However, don’t be quick to think that you are part of this remnant unless I have revealed this to your heart already.  For have I not said in My word that I have come into the world for judgment, that the blind might see; and that those who see might be turned blind?  So then, confess your spiritual blindness that I may TRULY give you sight.  For I tell you, far too many of My people believe they have sight of My truth when in reality, they are blind.  Therefore, I counsel you to buy from Me gold tried in the fire, so that you may be rich; and have white garments, so that you may be clothed, and the shame of your nakedness may not appear; and have your eyes anointed with eye salve, so that you may TRULY see.

I tell you this, there are truths in the scriptures which the church at large has never received a revelation of.  In fact, there are VERY, VERY few on the earth who have eyes to see the full counsel of God in the scriptures.  Therefore, think not in your heart that you have the full truth of My gospel of the kingdom.  For if you think you see, you may well already be blind.  For this understanding of the scriptures comes only by the same Spirit in which the scriptures were written.  Man’s logic cannot open the scriptures for understanding, and this is where the church has failed miserably for so many years.  This is also where so many false doctrines have come from.  For I tell you, if My people truly had a revelation of the gospel of My kingdom, there would not be so many seeking after what they understand to be a physical rapture out of the earth.  For My kingdom resides within man and does not come with observation, but is another dimensional realm which can be entered while still on earth.  One does not need to die and reach heaven to witness the glory of My kingdom.

Oh, I know this sounds foreign to many of you.  That only proves My point in that the churches of man have missed the truth of the gospel of My kingdom.  Yet, I tell you, these are the days in which many will be led by Me into their kingdom position endued with power from on high and with demonstration of powers of the age to come.  And THIS gospel shall go out into all the earth as a witness before the end comes.

Therefore, hear Me well when I say to you all to seek Me with all your heart.  And humble yourselves before Me, asking Me to give you true spiritual understanding of My kingdom.  Do not come to Me with pride of heart believing that you already have this revelation.  For I resist the proud.  So, if you think that you see, when you truly do not, you’re in danger of remaining blind.  For My kingdom is only for those who will come to Me like a little child, open to receive from Me.

Oh, how I love you all with an everlasting love.  And it is My Father’s greatest desire to give you the kingdom.  Therefore, do not take this word lightly.  Seek from Me what it means to buy of Me gold tried in the fire.  I am waiting to share end-time truths with you that will thrill your hearts.  You have all entered into a time like never before.  Therefore, redeem the time while you can, for time is short and soon it will be too late to enter in, and then, the door will be shut.  I tell you, intense disappointment shall cause many to weep and gnash their teeth when they witness how they missed out on such a great eternal weight of glory.  You do not want to be part of that group.  So then, heed My words this day.  Truly, you shall not be disappointed….


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Behold…..The Bridegroom Is Coming…..Go Out & Meet Him (Part 2)

Dear Saints,

We are all familiar with the parable of the Ten Virgins where five were wise and five foolish.  However, few are aware of what it means in the parable when the call went out to “Come Out” and meet the bridegroom.  Furthermore, most of the church is still asleep and hasn’t even heard the call to “Come out and meet Him”.  Time to prepare for His coming is short.  There are many prophetic voices today, but few are speaking the truth of the full counsel of God, and thus, not preparing God’s people for the TRUE coming of Christ.  I have strived to be obedient to the Lord and speak forth His words of warnings and exhortations which few are speaking in these last days.

My dear friend and pastor also carries a burden for the Body of Christ.  Therefore, please take heed to the second message regarding this call given through my dear friend and pastor.  This word is very encouraging, and also warns us, and shows us how to avoid finding ourselves in the group of the foolish virgins who will miss Him when He comes.  This is a very serious word.  Please take it to heart if you are sincere about seeking the Lord.


“My children…I come to you to bring you hope…I come to you to bring you life…I do this because I love you with an everlasting love. There are SO many words going forth in this day, which are said to come from Me…but many of them give My people the impression that what I say will just drop down out of the sky. Words of blessing…words of victory…words of the miraculous, all with no responsibility on your part…all with no action on your end. This is just not true…for everything that I have promised requires you to act…it all requires a response from you. Sometimes the response is in repentance…sometimes the response is in standing in faith…but it is always required that you be obedient to Me.

