Important matters for the season.

Dear Saints,

I come to you all today with several critical points which the Spirit of the Lord has laid on my heart.

First and foremost, we must all be very thankful that He has heard our prayers and given us a reprieve.  Because His people have prayed for mercy and given voice to their cry through their votes, God has answered our prayers and given us a new leader who will fight for our Christian rights instead of taking them away.

This has allowed the season of harvest to be during a time of religious freedom instead of a time of harsh persecution.  Yes, the persecution will still come.  But for now, we have more time of religious freedom to enjoy.

This month when we are celebrating our season of Thanksgiving, I encourage you all to express your thanks and gratitude to God for giving us His mercy in this darkened time.

The second point I would like to make is that we still need to continue to pray for our new president-elect.  The dark powers that be will not turn over their position easily.  They may still try to keep the new president-elect from taking his rightful position in the white house.  Pray that the transition of leaders will be a peaceful one and pray that the plans of the enemy will not prosper….

Another point I would like to make is that even though we have received a reprieve, there will still be shakings and judgments coming.  But know that these shakings and judgments will be redemptive in nature.  God is bringing people to their knees so they will cry out to Him for mercy.  But not all will.

Much of the shakings will be in our government and political system as God uses our new leader to purge this Nation.  This will affect many areas.  Be prepared…

The Lord has had me to give out several warnings to His people over the last few years regarding the troublesome times that are coming.  He has warned and warned for us to prepare.  Well, now it’s upon us.  Anything can happen any day now that will set it off.  I’m not sure how soon, but I strongly feel that by this time next year, everything will be different.

There will be calamities in diverse places and civil unrest.  The streets will be very dangerous and we will need the Lord’s protection at all times.  We  MUST spend time with Him daily in the secret place and get orders from Him for each day.  We must also learn to hear His still small voice at all times.  He will keep us protected if we obey Him and follow His leading.  He may tell you not to turn down a certain street on your way to work that you normally take and instead go a different route.  If you don’t hear Him or obey, it could cost you your life.  These are the days in which we are entering into.  We all MUST learn to hear His still small voice.  Many times, it’s as simple as an impression.  But we must be sensitive to this and obey, it’s for our own protection.

Another point I would like to make is that He is about to pour out abundant blessings on many of His people who have been faithful to Him.  There is a great transfer of wealth coming into the Kingdom of God (Proverbs 13:22).  Many of God’s people will be financially blessed.  However, we must take head in how we handle this.  The finances will be for His kingdom purposes.  He will need us to help others in need and possibly support His ministries and/or projects.

Howbeit, I sense in My Spirit that God is giving a specific warning to His people in this time of tremendous financial blessings.  I feel that some will begin to spend their blessings on new toys and vacations instead of using it wisely for the times and His kingdom.  Now, I’m not saying that God doesn’t want us to have nice things.  However, the time for playing in this world is over.  I feel that God will be very angry at those who squander his blessings instead of redeeming the time and money for His kingdom purposes in both our lives and the lives of others.  This is the time of great harvest and many lost souls will be seeking Him.  It will anger God if He cannot use what He has given us, for stewardship, to help the many needy souls seeking His help.

Another point I would like to make is regarding His great outpouring that is coming.  We will shortly be experiencing the former and latter rain.  His Spirit will be poured out upon groups of people everywhere.  We will be tremendously blessed during this season.  Many will spiritually grow at a rapid rate.  However, there will also be a danger in this.  Do not fall into the temptation of believing that you have “arrived”.  This time of great outpouring of His Spirit will be needed to prepare us for the great persecution and tribulation that will come later.  DO NOT SQUANDER THIS TIME.  Redeem this time of His refreshing and prepare for even harder times ahead.  For only those who endure to the end shall be completely, wholly and ultimately saved (Matt. 24:13).

Most of all, be grateful for what He has done and what He will do.  These are exciting times we live in.  It will be the best of times and the worst of times all at the same time.  It is up to each of us if this will be our best of times or our worst of times.  However, it will be the most glorious time for His TRUE church as she begins to arise…….

