Beware of compromise.

Dear Saints,

Today I wish to share a warning that I have been feeling in the Spirit which was also confirmed by a prophetic word of warning to the Body of Christ (read below) through my pastor and dear friend.

As I have been sharing lately, we are in a transition period and entering into a new season where God is fulfilling promises, opening doors and making a way in our wilderness.  For many of us, including myself, it seems like forever that we have been going through a wilderness, trusting and waiting on God for change in our circumstances.  And, now is the time of God to show His faithfulness for those who did not give up on Him.  “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galatians 6:9  “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19  

However, with the coming blessings and refreshing presence of God, also comes a danger in thinking that we have “arrived” or that all is well with our walk with the Lord and we can then relax.  This type of thinking breeds compromise.

Now is not the time to relax, yet, just the opposite.  The days are increasingly growing darker and darker, thus, we need to be even more vigilant and alert, taking up our cross daily to follow the Lord without straying from the narrow path of righteousness.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour:” 1 Peter 5:8  

“Because narrow is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads unto life, and few there be that find it.” Matthew 7:14 

And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.  “Luke 9:23”

“I beseech you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.” Romans 12:1

“He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”  Proverbs 25:28


Having said this, please read the prophetic warning given to the Body of Christ from my dear friend and pastor.

Beginning of Word:

“My children, I come to you this day in the love of a Father to warn of what is coming & even now is in the Earth. What I speak of is even beginning to affect My people to varying degrees. I love you all with an everlasting love & desire you to know My love in your hearts greatly in the time ahead. For this I say, that the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened & that you may begin to grasp My truth in a greater way. I tell you now that a wave of deception has been released to draw My people away from Me, that their steadfastness in Me would begin to falter & fade away. Understand that this deception is elusive, not blatant, for the latter would be easy for you to spot & to steer clear from.

The deception that is come is on a lesser level…coming in such a way that many of My people will not even know that it is come & these will fall under its spell thinking that all is right with their lives. I speak of righteousness & integrity in your lives…these are things that I hold dear. I desire that you hold to these with unwavering hearts. Never forget that a little leaven leavens the whole lump…if you allow this wave to affect you, you will also succumb to the waves that follow…those waves will affect My people in ways that I never want My people to know…the closeness that you now know in your hearts & lives will diminish…it can ultimately take you away from Me & you will not even be aware of it.

This present wave deceives because it comes in a form that on the surface appears “right”, but under the surface, its real motivation seduces the heart & mind thru SELF. The underlying reality is, it will convince My people to do what it wants by using the desires of the flesh to get its way. How it works is through justifying the behavior of self, so that self gets what it wants & the person believes that nothing is wrong & all is right in their world. This is very dangerous, My children & if not dealt with now, more intrusive waves will come & cause devastation to the walk & life of those who succumb to it. Please…hear the heart of your Heavenly Father & do what is right in My sight while you still can.

I am grieved that some of My people have already begun to move away from Me, through a lack of true righteousness & integrity. Many have even begun to fall into various sin, but have no real repentance in their hearts. They may feel a measure of guilt or remorse for a short time, but then they will come back into My house & seek My presence…this is where this deception does its greatest harm. For many interpret the “feeling” of My presence as a vindication of their life actions & a seduction “winks” at them & tells them that everything is fine & no real repentance takes place. This of course leads to more sin & this web of deception increases, as their unrepentant actions will perpetuate it.

Hear Me, My people…understand that I love you & surely My blood covers all sin…but don’t deceive yourselves to think that you can continue in sin & that My grace will abound. Do not receive My grace in vain, My children, thinking that My grace gives you the power to live in sin! Never forget that when you are tempted, you are drawn away of your own lust & enticed…then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin & then sin when it is finished, brings forth death. I do not want death in My people…you are called to be people of LIFE…My life. You cannot serve two masters…to think so is hypocrisy…surely you know that hypocrisy is something that I despise…run from it while you still can!

This deception is entering into My people because they have allowed compromise & complacency to come into their lives…a little leaven here…a little leaven there. Once this is allowed, it becomes easier & easier to let it in…soon patterns develop in the heart & mind…strongholds begin to form. And because they do not know that complacency & compromise has infected them, they are free to move forward in their actions, thinking there is no consequence for the things that they do. They do not know they are falling away from Me, even though they go to church, feel My presence & do all of the things that religious people do. They do not realize they must seek true repent before it is too late!

My people are to shine as lights in a dark place. True light dispels darkness…corrupt light brings more darkness. I desire you to be like Me…I desire you to walk like Me…run unto the True light…shake yourself free from the deception that is come! Behold, I give you a season of time to repent & do what is right in My sight…come unto Me & let My light shine on your hearts. I will show you what needs to change…for there are things that many are convinced is right in Me, which are really just appeasing self & justifying you are in My will because you can feel My presence. This is not of Me or My will…My will is, that when you come into My presence you are to be CHANGED & become more like ME.

