It’s Your Season of Victories and Harvest.

Word from our Heavenly Father:

My people, heed the words of your heavenly Father this day, for I bring good tidings and love to your hearts.

Now listen, As you already know, these are troublesome times which you live in and trouble will increase as time draws closer to the end.  However, as I have declared in My written word, when the enemy comes in to destroy justice and righteousness, I shall raise up a standard against him.  And the Redeemer, My Son, shall come to Zion, and unto those who turn from their transgressions. (Isaiah 59:1-21)  

Therefore, I declare unto you that it is now the time and season to raise up a standard of justice and righteousness against the evil that pervades your countries.  And so, I invite you all to be part of this standard.  Although, do not take this invitation lightly, for it will take both faith and diligence on your part, but the rewards shall be great.  For I declare unto you that you are in the season of great victories and harvest in your finances, personal lives, families, businesses and ministries, if you would but believe and take hold of this truth.

This is the season of My Son coming to My people to impart supernatural strength, and to prepare a perfect and sinless body of believers for the world to see.  And if you would receive this supernatural strength by faith and forsake all to follow after My Son, then you shall witness a mighty hundred-fold harvest with everything you lay your hands to.  But know this; the “hundred-fold” harvest will only be for those who choose to forsake all to follow My Son wherever He goes.  (Matt. 19:29).  I do not say that you must leave your family, jobs, and so on.  However, you MUST put Me and My Son first in all things, and in your heart, no longer consider your lives to be your own.  Therefore, if I were to ask you to leave your job, family, or other, for My purposes, you would be able to do so.

My people, these are awesome times you have entered.  For it is time for My Son to woo out of the world all those who would choose light over darkness, and to be transformed into the His perfect image. And as part of this wooing, those in and of the world shall witness My people being abundantly blessed in every area of their lives, including health, finances, businesses and family.  Many of the world shall witness my anointing and blessings upon My people and be drawn out of the darkness and into My light.  Therefore, I need My people ready to receive these little ones.

So then, it is imperative that you heed these words of mine this day.  For in this short season of plenty, I need you to both save and give.  With this process, you are accomplishing two things.  One, you are saving in the time of plenty so that you may have sufficient for yourselves and those coming out of darkness during the time of lack.  And two, as you give, you are planting seeds for more harvest.  Therefore, take advantage of this season.  For this is a time to earn, save and give like never before.  And as you do this, you shall do well in preparing yourselves for what is ahead.

But hear Me well; even though this season of harvest will bring in great finances, it is also harvest time for physical health, spiritual healing, and so much more.  Therefore, I encourage you all to reach out to Me in faith and take advantage of this time you are in.  Many of you shall make great strides in your spiritual growth.  Many of you shall overcome areas of sin and the flesh which you have struggled against for years.  Therefore, declare your victory now and take hold of it by faith.  And as you do this, you shall have overwhelming joy as you witness the victories overtaking you.

Oh, how I love you all with an everlasting love.  And I am so excited to share this great news with you all.  But you MUST receive it by faith.  For not all who hear this shall receive it, but only those who shall receive it by faith and activate it in their lives.  Many, I tell you, will get caught up in the miracles and excitement of revival, yet completely miss what I desire for My people during this season.  Therefore, do not allow yourselves to be sidetracked by the enemy.  Take this word into your hearts and begin to declare your victory and harvest.  And above all, diligently seek My Son and His deliverance from your flesh and strongholds.  And do not be conformed to this world any longer, yet allow My Son to transform you into His perfect image.  And if you would do this, and believe in your heart, you shall greatly be surprised and overjoyed at the power of My Son to deliver you and give you victory over ALL areas of sin and the flesh.  

My people, stand up and arise, for your light has truly come.  This is the season for great victories and harvest if you would but receive and activate it in your lives.  Many will become wealthy during this time and My abundant mercy and blessings shall follow all those who believe. But most importantly, this is a time to take hold of your victory over sin and the flesh.  For soon, I tell you, My Son shall raise up a people in the earth who are sinless and perfect with My light and glory shining through them.  And they shall walk in My Son’s authority for all the world to witness My kingdom manifest in the earthly realm.  And no evil whatsoever shall befall them, for they shall be overcomers of the flesh, the devil and the world, just as My Son was when He walked the earth.

Therefore, rejoice this day and declare your victories and harvest.  Your days of despair are over and it is now time for healing and restoration. Come, My little ones, and rejoice in the Lord your God this day and forevermore. (Hosea 6:1-2)

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Love and blessings to you all.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Speak Repentance And Revival Over America.