Be careful of the words that you allow into your spirit…for there are many who will only speak smooth words…words that tickle the ears & stroke the flesh. If the word does not challenge you, you should beware…for there are many false prophets that are gone out into the world. I told you that he that prophesies speaks unto men to edification, exhortation & comfort. This is what prophesy is suppose to do. I desire for you to be edified…I desire for you to be exhorted…I desire for you to be comforted…My words are supposed to build you up…My words are supposed to urge you forward & encourage you…My words are supposed to comfort your hearts. My words are to do these things…do you hear this?

Behold, the bridegroom is coming…go out & meet Him! Behold is a command…yet, so many of My people are not looking for Me…I AM coming. I show that My coming is near in SO many ways around you…how is it that your lives do not reflect the reality of My nearness? You  MUST go out & meet Him! This means, go OUT of the way things are…where you are right now & begin to seek Me like never before. What is important in your life…is not the reason you live, to worship Me? You sing your songs to Me & speak such things…so how is it that your lives do not reflect what you sing? You must not truly realize what is happening all around you & the importance of where you are in this last hour.

Again I remind you…remember the 10 virgins…5 were wise & 5 foolish. Only FIVE had OIL in their vessels! You need to fill your vessels up now before it is too late. You do not want to be like the 5 foolish virgins…for when the door was SHUT, then they tried to come to me & I told them, I knew them NOT! So wake up…fill your vessels with oil & stay with Me! While you have time, you must do this…you must come unto Me…you must enter into My REST…you must cease from your own labors for self & labor to enter into My rest. I cannot overemphasize the importance of your doing this…for the time of My coming is getting shorter every day…you do not know the day or the hour that the Son of man will come.

I know that as you read this, MANY of you are crying out unto Me from your hearts…many with tears, saying…”Lord HOW can I enter into Your rest…how do I fill my vessel with Your oil? Oh, My dear ones…My heart rejoices to hear this from your heart! For, the answer to this is for you to come unto Me & spend time at My feet…just basking in My presence…just like a battery that is connected to a charger…even so, I will fill your vessels with My oil, to your delight! For this is the Secret Place that I have long desired for you to be. The problem is, so many will not take the time to do this to be truly effectual in their lives. You can’t just come for a few minutes of your time & expect Me to give you a full charge!

I need you to truly begin to dedicate your time to do this…for if you will, you will begin to see WHY the enemy has worked SO hard to keep you away! For he knows that the longer he can keep you away from My presence, the longer he can work against you in life. Once you will truly begin to seek Me, with all your heart…once you will truly begin to desire to be with Me, with all your life…then you will realize the importance of this time & nothing will be able to keep you away from Me. What so many of My people do not know is, that what they consider “feeling My presence” isn’t really accurate. It is My presence that is being felt…its just that what is being felt is not where I want My people to truly be.

For most, this feeling they have is only from being near…the very “edge” of My presence. This basically is the equivalent to being in the “inner court”…I want My people to dwell in the Holy of Holies! I understand that what many feel is a wonderful feeling & I do not deny that. But what I truly desire for My people is to come into the DEEP presence of God. Many have gone past the outer court…past the brazen altar & into the inner place & this is where most will spend their time with Me. This is not bad…it’s just not My BEST for you…it will keep you from most of what I have called you to be. I need you to press in, OUT past where you are…into the Holy of Holies…for this is where your lives will change for good.

So many have never made it to this place I speak of…some think they have, but actually they have only partially broken through & for whatever reason, didn’t press in all the way…what they experienced was only momentary. It may have seemed glorious to them…but it didn’t make any lasting change in their lives…for just like Moses, who had My glory on his face…he eventually lost it & he put a veil on his face to hide this. I need My people to PRESS in to where My glory is…this is where ALL the oil you will need is. This is where your lives will be changed & you will NEVER be the same again! For as you will truly enter into this place…the place of My true presence, you will be changed to BE just like Me.

My desire is to use My people in these last days to bring GREAT revival to the land. Many boast about My presence in their church services, which in reality is only a mere fraction of what I have for those who will truly begin to seek Me & enter deep into My secret place. You cannot fathom the reality of who you are called to be! For I have plans to use you to save multitudes in this lost & dying world. So many of you have such low expectations of what I will do through you…for the enemy has limited you, from within your minds to keep you where you are so you will not come into My presence…My TRUE presence…deep within My heart. Do not let him keep you where you are any longer…come unto Me!

