Run Unto My Mercy & Grace

Dear Saints,

A while back my pastor had received a very sobering word to all believers from our Heavenly Father.  When I read it, I knew that I needed to share this word with the readers of this blog.  However, due to my busyness with pressing circumstances, I had forgotten about it.

Howbeit, the Lord has reminded me of it and I now wish to share this word from the Father given through my pastor and dear friend.


Beginning of Prophetic Word:

“My children…hear the heart of your Heavenly Father & run unto My mercy & grace while you still can. I am looking to & fro, over all the Earth & I am seeing My people more & more falling away from Me, into compromise & complacency. The enemy is working within the hearts of My people & convincing them to do so in their lives. There is a seduction taking place & a deception. For many of My people are moving away from Me & are instead embracing things that are of this world. Hear Me, My people, so that you will not succumb to the tactics that the enemy has unleashed…for he knows that his time is short, so he is working hard to take as many people as he can, before I return.

Hear Me, My people & open your hearts unto My words this day. For there is a growing belief that is rising more & more in My people, which would say that it is alright to do the things that many are now “excusing” in their lives…for they deceived themselves to think they always have to time repent at a later time. This is vitally wrong, My people…for no man knows what the future holds! Hear My cry, for I desperately desire My people to be one with Me. Do not listen to words or inclinations that would wink at you & tell you that you have plenty of time to live your lives, doing whatever you want…for this is deception that is trying to remove you from your place of being hidden in Me.

Look within your hearts, My people & remember the parable of the Sower & the Seed…for I gave you 4 conditions, in which My word has been received into the soil of your hearts. For many have allowed My words to be cast to the wayside, not understanding them & taking them truly into their hearts, but trampling My words, saying that My word is not true & I am a liar. These have let the enemy come & devour My word from their hearts. But, others have received My words with joy, into a bitter heart, mingled with unforgiveness. You give men the impression that you love Me, but later when persecution or trials come, you eventually show your true heart, being sorely offended in Me.

Still others, receive My words into hearts mingled with thorns…the thorns are areas that have not been surrendered unto Me & so later, the cares of this life, which is the lust for other things & the deceitfulness of riches choke My words & these produce no fruit to maturity. But, those who with humble & contrite hearts receive My words, having not a closed off heart, as in the wayside…having no heart of bitterness & unforgiveness which keeps My words from bearing any fruit at all…or having no part of their heart that they are not willing to surrender unto Me…these yield much fruit & are greatly used of Me in My Kingdom, some 30, some 60 & some 100 fold. This is what I desire for you all!

These are the choices of each & every one of My children…there is no one that is exempt from this! For you all will show Me from your inner most heart, which of these you are & which of these you will remain. For each of you has the ability to move from one to the other…forward OR backward…for you have all done both of these over time, as I have watched each of you. I do not say this to scold or be mean to you, but only in love, because I desire you to know the truth, for it is only the truth that shall make you free. So, now I ask you, My people to take My words unto you & to make the decision, as to what you will now do with your lives…for time is running out & you need to come to Me.

Run unto My mercy & grace, My children…while you still can…do not think that you have plenty of time to do so, for this is just not so! For I tell you now, that the opportunity for you to do this, is closing…you do not have the time that you think you do. The enemy has convinced many of My people of this, but that is just not the truth. For even in My word, there has been a deception in understanding this. For My word says that My mercy endures forever, but most have not properly understood this & this in itself created a false sense of knowing within My people. For the word “forever” does not mean, that “there is no end”…it doesn’t mean that at all…or how could there be eternal judgment?

Forever, or everlasting as you read in My word really speaks of “until the age of the ages”…this is unto the White Throne Judgment. For then, My mercy will be no more, but all will remain in whatever state they are in. He that is unjust, will be unjust still…he that is filthy, will be filthy still, he that is righteous, will be righteous still & he that is holy, will be holy still. Make no mistake about this, My people & run unto My mercy & grace while you still can! For the door is closing…it is more closed then you think it is. For, many of you have already discerned this, feeling difficulty to press into Me in your own lives & receive My mercy & grace…this is only going to get harder as time goes by.

If you could see this with your mortal eyes, it would be like envisioning trying to squeeze something through an opening that is smaller than the object. This is why your heart is so important at this time, for it is your heart that is really going through that door unto Me. Today, the opening is so much smaller than it was before…a heart that has hardened against Me, or is stony, or full of thorns can hardly pass through it. I need your hearts to be soft & pliable…for then, you will be able to squeeze through the door, no matter how closed it is, until the end. That is why repentance & humility is so important in your lives today! I need you to know this, so you can walk forward to Me, in the time ahead.

Hear these loving words from your Heavenly Father & respond to Me with a heart that is contrite & humble before Me. For I desire for each of you to come close to Me & stay with Me. You must cast off bitterness, hatred & unforgiveness…you must cast off the lusts & cares of this world & deceitfulness of riches…you must be willing to do this, so you can bear plentiful fruit, unto the end. For time is running out & there is much that is on the horizon. You may not be able to withstand what is coming unless you do this now…for if you wait, you may not be able to find your way to Me & press through the door to My mercy & grace. Hear Me, My children & do what you know you must do.

