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At present, the Lord has me living on the support of others’ gifts and donations. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to give your tithe, or you just desire to help a servant of Jesus Christ; I ask that you please consider giving toward my humble needs.  No amount is too small.  Thank you for your love and consideration.

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Kevin Barrett
P.O. Box 20655
Amarillo, TX 79114

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  1. Hello Mr Barrett, this is Mr. Jason Lewis. I thank you for your friendship and would like to extend my email as an invitation to continue our contact and to keep up with what the Lord has been speaking to you. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you in the future, God bless you and keep you.

    Jason Lewis

  2. God bless you- we have received the same warnings here in South Africa- sad that Abba’s children dont want to listen- but as the word says, persecution will come from your own house hold. bleSsings
    isabel , knysna SA.

    • Amen, Isaabel

      Yes, I often hear from brothers and sisters in Christ from Africa that our Lord is giving the same warnings, but few listen.

      Yes, hard persecution is coming. Stay strong in the Lord….

      Much love and blessings to you,


  3. Hi Kevin,
    For what it’s worth here’s what I believe the Lord has been saying to me:- He will bring great trouble to America, yet will protect those who are truly his own – those whose hearts have Jesus as their first priority. This will separate those who look to America or its officials to keep them, and those who look to Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith. (When I saw Mr Obama re-elected I thought “God’s got his foot on the gas”.)

    On the world scene I believe the system we are familiar with will stagger along until about the end of 2016, when some major change will occur.

    We live in Australia, about half way up the east coast, at a similar latitude to Florida. We have had little change in recent years, though some small businesses have gone out, and jobs are harder to find. Next year will be tougher for us..

    Self help:-
    There has been a ten year drought, the wettest year for 150 years in 2011, a cyclone/hurricane six years ago about the same size as Katrina, and another one since.. These things are “normal” here. We’re somewhat geared up and not so densely populated as you. Still many were hurt……

    After the Brisbane flood last year when thousands were affected, seventy thousand people turned out with brooms and shovels as soon as the water went down, to help people they’d never met. The State government set up an agency but it was disregarded by the majority because there was work to be done. Since then the government has undertaken a lot of reconstruction.

    I see on the “news” that Staten Island has started its own self help scheme. Good move I reckon, and a good attitude to emulate.
    Look after your mates and see to it that the other fellow gets a fair opportunity. — That’s what Jesus said, isn’t it?

    God’s got a jigsaw puzzle.
    It has over 7 billion pieces.
    He knows precisely what he’s doing. Don’t be mistaken.

    Blessings in the Lord Jesus,
    Greg Colbert

    • Amen, Greg,

      Yes, we need the true church to be like this “self help” group. Yes, Jesus said for us to look after our mates.
      Gal. 6:10 So then as we have time, let us work good toward all, especially toward those of the household of faith.

      Thank you for sharing, Greg.

      Many blessings to you,


  4. Are you the Kevin Barrett from Wisconsin who lectured about Jihad and the 9-11 conspiracy theory?

  5. I am happy I finally found this. Pray for me and my 8 children and 6 grands.

  6. God bless you Kevin. I was given the same calling. It’s interesting that there seems to be a greater concentration of us in Texas.

  7. Dear Kevin,
    Your message sent through a friend to me inspired by God, leads me to communicate with you. Before you read please pray! This story is GO’S STORY of His gift to the Word…and He is calling the “misfits” in our city to lead out His end time army through the Love of His Son! Relationships grown in a neighborhood now leads the way to the frontline against all evil!
    PICTURE: A GIFT from God! The Picture of HOPE ~ Still Waters Psalm 23 – Christian Camp where decisions for Christ have been made for the past 70 years! (Story at God allowed His presence to Still the waters for such a time as this.

    The Father said, “Share the Gospel and go out to the highways and byways and use this miracle of My presence to Light My FIRE!”
    The picture can be used to further His kingdom and to send missionaries out into the highways and byways to reach the lost for Christ! Dollars are able to be raised up o send missionaries out to our world! (Request sent to Jan Foland – Off-Broadway Family Outreach PO Box 9813 – Spokane, WA 99209) Pray please how this can be manifested to all of mankind all over the world!

    You have the Heart of the Father to send out His love and Truth! Praise God! Answered prayers.