For as long as he can deceive you to think “all is well”, with you “feeling” a few goosebumps & the warmth & peace of My love for you…he will keep you from KNOWING Me as I truly desire you to. I do not want you to be like the 5 foolish virgins…for I told them “I never KNEW you”. These never made it into My true presence…these never could get their vessels filled, because this will only truly happen going past the inner court, into the Holy of Holies, where My deep presence abides. Oh, My people…come into My presence…break through all the barriers that would keep you away from Me…press in to where you belong & you will never be the same again…but you must hurry…time is growing short!

For as time goes on, the enemy will devise even MORE plans to keep you from coming to that place…he doesn’t want you to go there, for he knows that once you do, he will lose control of your life & instead of you being his pawn, you will become a formidable weapon against him. Why am I saying this? Because it is time that My people stop being mere “sheep” & instead become like Me…the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Sheep are not aggressive…they are passive…just like so many of My people are today. I need My people to truly become the ARMY of Warriors that I have ordained them to be…so they will do exploits everywhere they go…I need them to fully SHINE with the true light of My glory!

Can you imagine what it would be like for you to shine with My glory? Everywhere you would go, you would carry My presence with you…on the street…in the marketplace…everywhere! And My glory would surround you, so that everyone within the sphere of My presence will be affected…demons would scream as they came out…bodies would be healed…multitudes would be saved & no one would need to lay hands on anyone…for I said that GREATER works would you do than I did while on Earth because I went to the Father! I desire to encourage & excite you…hear Me, My people, & come unto Me…press in to My deep presence…let Me CHANGE you & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Behold…The Bridegroom Is Coming…Go Out & Meet Him (Part 1)

Greetings Saints,

I wish to share this word given to the Body of Christ through my dear pastor and friend.  The return of Christ is upon us and God is reaching out to us to prepare ourselves now as wise virgins.  Please heed this important word from the Lord and be encouraged.


“Hear Me, My people, as I come to you with words to help you. For I see

what is happening among My people…I see the turmoil & unrest that
many of you are going through. I come to encourage you, as you walk
towards Me in the days ahead. For the cry is going out in all the
world…”Behold the Bridegroom is coming…go out to meet Him”. When you
hear these words, know that they come from Me, as I desire for you to
know what is happening in the Earth. Many have heard this cry…many
have responded to Me…many are still asleep. For I speak to you concerning the 10 virgins…5 were wise, but 5 were foolish.

Know that wisdom builds the house, but knowledge alone only puffs up with pride.  I desire for My people to walk in wisdom, but many are being carried to & fro with every wind of doctrine. Many boast of their spiritual authority, but there is no real spiritual foundation in them, so they bounce back & forth in things that profit them nothing. Not that these things are wrong, for most are not…however, it is the reality that they are not cleaved to, that makes them of no effect. How can one profit from My words, when they do not cleave to them? For I have said for you to enter into MY REST…so why do so many of My people bounce back & forth, in so many doctrines…when I have already FINISHED the work? For I labored 6 days to create EVERYTHING that you will ever need in this life.

Then I RESTED on the 7th day & I hallowed it. My word says that all 10

virgins slumbered & slept…all had given in to the outside wave of
complacency & compromise. But, when the cry went out, they ALL arose &
trimmed their lamps. It is time for My people to wake up & make their
lamps shine with the brightness that can only come from Me. Trimming a
lamp means more than to just adjust it to make more light…it also
means to “trim” off the burnt part, so no smoke will be made. The
problem with many today is, they have not trimmed their lamps…they

still cannot see clearly, because their lamps are giving off too much smoke! So trim your lamps so you will be able to see clearly in the days ahead!

Many of My people need to adjust what they believe so that their

foundations will be firm. Never forget the parable of the house built on
sand & the rock. In both scenarios the house was built on the SAME
substance…sand is the same as rock, except it has no solidity, as it
is fluid & unstable. So are the lives of many of My people today…for
they are tossed to & fro, with every wind of doctrine. I want you to
enter into My rest. In the 6 days that I labored, I made provision for
everything you will ever need…EVERYTHING! There is no need for you to

wrestle with anything…just come unto Me & let Me give you rest.  Somehow many of My people seem to still forget that when I died, I said…it is finished!