For if you have problems is seeking Me & finding freedom in Me now while things are still going “good”…how do you think that you will be able to do this when things start to really go bad? This is part of the deception…thinking you will always be able to repent & come unto Me. I need you to recognize that the harder the heart becomes, or the more it is infused with the lusts & desires for other things, the more My words lose value & will not be held to, or even believed. I need you to know this now…before it is too late. Come unto Me, with all of your heart…yield your entire lives unto Me & allow Me to heal you…allow Me to take you unto Myself & make you one with Me, says the Lord”.


Dear Saints, we live in the end of the end of times when deception, darkness and evil will become greater and greater.  Soon, there will even be a civil conflict among churches and believers.  This is for separating of the wheat from the tares.

Howbeit, if we walk in the light as He is in the light, then we will have TRUE fellowship with other TRUE believers and cleansing by His blood from sin and darkness so that His protection will be upon us. (John 1:7, Psalm 91)

These are dangerous days and we MUST stay in His light and separated from all that is of the world and that defiles. (2 Cor. 6:17)

Also, the Lord has been warning of the danger of slipping away when many of us come into our promises and financial blessings.  There will be a GREAT temptation to spend more time with things of this world and less time sitting at His feet.  We MUST guard ourselves against this at all costs.  These are dangerous days we are entering and His common grace will no longer protect us in the days ahead.  We MUST stay in the inner court with Him because outer-court Christians will be subject to the evils coming upon the world.

I pray for you all that you can receive these words of exhortation.  And, I thank all of you who keep me in your prayers as well.  In these last days, we will become victorious as a CORPORATE BODY.  No longer will we be able to get by without being joined with our brother’s and sisters in Christ and carrying one another’s burdens.  This was the Lord’s plan for the Church from the beginning, now soon it will become mandatory and common place.   Acts 4:32-35 All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone who had need.

On this note, I wish to give my deepest gratitude to all of you who have been loving and faithful in helping me with my financial needs.  At this time in my life, the Lord has me solely relying on those who give toward my needs.  In this, He has taught me to trust in Him to lay it upon the hearts of others to give, and humble myself to be able to receive help from others.  He is always faithful and loving and He never lets us down.

Subsequently, to those who are able to give a financial gift, no mater the amount, I am ever grateful and pray the Lord abundantly blesses you and your family in return for your faithfulness.

Blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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Beware that you do not forget the LORD your God

Word from the Lord:

My people, listen to Me. I come to you all this day with a warning. Not a warning of coming disaster or doom, but a warning of forgetting the one who has taken you all through your wilderness and who shall bring you into a land of promises and blessings.

Soon, many who have been waiting on My promises shall begin to see their fruition. But this is not the end, there is still much more tribulation that My faithful ones must endure before My coming for My church. Therefore, when you see your blessings come and your finances prosper as those of the world are struggling; do not say in your heart that you have done these things. For was it not I who sustained you during your times of distress? Therefore, it is also I who shall bring you into your promises and blessings.

Now listen, soon there shall be more shakings in the economic systems of man. But fret not when this happens. For have I not said in My word that the gold and silver is Mine? So then, use wisdom with the wealth that I shall bestow on many of you and you shall be blessed in all that you put your hands to, no matter the condition of the world’s economic system. And, I shall bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you as you walk uprightly before Me.

So then, stay close to Me in the days ahead and only do as I lead, and you shall be blessed. However, do not be unwise or careless with the wealth and blessings or I shall remove them from you.

I love you all, My dearest ones, and it is My desire to see My children blessed upon the earth. Though I cannot bless disobedience or carelessness. Therefore, again I say, be wise in your financial dealings and follow My lead in all that you put your hands to. For I shall use many to purchase land, buildings, and businesses all for the purpose of setting up My kingdom in the earth realm and spreading the gospel across the land for all to see and hear.

I love you, My chosen ones, so deal wisely in the days ahead and you shall remain blessed with the wealth in which I shall pour out upon many of you.


**Personal Note:

When I shared this word with my pastor and dear friend, he also confirmed that our best days are ahead of us.  Additionally, he mentioned that the “birth pangs” and a sense of urgency of impending doom that he and many of us have felt for a long time seems to have died off.  He believe’s that perhaps we are not in the “birth” transition yet as many had believed, or that we are simply in between pangs.  At any rate, there is much good ahead for us and no matter what is going on in the earth realm, we are to always rest in Christ Jesus our Lord and He shall give us peace and victory.


Also, to all those who are able to give toward my needs;  I thank you so much.  Your donations are much appreciated and needed, no matter the amount. And, I pray the Lord abundantly blesses those who are considerate in helping me with my needs as I’m obedient in giving the Lord’s words to His people.
Much love to you all from your brother in Christ,
Kevin B.

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