Prepare For A Greater Wave Of Unrest & Violence.

Word from our Heavenly Father:

My dearest ones, I come to you today as your loving Father in heaven with words of instruction and comfort for the perilous time you find yourselves in.  Have I not given you ample warnings to prepare for the chaos and turmoils coming upon your nations?  So then, do not be alarmed, for I have allowed this for a season.

However, that season is not over yet.  Even though the present unrest may seem to diminish over time, prepare for a second wave with more intensity.  For there are those behind closed doors, even in your governments, who are conspiring and orchestrating greater unrest and violence for the United States and other nations.

Howbeit, My people can greatly diminish and shorten this second wave with prayer.  Take your authority in Me and pray against the darkness that is seeking to divide and destroy civilization in your nations.  Many will be running to and fro seeking shelter and safety from what is coming next.  However, it is both My desire and My intention for My people to be hidden under a canopy of My protection.

Therefore, prepare yourselves both spiritually and in the natural.  Be sure to have plenty of food, water, and necessities stored up.  But in all this, do not get into fear, but instead, get into My presence.  For I am allowing this to continue for now to cause My people to awaken, rise up, and take their rightful place in Me.  My people have been in a spiritual slumber for too long and I must shake My people awake as I have warned of before.

But know this; I am not allowing this shaking so that you may be harmed.  On the contrary, I am allowing it so you may awaken and rise and shine.  Therefore, by the power of My Spirit, you must shake off all sin and weights that so easily beset you and set your face like flint to seek after Me and My righteousness.

Now then, even though you may witness more unrest and violence coming, do not allow yourselves to join the voices that shout out there demands.  Even though there may be injustices in diverse places, your justice along with your provision is always by My hand and in My timing.  Do not join the carnal fights with there demands.  And above all, always walk in My love forgiving one another.  Now is the time to be walking in My truth and love at all times so that you may have My protection in times of trouble.

However, even though more racial conflict, unrest, and violence may come, it can be defeated in places if My people continue to pray against it.  Now is the time for My people to shine like never before.  If you would seek Me and hide yourselves in My love while always walking in My ways, then I shall use you to do miracles in this time of shaking and you shall turn many hearts to Me.

I love you all so deeply and care for each one of you.  And not one of you shall lose even a hair on your head from the violence, provided you stay close to Me and obey My voice.  For this is imperative for your safety.  You never know what is hiding just around the corner, but I do, and you need to be able to hear My still small voice telling you which way to go in order to avoid any traps of the enemy.

My dearest ones, I have told you of good days to come and this is true.  However, you will only find those good days as you hide yourselves in Me and pray against this darkness of fear, hate, and unrest.  For I am about to do something big in this nation of the United States and across the world.  I am bringing such a move of My Spirit that this world has never seen before.  Get ready for the last days outpouring of My Spirit that shall be greater than the early days of Pentecost.

But know this; shakings shall continue, even in your economies and provisions, and darkness shall increase as men’s hearts grow cold.  But as for you, My lovely ones, even in the midst of all this you shall arise and shine bright with My glory and prosper in all your ways if you obey Me.

Now then, as I have said, you can greatly diminish and shorten this second wave of trouble with your prayers….for the enemy has plans to immobilize President Trump so that he is rendered helpless from restoring law and order.  Pray against the attacks of the enemy on this president.  It is imperative that he remains in power so that much of what has been planned may be thwarted.  There are even plans for foreign troops to march upon American soil in the United States, but this too can be thwarted with your prayers.

Oh, how I love you all so much….and it is not My desire that any should perish.  But I must allow this shaking for now so that My people may wake up from their slumber.  I tell you the truth, most of My people are NOT prepared for the coming gross darkness.  If you fear now, you will not endure what is coming with such a lack of faith.

Get into My presence often and seek My face.  I am not far away that I cannot be found.  But I am near, and I am your refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.

Hear Me, My dear ones, I love you so much that I cannot allow you to go on with business as usual knowing that most of you are not ready for the coming gross darkness.  Therefore, out of My love, I MUST shake My people awake that they may prepare themselves.

