I shall now build My church without the hands of man.

Today in my time with the Lord, He said these words to me:   Son, tell My people that I am near and not afar off.  I hear their cries as they come up before my throne.

Word of the Lord:

Oh, My people, why do you weary so.  Yes, your life as you know it is coming to an end.  But hear Me, My people.  This is a good thing, though you may not know it right now.  You have crossed the threshold over into a new day.   MY DAY, sayeth the Lord.

Fret not, for I am still in control.  Yes I am going to shake all that can be shaken and the kingdoms of men will come crumbling down all around you.  But fear not, My dear children.  For I shall do a work in the earth realm that will tingle the ears of all that hear of it.

Hear Me, My people, you shall all be astounded at what you will see; both in the spiritual and the natural.  For I am God and I change not.  Have I not declared these things in My word?  Read My word, My people, concerning the last days.  Yes, there are terrible woes coming to the earth.  But those that I call My own shall mount up with wings of eagles and soar with Me in the spirit realm above all the calamities of the earth realm.  Hear Me, My people.  Have I not declared in My word that you shall do greater works than I did while I walked the earth during My ministry?  Then why do many of you still desire to be taken out of the world before I fulfill My word and promises?  Do not desire to be taken out of the world, but yet desire to sit with Me on my throne.  This is My promise to those that overcome.  Do not think that you shall overcome by being taken out of the world. For did not even I have to endure the temptations of the flesh and overcome?  Then why do you think that the servant is somehow greater than the Master?

Hear Me, My people.  I have saved the best wine for last.  And oh how great it shall be.  My Spirit is dazzled with excitement for the things that I shall do in these last days.  Man will be stunned at the awesome presence and power of the Most High.  I shall do wonders that no man has even heard of.  For I am a God that cannot lie and I have promised these things in My word.

Hear Me, My people.  Get ready.  For I shall now begin to take those of you that have yielded to Me through the fires of affliction.  Do not worry; for you shall not be burned, nor even have the smell of smoke on you when you come out.  But the chains that bind you shall be burned up and then you shall be My people to do My biddings in the earth realm.  It pleases Me so to share My Kingdom with My people.  But do not take this lightly, My little ones.  For not all that say to me Lord, Lord shall enter into the Kingdom, save those that do the will of My Father in Heaven.  And those that do choose to lay all down at My feet shall be greatly rewarded both in this life and the next.

I love you all dear Children and do not desire that any of you miss out on My Kingdom.  But unfortunately, only a few shall be willing to lay all down for Me.  Oh, yes, there are many of you that say you are willing.  But which is of the better, to say it, and then turn away when the heat turns up; or to say that you will not and then later choose to obey?  For I tell you now, that there are many that say Lord, Lord but do not do the will of My Father.  And those that have been rebellious to me because of My house that has not declared the truth of My character; shall now be shown just how great and awesome My love truly is. And I tell you now that they shall turn and lay all at My feet for that great and awesome love that I shall show them.  For My love NEVER fails.

Oh hear Me, My people.  I do not desire for My own to miss out on this great outpouring of My love and grace.  But as the elder son in my word was wroth with his father due to his jealousy; do not be jealous yourselves when you see me do this thing for those that have been disobedient.  For you have always had access to my great love if you would have only sought for it instead of temporal blessings.  But now, many shall be wroth with Me when they see the great mercy that I shall show to those that have not been part of My house.  For there has been a religious spirit governing those in My house that declares My wrath on the disobedient when I have not declared it.  Oh yes, there is wrath stored up for the disobedient.  But many of you will be surprised just who those disobedient ones are.  For in My days in the earth realm did I not warn and rebuke those that called themselves by My father’s name?  There is nothing new under the sun, My children.  Even today there are those that call themselves by My name but are disobedient to Me.  But for those that have not believed because of the evil in My own house, I shall now have pity upon.  And many shall turn and repent and serve Me in these last days.  And they shall know the love of the Father that they have not been shown by My church.

Oh, My people, do not be displeased with My words to you this day.  For there are some of you that see the evil in My house and so have separated yourselves unto Me.  I am well pleased with this.  For the many that are still in the churches of man shall soon be given a choice.  And that choice will be to either follow Me, the true living Christ, or follow man and his ways.  And woe to those that do not choose Me.  For there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth when they see the error of their ways.  For then it will be too late for them as they will truly see what they have forfeited for their self-righteousness.

Oh, My people, come to me now while there is still time.  For I am meek and lowly of heart and will by no means cast out any that seek Me with a repentive heart.  But for those that are stiff-necked and haughty in your own opinions of who I am; I say woe unto you.  For you have fallen for the lies of the enemy and have followed after the image of the beast in your religious ways and have not followed the true living Christ that indwells all those who believe.  I speak a mystery to you, My children.  Not all that call me Lord are truly Mine, but many are after their father, that devil.  And these ones have filled My churches claiming to be mine when they truly are not.  I have told you before that I shall separate the sheep from the goats.  For I have allowed the tares to dwell alongside the wheat; but no more.  For I shall now call My own out from among the false religious church.  And I shall now begin to build My true church made without the hands of man.  Get ready, My children.  For truly I tell you, all that you know is about to change…..