If these words have encouraged or helped you in any way, please, please consider returning the favor with a financial gift (of any size) to help me with my needs.  At this time in my life the Lord has me relying on the gifts of others for my financial support.  I live a simple and humble life, so I don’t have many financial needs.  But I DO have them.  So please consider helping me as I have given myself to help His people.  Love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Word of Urgency Regarding the Upcoming Election.

Dear Saints,

For some  time now I have been seeking the Lord in what He would say to His people regarding this election in the U.S.

I’m sure that many of you can see the ongoing fight between good and evil because our next leader will determine the immediate future of America, and the world.  If a certain leader gets in the white house, we will soon lose the few religious freedoms we have left and persecutions will begin.

However, even though persecutions WILL and MUST come, God has impressed upon me His desire to allow a little more time of grace for His people to prepare for all that is coming, (judgments, persecutions, destructions, etc.)

Howbeit, if He allows this extra time of grace depends on His people praying and voicing what is right.  Just so happens, the Lord did give my pastor and dear friend a prophetic word for His people regarding this very issue.  Therefore, I am posting it for you all to read and take to heart.

The time we are in is crucial as we are at crossroads regarding this country.  Please take this word serious and heed to what the Lord is saying to us.


Beginning of word:

“My sons & daughters…I care deeply for all of you…I love each of you
with an everlasting love…please hear Me as I tell you the way things
are. The time in which you are living in is unlike any time
before…this is not the time to remain complacent or compromised…this
is the time to rise up & fight! For there is a fight going on in both
the seen & unseen realms. For some would say that Christians are not to
become involved in politics, for you are “strangers & pilgrims, citizens
of another country”, but I tell you that this thinking is nothing but
foolish complacency. You are not living in 1st century Rome where My
people had no rights to speak or declare My word…but these still stood
up & spoke for Me!

You live in a time & a place where you should be rising up & making your
voice known! Your complacency is robbing you of the very rights that the
founding fathers of this nation fought for long ago. Can you not see how
complacency has changed you, My people? Just decades ago, My people used
to stand in public places & influence school boards, city councils &
other places of politics, but now there is a rising voice, which comes
not of Me, saying to even abstain from voting & making your voice heard.
It has been said that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing”…so what is the excuse of so many of My
people today? Where is your fight for what is right?

There are those who will say that “My judgment is coming & nothing will
stop it”…but this is only a half truth of the enemy! For My word says
that “mercy triumphs over judgment”. How can I ignore the multitudes
that cry out to Me day & night, begging Me for more time for revival to
come? For their voices rise to Me at all times…how can I ignore the
cry to give this nation mercy…one last time, to be a place that is
“one nation under God”. For surely, My judgment WILL come at the
appointed time, but who says that time has already come? None of you
were there during the board meeting in Heaven before the world was! I
have only given you things to look for & to know the end was “near”.

I showed you these things so you would know the time was “at the
door”…but no man knows the day or the hour…not even My Son! Do not
presumptuously think that I cannot grant grace for more time before the
end comes. For the voices of all those who cry out to Me have risen in
My ears & I will not ignore them! Look at your hearts, My children & I
will show you what is within them…for those who will stay fixated on &
saying that My judgment must come NOW, show hatred & bitterness in their
hearts… instead, these should be crying out for mercy on the multitudes
who have not heard My salvation. How can you say My love is abiding in
you, when your heart will hold to such hateful things?

Where is your love for the lost…where is your love, My people? For
this is what I have told you…for this is what I have shown you: “O
man, what is good & what does the LORD require of you, but to do justly
& to love mercy & to walk humbly with your God? So, where is your love
of mercy? Why do you instead stand in wrath, demanding My judgment to
come, when My Spirit came to seek & to save that which is lost? There is
a great need for repentance in My people! I have said that “judgment
MUST begin at the house of God”, so, this repentance MUST begin in My
leadership & to those who say they hear My voice! For the cry of
prophets wrongly demand Me to judge, when I came to save!

Hear Me, My people & know that – yes, My judgment is coming…but it
will come FIRST to My House…for I will come to the heart of those who
say they love Me & I will judge them from within. There will be a quick
“house cleaning” & many who refuse to hear My voice will fall
away…they will be consumed by their own hatred & bitterness…&
many will die tragic deaths because they refuse to hear My love for
mercy. I challenge those who will say that I must now judge this
world…for in your doing so, you bring My judgment upon you! I
challenge you to have a changed heart…one that I can flow
through…for this is the age of grace & My grace must fill your heart
while there is still time!

