Soon every soul on earth will have to make a choice.

In my time with the Father, He said these words to me:

Son, tell My people to prepare themselves.  For this the hour and season that I shall cleanse My house.

Oh, My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day.  Soon you shall witness changes in the earth like never before.  Changes in every facet of life.  Changes in your political arena.  Changes in laws.  Changes in weather patterns. Changes in entertainment.  Changes in technology.  And yes, even changes in your monetary system.  For it is I who is allowing these changes.  For I am creating the perfect atmosphere for My kingdom to be set up in the earth realm.  And soon every soul on earth will have to make a choice.  And that choice will be to either trust in the kingdoms of man which will be a kingdom ruled by the anti-Christ, or choose the kingdom of God.

Oh, My little ones.  Many of you have thought that you would be raptured out of the earth before that time came.  But I tell you now; you have been lied to by the enemy of your soul.  For does not My word say that an hour is coming that shall test all those upon the earth?  So then, how can you be tested if I remove you from the earth realm before all man is to be tested in whom they shall choose?  Oh, but many of you quote my promise in that I shall keep you from this hour of great trial, and thus, you shall be raptured before that hour of testing (Rev. 3:10).   Well I ask; have you not read that full scripture?  It declares to those who have been obedient to my command of patient endurance, that I shall keep them from the hour of trial.  My dear ones, if you have learned to endure patiently, then I shall surely be able to keep you the same as I kept Noah and his family during the flood.  However, were they removed from the earth, or did I keep them through the great flood?  Oh, how many of you have twisted My word to your own liking.  My Son shall not have a bride who escaped the greatest testing to come upon the earth.  No, she shall patiently endure the greatest testing.  And in this, her light shall shine all the more with My glory and her reward shall be great.

Oh, but many of you believe you have already made your choice of which kingdom by choosing My Son.  But I ask you, would you be willing to make that same choice when times are hard to endure?  Have you not read in your bibles where My Son tells you that he who endures to the end shall be saved?  Have you not read of John the Baptist?  In his time, there was no one born of a woman who was greater than he.  Yet, at his defining moments of testing, he doubted My Son.  And in so doing, he lost all his reward and became less than those who are called least in the kingdom of heaven.  I do not say that he lost his soul, but he did not endure to his end, and therefore, he was not saved unto righteousness with rewards.  But instead, he was saved as one snatched from the fire with no rewards.  This was a tragic thing and I do not wish this for any of you.

So listen to Me now.  Prepare your hearts, My children.  For a great testing is coming to test all those upon the earth.  However, for those who believe that you will be raptured from the earth before this testing, woe unto you.  For in your rebellion and unbelief, you are sealing your own doom.  For if you will not be like the wise man who built his house upon the rock, which is My living truth, then surely you shall end up like the foolish man who built his house upon the sand.  And when the storm came, how great was the fall of that house.

Oh My dearest little ones.  I do not come to you this day to be harsh.  But instead, I come to you as a loving Father who deeply loves His children.  And so, what kind of Father would I be if I did not warn my children of the dangers ahead?  I do not wish to see any of My children perish.  And I desire for all of My children to achieve their eternal rewards.  But how does one achieve rewards if they have not overcome and endured to the end?  Does the athlete win if he doesn’t finish the race?  Then why do many of My children believe they have their rewards simply by believing on My Son’s name?  Yes, My Son has made the way for you all.  And, he shall carry you all to the end, provided you patiently endure to the end as My word commands.  My Son shall not carry you against your own will.  And so, if it is your will to faint and give up, that is your entitlement.  But you shall not receive any reward if you do.  And be warned, during the great hour of testing, the only option for survival outside of My kingdom will be taking the mark of the beast.

Oh, I can already discern many of your hearts now.  Many of you are becoming bitter already because of these words.  Well I tell you, My children, this bitterness of yours is only because of the many lies you have chosen to believe.  Test these words of Mine.  Are they not in your bibles?  I tell you, My children, lies have been taught from the pulpits for too long.  Come out from among those who say they are of Me but truly are not.  And learn from your Heavenly Father who loves you with an everlasting love.  I shall not deceive you as man has.  And I shall teach you the truth, if you would but allow me.  For if you choose your doctrines of man over My truth, then so shall it be for you.  And you shall have built your house upon the sand.  And when the storm comes, and it SHALL come, then great shall be your fall.