My people need to look at their lives today…what are you wrestling

with…healing?…provision?…situations out of your control? Whatever
the need, remember that I shall supply ALL your need, according to MY
riches in glory, by Christ Jesus. It is not your place to struggle…it
is your place to enter into My rest. THAT is where the real fight
is…for the enemy is hard at work to keep My people away from My rest.
Look at the things that My people wrestle with…these are meant to keep
you busy, fighting, so that you will not be able to let go & let Me work

in your lives. For as long as you continue to labor to “fix” things, I will be limited in what I can do to bring change that will cause My provision to come.

Are you fighting for healing? You know that I am your Healer, for it is

by My stripes, you WERE healed. So, why the fight? I already did the
work…so enter into My REST…cease from your own labors. Are you
fighting for finances or some other provision? You know that I am
Jehovah Jireh, your Provider…I SHALL supply ALL your needs. So, why
the fight? I have already made provision for everything you will ever
need…so enter into My REST…cease from your own labors. As you will
do this, you will free Me to work on your behalf…you will see Me lead

you & guide you to do what I need you to do so that the changes can come. Fight the good fight of faith…faith SEES the need, as being done & provided.

So many of My people spend SO much time “fighting” for things that I

have already made provision for in their lives. “So, why am I not
receiving it then?”, many will ask Me. You just answered your own
question…you are not receiving, because you are not truly believing.
When you truly believe Me for something, you will be at rest, knowing
that it will come…for it will come at the time appointed by Me. So
many ask Me for things & expect Me to just drop it down to them
immediately. I am not Burger King…I am the King of Kings! I work all

things after the counsel of My own will. My people need to understand what it means to enter into My rest, for your futures depend on your entering & remaining there.

How can I use you for My glory, when you continue to wrestle with things

that you have no power over, in yourselves? I cannot fill you with My
presence if your attentions are on other things. I need you to forget
those things that are behind & instead reach forth unto those things
which are before you…press toward the mark for the prize of the high
calling of God in Christ Jesus. Many are not even aware of the increase
of spiritual wickedness that has taken hold around them because they
are so engrossed in the affairs of this life. I need My people to look

unto Me, the author & finisher of their faith…for as they will, I will be able to work in them & thru them, so they will do great exploits on this earth.

I need you to know that it is only as you will rest in Me, will the

answers come. Yes, you may have a part in the answers, but your part
will only be as I lead you forth, day by day. So many are so consumed by
the affairs of this life that they are not much use for My work in
the Kingdom. Again, I will remind you…many of you still have a Martha
spirit, controlling you & keeping you from entering into My rest, as
Mary did. So many of your answers will come, if only you will resist
wrestling & struggling in your own strength…just sit at Me feet & draw

from My presence. It IS My desire for you to carry My presence where ever you go…but how can you ever do this if you are always wrestling with the cares of this life?

I am closer to My people today than ever before…this is a mystery

that few understand…for as My return draws closer, even so, am I
closer to you. But many do not know this, because of all that is going
on in their lives & around them. Their concentration & care is more
fixed on these things, rather than on Me. Did I not say, draw close unto Me & I
will draw close unto you? By My grace, through My blood I have made you
close…yes, I have come close to you…but I am awaiting you to do your
part to come closer…past what My blood alone has done. This requires

effort on your part…that is why I said to labor to enter into My rest.  Only as you will truly do this can you know what I have prepared for you yet ahead.

Do not let the affairs of this life keep you from where I desire you to

be. I see your hearts…I know all that you are going through. I keep
the universe in order…can I not also work great things in your lives?
The creation answers to My words because there is no will…My people
have a will…they must choose to obey My words. This is where the truth
of your life lies…for there is nothing that can separate you from Me,
except yourselves. That is why it is necessary for you to labor to enter
into My rest…you must resist your struggles with this life. Remember,

the kingdom of God is not meat or drink…it is not something tangible…it IS righteousness, joy & peace in the Holy Spirit…this is where you belong.