My will is for you to come into My presence & allow Me to go deep within, past the various layers of pride & selfish things in your lives…for there to be a true surrender of SELF…for that is the thing which keeps you from being like Me. The time has come, My children…time to grow up…time to put away childish things…it is time to become grown-up in Me & walk like I walk…it is time for Me to use you in this lost & dying world, but I cannot use you as long as you are no different than the world…you must become like Me. When I was on Earth, I only said what I heard My Father say…I only did what I saw My Father do. BE like Me, My people…truly surrender your hearts & lives to Me, says the Lord”.

End of Prophetic Word.

I pray that this word speaks to each of your hearts as it did mine.  Our Heavenly Father deeply loves each of us and is so loving to warn and chastise when He sees us straying from the narrow path and even warns those of us (with ears to hear) when dangers are ahead, just as He has warned us in this prophetic warning.

Also, like me, my Pastor relies on donations and gifts from others for his support.  He has expressed to me that he is in financial need this month, therefore, if this word of warning has been beneficial to you, please consider a donation for him.  He would greatly appreciate it.  You can read his other prophetic words and donate from his blog at this address:

I also thank all of you who were so loving and helpful with me getting into a rent house.  It has been such a blessing.  I am thankful for all that the Lord has provided for me during my time living in the RV camper, but I am so thankful that He has made a way for me and my brother to finally move into a house.  We both thank all of you who helped with our deposit and first month rent.  I know that this move was of God and part of His blessings and transition on our lives.

Also, I am believing Him to move on my business so that it will prosper.  It has been quite a long time (at least five years) that I have been waiting on Him to bless my business so I can generate income instead of relying on donations for my support.  It has been a long humbling trial.  I’m used to always financially supporting myself, so, it was very difficult to rely on God to move on the hearts of others to give toward my needs each month.  It has been a very humbling experience.  But now, I believe that it is the season for me (and many others) to come out of the wilderness and into His blessings.

On this note, I’m still relying on donations from others for my support until God moves on my business, which, I can see it in the works.  I believe that something will break very soon.  I cannot speak about everything that is going on right now, but in time, I hope to be able to share the huge blessing from the Lord that I feel is coming.  In the mean time, if anyone is able to give toward my monthly needs, no matter the amount, it would be greatly appreciated.

Much love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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This is a time of transition.

Dear Saints,

In my last posting I expressed how I feel that we are in a season of many changes and fulfilled promises from God for those who have been faithful in waiting for the Lord and have not fainted (given up).

Well, it just so happens that the Lord gave my pastor/friend a word for the Body of Christ on the season of transition which we are now in.  Whereas, many changes and blessings are coming in order to prepare us for the harsh days that are ahead. Therefore, with my pastor’s permission, I am sharing this prophetic word from the Lord with each of you for your encouragement.

“My children, be encouraged…for this is a time to rejoice. Be strengthened…for this is a time to stand. Let faith arise…for this is a time to walk into your destiny. For this is the time for you to see yourselves, as you have never seen yourselves before. For change is coming to My people…change that will take you out of your complacency…change that will catapult you to higher heights & deeper depths in Me. For I am preparing My people for what is yet ahead & many of you have already seen changes come. Some of you are in the middle of change now as it unfolds before you. I love you, My children…it is important that you position yourself so you will be able to walk out My plan for your lives.

This is a time for My people to let go of the way things have been & begin to see newness of life…a newness that comes from Me. For many of you have been in the same place for a very long time & many of you have prayed for change to come. Some of you have even begun to wonder if things will ever change in your life. Today I declare to you, that as you will begin to arise in your faith, you will begin to find the substance of things you have hoped for & begin to see the evidence of things unseen…for faith will bring you to your place that I have long desired you to be. Now is the time to trust Me, as you have never trusted Me before…begin to call upon Me for what I have put into your hearts to receive.

Let go of how things have been & begin to see yourselves with eyes of faith. Shake off the complacency that has taken hold of you & allow Me to take you to a higher realm…begin to acquiesce with Me in this hour & watch what I will do. Let that which has fallen to the wayside be taken up again…let Me breathe on it…let Me bring life back to it…for if it has come from Me, I will surely cause it to prosper. I know that it is easy to think that nothing will ever happen for you, but you have to understand things as I see them…for things do not happen according to a carnal understanding…things happen in My timing…things happen in due season…if you faint not…so begin to believe & watch what I will do.

Understand that I am not speaking about presumption or foolish whims…I am speaking about things that I have put within your hearts. If you will honestly look within you, you will be able to discern what is of Me & what is flesh & folly. I speak of that which will move you into My Kingdom…I speak of that which will bring you closer unto Me…I speak of that which I have ordained for this hour, to prepare you for the time ahead. I speak of preparation & change…for this is what will be needed to make you ready for the time that is coming. This is a time of transition for My people…it is important that you know this for yourselves & position yourselves in your place, so that change can come.