    Your message sent through a friend to me inspired by God, leads me to communicate with you. Before you read please pray! This story is GOD’S STORY of His gift to the Word…and He is calling the “misfits” in our city to lead out His end time army through the Love of His Son! Relationships grown in a neighborhood now leads the way to the frontline against all evil! Off the broadway onto the narrow way….
    A message from the Father sent through Still Free!
    God is moving in our midst…are we ready to hear? There is a seriousness in His voice, an urgency in His promptings…are you ready? Am I ready? Are our Off-Broadway leaders? He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow; yet He is about TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! I am not a prophet, but when He speaks it is never wrong! FREE (Founding vessel used to birth up Off-Broadway Street Ministry 11 years ago… Larry Whiston)

    Reveille! Wake up and FOLLOW Me! Jesus spoke Truth in Love as He left Marching Orders for the days before us. God’s Gang is alive and moving into the Highways and byways in West Central (Fell-On-Knee Flats) in Spokane, WA. IF we have been captured by fear the Lord is here! NOW HERE He is marking His path for all who FOLLOW the Light. God’s amazing gift of peace has “landed on the corner of Broadway and Nettleton in the “LIGHTHOUSE HUB.” Over 12 years God sent HIs warriors to the frontline built upon relationships in a neighborhood people run away from. The church calls it zone 10…no man’s land! God calls it His “neighborhood” built upon the Light of God’s Son. The story is too long to share, but I know you, who are being called out by God, hear the heart of this message. Kevin Barret was “sent” to my e-mail today as a messenger of HOPE! THIS is the clear Gospel as the Father speaks. The “Birth of LOVE” the death of fear! Fear not and sound the alarm in the Name of Jesus…GO and live the “LIGHT” and watch the Father move you out into the highways where the JOY of the LORD is alive.

    PICTURE of HOPE “REVEILLE” Island at Camp Firwood in Bellingham, WA was gifted to the Body of Christ on 10-28-95. God placed it in my disposable camera (unknown to me) for 3 years. One day, my peace in the presence of the Lord was with me as it slipped from my refrigerator to allow me to see t is the LORD’S message to step into His Kingdom on earth and go to Battle in the Name of His Son. (3:16) I encourage you to call, or to visit Off-Broadway in Fell-On-Knee Flats and join forces with the Warriors as we carry the GOSPEL to the ends of the world. God’s POWER FILLED PICTURE of HOPE has traveled the world, hung in churches, over cancer care blood draws, used in funerals, and sealed upon the hearts of soldiers in book marks to keep hem “still” in the presence of the Lord. Psalm 23 speaks God’s presence in His “PICTURE PERFECT” way as He makes a way. The story is alive and the picture can be used to send you or a missionary (lighthouse) to the far corners of your city. The harvest is ripe and the Lord is calling you out. Will you follow Jesus? Will you launch war against all evil? Will you become God’s soldiers of LOVE? Welcome to Off-Broadway (Onto the narrow way) as we dwell in the presence of the Lord marching under the shadow of His wing… Praise His Holy Name for you Kevin, who hears the “WORD” and shares the A MAZE N’ Way of the Lord. You can find us (Simple Christians Under Maintenance – SCUM) in New Mexico (Missionary who started OBFO from behind prison bars and Spokane, where the ripple of HOPE was birthed 11 years ago!) PICTURE of Hope beside the Still Waters @ (509)998-2630 In His great Love –
    Jan Foland OBFO retread teacher serving on the frontline at Off-Broadway (509)998-2630

    • Greetings Jan,

      Thank you for writing in and I feel honored to have met you. Your story is very inspiring. I was in Spokane in October of 2011 and the anointing of the Lord was definitely on that region. I know the Lord is doing something powerful there.

      You’re right in what you declare. It will be the young and “unchurched” that will lead God’s great army in these last days. We must invest in the youth and younger generation. It will be those from the highways and byways that will enter into His Kingdom.

      Here is an exert from one of His prophetic words given to me:

      But for those that know not of My ways nor know of My love, I shall have pity upon you if you cry out to Me with a repentive heart. For I have not had those in the land that would be willing to preach My love and forgiveness to the lost. My people sit back in their comfortable houses while many of My lost children wonder the streets in hunger. This ought not to be so. But as I cried out to many of My own and they answered not, I shall now cry out to those in the highways and byways and bid them to come into My house. And for those that chose not to answer My call, I tell you now, they shall not sit at My table and taste the good of the land anymore. For I am God and I change not. I have warned of these things in My word. But many of My people choose not to correct themselves and think that I will overlook their sin and selfish ways. Woe unto those that have believed the lies of the false shepherds and prophets. They say all is well when it is not. For I am displeased with My house and now the sinners in Zion shall be afraid. (From: I have chosen your leaders in the White House to do My biddings. Get ready).

