Are You Ready For The Coming Darkness?

Word from the Lord:

My dearest children.  Oh, how I love you all so deeply.  But this I have against many of you: You have left your first love, which is Me.

I do not say this to your shame, yet I say this out of My deep love for each of you so that you may turn back to Me.

I know that many of you may argue within yourselves that you have not left Me as your first love.  But I ask you this one thing: Can two walk together unless they are in agreement to do so?

So then, have I been with you everywhere you go and in everything you do?  I think not for many of you.

But do not feel condemned over this, My lovely ones…..for I do not come to condemn you, but to save you from yourselves and the enemy of your soul.

During this time of a worldwide lockdown from what many call a pandemic, many of you have been ordered to stay at home.  This has given you time to reflect.

Can you not see the times in which you live?  Have you not witnessed the many government leaders exert totalitarian powers to take away your liberties and place strict rules upon you?

Have you not witnessed government leaders using this so-called pandemic as an excuse for shutting down churches and places of worship?

I ask you again: Can you not see the times in which you live?  My people, wake up!  Soon darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people, of the likes you have never seen before, nor shall there ever be again.

So I ask you: Are you ready for this coming darkness?  I think not for many of you.

And for those who would argue that you have not left Me as your first love, I ask you: Where is your treasure?  Is it in your job, your family or friends, sports, maybe in television and entertainment, or even a ministry?  Not that these things are necessarily bad in and of themselves….but if you put anything before Me, then it is an idol in your heart and you have left your first love.

My people, I give you this warning: You will NOT be able to make it through the coming darkness if you’re not carrying a fire for My love.  If you carry just the smallest of idols within your heart, you will be pulled away from Me in the days ahead.

Howbeit, I do bring you good news….for this is the season of My unprecedented grace.  And as such, this is a time of My favor upon you to set you free from all that is not of Me.

But listen well.  For Me to set you free from all, you MUST spend time in My presence fellowshipping with Me and the Father.  And as you do this often, and behold our beauty and holiness, you too shall become holy as we are holy.

This will not happen if you neglect spending time in the inner chamber with us.  It matters not how much you go to church, read your bible, or attend home groups or bible studies.  All these things have their place, but you MUST spend time in our presence or you will not make it to the end when gross darkness falls.  For it will ONLY be My presence in you that will carry you to the end.

Oh, My little ones.  Do not fear this darkness that is coming.  But at the same time, do not be ignorant or prideful in thinking that you will not fall without My presence carrying you through to the end.  You do not comprehend the intensity of this darkness and what it will do.  Anyone not fully yielded to My Spirit will not make it.

Now, here Me well.  I have allowed this so-called pandemic as a wake-up call for My people.  Do NOT ignore it and think that things will simply go back to the way they were.  For even though many things will seemingly go back to the way it was…make no mistake that the gross darkness is now knocking at the door.  And soon, the world will open the door and let it in.

But fret not.  Yet, instead, be wise and redeem the time that you now have to get into My presence often and be changed from glory to glory.

Oh, how I am excited for what I am about to do within a holy people in these last days.  But do not make the mistake of thinking that you will partake in My holy army simply because you carry My name…for I tell you, many are called, but few will be chosen.  And ONLY those wholly given over to Me shall be part of the chosen.

So then, do as I say in all things, redeem the time, and take advantage of the extraordinary season which you are in, and all will be well with you.

Dear Saints,

As I was pondering on this word from the Lord, He laid something else on my heart that I need to share.

There are many prophetic voices out there in these last days.  And many of those prophetic voices are speaking of the coming great move of God and His coming glory.  And even though much of what is being said is true, if those prophetic voices are not also speaking words of warnings, exhortations, and instructions, then they are not giving the full counsel of God.

Many will only speak soft words of encouragement.  And even though encouragement is good, we still need to hear the full counsel of God so we may grow up into mature sons and daughters of God and not stay as little babes still drinking milk.  Jesus warned us about the time of the great tribulation and said woe unto those with child (ministers still caring for unmatured babes in Christ), and those still nursing (babes in Christ still living off the milk of the word).  (Mark 13:17, Matthew 24:19)  Those from both of these groups will get overtaken by what all is coming.  And that includes both the darkness and His glory.  The unmatured will not be able to handle His glory or the darkness.

On the other hand, we also have those voices only speaking judgment, judgment, judgment.  These voices are dangerous as well.  Our heavenly Father is a God of love, and so even His judgment comes from His love which is always redemptive in nature.  And anyone who only gives words of judgment without offering the redemptive love of God is just as destructive as those voices that only give smooth words of encouragement.  “Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.”  1 Cor. 13:1

In the scriptures, Jesus warned us that in the last days many would come in His name confessing that He is the Christ, and yet they will deceive many.  We are certainly in the days of deception and it will only get worse.  Unfortunately, many Christians are not mature enough to decern false prophetic voices, and just like a little child who puts everything in its mouth, these unmatured Christians take in almost any prophetic word they hear without discerning if it is truly from the Spirit of God.  People, it is time that we grow up or we will not make it in the days ahead.

I encourage you all to do as the Lord says in His word above and spend time in His presence as often as you can.  We truly need Him in these days of great deception.

On another note, I reach out to my brothers and sisters in Christ for a need.  I’m assuming that it’s because of the lockdown effect on people’s jobs, but donations have gone down tremendously.  And, my brother still hasn’t had his disability payments restored.  So, we’re short $850 for rent that’s due soon.  If anybody can help out, no matter how much, it would be greatly appreciated.

And as always, I greatly thank all of you who are faithful to help me out with my financial needs. I know the Lord will reward your faithfulness in giving.