For as the changes come, you will find yourselves in position to be impacted by Me in a greater measure…for My Kingdom will come, My will; will be done in you, as it is in Heaven. That is why it is important that you get your eyes off of what you want & begin to get your eyes on what I want for you…for some of you do not know the difference & because of this, changes have come that were not of Me. Some of you have learned this over time…some of you will learn this in the months ahead. The important thing is to learn obedience through the things you suffer…for as long as you will learn from these things, you can eventually be found in your proper place, at a later date…so be sensitive to Me.

Always remember My word in Is 55:11-12…for as My word goes forth out of My mouth, it will not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please & it shall prosper in the thing that I sent it & you will go out with joy & be led forth in peace. Remember…My joy & My peace are imperative for the days ahead…you will greatly need these to stay positioned in the place where I will take you. For in the time ahead, you will see much blessing, but you will also see times of adversity. You need to remember this, so the enemy of your souls does not trick you into becoming shipwrecked because things do not go the way that feel they should go…for this will happen to many down the road.

As many of you have felt “stuck” for a very long time…even now will many become free. Freedom will come so you can accomplish My will for your lives. The reason some of you have been stuck for so long is because you have been unwilling to see things My way & walk out the will I desire for your lives. Some of you may say that this is not true, but this is because you have only seen things in a limited understanding. But, as you will now move along with Me, I will bring the change that needs to come…just be open, willing & obedient to walk out what I lay before you. The hardest part will be to break free from things remaining the same…but as you will persevere in Me, My freedom will soon be realized.

The time of transition has come…be open to what I will bring before you. The time of transition has come…be willing to walk it out. The time of transition has come…be obedient to what I desire for you to do. Let My joy & peace carry you forward in newness of life. Walk out things that are of sound doctrine…do not be misled by ideas or mindsets that do not line up with My word. For a snare has been raised up to deceive My people, so that they would make presumptuous decisions & go in directions that are not of Me. Rest in Me to lead you & take you where you need to go…trust Me to make a way where there seems to be no way. Walk with Me in these & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.



This prophetic word has both confirmed to me what I have felt by the Spirit and it has also encouraged me to have faith to receive what He has for me in this season.

As many of you know, the Lord has opened the door for my brother and I to finally move out our small RV camper into a three bedroom rent-house.  In reality, we were not even looking for another place to live, however, the Lord orchestrated events that lead to our moving into this house.  Also, even though we felt that the Lord was opening this door, we earnestly prayed about it and asked Him to close the door if its not His will because the rent-house will cause us to have substantially more bills each month than what we have been accustomed to while living in the small RV camper.  Therefore, we need Him to provide for our bills and so we need to know that this move is His will for us.  In this, He has continued to honor our prayers and has showed us His will resulting in us signing the lease to the rent-house.  So, we are now in transition of moving into a house after several years of obediently living in a small RV camper.

I say this as an example of being obedient to Him in the small things.  For years my brother and I have had very limited income, which includes donations from others who follow this blog.  However, after humbly living in obedience in a small RV camper for these past years, the Lord now wants to bless us with a house to live in.  However, that means more bills.  Therefore, He will have to provide for us more than the usual monthly income that we have been living on.  And, I know that He is faithful to do just that.  My brother and I were not seeking to move anywhere, it was the Lord who who orchestrated this opportunity, and after much prayer,  He has confirmed to us that it is His will to bless us with this house live in and move out of the camper.

Of course, we now have to buy furniture and other house items that we never needed in the camper, but now need for a house.  So, if the Lord leads any of you to continue helping us financially, it would be greatly appreciated and a blessing.  Howbeit, I firmly believe that the Lord is going to bless my business that He put in my hands several years ago.  In obedience, I have been sitting on this home-based business waiting for Him to bless it.  And now I believe that it is time for His blessings and provisions because I have been faithful in waiting on Him and have not given up.

Now, that is not to say that these last few years have not been a test of my faith.  I thank my pastor/friend who has been there to encourage and support me through all that I have been through, including the two frivolous lawsuits filed against me and my business.  It has been trying times and a long hard road of waiting for the Lord to bless my business, and now I believe it is the season for Him to do just that. Therefore, all of you who have had your promises sitting on the shelf, it is now time to take them off the shelf, and in faith, ask God to breathe life into them.  He is always faithful if we faint not.

I hope you all are as encouraged as I am for what God is doing for us in this season of transition.  And, I hope this prophetic word from my pastor/friend encourages you all to activate your faith to receive what He has for each of you.

For those who are able to help with our financial need, I greatly appreciate it and pray the Lord abundantly blesses you in return for your faithfulness in bearing the burdens of your fellow brother in Christ.

Abundant blessings to you all,

Kevin B.

Please consider a donation.