        Luk 14:23-24 And the lord said to the slave, Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled. For I say to you that not one of those men who had been invited shall taste of my supper.

      Jan, I have prayed about your ministries with the youth and feel that in the least, I need to mention it on my blog and make a link. I will attempt to do this very soon. I will also continue to pray and see if the Lord would take me further with your ministry or what else He would have in mind.

      Thank you very much for contacting me and again, I feel honored to have met you.



  8. Hello Kevin,
    I am so thankful that I discovered your blog through Steve Quayle’s website. I too am being called out of the man made church. I have also been receiving similar words of warnings from our Lord. Please add me to your list when you post a new word. Thank you for being obedient and bold. May god bless you.


    • Amen, Fran

      Hallelujah, another one with ears to hear has come out of that harlot.

      I signed you up and you should have received an email for confirmation.

      Many blessings to you,


  9. Hi Kevin!

    My name is Jorge, and I too have been called out of the harlot church into a kind of wilderness. I was baptized and educated catholic, but raised evangelical by my mother and step dad, but know I have left all that and am trying to prepare myself for what is coming ahead. I teach English in China for the time being, and watch for the signs of His coming!

    God has been revealing much to me, opening my eyes and allowing to cut through the lies and half-truths, which permits me to zoom through other people’s research and writings and absorb all that is clear and true. However, through all of this there has also been a strong and continuous struggle of against my own flesh and my sins, and the Lord has humbled me and shown me just how unworthy I still am of the glory he has in store for his saints.

    I am really grateful to God to have found your blog, as it has been one of the many amazing things that have been happening in my life since I left the Babylonian church we have today.

    I’m happy to say that I agree with all that I have read insofar, and had only one question for you. What do you believe is the truth of what happens to those who die in unbelief? I’ve seen no mention so far of your standing on that point.

    My firm belief is that Jesus Christ is the Savior of ALL mankind, only more especially so for those that believe. That means that, after the Lake of Fire, at the Consummation of the Eons,God, through his Christ, will bring back all from rebellion and He shall be ALL in ALL. EVERY knee that shall bend, EVERY tongue shall proclaim for Christ, and EVERY single person that has ever existed will be released into the liberty of the Sons of the God, who will already be waiting in anticipation. Even the rebellious angels and Satan, who will be judged by the saints, shall be restored.

    This belief is essential and I cannot trust those who believe in eternal torment or destruction and yet call themselves Christians. The love of Christ is not in them. All that I believe about God and his glorious Son hinges on that one point: the salvation and restitution of ALL things. It is the one belief that began all the downpour of knowledge that has been rained on me these past years. In fact, the one moment when I ceased to be part of Babylon and became part of this glorious ecclessia of called-out believers, WAS that moment when I realized the truth about the absolute perfection and magnificence of God’s plan for all creation.

    Whatever your answer, may God bless you in ways you have never imagined, Kevin!

  10. Thank you for these warnings. My heart really reasonated with message posted June 26. As I prayed about the times in which we are finding ourselves in, I began to ask God to secure my children, household – my mind went to Rahab and how she and her household were secured in her house that had a scarlet cord (the Blood) hanging from the window even while the destruction was going on all around them. Yes she knew destruction would come and she prepared herself and trusted the word of the spies that she and her family would not be destroyed in the judgement to befall Jericho. Bless you brother.

  11. Dear Kevin,

    I am a practising Anglican, attending church every Sunday, bible study every Wednesday, pray daily and am an active member of our congregation. While I appreciate your desire to convince those who haven’t heard the Word of the Lord in this secular age of the truth of the Gospel, I really haven’t time to read all your emails and ask you please not to send any more.

    God bless,

    Cicely Hollingsworth

    • Greetings Cicely,

      I apologize for any wrongdoing. However, I am not sending emails to you. The only emails that this blog sends out are to those that have signed up or have been signed up. And one cannot be signed up against their will. If someone signs up someone else, the blog will send that person an email asking them to verify if they signed up.