For when you enter into My rest, you are righteous, receiving what I

accomplished on the Cross & your life will reflect My righteousness in
all you do. When you enter into My rest, you have true joy & nothing can
take your joy away. When you enter into My rest, you are at peace, for
there is no struggle within you…the things of earth will grow
strangely dim in the light of My glory & grace in your lives. This is
what I desire for you…this is where I desire you to dwell. For you
will need to be there, in the time ahead…time IS running out…it is
time for you to lay aside every weight & sin that easily besets you & come unto Me. Respond to My words with your lives & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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The door that no man can shut is now open before us.

Word from the Lord:

My dearest chosen ones.  Listen intently to Me this day.  I come to you with open arms of love and with excitement of heart.  Do not be disheartened at the disasters and chaos you see as it spews across your lands.  Listen to Me when I say that I have you under My arms of protection.  Have I not warned of these things to come?  Have I not foretold of these things in the scriptures and sent out My prophets to warn you again of these things?  So then, you should not be shaken in spirit or in mind regarding the shakings and judgments that are coming.

However, I do not come to you today to speak of these things.  No, I come to you today to speak of something of greater importance.  My chosen ones, I have prepared an open door for many of you.  And you shall soon walk through this open door that no man can shut.  And when you do this, all that you know shall suddenly be different.  For you shall learn to see and walk by My Spirit in all that you say and do.  And you shall discern the difference between flesh and Spirit.  And you shall seek Me with the greatest intensity you have ever known.  And in this, I shall meet with you and we shall begin a journey that shall take you into your destiny in Me and you shall walk with Me all the way to the end of your days in the earth realm and into eternity.  And in this, you shall become like Me in Spirit and in truth.  And I shall do great exploits through you.  And many of you will become part of My great army in these last days.

However, not all of you shall be part of My great army, for I have different plans for some of you to be martyrs in these last days.  But fret not, for I shall overshadow you with My protection and even though your natural body shall taste death, you shall not be harmed nor even disquieted in spirit.  For just seconds before you meet your demise, I shall quickly take your spirit from your body to be with Me.  So, take heart in this, my beloved ones.  For even if you become one of My martyrs in these last days, your reward shall be great.

Now, listen to Me when I tell you all to begin to seek Me for this open door.  For I tell you, it will happen very quickly.  Doubt not, yet believe and expect Me to take you through this great spiritual door.  For I declare to you that you have entered the greatest days on earth as you shall soon witness My great last-days move all across the earth.  However, think not that these last days shall be easy.  For as I have told you in My word, the road is narrow and constricted which leads to life in Me.  Yet, great is the reward.

So then, take heart.  Fret not, nor weary, regarding the great shakings and judgments that are coming.  For I tell you, they will only grow with intensity and frequency.  But I shall protect those who are mine.  And know this also, that not all those who call themselves by My name are mine.  Therefore, many shall be swept up with the wicked.  I say this so that you don’t look upon other so-called believers who will lose their lives in these last days and think that I cannot protect you.  For My arm is not too short that I am unable to protect My own.  Also, not all who shall lose their lives in these last days are of the wicked.  It is sad to say, but many of My own are out of My will, and therefore, not under My full protection from the enemy.  So then, seek Me in all things, and above all, seek to be one with Me in Spirit and in truth.

I love you, My dearest ones, and I only desire the best for you.   This is why I give so many warnings.  I do not desire that any should perish.  Yet, the scriptures declare the truth in that My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge.  So then, seek Me, and seek Me often.  I shall surely lay upon your hearts what you need to do for your protection and provision in these last days.  For some, I will tell you to leave where you are just before disaster strikes.  So then, stay close to My Spirit at all times so you may know what to do and when to do it.  This is for your own protection.

I’m excited for you in these last days.  It is time that My bride prepares herself for My coming.  But first, I must wake her up, for she has been slumbering for too many years now and she is still drowsy and undiscerning of many things.  But I know how to arouse My bride, and so I shall.  Be watchful, My people, for I am doing a new thing in the earth in these last days.  Just as when John the Baptist was preaching and baptizing in the wilderness under My Elijah anointing, so shall a company soon rise up in the earth with the same Elijah anointing and lead My bride into preparing the way for My coming.