Dear Saints,

I need to share something the Lord has laid upon my heart for His people.  It is God’s desire for America to experience the greatest revival she has ever seen.  Yes, it’s true that judgment is coming, however, because of God’s people crying out to God, He has given us a season of grace before judgment comes. And it is God’s desire that before judgment falls, that America experiences a great revival with many repenting before God so to minimize the devastation of the coming judgment.  It is also God’s desire to fulfill many of His promises to His people before judgment falls.

However, even though this is God’s desire, there are still those in the Body of Christ with religious spirits speaking judgment and destruction over America.  These people do not realize that because of the power of the tongue, their words are empowering the evil spirits that are attempting to thwart God’s plan to bless America. This must stop.  Whoever is speaking curses and judgment over America is speaking against God’s will.  It is God’s desire that many come to repentance before judgment comes.  And if America experiences a great revival, then many can and will come to repentance as God so desires.  But we MUST not speak curses and judgments over America and speak repentance and revival instead.  God is doing His part to bring blessings and revival to America, and so we must do our part as well which includes praying for President Trump and not speaking against him because He is God’s instrument to help bring much of God’s plans into existence.

On that subject, My dear friend and pastor received a word from the Lord right after President Trump’s State of the Union Address.  Please read it below and take it to heart.  We still have a chance for great revival and blessings if God’s people will do their part and stop working (speaking) against God’s plans.

Word of the Lord by Pastor Mark:

“My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day…for I come to you with an everlasting love…I also come to bring you liberty! For this is the day which will change your lives, as you receive My words of victory. For there exists in this world many voices, which speak different things…I want you to know who to listen to…I want you to remain free. For the enemy would try to impose a wrong spirit on My people…a spirit that promotes confusion…a spirit that is contrary to love. I need My people to understand this, so they can stay free & not be driven by these voices & spirits.

For in the SOTU address earlier this month, My servant, whom I have placed in position, spoke words of hope & called the people of this nation to embrace greatness…to continue to turn back the tide of evil, which is bent on destroying not only this nation, but also every nation of the world. I do not want My people to be led astray…I said you would know the truth & the truth would set you free. Did I not say there would be many false Christs in the last days? I told you that you were to follow after the things which make for peace & things that one may edify another.

I told you to mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned & avoid them! For I have told you before – So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth, it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please & it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. I said that by My word you shall go out with joy & be led forth with peace! My people truly need to understand that just because someone puts out a word, that doesn’t mean that they are not obligated to discern if that word is of Me, or not!

For there are those who are saying that “I” have told them that My servant, President Trump is lying to the people & giving false hope. My people…how can this be? For it was I who placed him in that position! Can people be so foolish that they do not discern the fruit this president is yielding? These so-called prophetic “voices” are telling My people that judgment is coming. Yes, My judgment is coming…but in My timing, which will not come until after My servant has completed his time in office…for I have placed him there to push back the relentless tide of evil for a season.

Many of My people have cried to Me & begged Me to grant them time to reach out to touch this lost & dying world with My love before the end would come & I have answered from Heaven & granted this for a season. Do not let anyone tell you that My servant is not doing what I have placed him there to do…for in doing so, these are calling Me a liar! Just as I raised up Obama to sit in position for his time, I used him like I did Pharaoh to raise up the hearts of My people, so they would seek Me & turn to Me…even so with President Trump, I have raised up for My glory.

How is it that SO many of My people can be judgmental, looking at the man & beholding his life, based on what others have said? How is it, that My people will judge him for things that he might never have done? Why does this matter? For did I not raise up David, who I called a man after My own heart? He was a murderer! Did I not raise up Saul of Tarsus, who persecuted My church & consented to many of their deaths? Yet, I used him to write 2\3rds of the New Testament! Oh, My people…stop listening to opposing voices…for these voices will only deceive you!

How many of you have I taken out of shady lives & backgrounds & washed for My use? How many of you have I forgiven SO many things, yet you hold the presumed past of My servant in disrespect? Woe, unto the people who have forgotten from where they came from, & from what I have done to redeem them & have instead listened to the thief, who comes only to steal, kill & destroy! Hear Me, My people & walk in your Father’s love! My word says that “God IS love”…shouldn’t you be walking in the love in which I have loved you & forgive others their trespasses too?

I need My people to see that these so-called voices are only trying to dissuade My people from rising up & fighting for what I am wanting to do. I need My people to rise up & war for this President. It doesn’t matter if you like him…it doesn’t matter what you think about him…all that matters is that I raised him up for such a time as this, to do My bidding…to bring a season of change so that My people can rise up & do My exploits before the judgment comes. Respond obediently to My loving heart, My people & be as I am…& you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

End of word.

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Love and blessings to you all.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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