So then, do as I say and all will be well with you.

Dear Saints,

Even though this racial divide and unrest may spread across the world, I believe that those hidden behind closed doors are planning this second wave sometime before the coming presidential election in hopes of preventing Trump from getting voted in again.  God is using Trump to clean up the corruption in our government and the corrupt leaders are fighting to stay in power in addition to the world elites who are fighting against Trumps accomplishments because it goes against their own plans.  Whereas, these people are desperate and there seems to be no limit on what they will do to stay in power.  And they have the crooked mainstream media on their side stroking the flames.

But in all this, don’t get caught up in the hate and division.  Always walk in love, forgiving your neighbors, and pray against this.  And do as the Father says and stay close to Him in obedience at all times so that you may have His protection.

On another note, my brother and I have rent coming due, so if anyone is able to help us with our financial needs, that would be greatly appreciated.

Much love and blessings to you all.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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It Is Time To Do Our Part To And Arise & Shine.

Dear Saints,

Please prayerfully read this important word from the Father to the Body of Christ given through my dear friend and pastor.


Beginning of Word:

“My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day, for many I say, are being pulled aside & falling into the fears & anxiety that the enemy is pouring out upon this nation & ultimately the world. It is vital to each of you, that you not let “fear” or anything contrary to My love persuade you or entangle you with what is going on in the natural realm. For truly what you are witnessing is the whole creation going into transition, so that the manifestation of the Sons & Daughters of God can come forth. Why do you fear, the very thing that so many of you have longed to see come? Your time has come!

For what has happened in this new year, with the coronavirus, has brought many changes to the way things are, in society & with social distancing. You need to know that things are not going to go back to what many would call “normal”. Yes, there will be some things that will go back the way they were, but in many, the way things have changed will be the new normal. My people must be prepared to adjust to this, for the changes have awakened My people & brought them to necessary change. For many have been thrust closer to Me due to these changes & it is good for them.

Do not let any of these things unsettle you, for I am with you always, even unto the end of the age! As you see the chaos, confusion & hatred rise up around you, you need to not cower in fear, but instead, you need to ARISE into the light & the glory that I have said would come, for now, is your time. Do not look for this to happen…it already HAS! Each of you must now take your place beside Me & BE seated in Heavenly places in Christ. Not just in affirming the scriptures of this reality, but by the actual manifestation of My light & My glory in each of your lives…you must now arise & shine!

For as I shared thru My servant during last Monday night’s service, My glory has already risen upon you. But, to many this has not been known, because these have looked for Me to bring it down to you…when I said it was you who was to arise & shine! Do not mistake what I say…My glory IS upon you…it abides OVER, ABOVE you…it is you who must arise to where My glory dwells! You can do this by seeking My face….by spending sincere time in My presence. This is not as difficult as many of you think it to be. For I have given you an example of how this can come to pass…you must follow it!

For even, My Son, took Peter, James & John up into a high mountain, set apart from others…away from all distractions & when they were there, My glory was manifested to each of them, as My Son Jesus was transfigured & they all entered into the cloud of My glory. It is not too difficult for any of you to do this…all it takes is a determined mindset, not relenting for anything or anyone & pressing into seeking My face…for in My presence, is fullness of joy, at My right hand, are pleasures, forevermore. I need you to truly hunger & thirst after Me…for you must do your part to come to Me.

For as things progress there in the natural realm, those who are fixed in the natural will be altered by the things that are going on around them & many will be pulled more & more away from Me. In their hearts, they will weep & cry, not wanting this to happen, but will be powerless against it, because they didn’t persevere in their quest to be close to Me. This is a choice that each of you must make…either make your yes, yes, or your no, no! There can be no teetering back & forth any longer…for now things will progress on a different level & those who do not remain firm now, will slide back.

This is why it vitally important that you heed My words NOW…for I truly love you with an everlasting love & I do not want to see any of you fall back! You must adjust yourselves to this new normal, for more changes are coming & I need you to be aware of this & to respond to them by coming closer to Me, so as the changes come, you will not be shocked or altered…instead, you will remain fixed & steadfast, for your feet are planted upon the rock of My glory & My truth. I want you to be prepared for the things that are coming…you cannot do this, by merely reacting from a natural mind.

