Get Ready To Receive His Blessings For Your Faithfulness.

Word from the Father:

My people, listen intently to your heavenly Father this day.  I know that many of you have been through great testings and shakings this year, and even longer for some.

But I tell you today that your testing has not been in vain.  For some, you have been shaken in the area of your business, finances or ministries.  For others, in areas of relationships.  And for others, even your own bodies and health have been afflicted.  Know that I have seen all these things as the enemy of your soul has buffeted many of you.

But know this one thing: this has not happened because I am angry with you.  I tell you, the devil is a liar.  I am not angry and I have not stretched out My hand against you.  Yet, I have allowed the enemy a little leeway  that he may buffet you out of his anger and fear.  For I tell you, he is both angry and fearful because of what he sees arising within My people.

The enemy sees a stirring in My people to awaken from their slumber and to put on the full armor of God.  And he fears this and is angry that he is losing ground.  For he knows that once My army arises in the earth realm and brings forth the man-child company, then his time will soon be over….and he will stop at nothing to prevent this from happening.

This is why he has been buffeting My people so much in this present year that will soon be over.  His desire was to cause My people to shrink back in fear and doubt.  But what he did not foresee was the rewards that I will now bestow upon all those who have withstood his attacks and have not given up.

So rejoice, My little ones….again I say rejoice.  For I am about to open the windows of heaven and pour out many blessings.  I will touch your broken bodies, ministries, finances, businesses, relationships, and much more with the power and favor of My Spirit.  Therefore, get ready to receive from Me even to the overflowing.

Fret not on what all you see going on in the political realm regarding the U.S. elections.  I have promised to make a way for justice, and so I shall.  Soon you will witness My justice poured out upon all those who have attempted to stop My plans to keep this president in the white house for another four years.  And as you witness exposure after exposure, do not rejoice in the downfall of others, yet rejoice in the fact that My justice is victorious and has the final say.

But know this also….many who have aligned themselves with the enemy will not go down without a fight.  So be prepared and not taken by surprise if you witness more violence and rioting.  But as you continue to declare My victory over your land of the U.S. and push back the darkness, I will quickly squash any resistance that is coming against the hand of My justice.

Now then, take to heart that I have seen your faithfulness to stand and not give up.  And I have heard your prayers to save your country of the U.S. from being taken over by tyranny.  And I the Lord God declare unto you this day that I shall honor those prayers and you shall witness a cleansing go throughout your land in all levels of government, control and influence.

I love you all with an eternal love and I have great plans for this nation and My people.  But a cleansing must come first.  Not just a cleansing in your government, but a cleansing of My house as well.

So then, seek Me and ask Me to cleanse each of you and make you pure even to the uttermost parts of you being.  For great days are ahead for those who would choose to cleanse themselves by the power of My Spirit.

Oh, how I am excited about what is on the horizon.  However, it is always the darkest right before dawn….so prepare your hearts now for the gross darkness that will soon sweep across the land.  For darkness will cover the earth, and deep darkness the people.  But My righteous ones shall arise with My light upon them.  And they will shine bright like the noonday sun, and many shall come to their light seeking salvation and shelter from the storm.

Now then, again I say get ready to receive My blessings in return for your faithfulness.  I love you, My little ones, and it gives me great joy to bring you this good news.

Praise God. He is always so faithful and good toward us.

I pray that you all had a blessed Christmas. It’s a season to be merry and thankful for the greatest gift ever given, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. And I’m excited about this coming new year for what God is about to do for us. For myself, I am believing God to give life back to my business that has been dead for a few years now. I miss my work…it brings me great joy to help others, which is what I did when my business was active.

I know that God is going to bless the businesses and finances of many of His people in this coming year. If you’re one who has been afflicted in this area, now is the time to believe and declare His blessings over your business and/or finances.

In the meantime, if anyone is able to donate toward my financial needs, it would be greatly appreciated. It’s that time when rent and other monthly bills will be due soon. If these words encourage or help you in any way, please ask the Lord if He would have you to donate anything to help with my financial needs.