I hear so many voices in the world from My people today…voices that
vary & are opposite one the other…for one will cry for mercy, while
the other cries for judgment. So many have forgotten that I said:
“blessed are merciful, for they shall receive mercy”. So many claim they
know My word, but how many of these will LIVE it? Do you want mercy in
these last days? Then love mercy, for “blessed are the peacemakers, for
they shall be called the sons of God”. Do you not even know that the
very creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God? The
entire creation is being affected by My people’s lack of mercy, when I
desire revival! For the earth has yet to receive the early & latter rain

This last move of My Spirit will come, but it is the choice of My people
how this will be. For I desire for this to happen with My people rising
up & doing exploits, taking this world back from the devil for the glory
of God…but if complacency continues, just the opposite will
happen…the last outpouring will occur at a time of great persecution &
trials. It doesn’t have to be this way…I would rather have it the
other way! But, My people will have to make a severe turnaround for
this to happen. So many have already been lulled to sleep & think that
there is nothing that can be done & they just need to let the end come.
This is foolish thinking…this thinking will only bring judgment on you

Have you not seen or heard what is going on in the political world? Are
you So removed from things, that you cannot see that your own
complacency has crippled you so that you just let all this corruption
happen? How could you forget that this nation was founded on Me & My
word? Will you just roll over & let the enemy take over & have the end
come…or will you stand up & fight for what is right! My people have a
voice…but that voice has been eliminated by complacency….but there
is still time to shake yourself free & stand up to fight! Right now,
there is a choice to make…you will either make the choice for good or
evil. Which do you think is best for this nation? Only you can decide
for yourself!

For in the political sector, there is only these choices…good or evil.
You might not see this, but to most people, this is plain to see. This
election is of dire importance to My people, as well as the entire
world…for this election will set the stage for the future of all
mankind. You have already seen evil come in like a flood over the past 8
years & if this election goes they way that evil desires, the next 4
years will destroy everything that My people have stood for & this world
will quickly devolve to where it was when I destroyed the world with the
flood…but this time I will destroy the world with fire. Hear Me, My
people…you must rise up & be a voice against the evil while you still
have time.

Wake up, my people…before it is too late! For these people who will
say that I told them “this will happen, or that”, are only understanding
a portion of what they have seen. Does not My word say that “you know in
part & prophesy in part”? So, then, what these have “seen” are not the
full picture of what will come. How is it that so many do not understand
that when I show such things, I am giving a “warning” of what will come?
This does NOT necessarily mean that these things must come to pass…for
with each of these warnings, I always tell My servants for My people to
“pray”. Why would I tell My people to pray, if the things were going to
happen & there was nothing they could do to stop them?

I show these things so My people can pray against them, so they could be
averted & avoided! So, why is there so much confusion regarding these
things…why all the differing stories? These are all scenarios that can
play out, if My people do not rise up & take a stand against evil. It is
time for My people to stop playing games & start being the light they
are called to be. The world you live in should be overtaken by My word &
light, but instead, My people hide in their comfortable little boxes of
worship, ignoring what goes on outside. And this is what has made the
world the way it now is! My people must go outside into the marketplace
& begin to shine My light again, while there is still time to do so!

It is time for you to “go into all the world & preach the gospel to
every creature”. Whether you know this or not, this includes the
political world. Who told you to leave there & stop being a voice
against evil? For this complacency began to take hold on My people when
they allowed “murdering unborn babies” to become the law of the land.
Now, the sanctity of marriage has been defiled & all manner of evil has
begun to be set loose because of complacency! What is it going to take
to get you out of your place of comfort? I love you, My children…hear
Me & obey! You must rise up out of your “pews”, go outside & begin to
change the world with My love, before it is too late, says the Lord”.

End of prophetic word.

If these words from the Lord encourage or help you in any way, please consider returning the favor with a financial gift (of any size) to help with my monthly needs.  I always trust the Lord to lay it upon the hearts of those who are obedient and giving, and so I give a big thank you to those of you who do help.  I also pray the Lord’s abundant blessings in return for those who give.  Love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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