Love and blessings to you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.




Flee The Seduction & Deception And Run To Me.

Dear Saints,

Please prayerfully meditate on this important word given by the Father through my dear friend and pastor:


“My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day & know that I love you with an everlasting love. For I bring you words to draw you close unto Me. For surely in this day, many have been seduced into a type of slumber…many have been deluded into various distractions that are limiting their relationship with Me. For truly I have said that the time would come that in the latter times some would depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits & doctrines of devils. This is happening, My people & many are not even noticing. Many are not aware of what is really going on within them.

For even some, that HAVE noticed what has been going on, have allowed their hearts & minds to speak lies & hypocrisy, within them, beginning to sear their conscience with a hot iron, so that they rationalize their lives. Surely things like this have been happening over time, in small measure, for over time you have witnessed church leaders fall into sin & scandal, bringing reproach to the body of Christ. And those who have watched while having My heart have known what was going on & have hidden themselves & they have prayed unto Me that these might find repentance & return unto Me.

But, today, things have progressed far worse, as now there are even those who call themselves “prophets” & speak of judgment & destruction, showing no mercy or grace in their words…these bring reproach unto the body of Christ, causing division & separation that is not of Me. For even of these, who because they say they are “My servants”, justify the deeds in their own lives, in what they do, doing things that are unseemly for any true believer, much less as so-called servants of the Most High! I tell you, My people…it is time for My people to wake up & know the time you are in!

For truly, as you see what has been going on the past several months, in this so-called pandemic, My people have been silenced to a major extent, in that they have been locked down for the purpose of stopping the revival that I am bringing. Many of My people have during this lockdown, taken this time & allowed the enemy to seduce it away, by doing other things, when this time should be used to seek Me & to allow Me to work within your lives. For there is a great “need” taking place right now that My people must respond to before they depart too far from Me to return.

Do not be like those false servants I have spoken of, for they hide behind their “messages” of doom & gloom, speaking nothing but out of bitterness & hatred, having very little love within them, for as My word has said…because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall grow cold. These have listened to spirits not of Me & have been so seduced that even their lives are compromised to where they will do ungodly things, but they see themselves, as all is “ok”, because they are “God’s servants”. Listen to their words of heart & be sure that this same spirit does NOT abide in you, My people!

For I speak these things as a sign to you, so that you will not fall into the same trap…for I am calling My people unto Me! Flee the things that would take you away from Me! Flee those things that a seducing spirit would tell you “it is ok, for YOU”…flee all of these things! For truly many have become like the frogs on the pot, on top of a stove & know not that the water is heating & taking them to their own death. For any time you are challenged with a quandary, as to whether something in your life is “ok”…come to Me & see what is true…come & spend time in My presence & know.

For surely this is the heart of what the enemy is wanting to establish in My people, to distract them by numerous things to keep them from that special time that belongs to Me. For many do not discern that they are being seduced…many do not realize they are listening to doctrines of demons. For they have forgotten that they were bought with a price & their lives are not their own! So the enemy gains entry & convinces them that it is “ok” for them to do the things that I would not allow them. This is happening because of past seeds that were planted within them long ago & still remain.

For past seeds that were not discarded have laid dormant, but now shooting up & establishing a harvest in the lives of many…because of the hyper-grace movement long ago that took My grace past where I desired it to go, giving My people a false understanding of what it means to be Mine. For many have allowed these seeds to remain there & are now seeing the result, as their lives are being morphed into a hodge-podge of doctrines, to where My people do not walk in faith as I have called them to do. But, instead many are living each day, doing things that “self” has established.

I call My people to come unto Me…return to Me & be immersed in My love anew! For only your time with Me is what truly matters. For what can possibly be more important than your time with Me? Yes, I know that you have obligations. I know that you have responsibilities with family & work. I am referring to what goes past those truly needful things…for even in these obligations & responsibilities many have allowed themselves to become “Marthas” when I desire for you to be “Marys”. I need you to see this! For this is how seduction & deception occurs & so your time is robbed from Me.

I need My people to stop & take a big step back so they can see what is really happening in their lives. I want My people to have a game plan. For, now knowing that the enemy is at work within & trying to deceive & seduce you away from Me & My presence, you can step back & see how this is really happening. I want you to walk in My love, in all things. I need My people to see as I see, so they can walk as I walk. Do not let the enemy continue in his plan to overtake your faith & closeness away from Me. You must stand fast in the liberty in which Christ has made you free!

Do not allow yourselves to be deceived & seduced into a yolk of bondage. For there are even servants of Mine that have started to think that they are “exempt” from the very words that they speak out from Me! Have I not told you, be not many masters, knowing that these shall receive the greater judgment? For the seduction & deception that is now taking place is beginning to “pull on” My servants! Never forget that I am not slack concerning My promise, as some men count slackness, but I am long-suffering, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance!

Hear Me, My people & know that I speak to you out of My great love for you! Know that I am coming back soon & My reward is with Me. Don’t let any man steal your reward…..hold fast your place within Me & do all in your power so no man can steal your crown. For as I ready My people for My return, I am calling you to a deeper place in My presence. This is what the enemy is working SO strongly against…do not allow him to accomplish his goal. For it is your time with Me that will carry you through in the time ahead, so run unto Me & be safe…you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

If these words encourage or help you in any way, please consider a donation for my financial needs.

I pray the Lord’s love, blessings, and peace over you all.

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

At this season in my life, the Lord has me living off of the donations from others. With this, I live a humble life, but I do have bills. So, if these words bless you in any way, please consider a donation of any size. Thank you.