Much love and blessings to you all. And have a Happy New Year!

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.

Our Prophetic Timeline.

Dear Saints,

The Lord has been speaking to my heart for quite some time regarding the prophetic timeline we are in which I need to share with the Body of Christ. It’s very important for us to know this as it’s both encouraging and exhorting.

Some are able to discern that this time of a worldwide lockdown because of a deadly virus is similar to Passover when God sent the angel of death to kill the firstborn sons of the Egyptians. God told Moses to order the Israelite families to stay inside their homes while the angel of death took the lives of all firstborn sons. This is similar to our worldwide lockdown while the deadly virus spreads throughout the earth.

The Israelites were also commanded to sacrifice a lamb and smear the blood on the door of their houses. In this way, the angel would know to ‘pass over’ the houses of the Israelites. This is why the Jewish feast of Passover represents the escape from Egypt because the angel of death ‘passed over’ the children of Isreal.

However, even though I have heard of others noticing the similarities between Passover and the recent lockdown, there is much more to it than that. God is using our present circumstances to show us something very important regarding the prophetic timeline we are in.

In contrast to what many believers are proclaiming, this is not the end nor the time for Christ to come for His bride. The scriptures inform us that His bride will be spotless and without blemish, so His bride must first be cleansed and made holy just as He is holy. So then, God’s people must soon enter into their “promised land” which represents entering into His rest that consists of our victory over sin and the flesh (our enemies of the heart), which is our promised salvation.

However, just as in the days of Moses and Joshua, God must first set His people free from Egypt (bondage to the world and its ways) so they may start their journey to the promised land. Even though this is a spiritual matter of the heart, as we see in scripture, it is first in the natural and then in the spiritual. (1 Cor. 15:46)

So then, in the natural, the virus and lockdown likening to Passover shows us that we are still in Egypt according to the prophetic timeline. But even though we have the scriptures to show us what prophetic timeline we are in, keep in mind that what we live through will not necessarily be in the same exact order or timeline of events as it was in the stories in the bible. The stories in scriptures just give us a picture to go by.

With that said, we are still in a season where God is judging the gods of Egypt like He did in the time of Moses. Of course, many of us know that this virus was made by man and the fear of it is pushed far above the reality of how deadly it is. Not to take away from the fact that some have died from it, it’s been reported that the virus has a 99% survival rate, whereas, more people die from the average flu than from this virus. Most of those who do die from the virus usually have other underlying health issues that contribute to their death. But all the same, God has allowed this to happen and we can glean from anything He wishes to show us.

Since we are still in Egypt, so-to-speak, we are still in the season of God judging the gods of Egypt. And soon this will become evident when we witness people in high places get judged when we thought they were untouchable. This will start in the U.S. and spread world-wide. We can already witness this judgment as many are turning away from the idolization of sports because of how political and leftist many athletes have become.

In regard to the recent episode where many in high places have been involved in a scheme to steal the election from Trump is presently getting exposed and dealt with. Lord willing, when people start getting arrested for partaking in this massive fraud, it will start the tumbling of the dominos and many in government and high places who we once thought were untouchable will be judged. There may even be the toppling of big tech companies and main-stream media networks who have also been complicit in covering up the election fraud.

Don’t listen to the news networks and voices claiming there isn’t any evidence of election fraud. They’re part of the coverup. When I watch the news, I enjoy watching One American News Network (OAN) or NewsMax. They report unbiased facts and don’t push any propaganda like the main-stream media does. And they are covering up-to-date news on the exposure of the election fraud and what’s being done about it.

In any event, all this shows us that God is judging the gods of Egypt. And even though we are in this timeline, it will happen again and again as time goes by, but on a more severe level each time.