Oh, what exciting days you live in.  Therefore, lay aside every sin and weight that so easily besets you and set your face like flint to follow hard after Me.  For surely, I shall see your efforts and greatly reward you according to your deeds.  Therefore, I say, seek, ask, knock, and the door shall be opened for you.  I love you all so very deeply and wait in anticipation to meet with each of you.  Therefore, don’t take this invitation lightly.  Seek Me now while I may be found.  It shall surely be worth it…..

“I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept my word, and have not denied my name.” Revelation 3:8 (AKJV)


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Its Time For The Prodigals To Come Home

Dear Saints,

My dear friend and pastor received this word from the Lord for the body of Christ.  It’s very enlightening and applies the parable of the prodigal son to each of our lives.  I pray that it blesses each of you as it did me.


“My children, I come to you this day, in the heart of a loving Father…what I share with you comes out of My unfailing love for you. It is time for My people to return unto Me. Many have heard the story of the “prodigal son” & see it as a nice story about a man who went his own way & entered into a time of suffering & soul-searching, which resulted in him going back home, where he belonged. To most, this story is about “someone else”…”it’s not me”, they will say. But, as My people will truly open their hearts unto Me, they will see & hear what I am saying. Their eyes will truly begin to see & their ears will truly begin to hear what My Spirit is saying unto the many of those who call themselves Mine.

For as you will stop seeing the “prodigal” as someone else & begin to see the “prodigal” as you, you will understand a great mystery…for in your own lives, that is what I see…I see the prodigal in all of you.  Yes, there are areas of your lives that are in order & pleasing unto Me, but there are still things that you “decide” to do of your own will & just like the prodigal son, you go off & do your own thing. The prodigal went to his father & demanded his inheritance before the proper time.  Even so, many of My people will want Me to give them things that they were not ready to receive. But, as with the father in the story, even so, at times I will give you things that you ask for, knowing that you will do with it, as you will.

For just as with the prodigal, many of My people have gone off in their own direction, because they were seduced by the things that were hidden deep within their hearts. Few ever think that this was wrong…they were just doing what they felt was good for them. They didn’t consider that their Father needed them to stay with Him, so they went out-of-the-way & walked out the path ahead of them. And just as with the prodigal in the story, many of My people have learned the hard way, once they have walked out what was in their heart & have exhausted what I had given them out of My grace, they have returned unto Me, so I could take them back into My loving arms where they belonged.

Just as with the father in the story, I never stop looking for them to come back unto Me, for I AM the Father of that story & My people are the sons that are written there. For there are those who have determined to stay with Me, working by My side & all that I have is theirs…& there are those who have gone their own way & only after much hardship & loss, they come to themselves & realize where they are supposed to be & they return & I welcome them, with My loving heart & receive them unto Myself & there they shall forever stay with Me. I put a ring on their finger, declaring My royalty, the best robe on their back declaring My righteousness within them & shoes on their feet, to empower their walk.

For these that have gone their own way, had to learn through hardship, the true worth of My royalty I have purposed for them to be…these had to experience a time of nakedness so I could show them their need for My righteousness within them…these had to become bare footed so I could teach them the importance of their lives being shielded from the things of this earth & they could know the true Gospel of Peace. For these had to walk out that time & see for themselves, that My servants have plenty…have food to spare, for they have submitted their lives unto Me…seeing their need for humility & coming back to Me, pleading for Me to make them as My hired servants, for they were unworthy.

Yes, My people…it is time for the prodigals to come home…for time is running out. You do not want to miss out on the breakthroughs that I have planned ahead…you do not want to miss out on the victories that you have long-awaited for you to see come true. You do not want to miss out on the many blessings that I have prepared for you here. For the longer that you tarry away in things of your own will, the less you will be able to come back home to…don’t waste all of your inheritance waiting until you are down in the dumps, feeding swine & in despair, desiring to eat what you are feeding them! It is time for you to come back to Me with all your heart…I am waiting with My arms outstretched!