You must arise to the position that I created for you to dwell before the world was. For as you ARE seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus, your Lord, you will not be shaken by the changes coming ahead…instead, you will acquiesce with Me & I will use you mightily to do exploits across the Land. You will be lights in a dark place, shining My glory where ever you go. People will be drawn to you, for My glory will be seen within you…for My glory will no longer be upon you (above, over)…but will be resident within you & you will shine as the ambassadors of My presence, says the Lord”.

End of Word.


Dear Saints,

These truly are exciting times we live in.  But just as the Lord has been telling us many times lately, “Redeem The Time”.  We now have a great opportunity to grow spiritually like we never have before.  Do not waste this great opportunity to utilize God’s unprecedented grace that will enable us to overcome in areas where we never seemed to have gotten victory before.

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May God richly bless you all.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.

Ready Or Not The Time Has Come.

Dear Saints,

In my prayer time with the Father this morning I was praying over the civil unrest and riots that have started in the U.S. and are now spreading to other nations.  The Father told me that He sees all things and was not caught by surprise over the riots, however, many of His people were caught by surprise, though they should not have been.

God has warned and warned us of the coming unrest and chaos among many other things.  Yet, many of God’s people have not really believed in their hearts that these warnings will truly come to pass.  Howbeit, the Father says that we have crossed the threshold in time and all that He has declared, both good and bad, shall now begin to come to pass.

Knowing this, God has warned us of coming civil unrest, chaos, natural disasters, famine, attacks, persecutions, judgments, and other shakings and labor pains.  On the other hand, He has also declared many good things for His people who wholeheartedly follow after Him.  He has already begun to cleanse and purify His house.  With this, you’ve probably witnessed exposure of church leaders.  And this will intensify starting with leadership and eventually reach every household who claims His name.  This along with persecution will cause many to fall away as the wheat is separated from the tares.  But in all the coming tragedies, the Father says that all these things will work together to good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes.

He says that He is excited over what He sees rising up in His people.  And as His people focus on His love and power over evil, our light will shine bright in the midst of darkness and many hearts will be turned to God.

I am aware of the groups of people being paid by those with agendas to go out and start riots and destruction in the streets.  But in reality, it’s evil spirits behind all this.  And God has promised in His written word that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.  The mainstream media is not reporting on the love of God that is spreading in the streets where protestors and police are coming together and hugging one another and some praying together.  Some are even holding a baptism at the street corner where George Floyd was killed where it all began.

What happened was a tragedy indeed.  But we are called to love one another and bring healing and restoration.  Thus, God is raising a standard of love and forgiveness for our fellow man in the midst of racism, hatred, and outrage.

Even though all His warnings will now be coming to pass, I believe that we will also have times of healing and restoration as God’s people begin to rise up in His Spirit of love.  Also, I don’t know how quickly all the tragedies and chaos will come, nor do I know how close together they will be.  But I do know that they will soon gain momentum in their frequency and intensity.  I’ve heard it said by another man of God, and also believe, that the biblical sized events will not come until the end of the 2020’s, like 2026-2029.  I believe this to be true because God’s people aren’t ready yet….but everything up until that time will shake many awake and into preparing themselves.

But in all this, we have His assurance that He will protect us as we stay close to Him and obey His leading.  Also, this is an exciting time where we have the opportunity to quickly mature in the Spirit, get closer to Him, and be perfected in Christ.  However, it is VERY important that we let go of the past, both good and bad, and look ahead toward our destiny in Christ Jesus.  These will be the best of times and the worst of times all at the same time.  However,  it depends on each individual if it will be their best of times or their worst of times…

In all this, I guess that what I’m saying is that if you weren’t taking all His warnings seriously, it is now time.

I pray His love and blessings over you all.  And if anyone is able to help me with my financial needs with a donation, it would be greatly appreciated.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.