      So if you’re receiving emails of these postings, then someone is emailing them to you. It could be a friend or loved one. I really don’t know and do not have control over others.

      However, if you simply “reply” to the emails sent to you, then you can ask that person to stop sending you the emails.

      I apologize on behalf of this person if the emails were uninvited by you.

      Many blessings,

      Kevin B.

  12. Hi Kevin. I finally found your site! Wanted to also let you know, a brother I helped find Jesus years ago had a dream the other night. It scared him very much. He dreamed a large earthquake hit Albany, New York. It happened in the area where the Capital building and other state offices are.. The Lord gave me a dream years ago and He showed me two mountains of manure in the city, and filthy water run off, running through the streets. It is no surprise there would be an earthquake here.,

  13. Hi Kevin
    Read your request for financial help and was wondering what amount you needed to be current with expenses. I am assuming from your request and what you revealed for income during month of May and drop in giving that you have bills unpaid. I am just wondering what you would need without being too mosey as they say what would put you in the black and not red. Don’t know if I can help with all but at least something depending on amount. Thanks and God Bless you.

    • Hello Victor,

      Thank you so much for your kind concern. You’re right in that I’m behind on bills. To make it worse, both my inspection sticker and registration sticker on my vehicle expire this month. It was a year ago this month that the Lord provided me with this vehicle from other’s donations. He is so faithful and has been humbling me in having to rely on Him through other’s donations. I used to have a business that was very lucrative, so this is very humbling. 🙂

      Anyway, I’m guessing that somewhere around $500 would definitely put me back in the black. However, I’m not asking you or anyone to give that much. I believe if everyone just gave what they could, then it should all add up to be enough. So my answer to you is to just ask the Lord to lay upon your heart in what to give.

      Thank you so much and abundant blessings to you,

      Kevin B.

  14. Please kindly remove your posting from the email address below

    Please then add your posting to my proper email address

    I find your writings very interesting and authentic!

    • Hello Mark,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Unfortunately I am unable to add or delete email subscribers to my blog. WordPress has set it up this way. However, you can easily do this yourself. If you scroll to the bottom of the post that was emailed to you, there is a button to unsubscribe. Just click on that button and it will lead you to WordPress and you confirm your cancelling. Then to sign up under your new email address, go to my blog and in the upper right hand corner of the blog, you will see an option to sign up. Simply sign up with your new email address.

      Many blessings to you,

      Kevin B.

  15. Hello Kevin,

    I am in the state of Louisiana. My spirit is grieving for the people all over. I have been stocking up for something terrible is going to happen soon in America even though I’m not quite sure what it is. I wanted to know if you had a personal word for me from the Lord. There is no fear in my heart because I am trusting in the Lord totally. I pray that the Lord continues to guide you.

    God bless you always,

    Alaina T.

    • Greetings Alaina,

      That feeling in your heart is the Holy Spirit prompting you to prepair. Yes, it is good to not have fear, but at the same time it is wise to be prepaired as you are doing.

      As for a personal word; the Lord has not used me yet in giving personal words. I don’t readily consider myself a prophet. At this point in my life, I only give out words the Lord has me to give to His people.

      However, I always refer those needing a personal word to my Pastor and Apostle (appointed by God, not man). He is very gifted in giving personal words. You can reach him through his website here:

      Abundant blessings to you, Alaina

      Kevin B.

  16. What are you thinking is going to be the chastisement for America that you mentioned on your last message about the huge disaster coming now? Is it the astroid hitting the Atlantic or the California earthquake?

  17. Thank you friend for your wise counsel.

  18. The time is now.
    The faithful witness

  19. U getting my post brother trying figure it out 🙂

    • Hello Brother,

      Blessings to you and I’m glad to hear of your hunger for the Lord and His truth.

      I received your messages. Sorry for any misunderstanding, but I do not get on my blog every day.

      How can I be of help for you?

      Abundant blessings,

      Kevin B.

For those leaving a comment: Please understand that the Lord has charged me to give out His warnings to awaken His people to prepare for the days ahead. In this, He has told me to not waste precious time trying to convince any that will not hear, for they have already made their choice. So with that, if your comment is a personal attack, insult, rude, or to argue; then may the Lord bless you and keep you. I will not answer back to any rude comments, nor post them. Blessings to you, Kevin Barrett

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