But the main reason God is judging the gods of Egypt is to set His people free. With that, we will soon witness the gods of religion judged. What I mean by this is that we will witness those in ministry with big names get exposed and brought low. This does not mean that every well-known minister will be judged, but those who are using God’s people for self-gain and holding them back from following Him into the promised land will be exposed for who they really are. When you witness this happen. Don’t point the finger and judge, but have mercy and pray for these ones.

Another thing to note is that before the Israelites left Egypt, they plundered the wealth of the Egyptians. This represents the great transfer of wealth that we will soon experience. (Prov. 13:22) When the deep-state politicians are moved out of the way and Trump gets in another term, He will go back to work in bringing the economy back and changing policies that will profit the American people instead of only the elites and big companies like it has been. And we will soon experience a season of great favor from God that will open doors of opportunities for creating great wealth. But we must remember that this will be needed in the days ahead for spreading the kingdom of God and meeting the needs of people during hard times.

But another thing to note is that as soon as the Israelites left Egypt, Pharaoh’s heart was hardened again and he mustered an army and pursued the Israelites. So then, there will come a time when we as believers will be pursued. This could come in the form of a second virus with a mandated vaccine that will have nanotechnology within it to mark us and/or transform our DNA. Whatever does happen, we will be pursued. But just like the parting of the Red Sea in the book of Exodus, God will make a way for us to escape that will also entrap our enemies. So we must keep our trust in Him to deliver us and not turn back to Egypt.

Then there will be a time of wandering in the wilderness just as the Israelites did in scripture. This may or may not include a time when we will physically come out of the cities of man and live in wilderness places prepared by God. But what is important to remember during this time is that it will be a time of God humbling us and testing our hearts just like He did the Israelites. So we should take into account all those who were judged and died in the wilderness because of their sin, unbelief, and rebellion.

But even if we were to leave the cities of man, we still have a season of plundering the wealth of Egypt before we take off on that journey. I can’t say how long this season will be for us in the U.S., but if Trump is successful at draining the deep-state swamp, we may have a few more years. Brother Kevin Zadai who has been on the Sid Roth show a few times said that Jesus showed him that we have at least another 11 years of freedom in the U.S. to share the gospel. He also said that he saw many good things coming to God’s people during those 11 years. So if this is true, we at least have another 10 or 11 years of plundering Egypt’s wealth before we launch into our wilderness journey.

During this time of plundering Egypt, there will be a great revival. All of this will start in the U.S. and spread throughout the world.

But the main thing to remember is that our goal is to enter into our promised land. So, after a season in the wilderness, we will cross our spiritual Jordan river where Christ washes us with His holy water inside and out as he purges us with His fire and sprinkles our conscience with His blood. Then when we have crossed over our spiritual Jordan, He will circumcise our hearts just as the Israelites were circumcised after they crossed the Jordan into Canaan.

And just as the children of Israel slew the many giants in Canaan, by faith in the promises of God, so we too will conquer our giants of sin and obtain a pure heart by faith in our obedience to Christ. And then we can enter the Kingdom of God (while still on earth), which is spiritual Israel, as we become pure, perfected, and in union with Christ and God (the promised land of Israel).

This is all very exciting, but few believers have this understanding. Most are waiting to be raptured instead. But during this time of being set free from Egypt, God will also set His people free from the many false doctrines that will place many on their new journey to the promised land.

So let’s keep in mind the journey set before us and all the promises of God beginning from inheriting the wealth of the wicked to our full salvation and entering our promised land (Kingdom of God) while still on earth. So we have much to look forward to. And as we will soon witness the judging of the gods of Egypt, shout for joy that we are being set free from the bondage of the world to start our journey to the Kingdom of God within us.

I pray that this understanding of our prophetic timeline is both enlightening and encouraging for all who read it. We must keep our eyes on the prize, our promised land, and not on the decaying world or any false beliefs of a rapture before we are perfected for our union with Christ.

And on another note, I have a financial need. Our rent of $850 is due today and we don’t have it yet. Please pray and ask the Lord if He would have you to give a gift of any size to help us with our needs.

Much love and blessings to you all.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.