Come back to Me…let Me fall on your neck & kiss you with the lips of My love…I want you to be in your place of destiny. For, as you will be willing to see yourselves, as you truly have been, I can quickly help you to return unto your place. My grace is plenteous & I will shower you with a love you will feel unworthy to receive. But as I wash you with the kisses of My heart, you will stand again the place that I have ordained you to be. Hear My loving words to each of you & respond to Me out of a heart that is truly contrite & humble. For I want to throw you a party & bless you…you will not want to miss it…for its what you have been waiting for! Return unto Me & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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A mighty move of God’s Spirit is coming.

Word from the Lord:

My chosen ones, I come to you this day with exciting news.  A mighty move of My Spirit is coming.  Therefore, you’re all on the verge of the greatest breakthroughs you have ever encountered.  Doors of all sorts will now begin to open.  Doors to ministries, doors to finances, doors to long-awaited fulfilled promises, doors to renewed health, doors to restored relationships, and most importantly, doors to a greater and most intense fellowship with Me.

Does this not excite you, My beloved ones? For this truly excites Me.  I am working within and among a people whom I have chosen to carry My glory to a lost and dying world.  Think not of your past failures or frailty of the flesh.  For this work of My glory in you will not be done by any working of your own power or might, but by My Spirit alone as you walk in agreement with Me and spend time with Me in your prayer closets.

I love each and every one of you so deeply.  More than you can possibly imagine.  And so, even though darkness and chaos may ensue upon the land, you shall not be overcome by it, yet you shall be overcome by My Spirit instead.  And the joy of gladness shall be mightily upon each of you.  Therefore, I encourage you to seek Me in this season and drink of Me.  Drink in all of My Spirit, light, and revelation which I will give you.  Receive all of Me as I pour out My Spirit upon each of you.

Now listen intently to what I would say to you about this great move of My Spirit.  Many will not fully understand and think that they have “arrived” so-to-speak.  Yet, I give you this warning.  This outpouring of My Spirit is for you to seek Me with even greater intensity and to be purged and purified by the baptism of My fire.  All of this is for the purification of My people and to prepare you for greater days of darkness that shall soon cover the earth.  For MANY, I tell you, shall fall away in these last days.  Yes, there is a revival coming like never before.  Yet, even so, afterward there shall also be a great falling away.

My people, study the scriptures that speak of the days in which I walked the earth.  Many sought to follow Me.  However, I made it too difficult for the vast majority of believers in those days.  And what started out as huge crowds, in the end, was but a few.  Take this to heart.  For I tell you, up until this time, the truth of the narrow path has not been taught in the fullness of its reality.  And many wrongfully think that following Me is an easy thing to grasp.  But I tell you now that it is not.  If you do not lay everything down, even your own lives, you will not endure to the end.  For the enemy is coming with great deception to deceive even the elect.  And many, I say MANY will fall to his schemes.

Therefore, take this warning of Mine this day and prepare your hearts to receive of Me and allow Me to purge, purify and strengthen your inner man as I hide you in My Spirit.  For it will only be as you are hidden in Me shall you be protected from all that is coming upon the world.  And only those looking through the eyes of My Spirit will not be deceived by the great deceptions that are coming.  For those who think they have the wisdom to know the difference between light and darkness, or truth and error, yet still discern through their natural understanding, shall be deceived.

I do not desire this for you, My chosen ones.  Therefore, I give you this warning this day.  Redeem the time that you now have and seek Me in your prayer closets often and receive of My Spirit daily.  Learn to walk by My Spirit and not by your own natural understanding.  And as you do this, I shall teach you to be guided by My Spirit in ALL things, even down to the smallest of details.  And as you continuously walk in this, never again shall you be deceived by the enemy of your soul.  And your light shall shine brightly to a lost and dying world.  And as they marvel at the fact that you are not shaken by the things coming upon the world, you shall be a living witness and testimony of Me and My kingdom reigning in the earth realm.

Oh, how this excites Me.  Does this not excite each of you?  I tell you now, you do not yet fully comprehend the magnitude of My glory that shall be revealed in each of you if you so choose to take this path with Me.  So then, prepare your hearts to receive of My Spirit this day.  Surely, you shall not be disappointed…



If these words from the Lord encourage or help you in any way, please consider returning the favor with a financial gift (of any size) to help with my monthly needs.  I always trust the Lord to lay it upon the hearts of those who are obedient and giving, and so I give a big thank you to those of you who do help.  I also pray the Lord’s abundant blessings in return for those who give.  Love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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