Season of Restoration.

Word from the Lord:


Oh My faithful ones, I say to you all this day to come unto Me and allow Me to restore and heal all that the enemy has stolen and taken from you.  You must do this now in this season, My chosen ones.

For in the short days ahead there shall be great chaos and disasters everywhere and I need My people ready to respond to the broken hearts crying out to Me.

Listen to Me, I desire for you all this day to let go of your past. Let go of hurts, disappointments and setbacks. Even if you have failed in your walk with Me, now is a time of great grace for you to be restored back to Me. But do not waver in this season and thus miss this opportunity.

For soon, there shall be gross darkness across the land like never before known to man.   And it will only be My penetrating light that shall give light for those to see and know truth from error in the days ahead.  For there will be great deception on every front and those not wholly sold out to Me and walking in My light shall succumb to the deceptions.

But this shall not be so for you, My chosen ones. For you have chosen to follow Me at all cost to yourselves and so you shall bear My light in a world of gross darkness and immorality.  And you shall be the light on a hill for all to see and run to, whosoever wills.

I love you My dearest ones. Now listen intently to Me this day. I say to you to let go of all hurts, wounds and criticizing. Let go of all disappointments and setbacks.  Forgive all who may have done you wrong.  For the reward is just on the horizon for those who choose to let go and look ahead.  For this day I am restoring all that the enemy has stolen.  Do you desire to receive back what has been stolen from you over the years, My children? Then do as I say and let go of your past and press onward in Me.

I am here, My little ones, for all who choose to seek after their redemption.  And my grace shall abundantly overshadow each of you and bring great healing and restoration in all areas of your life.

So again I say, let go, My children.  Today is the day of your restoration if you would will it so and do as I say.  I love you all, My lovely ones and desire this for you.  So I say, do not miss out on this opportunity for now is the season to receive from Me what has been stolen from you.

But hear this, many shall read this promise of Mine and twist it to their own liking to consume upon their own flesh.  For those, I say, do not expect anything from Me.  For this season and this grace is not for the sinful and fleshly.  No, this season of special restoration grace is for My chosen ones who have chosen to lay down their lives and follow Me.  But do not be offended at this, little ones.  If this speaks to you who are in sin and seeking to please yourself, you shall have My grace to repent and turn to Me in this season.  For just as My chosen ones will have My grace in this season to receive their restoration of all that has been stolen, so will My prodigals have grace to come back to Me.  But know this, you may only experience this season of grace to come back to Me with a thorough repentance.  You MUST repent of your sinful ways and turn completely and wholly to Me to receive My grace in this.  Anything short of a whole-hearted repentance on your part will not receive My grace in this season.

Oh, how I love you, My little ones.  And I do not say these words to be harsh.  But you MUST understand, these are dangerous days you live in.  And anyone not wholly submitted to Me is in danger of being swept away in the gross darkness coming upon the land.  So for this reason, I warn you My little ones to give your whole heart over to Me.  Do not hold ANYTHING back or you shall be in great danger in the days ahead.

Now for My Body in the earth, I say get ready. Get ready to be thrilled beyond what you could have ever imagined this side of heaven. For I am about to do great wonders among and in the midst of you. You have chosen to follow Me in these last days and so I have chosen you to be used in mighty ways for My kingdom and the gospel.  Get ready, My beloved ones.  For I shall overshadow each of you and reveal My love to you in such a way that you shall never again wish to stray from My presence.

I love you intently My Bride.  So I say again, get ready for My love.



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Much love to you all from your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Victory is assured if we faint not.

Greetings Dear Saints,

I know that many of you have been waiting in anticipation to hear the outcome of my latest court hearing regarding the remaining frivolous lawsuit filed against me.

Well, I can say that the Lord did give me victory, but not what I had expected and hoped for regarding my counterclaim.  My claims against the other company were dismissed for lack of standing.  I cannot give details, however, it did end in my favor.

Even though my counterclaims were dismissed, the insurance company was denied their motion for summary judgment against me.  In other words, they had not proven their case against me and would need to attempt to prove it at a jury trial.

Apparently, the attorney for the insurance company had already anticipated the outcome of the court hearing and so he had already drafted a settlement proposal for me to sign.  Of course the settlement agreement is confidential and I cannot mention any details, but I can say that the insurance company agreed to drop their suit against me.  This in itself was victory for me, however, I lost my chance at a monetary settlement or award when my counterclaims were dismissed.

All of these last months I have spent a great amount of time conducting legal research for my defense and counter suit.  The Lord had closed all doors for me to obtain an attorney for my defense in these two lawsuits.  He wanted me to trust Him to take me through this, and He did.  He delivered me from two lawsuits without any help from attorneys and without any legal experience.

I thank Him so much for the victory, and the fight alone has taught me so much and strengthened my faith and resolve. However, the fight is not completely over because I still have not won the prize yet.  Since at the first when I started this business by the Lord’s direction, I have been battling the enemy over it.  And the Lord promised me that I will reap a reward in due season if I faint not.  After that promise, I received two lawsuits against the business.  So it seamed that everything was attacking the business and the Lord’s promise to me to prosper it.  And in the natural, there seemed no way to win against the lawsuits without an attorney because of the huge law firms I was fighting against.  But our Heavenly Father cannot lie and He is always faithful and true.  He gave me victory in both lawsuits.

