Judgment in the house of God has already begun.

Word from our heavenly Father:

My people, listen to what I would say to you this day.

Many of you have heard the prophetic words circulating regarding My reprieve on the United States and the new season you have entered with My favor and a great moving of My Spirit. And I tell you, this much is true. However, I will also tell you of those things which many prophetic voices will not speak forth.

Does My word not declare that judgment must begin at My house? So then, I tell you, judgment in My house has already begun. Yet, few can discern this.

Therefore, My little ones, I wish to both warn and exhort you regarding My judgment. For just as I shall use your new president of the United States to cleanse your nation of its corruption, so likewise, shall I cleanse My house.

Yet, know that my mercy triumphs over judgment. Therefore, if you each would repent and judge yourselves, then I shall not need to bring judgment upon you.

However, I already know that many of you will not. Therefore, you will soon witness My judgment within my house beginning with those in authority and leadership. You shall witness some put to shame as they are exposed and you will even witness others lose their lives.

But even so, it does not have to be this way. For I shall give each person a chance to repent before My judgment must come. Likewise, I shall give each one in My house, from the greatest to the least, a chance to repent. It will only be when one refuses to repent when My judgment must come. For My house WILL be cleansed…..

So then, My dearest little ones; seek Me now in this and allow Me to search your hearts and shine My light in the areas in which you need to repent. You cannot do this on your own, for the heart of man is desperately wicked and deceives even its own self. Therefore, you each need Me to search your heart and reveal to you the areas in which you need to repent. And if you would do this, then I shall not judge you openly for all to see.

I love you all with an everlasting love and do not desire to bring judgment upon any of you. Yet, the day is at hand in which My church must walk in My Spirit and truth, even from the most inward parts. And in this, My kingdom shall be established in the earth realm.

Oh, little ones, does this not excite you? For I tell you the truth; spending just one day arrayed in true holiness and my My presence is far greater than a thousand days elsewhere.

So then, I exhort you all to seek Me in this and allow Me to reveal to you your hidden sins. Yet, if you do not, and you refuse to heed My warnings to repent, then you can be sure that My judgment shall come upon you, and it will not be pleasant.

On the other hand, if you would judge yourself, then my healing and grace shall rest upon you and as far as you will allow, and continue in this cleansing with Me, you shall be conformed into the image of My Son.

Take advantage of this opportunity to judge yourself now so that you will not be judged. I love you all, therefore I plead with you to heed this warning before it is too late and I must then judge you due to your own failure to judge yourself.



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