Ask for His refining fires.

Word from the Lord:

To My chosen ones, I call you all today to come out from among ALL that is unclean.  All, that is not of Me and My Spirit.  Listen to Me well, My faithful ones.  Soon there will be great changes in the atmospheres of both the physical and the spiritual.  And, I do not want you caught up in the gross darkness that shall soon cover the earth.

Therefore, I say to you; call out to Me and get into My presence on a daily basis.  Allow Me to cleanse you from all filth and corruption of flesh and the world.  Oh, do you not know that these are the last days in which all must choose between either the world and its darkness, or My kingdom and its light?

So I say to you, choose well this day.  Choose My kingdom, and I shall do great wonders in the midst of you and through you.

I love you all, dearest ones.  Therefore, come unto Me this day and cry out for my judgments.  Yes, it is true that My judgments are not always pleasant.  However, My judgments to you are redemptive in nature and for your own righteousness sake.

Soon, I will pour out My Spirit of cleansing, and those who do not choose to yield to my cleansing judgments shall endure great anguish.  But for you, My chosen ones, this shall not be so.  For your righteousness shall shine forth as the sun after you have allowed my refining fires to cleanse you and make you whole.

I love you, My faithful ones.  So heed this word of Mine this day and cry out for my refining fires.  Surely I will hear your heart’s cry and will gladly pour out My Spirit of burning upon you.  And I shall burn all the dross and corruption from you and you shall reflect My holiness.  Not the pretend holiness as taught by the false teachers and prophets. No, for in this true holiness, you shall reflect Me and My righteousness.  For does not my word proclaim that you must be holy as I am holy?  So then, ask of this refining fire and surely I shall not withhold it from you.  For it is My desire that you be holy just as I am holy.

Now then, for those who read this word and shrink back at this; know that I will not take any pleasure in your shrinking back.  And know this; those who do not choose My highway of holiness in these last days shall NOT be able to endure what is coming upon the earth.  For this gross darkness is not like anything ever known to man even unto to this day.  Yes, the last days will be just like the days of Noah.  However, this is the last days where both evil and good have reached their climax.  Therefore, both evil and good in these last days shall far surpass anything else up until this time.

So then, I cry out to you all who would shrink back at the thought of my refining fires, and I say to you; consider your ways.  Is this present evil age worth forfeiting your eternal life with Me?  I think not?   Therefore, carefully weigh your choices in these last days.  Do they lead you to repentance and righteousness unto Me, or do they pull you further into the world and its ways?

I love you all, My little ones.  So choose carefully this day in whom you shall serve; Me, or your selfish ways and this world.

Do not forget these words of Mine and know that your choices in the short days ahead will forge your destiny to either everlasting life with Me, or everlasting shame and contempt.  Therefore, choose wisely My little ones.


*** Lawsuit update:  For those of you who have been keeping up with my lawsuit trials, as you may already know, I had a court hearing on May 21st.  However, the hearing did not go as I had hoped.  I wasn’t even allowed to have my say as I had hoped that I would.  

Howbeit, on the positive side, the insurance company was denied their motion for sanctions against me.  In fact, the judge denied both of our motions for sanctions before he even heard any testimonies.  And, since the insurance company requested the motion hearing, only they got to be heard and I did not.

But I don’t believe that the hearing was unprofitable even though I didn’t get to be heard.  The insurance filed their frivolous lawsuit in a county that’s 400 miles away from where I live.  They also know that I do not have finances to be traveling far distances and staying overnight in motels.  Therefore, they now know that I am taking their frivolous lawsuit against me serious and will find a way to appear at the hearings.

For this, I thank the Lord for His provisions and I thank all of you who kindly donated for my traveling expenses for the hearing.

On this note, the insurance company has set another hearing for their motion for summary judgment, which means, their asking the court to rule against me based on the evidence to date.  However, I am also filing my motion for summary judgment against them. And, to make a long story short, our precious Lord Jesus has blinded their attorneys and they have unknowingly provided me with evidence proving that their lawsuit against me is frivolous.  

God is so awesome and faithful and works in wondrous ways.  He has already given me victory over one of the frivolous lawsuits and I trust Him to also give me victory over the second one.

This next hearing will be a crucial point in this lawsuit as it will determine who’s claim gets dismissed and who’s claim will go to trial, if it gets that far.  I have a counterclaim against them, so I pray that the Lord will give me victory in that so I can be recompensed for all the time and effort I have spent in defending myself against their frivolous lawsuit.

This suit has taken up so much of my time.  I spend hours of research each time I have to respond to one of their motions or pleadings.  So, I pray that the Lord gives me victory in my counterclaim against them to pay for all my time and work.  I also ask that you all please keep me in your prayers.

The next hearing on the motions for summary judgment is set for June 18th.  So, I hate asking this again, but between now and that time, if anyone is able to donate for my traveling expenses again, it would be greatly appreciated.  And most importantly, our Heavenly Father sees your giving in secret and will reward you according to His faithfulness. He knows the hearts of those who are obedient to His promptings to give and it pleases Him to see our obedience to Him.  And I thank you all as well.  You all are such a blessing and I pray the Lord’s blessings in return for all those who give to my needs.

To those of you who have written to me lately, if I haven’t responded to you yet, rest assure that I will as soon as I can.  I’m so disappointed that I have to spend so much of my valuable time defending myself against the enemies frivolous lawsuits.  However, I am assured that I have victory in the Lord….

Blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.