Take Advantage Of The Coming Tidal Wave Of Grace.

Word from the Father:

My people, listen to your heavenly Father this day.  I know and understand that many of your nations are in much turmoil.  But did I not forewarn you of all this?  So then, you should not be taken by surprise if you have been resting in Me.

Now, I wish to speak to you this day regarding a wave of My grace that is coming. A wave of grace that will enable you to let go of all that would hinder the establishment of My kingdom within your hearts and lives.  There are many changes coming as I begin to establish My kingdom within earthen vessels.  But as with any new construction, the old must be done away with first.  Therefore, get ready for change.  For many changes are coming to the nations and the lives of My people, both in the physical and in the spiritual.  There shall even be more natural disasters in diverse places as these changes come.

But I do not want My people perplexed over what all is coming. Yet instead, I want you all prepared to take advantage of this tidal wave of My grace.  For as disasters, chaos, and even violence may be commencing all around you, by this move of My grace, much of what is not of Me, or simply not necessary, will be shaken loose and off of each of you if you would allow it.  Many will even be set free of strongholds and besetting sins during this time.

So take advantage of this move of My Spirit and shake off all sin and weights that so easily beset you.  And let go of anything that seeks to hinder your walk with Me.  Allow My Spirit to separate the chaff from the wheat in your lives so that you may quickly mature in Christ and My kingdom.

If you find yourself losing things in the natural like relationships, properties, jobs, businesses, etc., do not consider it a loss as man would consider loss but instead consider it all as dung that you may gain Christ and My kingdom. For I know what is necessary for you to keep and what you must let go of.  And if you would do this, you will feel a freedom within yourselves that you haven’t felt in a long time, and possibly never before for some of you.

But on the other hand, if you try to hold on to what I’m trying to remove, it could cause you much greater grief than if you just simply let it go.  For if you let it go, My grace will sustain and uphold you.

I am very excited for you all regarding this coming wave of My grace.  For many of you will gain a freedom within yourselves that you’ve needed for a very long time.  And this freedom will allow you to grow spiritually at a pace faster than you’ve ever experienced before.

These are great days that you live in.  Do not weary at the chaos and turmoil going on around you….for if you keep the eyes of your heart fixed on Me and My word, you will know within yourselves that this is all working for the good of My people and the establishment of My kingdom.

I love you with an everlasting love and I am so excited for you all because of the times in which you live.  Things around you will change rapidly as I move things around for the establishment of My kingdom in the earth.    But do not think that it will be a kingdom set up in the natural, for My kingdom is within each of you.  Howbeit, as it grows within My people, it will be manifested outwardly in the earth.  And people will be drawn to the light within you, and those in high places will seek you out for the wisdom that you carry.

Does this not excite you, My little ones?  I tell you that it excites Me as I will watch My people mature and My glory rise upon them.  But know this also, shakings will continue as I am shaking all that can be shaken so that only what cannot be shaken shall remain.  So with this in mind, do you think it wise to be busy building anything outside of My will?  For if you do, it will only result in loss.  So instead, why not willfully give everything over to Me and allow Me to remove from your life what needs to be removed.  And do not fret over this…for anything that I do remove from your life will be replaced with My glory.  And whatever I remove outwardly from you may or may not be replaced with another.   But if it is not, take heart that it is ultimately for your good that you may be filled with more of My glory.

I love you dearly, My people.  Never forget that no matter what storms may come your way.  So rejoice that your light has come and soon you shall see My glory rise upon you so long as you allow My removing from off of you, and from your life, those things not of My will.  But you yourself will not be shaken as you yield to this wave of My grace.  So do as I say, and all will be well with you.


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Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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