Howbeit, as I mentioned, the fight is not over yet.  I still have not reaped my reward from fighting against the crooked companies in regards to my business.  And now, because of all the time I have exhausted in defending myself against their lawsuits, I have not been able to earn any income with the business or post regular prophetic words on this blog as I usually have in the past.  As a result, not many people have donated to my needs which has caused my finances to dwindled to almost nothing.

At first, I thought that since the lawsuits are over and I now have time; I could at least send out a  “Thank You” letter to those who have donated a while back who I haven’t responded to yet.  But then I noticed that I’m even out of stamps and cannot mail out any letters at this time.  These lawsuits have really hit me hard.  So, for those of you who have not received any response from me, please forgive me and I will get a response out to you as soon as I’m able to buy stamps.

As a result of my financial situation right now, I sought the Lord and asked Him for a prophetic word to post on this blog for His people so that I won’t have to ask for support for my needs without feeding His sheep.  However, when I sought for a word, the Lord told me to instead share my story of events and my testimony.  So, I share this in hopes that it will encourage and strengthen others who may be going through difficulties or similar situations.

The moral to this story is that even though the Lord has given me victory over the two lawsuits, the battle still has not been won.  After the last court hearing when I realized that I would not win a settlement or award, I sought the Lord about this because even though I’m grateful for victory in the lawsuit, I’m still waiting on God’s promise of a reward.

So after praying, I felt the Lord leading me to continue the fight.  What this means in the natural is that I needed to contact the other companies that I was fighting against (before I received my first lawsuit) and inform them of my claims which I have against them and give an offer to settle or I will file my own lawsuit.  Of course after sending this letter out to the companies, I immediately received a response from the company that had filed the first lawsuit against me, and in the response, they threatened to file another one if I continue with my claims against them.

Well, I have to admit that their threat caused me to pause.  This crooked company is not bluffing as they have already proven. So, I was hesitant at continuing with my claims against everyone.  I don’t want anther lawsuit filed against me.  However, I could not stop thinking that this is the arena of business which the Lord has put into my hands.  And, in this line of business, I go after money which the enemy has stolen from healthcare providers and he doesn’t like it when we go after what he thinks is rightfully his.  So, I guess that lawsuits and threats of lawsuits comes with this territory.

But in any case, I asked my Pastor to seek the Lord for a prophetic word for me so that I know for sure that what I am doing is right.  So long as I know that I’m in the Lord’s will, I can fight with confidence.

Needless to say, the prophetic word I received from my Pastor was encouraging and fanned the flames in me that I am to continue the fight for my reward.  The Lord has promised me that I will reap if I faint not, and the storms have fought against me in an attempt to get me to faint.  But I know what the Lord has purposed in my heart to do and that is to fight.  As the Lord told me in the prophetic word from my Pastor, the battle is the Lords, but I am still the vessel in which He uses to win this fight so long as I don’t lay down my sword and give up.

So, I have already responded to the crooked company’s threat against me and let them know that I’m not giving up.  It could be that it will bring another lawsuit against me, I really don’t know.  But at any rate, I will continue to fight the good fight of faith. The Lord has put this business into my hands and given me a promise.  So, I’m not stopping until I have reaped my reward because victory is assured if I faint not. (And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9)

In conclusion, the Lord has given me a business with a purpose and a promise to reap a reward in due season if I faint not.  Since the enactment of this business it has only been one battle after another including two filed lawsuits against me.  But I must continue to fight because victory is assured if I faint not.  And, after obtaining victory over the two lawsuits, the enemy tempted me into believing that I should just be grateful that I’m no longer being sued and just leave the fight knowing that.  But it’s not the Lord’s will for us to stop pursing the prize until we have reaped our reward. (I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14)

Another thing the Lord specifically told me in the prophetic word from my Pastor is that I am not to focus on the vast labor and expended time, stress, struggle and great costs which this fight and the lawsuits have caused me.  I am to let go of the past and press forward to my prize.  (Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.  Philippians 3:13)

I have to admit, once I received another threat from that huge company, it caused me to pause out of fear of another lawsuit. However, that is just the enemy with his attempts to keep me from pressing on and fighting for what the Lord has promised me.  So, I refuse to give into fear and I have let go of my struggles and setbacks from the past and press on toward my prize.

I know that there are other brothers and sisters reading this where the enemy has put roadblocks in the way of your promises from the Lord.  Those roadblocks may be fear or possibly even threats as he has threatened me.  Don’t give in to the devil’s tactics.  Ask the Lord for boldness and press onward.

Also, keep in mind that the Lord is building His character in us and molding us into a victorious bride.  This takes training on the battle field.  Each victory we win will instill faith and resolve in us to face the next fight until we have reached the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.  So don’t give in, and continue the fight of faith.  Let go of all disappointments and look ahead toward the prize.  Your victory is assured if you faint not.

And so, as I have been obedient to the Lord in sharing my battle and testimony with you all, I pray that it will encourage you all and strengthen your faith to continue the good fight of faith and not to allow the enemy to stop you with his fear tactics.

Subsequently, if anyone is able to donate anything at all for my financial needs, it would be greatly appreciated.  And, as always, I pray for the Lord to abundantly bless those in return for their faithfulness in giving.  He is always faithful and I trust Him to move upon the hearts of those who He knows will give.

Much love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.


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