Oh, hear Me well.  I take no joy in the destruction of My children.  This is why I am warning you all.  Get into My presence and allow Me to teach each of you My truth.  For time is short and the storm is on the horizon.  Oh, it is not this year, or next, as many false prophets have proclaimed.  Howbeit, it may seem like the hour of testing for many in these coming days.  For the woes shall begin soon.  But it is not the end yet.  For first, I must shake my Son’s bride awake from her slumber.  She has been slumbering under false doctrines for too long.  But I shall jolt her awake.  And she shall prepare herself for the great hour of trial to come upon the earth.  And she shall be a light for others in the coming days of darkness.

So listen to Me now, My little ones.  Get alone with Me and do this often.  Time is short and many preparations must take place.  You all must now begin to build your house upon the rock in preparation for the coming storm.  But oh, does not My word say that unless I build the house, he who builds, labors in vain?  Then take this as a truth and allow Me to build your house as you spend time in My presence and heed My holy apostles and prophets.  I do not speak of the false apostle and prophets who many now follow after.  No, I speak of those in whom I have called, and have laid their lives down for Me, and do not touch My anointing to build a name for themselves.  And in these things, I shall build My house for this coming storm.  And as you yield to Me, I shall form you each into a lively stone fitly framed together into My house. And this house shall surely stand in any storm.

I love you all, My children, with an everlasting love.  So heed these words of mine this day and prepare yourselves by placing yourselves in My presence on a daily basis.  I love you, My dear ones, so take heed to these words.


Blessings to you all….

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

Donations are both needed and appreciated no matter the amount. And, I pray the Lord’s blessings for all those He uses to give to my needs.  I love you all in Christ.  May He shower you all with His love and grace.

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4 Responses

  1. I’m not buying any of this. At this time in my life I do not believe in any of this stuff NO MATTER WHO is saying it. I may be 100% wrong and you may be 100% correct. I am refusing to believe in any comment that is claimed to be from God. Never the less I do like reading them and I will remember what is said in them,,,just in case.

    • Hello James,

      I’m not sure if you’re a believer in Christ or not, but there’s some type of hunger in you for you to read prophetic words that you claim you don’t believe in.

      However, the point is, you need your own personal relationship with the ONLY Lord and Savior. And, this relationship is through the Holy Spirit, confirmed by the written word of God. Once you obtain this relationship, you will KNOW when a prophetic word is actually from God or not.

      Meanwhile, you claim that you will remember these “just in case”. Well, unfortunately, if you merely remember these warnings just in case; when you realize the warnings WERE from God, it will have already be too lat for you. So why play with that risk. I pray that you would seek the Lord now while there is time and opportunity.

      Many the Lord grant you mercy,

      Kevin B.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Everything that God told you here, He has been speaking to me:

    Fill your lamp daily, the storm is coming
    quickly, be a wise virgin, and prepare to be a martyr.

    I know that despite what many “prophets” are saying, the utter destruction doesn’t happen this year, or the next, as God told you. He gave me a dream about my daughter when I was pregnant: we were riding in the car that I recently bought and she looked to be about 3 or 4 years old. She’s 18 months now. We were happy and nothing seemed to have happened yet.
    So, there’s a lot of hype about this year and it may be a rough year, but at least we’ll still be fed and able to get around in the next couple years.

    But the years we do have are merciful and to be used as if we are just at the finish line, constantly being renewed in our time with Jesus and doing whatever He tells us to do, no matter how radical.

    • Amen, Amen, and Amen…..

      For one, yes your are right and your dream from the Lord is a confirmation that we still have a few short years before everything hits. However, in the mean time, there will be turbulence and we need to use our time now be be renewed and strengthened every day.


      Kevin B.

For those leaving a comment: Please understand that the Lord has charged me to give out His warnings to awaken His people to prepare for the days ahead. In this, He has told me to not waste precious time trying to convince any that will not hear, for they have already made their choice. So with that, if your comment is a personal attack, insult, rude, or to argue; then may the Lord bless you and keep you. I will not answer back to any rude comments, nor post them. Blessings to you, Kevin Barrett

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