Thank you all for your love and faithfulness.

Greetings Dear Saints,

I had mentioned before that I would write a post on how the Lord provided and orchestrated the whole ordeal in me getting into a newer vehicle.

First and foremost, I give thanks to our Heavenly Father for His love and divine provision.  And I also wish to give a big “Thank You” to all of you that gave toward my need for a newer vehicle.  I did my best to personally thank everyone who gave via letter or email.  If I missed sending you a personal “Thank You”, then I greatly apologize and wish to extend my thanks to you with this posting.

I have to admit that I was astounded by all the love and support by readers and followers of the “Hear His Heart” blog.  I am very humbled by all the love that you all poured forth in helping me with my need.  Only those that are truly His could have responded with such love and concern for my need, as those of you did.

The Lord has greatly humbled me in the recent years.  I have been blessed to own my own home-based business since 2003, and for a while it was very prosperous.  However, for the last few years, my business has dried up to a mere $200.00 a month income.  In this, the Lord has taught me to trust in Him for my provisions.  And He has always been faithful.

However, as of late, He has been teaching me to also allow Him to use others in helping me with my needs.  This has been very humbling for me as I have always been able to supply for myself through some means of the Lord’s provision.  But He is teaching me the way of the early church where all of His people willingly laid down their lives for one another and met one another’s needs.  This is the way it will be with His last day remnant.  While those of the world will be struggling, God’s true remnant will be provided for by meeting one another’s needs.

We all as ministers of Christ need to be willing to put our brothers’ and sisters’ needs above our own.  When this is fulfilled in His last day church, we will be like the early church and we will then have all things in common.

Some of you have donated for my needs each month and I greatly appreciate your help.  Some of you have even relayed to me that the Lord has told you to sow your tithe into the “Hear His Heart” ministry.  I wish to say “Thank You” for your love and obedience in doing so.  You each have been a tremendous blessing.  As I have mentioned before, I live a modest life on a very limited budget.  But I do have needs and also give to others for their needs and ministry.  So anything that is donated, no matter how big or small, is seen by the Lord and is greatly appreciated.

Now as for the story of how the Lord orchestrated the vehicle situation:  First of all, I asked the Lord if I could request for help from my brothers and sisters that follow the “Hear His Heart” blog.  The Lord gave me a “Yes” and also gave me a prophetic word from my pastor/apostle/friend.  In this prophetic word, the Lord informed me that it was Him that would provide through His people.  And I am to know that those that do give toward my need are the ones that are obedient to His leading.  So for all those that gave toward my vehicle need, I thank you for your love and obedience.

So as your donations began to come in, I began to look online for vehicles in my area.  I saw a couple of vehicles that I was kind of interested in on a website where car dealers can advertise.  I had given my contact information to the website so that I could be contacted by the dealerships.  I was almost instantly contacted, but had not yet acquired enough finances to purchase a vehicle, so I didn’t make any decision at that time.

Days later when I thought that I had enough funds, I decided that I would go out that weekend and purchase a vehicle.  Therefore I decided to first browse the websites of dealerships in my area so I could possibly narrow down my driving search.

The first dealership website I came across had as its first vehicle listing, a 2000 Toyota 4Runner.  That instantly caught my attention because for years I have been seeking the Lord to be a forerunner in His last days ministry.  And the Lord often uses vehicles to symbolize ministries, so by me getting into a “4Runner vehicle”, I thought it could possibly be a prophetic proclamation of entering into a forerunner ministry.

So I began reviewing the 4Runner on the dealership’s website.  It even gave me a link to the Carfax report, and upon viewing, I was very impressed on how the vehicle had been maintained regularly.  In addition, it only had two previous owners.  Also, what caught my attention was that the car was originally sold in Dallas.  I had just moved from the Dallas area, so it was a coincidence that stuck in my mind.

Also in the Carfax report, there were no negative reports of accidental damage or serious repairs.  All in all, the report was impressive.  However, I didn’t have enough money for what the dealership was asking.  So I simply told the Lord that if this was the vehicle He wanted me to buy, I trusted Him to make a way.

So as I’m looking over the vehicle pictures on the dealership website, my phone rang.  Upon answering, the person on the other end was a salesman from a dealership that had received my contact information from the website I visited days earlier.  He was calling me about one of the vehicles that I was possibly interested in.  However, when this person mentioned the dealership he was calling from, I realized that it was from the very same dealership that I was viewing online for the 4Runner at that very moment.  In addition, the dealership had the same name of a dealership in Dallas that I had purchased a vehicle from and was very satisfied with the sale.

Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised because of how the Lord works.  But still, I was a little surprised at all the seemingly odd coincidences.  So I told the salesman that I was no longer interested in the previous vehicle and I’m now interested in their 2000 Toyota 4Runner, and asked if it was still for sale.  He told me to wait a minute, then responded; “Yes, I’m looking outside my office window at it right now”.

So I made an appointment to go see the 4Runner within an hour.  As I’m still not familiar with the city that the Lord moved me to a year ago, I had to look up the address on MapQuest.  I was surprised to learn that the dealership was right across from my bank and so I knew exactly how to get there.  Another seemingly odd coincidence……..

Well even though I made the appointment to look at the 4Runner, I didn’t have enough money for what they were asking.  But I knew that if it was what the Lord wanted me to have; then He would make a way.  I told the Lord the amount that I would be willing to pay for the vehicle.  With the amount I mentioned, it left me with only a few hundred dollars remaining in my bank account for the cost of tax, title and license.

So I went to see and test drive the 4Runner and was impressed in how clean and new looking it was for a year 2000 vehicle.  I felt comfortable enough to make an offer on the vehicle to the salesman.  However, I made an offer way below their asking price.  He said that he didn’t think that his manager would accept such a low price, but would ask anyway.  So after a bit of finagling, they agreed to accept the same price that I had earlier told the Lord I was willing to pay.  Consequently, the price of the 4Runner plus tax, title and license was almost the exact same amount of cash that I had in my bank account.  Therefore, after all of this, I felt confident that there were no coincidences and that the 4Runner was the Lord’s provision for me.

We truly serve an awesome God.  I have enjoyed the 4Runner and it is also an answer to my specific prayer requests on a vehicle.  I was asking for either a pick-up truck or SUV.  I was also asking for a vehicle with a working air conditioner because it gets so hot here in the summers.  And I was also asking for a vehicle that was good on gas, as my last vehicle got only about 13 miles to the gallon.  Thus, the 4Runner is a 4-cylinder and fulfills all these requests I made to the Lord.  He is so good…..

So in closing, I thank you all for your love and support.  I’m greatly encouraged to see those of you that were truly concerned for my need.  Some of you shared with me that you desired to give, but were not able.  Please let me say that I truly understand, and I’m grateful for your prayers and your love that you shared in writing to me.

Abundant blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.