Be washed and cleansed unto perfection.

In my prayer time, this is what our heavenly Father said to me:

Son, tell My people to pray often and quiet their souls with Me in their secret prayer closets.

Word from the Father:

My people, listen to your heavenly Father this day. Why do many of you not know of, understand, nor seek after the holiness which I require of you? Have I not said in My word that you must be holy as I am holy? Do you not perceive that what comes out of you defiles you?

My little ones, it is My desire that you each seek Me in this. For I desire that you each be washed with the water of My word and be made whole as I am whole. Howbeit, many do not understand this washing that I speak of. Many think that merely reading the scriptures will perform this washing. But I tell you the truth, this is not so. Have you not witnessed or heard of those who have the scriptures memorized, yet bear no fruit in their lives? Reading and memorizing scripture in and of itself is a good thing, yet it is not what cleanses My people from their filth.

Does My word not instruct you to walk in the light as I am light and then you shall be cleansed of your sin? So then, you must walk in My light and allow Me to cleanse each of you by the shed blood of My Son, Jesus. For as you learn to hear My still small voice in your secret chambers and do as My Spirit says, and throughout your day, do as My Spirit guides, you then shall be walking in the light which cleanses you from sin and darkness.

Do not shrink back from what I say in this. For religion has taught that obeying the written word of God cleanses man of his sin. And in a sense, this is somewhat true. However, the written word only brings life and light when spoken or anointed by My Spirit. Thus, as you allow Me to speak to you through the written word, and as you obey, you shall be cleansed of your sin because you shall be walking in the light in which I am.

Dearest little ones, this is but elementary teaching that I share with you today. However, because most of My church today is so far removed from My truths, I must speak only of elementary principles to you.

But know this, it is My desire that you each go on unto maturity and perfection so that I may speak meat to each of you individually. And know this also, it is completely up to each of you if you would choose to go on unto perfection. For I will not always speak unto My church as little children. Soon, I shall give my church charge to walk in the fullness of My truth. And for those who do not obey this charge, you shall be left behind. I do not speak of being left behind from a rapture. No, I speak of being left behind from entering into the fullness of your destiny in Christ and the fullness of My glory in the earth realm abiding in earthen vessels.

My children, you do not want to miss out on such a great eternal weight of glory. But unfortunately, many of you will. Not because of My choosing, yet because of your own.

So, I say to you all this day; get alone with Me in your secret chambers and do this often. Seek My directions and still small voice. And ask Me to change each of you from the inside out. I love you all with an everlasting love and it is My desire that not one of you miss out on your destiny in Christ Jesus. For there shall be great mysteries, great blessings, and great glory poured out upon all who would choose to enter into the destiny which I have for My chosen ones in these last days.

Do you not know that even the angels of heaven desire to see the fullness of My glory dwelling in My people on the earth? For you do not know, nor can you comprehend with your natural mind, what I have in store for those who love Me with a whole heart and love not their lives even unto death. For GREAT shall be the victory of My people in these last days. And My chosen ones shall overcome the devil, their flesh, and the world just as My Son Jesus did. And then, many in the earth shall cry with a shout; “Oh death, where is your victory? Oh death, where is your sting?”

I love you all very deeply. So heed these words of Mine and seek Me with all your heart. And if you would do this, you shall surely find Me. This is My promise to all those would choose to seek after Me. So, believe on this and seek all that I have for you in these last days.

I love you all, My little ones. So seek Me now while I may be found. For soon there shall come a day when that door will be shut, and then, it will be too late. Not too late for salvation unto life, but too late to become one with Me in its fullness. Do not miss out on this, My little ones. For surely I tell you the truth, many who say they are mine shall weep when they witness such a glorious salvation they have slighted, and thus, missed out on.


*Personal Note:  I wish to give a special “thank you” to all those who give toward my needs for your kindness and obedience to the Lord.  At this time in my life, the Lord still has me completely relying on the financial gifts from those who read this blog.  I live a humble life with less monthly bills than most, however, I do have monthly bills in which I have to rely on the Lord to provide for through the readers of this blog.  I admit that it has been more trying of my faith to trust Him for provision now that He has moved me into a rent house where I now have rent to pay.  However, He has been so faithful to provide through those of you who give.  Sometimes the provision doesn’t come through until the very day that rent is due.  But He is always faithful.  So, I want to give a special “thank you” to all of you who are considerate to my needs and obedient to His promptings.  You don’t know how much your financial gifts mean to me and bless me.  Also, please know that I pray for all your needs and for Him to bless you in return for your giving.

And for all others, if these prophetic words from the Lord bless you in any way, please consider helping me with my needs, even if it’s a small amount.  Every little bit counts when one has to completely rely on the gifts of others.

Love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.


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